Imagine the Purge..!


Coptic Cross

Coptic Cross

Imagine the Purge..!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “purge”? Performing a random non-scientific empirical poll, we asked just that question. What took the number one (#1) spot for answers was Adolf Hitler and his unsympathetic genocide of a specified social, economic, and religious group of humankind. Many modern scholars believe his toll reached approximately seven million Jews. However, if we continued to reasonably adjust this mammoth toll scholars now at the finer places of homage and reality, like the Holocaust Survivor Museum, Washington D.C., we find that the real numbers are more like 13 to 15 million innocent while minding-their-own-business Jewish people.

Of the second spot, our volunteers were much more enthused primarily because when one looks at “genocide” in a dictionary our pollsters knew they were correct with the Hitler vote; however, we attributed that information to heinous educational facts, the “Greatest Generation” and just about anything remotely involved with the History Channel.

Ever slowly names began to roll in announcing their presence such as: Pol Pot of the Khmer 7453686Rouge, The Killing Fields in Cambodia (6 to 16 million), and before getting to far at this point our observations and research indicate that there has been a bonafide genocide in every aspect and corner of the world. Yet by far the deadliest and most egregious purges came from Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union and Mao Zedong of China. These two alone accounted for 40 million in Soviet Russia and at least 60 to 80 million in China.

7734681Now to the matters at hand, imagine if a fundamentalist Christian sect captured the French city of Lyon and began a systematic purge of Muslims. Their mosques were destroyed, their crescents defaced, the Koran burned and then all Muslims forced to flee or face execution. Such an event would be unthinkable today, and if it did occur Pope Francis and all other Christian leaders would denounce it and support efforts by governments to stop it.

Yet that is essentially what is happening in reverse now in Mosul, as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham drives all signs of Christianity from the ancient city. Christians have lived in Mosul for nearly 2,000 years, but today they are reliving the Muslim religious wars of the Middle Ages.

As an American just think about the Islamophobia charges that one would face here pursuant to the rules of discrimination. CAIR, or the Council of American-Islamic Relations would be occupying every court in the land. Mind you, CAIR’s operating statement espouses:

The Council on American–Islamic Relations is a Muslim civil liberties advocacy organization that deals with civil advocacy.

What then can we say about the validity and integrity of this outfit? What is it that tries to provoke the “religion of peace” to bring such suffering on a people who just happened to live in the exact spot from where they are being massacred?


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Why Doesn’t the federal government ask the People about this..?

Why Doesn’t the federal government ask the People about this..?

congress moneyThere is a typical principle, almost as if those in the U.S. Legislature do not know what the outcome would be, and since it was for a time moral and quite a wonderful thing to do, however, to continue honoring that principle becomes a detriment to the homeland, we believe that t his is what Executive Orders were originally intended.

That is to get the legislative branch of government the necessary time to review the law, organize a solution, plan the enactment, and ensure enough time for the proper amendments or repealing of such. Please do not confuse this with Constitution changing because the Constitution is not being change one iota.

What is being changed are the acts and various bills that have been added on to the primary legislation. Hart-Celler Act of 1965. This legislation placed a heavy emphasis on family reunification, designating 74% of visas for that purpose. There was no limit on spouses, unmarried minor children, and parents of U.S. citizens. The percentages for family reunification were as follows: Unmarried adult children of U.S. citizens (20%), spouses and unmarried children of permanent residents aliens (20%), married children of U.S. citizens (10%), brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens over age 21 (24%).

These new visa preferences created a swell of new chain migration and immigration in general. The Third World began to outpace European immigration to America for the first time in history, surpassing it by the end of the 1960s and doubling the numbers of European migration by the end of the 1970s.

In reaction to the flood of new immigrants brought by the Hart-Celler Act, and increasing 636_Congress_moneynumbers of undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Latin America, Congress attempted to reverse the consequences of the 1965 legislation by enforcing border patrol, using amnesty for undocumented immigrants in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, and proposing limits to family reunification policies. The effects of the ending the Bracero Program were increased undocumented Mexican migration because of the social capital gained during that period. Chain migration had provided relatively easy access to migration for Mexicans that the immigration legislation of the 1980s to the present has attempted to deal with.

