New Bergdahl Bombshell Could Bring Obama Down

New Bergdahl Bombshell Could Bring Obama Down

coke Because it is Veterns dayMonths after his name made headlines, first as a released hostage and then as a possible traitor, Bowe Bergdahl is the source of renewed scrutiny ahead of a new U.S. Army report set to be released.

The Army sergeant was released from Taliban custody in an exchange that set five dangerous Guantanamo Bay prisoners free. Barack Obama approved the controversial trade despite acknowledging that the released terror suspects “absolutely” posed a continuing threat to America.

Not only have critics maintained the exchange could embolden terrorists to take even more Americans hostage in the future, Bergdahl has had his character questioned extensively by those who served with him in Afghanistan.

Several soldiers reported that, in the days leading up to Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance, he deserted his platoon, leading to a doomed search-and-rescue mission that cost as many as eight individuals their lives.

The military soon launched an investigation into Bergdahl and the circumstances surrounding his release, which analysts recently revealed was completed in October. Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer and Col. David Hunt spoke to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly this week and explained that they had both heard from reliable sources that the report compiled by military brass will show Bergdahl was a deserter and a traitor to his country.

Shaffer worked on securing Bergdahl’s release, telling O’Reilly he was selected based on his expertise to “advise a couple of the different commands about specifically some options to bring him back.”

Of three such options on the table, he explained, Obama chose the only one that offered the Taliban an fox nation exchange and other incentives for the release of the soldier. Furthermore, he confirmed, the Army report will likely show just how far Bergdahl went to disavow the military and his country.

Bergdahl deserted and “did as much damage as Private Bradley Manning,” he said. “People died looking for him and…I feel he gave aid and comfort to the enemy, the Taliban.”

Shaffer indicated the report will likely be released next month and “will confirm that Bergdahl was a deserter.”

The bigger question, he maintained, is whether he was also a traitor.

He concluded that the Army “will give him a less-honorable discharge,” though the fact that he has already received hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay has left a black mark on the military.

“It’s embarrassing for the Army and the Department of Defense,” he said.



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Some small talk that does not happen between Isles

The Bombing Missions are working!

originalWhen the U.S. launched an airstrike campaign in Syria to “degrade and destroy” the so-called Islamic State, some were concerned that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad would indirectly benefit from the destruction rained down on its enemies by America and its allies. Now, nearly three months later, Assad is desperate for manpower to maintain control in areas where pro-regime support is dwindling.

War On Women

Ah C’mon already! The most humiliating notion about even discussing this matter — is simply that: It is not a matter! No one can really say if such a war exists — except those who try and use a rational mind set. To these individuals we’re wondering if this is a Fema-Nazi play from the old playbook of the 1970s or is this the real deal? Just an observation: Women have everything they asked for, even the raspier intent of their own wishes.

However, as one looks to the daycare aspect afforded to women by companies these days it makes one want to just say Brittany RobertsonSTOP! We have a situation in the U.S. now where women crucify men, marriage, and the I’m having my baby alone message so much is there any reason why our marriage statistics are negative? The openness and liberality that runs the rails in our nation now is everything to do with special treatment for same-sex marriage, gender identity problems, transsexuals, and who knows what “sexual orientation” represents.

Then again if a war does exist, it may be in the muddled minds of women and birth control. Given the history of homo sapiens it is believed that if we just leave women alone they will demise their own future. But wanting one’s government to pay for birth control is without question lunacy!

Stop Sending Our Money to Insolvent Nations

moneyJust a blurb — $2 billion per year to Egypt; USAID $3 billion per year these are monies that are stricken to nations, with the exception of America for anything (just about) can be named with some outrageous acronym. Moving along here, we are still in the process of calculating h0w much adjustments are being made now to the “Top E” (Ebola) nations located in Western Africa as well as Sub-Saharan Africa. We do think that the figures are near the $2billion mark this year.

But where the clear fist loads of money is going are along the national disaster areas in Kenya, and of course the Communist way or the Democratic way in the Peoples Republic of the Congo and The Democratic Republic of the Congo and then again the variable Congo where believe it or not our President Obama seems to believe that boots on the ground are needed so he dispatched Marines, Army Grunts and Medics.