Does not anyone out there in the U.S.A. have a twinkling or maybe just a pain in the wrong side of the body when one reads this information that clearly explains that since 1980 America knew of an illegal immigration program; yet, outside of doing the minimal effort Congress in Washington D.C., has done nothing about it?

Realize please that over a generation (30 plus) years have gone by and nothing has been done about chain migration which happens to be one of the largest instruments of law gouging known. Lest we remind anyone who cares that the latest ration of rubbish concerning chain migration is within the LGBT-Queer communities and subsequently their special interest groups.



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A Nation with Immigration Problems, have they ever asked us..?

originalThis much we do know concerning the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that is causing so much disdain and despair within the United States of America. What you are about to read illuminates the way in which most things are done in the U.S.A; however, it is clearly noted that this was NOT the way you or I learned the procedures, moreover, one could almost split a stitch in the sides laughing at the people who identify themselves as the Nation’s leaders. Without further adieu:

Do you remember a time in your life when the Party heads actually spoke to each other? Furthermore, is there a time when you can recall where members of the Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Tea Parties actually sat down at Happy Hour or Breakfast Brunch, literally discussed, and maybe put forth plans to end government gridlock and rhetoric?

The biggest things that separate our government on an individual basis is the all too common cliché of “are you with us, or, are you against us” that these days people are taking far too seriously their jobs and what impact they will have on history or their own personal legacy.

We will try and make this as easy as possible with brevity. Try to name one president that completely ignored the U.S. Constitution. Name one government politician who tried to ease around a corner of a law, or set things in motion that would assure his/her victory.
One needs to understand that the Constitution has had approximately four or more very significant alterations attempted sometimes successful while at other times not successful whatsoever.

Yet, to this day we still are electing or reelecting these very people who will do nothing shy to get their way. Let us share just a couple of these periods in history and you be the judge of the rightness or wrongness of the legislators. First one I can remember from study is when President Thomas Jefferson tried to re-establish the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Basically there were four independent bills that dealt with two bills intended for Alien acts deemed unworthy by the POTUS and gave the president the power to deport anyone or those who did not support the U.S. The Sedition acts were a completely different argument – primarily because they dealt with national security of the time and they were clearly supportive of speech against a sitting president.

Neither President Jefferson nor President Madison cared for that which was being written and said about them publicly. These acts had been primarily abolished by Congress in 1801. Obviously these laws were deemed unconstitutional because they limited free speech and also required a residency requirement of 14 years from 5 years which of course were repealed by Congress in 1802. (Read more :)

Please there are many issues that American taxpaying voters cannot figure out how these various acts done in complete yesteryear could even be found worthy of time before Congress. However, they must and for the next several posts we will continue to examine them and bring attention to them as well.

Is it morally ethical to grant a person who does not live in the United States the notion of Chain Migration? Chain Migration refers to the endless and often-snowballing chains of foreign nationals who are allowed to immigrate because the law allows citizens and lawful permanent residents to bring in their extended, non-nuclear family members.

We will also be looking at the Citizenship Clause of the 14th amendment. Birthright Citizenship is the practice of granting automatic citizenship to children born in the United States.

We will also analyze the notion of the visa lottery program was established in 1990 and awards approximately 50,000 permanent resident visas to foreign nationals by conducting a random lottery. And finally we need to establish correct language and protocol for refugees and asylum seekers into our nation. 

_one color

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FAIR-profile-white_270x270-150x150This is where myths, stories, and blatant regard for the truth takes a hit from the largest advocacy group that has been that way for more than thirty (30) years. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) brings all of its news and developments within the community of especially illegal immigration reform straight – so straight that it is well known for rebuking many of the reports that are filed by the United States.

Here are the five (5) pressing issues and matters currently with FAIR that I’ve promised I would publish for you. I have left them in a “Read more” because insofar as reading the individual articles there is not too much that has not been carried by this publication.

We encourage reading all of the articles – they were tremendously valuable to us – and we do hope you enjoy them.

1. Open-borders Advocates Shamelessly Exploit the Surge of Minors

The op-ed notes that laws, drafted with inordinate input from immigration lawyers and immigrant advocacy groups, have created judicial gridlock that works in favor of illegal aliens attempting to remain in the United States. Read more

2. According to internal memos and news reports, the main driver of illegal immigration continues to be economic motivations. Read more 

3. This Date in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: July 14, 2010

On July 14, 2010, a week after suing the state of Arizona over S.B. 1070 for “interfering” with the enforcement of federal immigration law, the Obama Administration said it would not sue sanctuary cities. Read more 

4. FEMA’s Requirements for Unaccompanied Minor Shelters

Recently, FAIR obtained a copy of an email from NETWORK, a pro-amnesty Catholic organization, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency asking for suggestions for potential shelter locations. Read more
5. Could the Mainstream Media Be Waking Up?

Just a few months ago most of the major newspapers portrayed President Obama as the Deporter-in-Chief. The stories hyped flawed statistics claiming the president was inhumanely removing an unprecedented number of illegal aliens, despite factual evidence to the contrary. Read more


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Comprehensive immigration reform is dead

Comprehensive immigration reform is dead

obamaheadConservatives are outraged about the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border — so much so that it might even be harming the already-dim future prospects for comprehensive immigration reform.

Republican support for allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States legally has dropped by 10 points since February, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

While 64 percent of Republicans back then supported allowing immigrants to stay in the United States legally — a key aspect of comprehensive reform — only 54 percent do today. Support has also dropped for Democrats and independents, but by smaller margins.

The biggest drop in support for giving undocumented immigrants legal status was with tea party Republicans. In February, 56 percent thought undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay if they met certain requirements. Now, only 41 percent agree with that statement.

Why does this matter? Well, the big hold-up in the whole immigration debate remains the
internal split in the GOP between party leaders who want to get something done and conservatives who are worried about granting “amnesty.” This poll suggests that split is close to 50-50 again — and the party couldn’t even get anything resolved when the legalization crowd was the clear majority.

We on the other hand suggest that it is in the way the entire “reform divination” has been and continues to be handled.

At The Contemplative Thinker we believe that this result will always be the net result as long as the POTUS is for some reason unable to work with both parties. As for this group of Americans we have witnessed an unconscionable amount of badgering and bashing one party for what? Wanting to see a truly reformed system enacted for the improvement of our United States.

After the first year when President Obama all but publicly uttered more mishaps, startedholder in contempt more scandals, and admitted that the “federal government has found immigration reform very ‘inactive’ from his perspective.” He continued in the same speech that he could understand how any administration would willingly leave this kind of work for another administration.

That’s the real story here — whatever is causing the intense feelings surrounding immigration on the anti-immigration side, it isn’t driven by an increase in crime or illegal immigration, or even inaction by the federal government.

Just so that we could illuminate that this “new surge” at our border was not something that just popped into the mind of a 5 year old child.

Goodness are you kidding for President?

Goodness are you kidding for President?

After Hillary Clinton said on Ecuadorian television that the Justice Department “will bring a lawsuit” against Arizona over its new immigration-enforcement bill, a senior official in the Obama administration confirmed her remarks and said the department was finishing building its case.

Earlier today the Justice Department said it was “continuing to review the law.” Quick change of heart, huh? This whole thing played out in typical Washington fashion: political leaders cautiously expressed “concern” and promised to “examine their options” for action, there was a leak, a denial , and finally, an admission (cue outrage from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer ). Really, it was only a matter of time before the Justice Department announced it would be suing Arizona.

The Obama administration has been able to bide its time because the law doesn’t take effect until August, but Clinton’s admission put a stop to all the political hedging. If the law indeed went into effect a few months from now, it would…




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He is Ruining our Nation…

go with coverThe fight over how to process and care for masses of children from Central America who have crossed into this country is quickly becoming a spectacle of the obscene.

While the government tries to abide by the law as written and handle the children with as much care as any child would deserve, under any circumstances, the public continues to see images of angry adults’ intent on confronting buses full of minors.