And now the media. Will Rogers, the late American humorist and cornpone philosopher, once said, “All I know is what Idebtmoney read in the papers.” That statement earned him a place in “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.” Were he alive today, it would most likely be inviting widespread derision. Today’s newspapers abound with bogus stories. Most of us know only of the stories that are soon exposed. Doubtless, there are many more. For instance, news stories of gross domestic product growth or inflation rates usually have to be revised but are taken at face value when they first appear.

Most Say Christian Symbols on Government Property Are Acceptable.

A plurality of Americans (44%) say that Christian symbols such as nativity scenes should be allowed on government property during the holidays whether or not they are accompanied by symbols from other faiths, while 28% say Christian symbols should be allowed on government property only if accompanied by other religious displays (such as Hanukkah candles). One-in-five (20%) say that no religious symbols should be allowed on government property.

Most Republicans and those who lean toward the GOP (60%) approve of Christian displays in public spaces, even if they are not accompanied by displays from other faiths. One-quarter of Republicans say Christian displays should be permitted only if accompanied by other religious symbols, and just one-in-ten (9%) say that no religious symbols should be permitted on government property.

Democrats and those who lean toward the Democratic Party, by contrast, are much more evenly divided on this question. Similar shares choose each of the three options: that Christian symbols should be permitted by themselves (32%); that such symbols should be allowed, but only if accompanied by other religious displays (31%); and that no religious symbols should be displayed on government property (30%).

Nearly six-in-ten evangelical Protestants (including two-thirds of white evangelicals) say Christian symbols should be allowed on government property regardless of whether or not other faiths are also represented. Fewer mainline Protestants (45%) and Catholics (43%) say the same. Among the religiously unaffiliated, nearly four-in-ten (38%) say that no religious displays should be permitted on government property, while 29% think Christian symbols should be allowed if accompanied by displays from other religions, and 28% say Christian symbols should be allowed even by themselves.

redone spear1.2png

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Christian Displays on Government Property

Christian Displays on Government Property

Christmas displayControversies over public displays of religious symbols on government property annually pop up during the holiday season. For example, Florida officials faced a quandary again this year when they invited religious groups to erect displays in the State Capitol building and wound up not only with a Christian nativity scene but also with an atheist’s “Festivus” pole made of beer cans and a local satanic temple’s depiction of a fallen angel. Such controversies often end up in the courts, creating a set of legal precedents that public officials – and their lawyers – have to take into account at this time each year.

A new Pew Research Center survey finds that 44% of Americans say Christian symbols like nativity scenes should be allowed on government property even if they are not accompanied by symbols from other religions. In addition, 28% of U.S. adults say that such symbols should be permitted, but only if they are accompanied by symbols from other religions, such as Hanukkah candles. One-in-five (20%) say there should be no religious displays on government property, period.

Advocates on both sides of these disputes can take some heart in Americans’ views. On the one hand, nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults (72%) favor allowing Christian symbols on government property in at least some cases – either by themselves or with symbols from other faiths. Looked at another way, however, nearly half of Americans (48%) express reservations about these displays, either saying that Christian symbols must be accompanied by those from other faiths or that no religious displays should be allowed on government property.

The new survey also suggests that most Americans believe that the biblical Christmas story reflects historical events that actually occurred. About three-quarters of Americans believe that Jesus Christ was born to a virgin, that an angel of the Lord appeared to shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus, and that wise men, guided by a star, brought Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. And eight-in-ten U.S. adults believe the newborn baby Jesus was laid in a manger.

In total, 65% of U.S. adults believe that all of these aspects of the Christmas story – the virgin birth, the journey of the magi, the angel’s announcement to the shepherds and the manger story – reflect events that actually happened. Among U.S. Christians, fully eight-in-ten (81%) believe in all four elements of the Christmas story. Even among people who are not affiliated with any religion, 21% believe all these events took place, and 37% believe at least one (but not all) of them occurred.

 As Americans look forward to the holiday season, more than four-in-ten say they look forward “a lot” to attending religious services. Similar shares look forward to decorating their homes for the holidays, exchanging gifts and hearing Christmas music in stores and public places. And even larger numbers look forward to gathering with friends and family during the holidays and to eating holiday.