Demonstrators in Murrieta, CA, forced buses carrying immigrants to turn back. A group in Oracle, Ariz., this week blocked a road to prevent a bus filled with immigrant children from making it to a temporary housing facility.

We are still staying as reserved as we can. But let us not be fooled or taken back by whatHolderbug
others may or may not be doing. This entire scenario has been has been repugnant since a considerable time before these children came to the “border looking to get in to a place that is better than where they have it.”

Before His Excellency Bill Gates or his crony, Warren Buffet, begin to cite the steps to a “Break the Immigration Reform Impasse.” I invite them, as well as Barack Obama and all his cronies and of course Cecilia Munoz, former head of the National Council of La Raza, who know holds a cabinet position within the Obama administration to sit back view this writing and get a grip on reality.
This writing is in response to the Opinion section of the New York Times where these gentlemen decided to weigh in with their version titled, “Breaking the Immigration Impasse.”

Now, one need not run to their local New York Times and read the article, because the article did not contain anything that would remotely slow down the raucous of what this “Reform” situation has boiled into.

NanSo that is where I want to start today. Given the three major principles in the Opinion write up, Messrs. Gates, Buffet, and Sheldon G. Adelson did not proclaim anything new; moreover, anything close to reform, Adelson, Buffett and Gates send a timely and important message to Congress to regulate the flow of immigrants coming to the United States.

Here is the sum total of their brilliance. They highlight the value to the United States that would come from revising two current policies to permit more liberal granting of visas and citizenship to graduates of American universities and people bringing with them substantial money to invest here.

It is interesting to note that our Founding Fathers had much the same let us get rich images Madisonscheme when it came to immigration. But how could we possible compare Gates to Thomas Jefferson, Buffett to George Mason, or Adelson to James Madison? We cannot; subsequently, although the Founder’s were on record as they discussed the wealth potential immigrants could bring they were nonetheless sane enough to write letters to each other as well as other Founding Fathers on how this would be the absolute worst thing any leadership could do.

Yet what the threesome did manage to do is make things simply worse. Are these gentlemen aware of the worst overstays or desertions within the visa tablature? That is right students overstaying their privileges to stay at American universities. And how is it that these gentlemen speak for thousands of graduates of American universities regarding a pathway to citizenship. News flash boys, not everyone wants to become an American citizen.

The only issue brought up that would sink them more than the first two would be their last recommendation. That would be bringing people with substantial money to invest here. Let us cut to the chase here – where is the wealth in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia, Brazil, and other areas of South America? We will go before you guys, the overwhelming amount of money you want invested in this country comes from the illicit drug trade.

WE THE PEOPLETrying to keep it shorter here gang, but I must make an attempt at getting this disgusting revelation out of my mind and shared with those who will take a special notice. A little child does not learn vocabulary say from 4 to 10 yrs of age whilst compiling a vast set of resourceful material. Therefore, academicians’ and scholars, know that a child who receives their precious amount of love from both parents, relatives, and friends do not notoriously want to leave their homes. Consequently, do these children even know what a refugee is or what an asylum seeker is?

We say an unequivocal “Nay” to this question. So then where do they learn it? Gee, when these children arrive at the U.S. Border they speak of amnesty, asylum, and being a refugee as if it was the only English words they know, and well might be. Same holds for arriving to a new country, massive aircraft flies them onward, huge buses take them to camps. And then we get irresponsible dead weight leaders, after telling Border Patrol agents and members of ICE to put em up for a few days the children see the money.





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PLEASE, do not be fooled by a person’s words and gentle manner…

PLEASE, do not be fooled by a person’s words and gentle manner…

rotunda-capitol-7-1-11If there is anything that our Creator believes we would manage to do without his intervention is to totally bury our fellow human beings with our own mouths. In fact there exists more discussion, admonishments, warnings, precepts, and safety, including how those who use words indiscriminately will live.

This is not an embellishment for anything other than useless, mindless, arrogant, and purposeless flapping of the lips, which we as a Nation of well-meaning American’s who certainly have contributed to the infrastructure, assistance in agriculture, how to locate that special well-water and if it according to the will of God, which we know through our own conversations with Him that it is indeed his will that we share.

Not altogether certain of who’s or which side I’m on yet, but seeing thousand of rockets going into Israel as one such condition; furthermore, as I have watched our own government through various means give more to the continent of Africa ahead of any other time before in history. Completely relying of my own exposition here, what did the people think was going to happen? All of these judgmental calls begin to weigh in on a person.

lighted crossThis illegal immigration because of a broken system is truly one of the first incidents that should have been taken care of – but was not according to President Obama. This certainly does not imply that our problems with illegal immigrants (size and nature) and certainly quantity of them has not been one administration getting a boost from the former man out. If there were a couple of issues that could have tidied this down nicely would have been the next Commander—In –Chief, after Reagan to have pulled up and kept admonishing the business for hiring – at a must lower cost – new recipients would be earning and to fine the local corporations.

Now, given the arrangements of the Responsible Immigration Control Act of 1986 this was like a smoking dragon. President Bush, the Wiser, allowed the newly formed Department of Homeland Security basically “carte blanche” these individuals who were talking their game, the corporations talking their games along with DHS and the division ICE. Rather than take issue with the law that was proffered to all of the U.S. agencies and then sees how this was going. Yet I will reassure you that for those who by not doing their mandated work, once caught, what the bill was supposed to do was enlist them into the military without haste.

Well if one president who served with Reagan did not comply with the rules then –from thelittle gavel netherland of the human psyche – Bush the Wiser left the White House in a mix up mind over the people of America as well as the Clinton’s.

To be as social and respectable as possible Clinton was worse that President Bush, the Wiser. Bill Clinton was able to add additional lands for squatting over and new bills to support our new influx. Same with President George W. Bush, the Younger. However and there are a few pundits reading their talking papers as if they were true. On contraire! President Obama has fouled up our broken immigration system more than he will ever be able to fix it.

It is for remorseful work that you would do by believing anyone within this administration presently. Do not you just love it when Senators, Representatives, DHS, ICE, and the executive office with their huge mouths come out and try to make the “other guy” look remotely incompetent about what he’s talking about.

logoAnd finally when I hear a 4 and 5 year olds talking from different nations altogether and what spews from their mouths will be carved into granite one day. It is not that their way of discourse that gets to me. No what it is, it is how the accent is gone and their true line of thinking and then spewing words like “the bad men, the coyotes want us to run these drugs into America and they are always recruiting us in the bathrooms.
Believe me we have about a good month of this kind of mainstream media putting guilt and you are a bad person for now helping these youngsters now as they are arriving. To be as truthful as I can these minor children are learning these works from the U.S. President Barack Obama and from the mainstream media types.



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Is it possible that Obama will be Impeached or Sued..?

Is it possible that Obama will be Impeached or Sued..?

no_compromiseWith public opinion polls showing President Obama’s sinking approval rate, in the wake of his administration’s multiple fiascoes and scandals — the disgraceful treatment of veterans who need medical care, the Internal Revenue Service cover-ups, the tens of thousands of children flooding across our open border — Republicans have created two new distractions that may yet draw attention away from the Democrats’ troubles.

Now when these already mentioned fiascoes and scandals happened, let us look back just a

We simply cannot afford taking on liabilities.

We simply cannot afford taking on liabilities.

couple of years. I often find myself wondering if Operation Fast and Furious the illegal exportation of firearms has had anything to do with this over abundant amount of children making the sojourn trek and literally trying to invade us.

Please try to remember how difficult work became for Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials (ICE) insofar as they have been ordered not to do their jobs.
It ostensibly started with some astute Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agents who were being made (given orders) to break the law. “Turn a blind eye, ah – go ahead with it” said their supervisor’s as they themselves were wiping clean their hard drives, email traffic, as well as other things.

Now when this story started to get a few headlines we were (some people anyway) being fixated on an apparent retired adjunct Professor without proper identification on his person, was courteously being detained by the police to assist the gentleman prove who he was. And wouldn’t you know it, this Professor had something to do with Barack Obama or Barry Sotero while he attended Harvard Law School.