These are among the main findings of a new Pew Research Center survey conducted Dec. 3-7 among 1,507 adults. Theth72BY21GU survey also finds that the holiday season brings both joy and stress for many Americans. When asked about their feelings on buying and receiving holiday gifts, many people express mixed emotions. More than eight-in-ten Americans say the thought of exchanging gifts makes them feel joyful (83%), and nearly as many say it makes them feel generous (78%). At the same time, 46% say the prospect of exchanging holiday gifts makes them feel stretched thin financially, 36% report feeling stressed out about buying and receiving gifts, and about a quarter (23%) feel wasteful.

Feeling financially burdened by the holidays is closely linked with household income; nearly six-in-ten people with family incomes of less than $30,000 say they feel stretched for money when they think about buying gifts, compared with just a third of those with family incomes of $75,000 or more.

All in all, a majority of Americans (53%) express mixed emotions – both positive and negative – about buying and receiving gifts. More than a third have only positive feelings about gift-giving, saying it makes them feel joyful or generous (or both) but not stretched thin, stressed out or wasteful. And 7% express only negative feelings (financial strain, stress, wastefulness) about exchanging gifts.

The writer wishes to thank The Pew Research Center for Religion & Public Life Project business insofar as they astutely monitored the operation of the scientific data.


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Judge Declares President Obama’s Amnesty as Unconstitutional

Judge Declares President Obama’s Amnesty as Unconstitutional

obamazPresident Barack Obama’s new plan to ease the threat of deportation for 4.7 million undocumented immigrants violates the U.S. Constitution, a federal judge found on Tuesday, handing down the first legal ruling against the plan.

Let’s catch up here for a moment — let us all get on the same page. In this particular matter a Federal Judge Arthur Schwab from the Western District of Pennsylvania has in his opinion made the ruling that this act of executive privilege has been ruled unconstitutional. Welcome back to America~

The ruling has no immediate impact, with the government saying there was no reason for Judge Arthur Schwab of the Western District of Pennsylvania to address the issue in the case, which concerns 42-year-old Honduran immigrant Elionardo Juarez-Escobar.

Schwab is the first judge to rule on the legality of the plan Obama announced on Nov. 20. The executive action by the Democratic president is opposed by Republicans and is already subject to other legal challenges.

Schwab ruled that the executive action violated the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of separation of powers and the separate “take care clause,” which requires the president to faithfully execute laws passed by Congress.

Schwab says he ruled on the executive action issue because he concluded that Juarez-Escobar could be eligible for relief under the executive action.

Well we believe that Judge Arthur Schwab is just about as unlike the multitude of judges employed, many for life, insofar as he is in fact working. It is not easy to find one person who will be eligible if this executive action would be allowed to stand.

Every kudos should be paid too Judge Schwab if for nothing else — for being an astute American that isn’t engaged in politics enough to affect his better judgment from the truth of the U.S. Constitution. Bravo Judge Schwab!

Government lawyers told Schwab that Juarez-Escobar, who has pleaded guilty to re-entering the country, was not 300px-USSupremeCourtWestFacadeeligible because Obama’s order does not affect criminal proceedings.

There is your answer in a minute nutshell. The government alleges that it will handle each case — if need be — on a case by case basis; well, thanks to hard working judges like Judge Schwab he has already done what the government says they’re going to do..!


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The Middle Class…who Dreams this Stuff Up

4The Middle Class…who Dreams this Stuff Up

In all candor and with ease of mind, I happened upon a website on Friday, then of course on Saturday I read the transcript…the article and guest speaker alleged that the African American population has been rifted because this new development called the “Middle Class.”

The concept is typically ambiguous in popular opinion and common language use, contemporary social scientists have put forward several more or less congruent theories on the American middle class. Depending on the class model used, the middle class constitutes anywhere from 25% to 66% of households.

It is important to typify the “Middle Class” pursuant to using this individual and corporate knowledge. According to a research fellowship at Hamilton College as well as several other sociologists believe that the “Upper” middle class consists of about 15 to 20 percent of people that are described as: characterized by conceptualizing, creating and consulting. Thus, college education is one of the main indicators of middle-class status. Largely attributed to the nature of middle-class occupations, middle class values tend to emphasize independence, adherence to intrinsic standards, valuing innovation and respecting non-conformity. It is worth noting that Politically more active than other demographics, college educated middle class professionals are split between the two major parties.

636_Congress_money2Now the “Lower” middle class — Later sociologists such as Dennis Gilbert of Hamilton College commonly divide the middle class into two sub-groups. Constituting roughly 15% to 20% of households is the upper or professional middle class consisting of highly educated, salaried professionals and managers. Constituting roughly one third of households is the lower middle class consisting mostly of semi-professionals, skilled craftsmen and lower-level management. Middle-class persons commonly have a comfortable standard of living, significant economic security, considerable work autonomy and rely on their expertise to sustain themselves.

Income varies considerably from near the national median to well in excess of $100,000. Household income figures, however, do not always reflect class status and standard of living, as they are largely influenced by the number of income earners and fail to recognize household size.

It is therefore possible for a large, dual-earner, lower middle class household to out-earn a small, one-earner, upper middle class household. The middle classes are very influential, as they encompass the majority of voters, writers, teachers, journalists, and editors. Most societal trends in the US originate within the middle classes.

Whew! Where you ready for that? Basically to define what the middle class is there is no determinate except one thatla raza fist could switch who ordinarily resides in any one of these categories. As clearly stated above the largest single indicator is the number of income earners; albeit, one would think that either a new history or subsequent category should be made to include this group of people.

Household income figures, however, do not always reflect class status and standard of living, as they are largely influenced by the number of income earners and fail to recognize household size. It is therefore possible for a large, dual-earner, lower middle class household to out-earn a small, one-earner, upper middle class household. The middle classes are very influential, as they encompass the majority of voters, writers, teachers, journalists, and editors. Most societal trends in the US originate within the middle classes.

Therefore when one discusses the amount of people that imbue the middle class we would be in error if we did not consider the amount of income earners, the amount of people in family, what are the standards of living, and therefore what we are left with is four (4) different categories of middle class earners.

Now here is the way that the financial classes break down: The middle class by one definition consists of an upper middle class, made up of professionals distinguished by exceptionally high educational attainment as well as high economic security; and a lower middle class, consisting of semi-professionals. While the groups overlap, differences between those at the center of both groups are considerable.

Now then can either one of these upper or lower middle class stratifications be altered in any way. Well the answer is yes! And this does happen relatively on a common basis. It appears as though the lower 15 to 20% in each of the categories find themselves in a shifting position usually every other decade where the upper class develops a Uber class or rich people and the bottom quartile of the lower class category loses 15 to 20% (for whatever reason) of their purchasing power and whilst in the USA one has to be named or labeled, which is referred to as the Working Class.

foolmetwice-130x190It is believed by many experts that the holding or possessing of money can easily be adjusted by one’s government. When we hear of tax changes, gasoline prices, changes to the minimum wage, and or lately some of the larger points are definitely in amnesty for 5 million people, 5 or more million people being granted amnesty that speak a different language, and most without college degrees. You betcha, our government is planning to change people in the middle class. Who will be most affected by this nonsensical travesty?

_one color

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Disparidy when it comes to Race…

Disparity when it comes to Race…

admin-ajax (1)You know what gang, reading this article I can see where African Americans would be frustrated and in the doldrums. Reading this bit honestly reminded me of the recent gang-rape coverage that Rolling Stone Magazine put on the people living in fraternities (Greek system) at U.VA.

Being as forthright as I can imagine I am reminded of one of my statistics professors in college. He made us see as an entire class where to find idiosyncrasies or the n0nscientific data that is put into almost all most all of the data reporters out there. Hopefully and with God’s help I hope to put this information out in a clear and succinct method.

Racial disparities exist in all parts of the US

Racial disparities in social and economic outcomes exist in all parts of the United States. Black Americans make about 62 cents for every dollar earned by white Americans. Black Americans are also twice as likely to be unemployed and considerably more likely to live in poverty.