Therefore we are treated to the nation’s first settlement in the Beer Gardens at the White House. Seriously if one were to count the individual years Obama has been in office and all we did was follow his elite (wannabe) media we would still have more than enough information – excuse me – acts of treason why with to impeach this terrible leader.

imagesCAJK81ZEFrom the Republican establishment, Speaker of the House John Boehner has announced plans to sue Barack Obama for exceeding his authority. And from the Tea Party wing of the Republicans, former Governor Sarah Palin has called for impeachment of the president.

Does President Obama deserve to be sued or impeached? Yes! Is there a snowball’s chance in hell that either the lawsuit or an impeachment will succeed? No!

Barack Obama’s repeated disregard of the laws that he is supposed to follow, and his blatantly changing these laws passed by Congress, are a threat to the whole Constitutional form of government, on which all our freedoms depend.

Once a president — any president — can create his own laws unilaterally, we are on our way to becoming a banana republic, where arbitrary rule from the top replaces representative government by “we the people.”

But all Americans have to worry — and worry big time — about the fate of this country if Republicans blow their chances of taking control of the Senate.

This year’s elections — especially the Senate elections — can decide the fate of this country for a long time to come. That is why Republicans’ launching of foredoomed symbolic actions like lawsuits and impeachment is such an irresponsible self-indulgence.

hat-tipWith dignity and respect I must give a hat-tip to Mr. Thomas Sowell, who is a fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305.


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More Secure, Less Expensive


Electrify any and all fencing material used; appropriate land mines along the entire border; allocate high powered machine guns that shoot either bullets or rubber; have a constant no-fly zone monitored by unmanned drones, assisted by manned fighter jets and or bomber aircraft; various deep trenches dug at levels of no-escape.

We are sure that those involved will not soon forget the ridiculousness of the 2007 Comprehensive Reform Bill and what our ‘big brother’ government tried to pull over on us.
For most of our readers – believe it or not – came to the open mistrust of government during those proceedings.

Americans – many for the first time – began to see the unadulterated corruption that is going on in both houses of Congress.

So here we are again, most of us anyway, drawing a line with what the government created, allowed to continuously happen, and rendered the old Immigration and Naturalization Service defunct and incapable of operating. Therefore, given the campaign promises to just about every special interest group involved – the groups are now restless demanding amnesty for their actions.

At that time, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano made the push for a mass amnesty while speaking to the American Center for Progress. Napolitano said that her department has worked hard to increase enforcement and strengthen the border, but the real solution is for reform.

The Center for American Progress is a liberal public policy research and advocacy organization. Its website describes it as “… a nonpartisan research and educational institute dedicated to promoting a strong, just and free America that ensures opportunity for all.”

Citing the significant number of its staff and former staff that have been appointed to positions in the Obama Administration, Time magazine recently declared that there is “no group in Washington with more influence at this moment in history.”

Napolitano was invited to speak at the center that’s led by John Podesta. Her remarks not only laid out her goals for a mass amnesty, but she also argued on behalf of business groups and unions who need reform to fill jobs.

“Let me be clear: when I talk about “immigration reform,” I’m referring to what I call the “three-legged stool” that includes a commitment to serious and effective enforcement, improved legal flows for families and workers, and a firm but fair way to deal with those who are already here. … We know that one-sided reform, as we saw in 1986, cannot succeed. During that reform effort, the enforcement part of the equation was promised, but it did not materialize.

Three-legged stool, huh? First mistake is in the notion that a ‘three-legged stool’ would even stand. Unless it is so designed to function in tripod fashion it will never work. However, let’s look and examine these individual legs, shall we?

One, a commitment to serious and effective enforcement; who is this person trying to fool? Janet Napolitano has attempted to have section 287(g) lessened or outright cancelled for those local law enforcement agencies to work cooperatively with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials!

What else you sellin’?

Two, improved legal flows for families and workers, [of illegal aliens] for those who are here who have broken our laws. Far be it from us – until we can have a department that is dedicated to immigration and ethnic affairs only – we quite openly could care less about law breakers and their demands for family reunification, period. In short that part of illegal immigration is simply not this country’s problem.

Three, a firm but fair way to deal with those who are already here; herein lays the key to what DHS and the POTUS’ motivation really are: “Firm but fair” is what they refer to as amnesty. And they are going to try and do this behind our backs – America, prepare for the fight of your life!



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7 habits coveyFriday, ah yes Friday! Yesterday I held back more than half of my article insofar as I believed it was too long. Most of the time it is easy to hit my mark of 500 words per article; however lately lately they have been running a little bit longer (avg = 640) words per article. I just wish I had a dime (10 cents) for every whiplashing I got whilst studying journalism, creative writing, or no frills writing.

Today I am not going to lead with yesterday’s unfinished portion of the article. Rather I would much rather share with you the onslaught of rubbish that is going on in news from newspapers, the Internet, and other websites.

I have entitled this disposition “Things with this President are too abhorrent.” And it is the long drawn out misuse of executive power, the forever wanting things done –His Way – without the consultation of advisors, or anyone qualified for that matter, this poor inept man is bypassing Congress every inch of the way – why everyone asks.

It is simply that Barack Obama has never had any training in the executive function. The ability for him to communicate effectively is way over the top for this “quitter.” Planning, organizing, and time management are those matters that when articulated in a proper way gets things done. Let us have a look:

For most of us planning is like brushing our teeth. We really would not know how to start our days without this one delegation of planning. What does Obama actually plan for, if anything?

We should at least try to give him a break – why? I believe that it is simply because he was a junior senator prior to his election to the highest elected office in the world. However, we will promise you that to effectually run a corporation, a Mom & Pop Shoppe, a domestic policy and have mercy, but couple that with a foreign policy that does not exist and well, we are in a hellava mess.

Any statesman worth his salt would have made a drawdown of forces in Iraq completelyOn the run contingent on solidified measures given the new plans (dare I say that) in for the newly formed Iraqi government. Now we are not callused here but allow me to make one think perfectly clear: it simply does not matter what the Iraqi or Afghani leadership wants – they wanted us originally and we paid for the move. Now one just simply does not withdraw by date. What made us different and the most respected nation on earth was the notion of not quitting. Moreover, not looking for ways (anything will do) to get out.

Just Some Quick Hitters:

It is not fair to blame Republicans or House members for not having an immigration reform bill ready for his signature. First off, the House members would have to condone the bombastic bill passed on by the most irresponsible group of senators known to this nation. If one takes the time to read that make—shift bill what they will find out is that for every civil liberty gained will and be the loss of one’s civil liberties times two.

la raza fistAs I have said before, the Immigration Bill from the Senate (704) is very much on due course with the same bill in 2000, 2005, 2010, 2011 which have all been defeated handily prior to this arrogant showing. What has been added is of course is mention that The National Council of LA RAZA wants the government to pay for assimilation through language training for every one of the 12 million that as you know, are being primed for a pathway to citizenship. Wrong and no!

What planning went into this bill by the senate? None, in fact, of those “Gang of Eight” bipartisan senators, are remotely close to having the same result if it went to the senate floor again. So much for non-planning.

Immigration reform, border security, and how Barack Obama is the consummate leader and team player has to wait until tomorrow and subsequent writings.

Yet for now this next news item is embarrassing to our Nation. A heavy-lidded Obama struggled to keep his head up during a one-on-one talk in an Austin cafe with a college student whose parents lost their jobs last year.

ObamaSleep0711142Kinsey Button, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, huddled with the president in a booth at the Magnolia Cafe, where he ordered hot tea and she sipped coffee while discussing her parents’ plight. Button, 20, had written to Obama late last year describing her family’s troubles.

Obama has recently come under fire for his apparent lack of engagement. Columnist Peggy Noonan wrote this week that he is “given up” and is “running out the clock” on his second term.
Noonan, an author and speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, said Obama is convinced his legacy is already in place.

“He’s waiting for history to get its act together and see his true size,” she wrote.

“It is weird to have a president who has given up,” she wrote. “So many young journalists diligently covering this White House . . . think what they’re seeing is normal. It is not. It is unprecedented and deeply strange. And, because the world is watching and calculating, unbelievably dangerous.”



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