From the opening paragraph just look at the assertions: 1) Black Americans make 62 cents for every dollar a white American makes — I am wondering where this kind of data comes from. Moreover stay with me here, where does Oprah Winfrey’s billions go, or how about one of my idols Floyd Maywether and his hundreds of millions take their spot? This list can be very exhausting but for the time being:

Consider if you will:

The National Football League has a minimum dollar amount a person is entitled to earn, which is 427,000.00 per season. Now follow that up with the NBA, an entity that clearly is run, operated, coached, and managed by African Americans and whatever the minimum salary which is based on time in the league and amount earned — a non-entitled player (first year in) earns 401,000.00 then again take a player that has been in the league for six years he can draw a minimum of $1,106,341.00 .

Now if we look at some categories such as Arts, Music, and Entertainment as well as Broadcast Media and Politics, our movers and shakers get a bit deeper pockets. In music clearly the big A-Lister’s start with Beyoncé who has a net worth of close to $600 million and her husband, Shawn Jay-Z Carter states that his is roughly $600 million. Now if one were to combine their incomes it would well reach over $1.5 billion dollars.

The Civil Rights Movement led to hopes that racial inequality would soon end. The movement led to a series of reforms, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and other legislation, known as the “Great Society.” Over the following 50 years, however, further advances have been modest at best.

A statement such as that ignores everything, such as what unique positions — all over the globe that American blacks find themselves in right now. Clearly the most obvious is President Barack Obama. His wife, Michelle, was no slacker to the field of law before he was president.

“It’s one thing to end segregation, but it’s another thing to talk about billions of dollars of investment.” When the United States invested in a middle class in the 1940s and 1950s, it was in a white middle class, explained Asante-Muhammad. However, the country was “never willing to do that same type of investment to create a middle class that would be inclusive of African Americans.”

Again, with a statement such as that, to me only shows the precise depth of the model of thinking. Affirmative Action is definitely an investment. So is Head Start that although proved to be devastatingly incompetent the taxpayer again opted to allow the $4 billion dollar investment to go forth.

There are of course ways to distort the truth, the good things that happen in live, and that is the primary reason I will only write Op/Ed’s on this ever growing riff.


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A Judiciary System that is out of control..?

A Judiciary System that is out of control..?

Let me help you with that excuse, Barack

Let me help you with that excuse, Barack

It seems as though this entire nation’s community groups, athletic personnel, coaching staffs, fans, and the total reality that surrounds them are riddled with opportunistic non-law abiding citizens. Take for example the fan(s) that have been brutalized and permanently injured for wearing their teams jersey’s or even hats to the opponent’s field.

Aren’t we all supposed to have fun gathering at the ball park with friends? I believe this all abounds around how our professional athletes have been conducting themselves. Take for example the Ray Rice issue in Baltimore; or, when looking at a coaching staff who could possibly forget the most heinous sexual attacking that was carried on at Penn State?

As for me and for those who are my friends have absolutely hit their end with what happens to those who try and uphold the law versus those who use and abuse the laws for their own ends. Just today I was reading at Fox News Inside Edition, where this disparity shows itself. It was an interview seen on Neil Cavuto’s show, Your World and for those of you who have not yet seen Cavuto get angry and frustrated, it helps me to see these wondrous magnificent professionals get pissed. The interview was by telephone and it was dealing with the rights of an illegal alien who had already broken the law twice (1 entry) and (2 dope) finally gets caught.

A convicted drug smuggler caught in the U.S. illegally with a backpack full of drugs is suing the U.S. because he says he was attacked by a Border Patrol dog. Jose Manuel Marino-Najera’s attorney said that the man was walking through the desert for three days with a bundle of marijuana when he ran out of water and fell asleep. He claims that he then woke up with a Border Patrol dog on his arm.

According to his attorney, the dog was unleashed on his client, and Border Patrol agents ignored his cries for help. TheBorder Patrol attorney claims that the U.S. is now liable for the dog attack and damages, including medical expenses, lost income and emotional suffering. The illegal immigrant is seeking up to $1 million in damages.

Neil Cavuto took on his attorney, Bill Risner, this afternoon. There seems to be a great deal about the law missing from this attorney’s memory.

“We’re talking about someone who broke into this country illegally with drugs. He is now suing taxpayers in this country, thinking that he is owed something from people he’s not,” Cavuto said.

Any of these illegal's look 18 years old to you?

Any of these illegal’s look 18 years old to you?

Risner said his client spent six months in jail for the drugs, and that the attack on his client is no different than if it were an attack on a citizen. But Cavuto countered that Marino-Najera is not a citizen or even a visitor – he forcibly entered this country illegally.

Moreover it should be duly noted here that there were 3 Border Patrol Agents involved and at least 3 illegal immigrants who went off running with the illegal contraband. Furthermore, whilst the convicted drug smuggler was arrested he did mention that these Border Patrol Agents did do what they could do in order to allude the illegal’s.

Cavuto asked, “If I broke into your house and I tripped and broke my ankle on your stairs on the way up to empty out your wife’s jewelry chest, do I have a legal right to sue your ass?” “No,” Risner said.

I really must say that the “State of this Nation” with a president gone wild with inventing and adding new laws on a whim with reckless disregard to the order and civility of our nation should be unquestionably stopped — by whatever means necessary.


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And the States keep piling up..!

Number of states challenging Obama on immigration grows to 24

obamazSeven more states signed on to a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive action halting the deportation of as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants, bringing the total to 24 states, Texas Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday.

The new states to join the coalition were Arizona, Florida, Arkansas, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio and Oklahoma. The original 17 states, including Alabama, Kansas and Texas, filed suit in U.S. District Court last week, arguing that Obama overstepped his powers in enacting such changes on his own.

“The president’s proposed executive decree violates the U.S. Constitution and federal law, circumvents the will of the American people and is an affront to the families and individuals who follow our laws to legally immigrate to the United States,” Abbott said.

Supporters of the president’s proposal said the executive order is a welcome measure in lieu of comprehensive congressional action on the issue. Now, what does this mean? First and foremost there is not a lot of supporters.

“This action taken by the president is an important first step,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Chief James R. Lopez. (Please use comprehension when seeing the surnames of these commenter’s).

“In the immigrant communities that we serve, dialogue is important. We cannot do our job without the assistance of everyone in the community, including those who heretofore have had a great fear of reporting crime for fear of being identified as undocumented,” he said.

Now if it is only for a moment we wish to bring you two important issues. Whenever someone is in “the press” or when media is abounding politicians, especially Hispanic politicians make extraordinary comments as to what “their communities” are going through by not having the means to report crime. What a joke! In light of Ferguson, MO I think this Sheriff is really grasping for anything.

The action “has increased the dialogue. And we are very hopeful that it will continue to increase the dialogue between thePolitician with stats immigrant communities and law enforcement to help us do our job,” he said. Again this portion is ludicrous! This espousal is from a Sheriff of a large county. What he is trying to say is this: “In the immigrant communities that we serve (they don’t serve anyone!) dialogue is important.’ If any individual has a problem with being identified as undocumented or illegal, then why worry?

Jim Wallis, an evangelical Christian writer, political activist and founder of the Washington-based Sojourners community, said he believed the president’s proposal will help people around the country.

“The reaction to the executive order by President Obama outside Washington is very different than inside,” he said. “Maybe the word that describes the reaction inside is anger. But the joy on the outside is what I feel across the country.

“The relief to families. The relief to congregants, people in our churches. It’s very simple. We’re going to support those decisions that bring relief to our people. And this executive order brings relief to our people.”


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CIA acknowledges problems

CIA acknowledges problems

Map and Scope_1The CIA’s use of torture failed to gain any intelligence on imminent terrorist threats, didn’t lead to any high-level terrorists — including Osama bin Laden — produced fabricated information and was far more brutal than the agency portrayed to policymakers and the public, according to a long-awaited Senate report released Tuesday.

However, and I cannot explain why — but haven’t we been through this before? Is the feeble press trying to get some moxy back, or is this crying for her dissertation in politics compliance for der Führer Diane Feinstein? Actually this Committee Report is from the Senate Committee for Intelligence, which is Chaired by Senator Feinstein. For some reason this is almost the precise report given by Rep. Nancy Pelosi in October 2012.

Current and former CIA officials went on a media blitz to make sure their side was included in the public debate sparked by the release of a long-awaited Senate Intelligence Committee report that found that the CIA’s now-defunct detention and interrogation program was far more brutal than it had been portrayed and didn’t yield information to thwart attacks.

Okay insofar as the former CIA officials are now no longer employed by the CIA or whatever intelligence agency and this report clearly states that the division is now defunct (detention and interrogation) it really appears to us that either the Senate Committee, Diane Feinstein, other select members, or Barack Obama should share in the mismanagement of the report.

In a series of TV interviews, newspaper columns and online forums, CIA officials and sympathizers offered variations of the same basic rebuttals: that the harsh techniques were authorized under the law, effective in gleaning intelligence and known to and approved by officials in Washington who were briefed dozens of times.

CIA Director John Brennan said in a statement that “the detention and interrogation program had shortcomings and themasonEW agency made mistakes,” which he said stemmed chiefly from how unprepared the agency had been to carry out what he described as an unprecedented mass detention and interrogation effort in the fight to dismantle al-Qaida.

This is the exact same report that was issued where officials from the CIA had the Senators and Representative’s names who were in various briefings. Although from the governments aspect of the testimony several signatures were in place; however, the actual individuals denied being in this or that meeting.

But while the CIA has “common ground” with some of the Senate committee’s findings, Brennan said, “we part ways with the committee on some key points.” He maintained that intelligence gleaned from the interrogations was used to disrupt attack plans, capture terrorists and save lives. And he balked at the committee’s conclusion that CIA officials had tried to hide the extent of the program from Congress and the public.

The CIA received some backup from the six Republicans on the Intelligence Committee, who issued their own “minority report.” It complained that the Democratic-driven probe had cost American taxpayers more than $40 million and “diverted countless CIA analytic and support resources.”

The Republican lawmakers also said the findings were riddled with errors and rife with political bias. Committee staffers never interviewed a single witness, they said, and failed to correct factual and analytical mistakes identified by a CIA review in June 2013 and raised repeatedly during 60 hours of meetings with agency personnel later that year.

As far as greed, crime, and/or corruption, when viewed within the context of this current administration — all of this appears to be the beginnings of a larger scandal which we believe will be answered as the Justice Department looks for a smoking gun in the unfortunate death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

ArdenB_Wet Seal

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Top GOP Sen.: Obama ‘Devastated the Rule of Law’ With Immigration Executive Action

MexicoTop GOP Sen.: Obama ‘Devastated the Rule of Law’ With Immigration Executive Action

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Monday vowed to fight President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration in “every way possible,” saying Obama has “devastated the rule of law” in America.

Sessions spoke to reporters during an event held by Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog group that recently published internal government memos it said is evidence that the administration is trying to override Congress’ refusal to pass desired immigration policy.

Under Obama’s executive actions signed last month, up to 5 million illegal immigrants could be shielded from deportation, with the president saying he wants to focus efforts on people who have committed more serious crimes.

 Sessions said Obama’s actions negate the balance of power in the federal government by making Congress irrelevant.
The House of Representatives last week voted to nullify Obama’s actions — a symbolic move that has no chance of becoming law, as no such bill would pass in the Senate and obviously would be vetoed by the president.

 “Obama devastated the rule of law,” Sessions said. “The American people were never a stakeholder in the [immigration

Militarization may be our only hope

Militarization may be our only hope

decision], and neither were the Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement employees.”

A Dec. 1 memorandum to hire 1,000 new federal employees to help implement the president’s actions is actually the creation of a new illegal immigration policy, said Sessions, whose office originally released the document. Republicans say there is little they can do to stop the hiring of the new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees, because the majority of the funding will come from fees gained from immigrant applications, not money designated by Congress.

 “We are drifting away from a plain legal system we can really on,” Sessions said. He said Obama has made more than 20 statements promising to uphold the laws on the books.

 “It’s bigger than the immigration question, even though that’s hugely important,” he said. “I think we’re in a pretty serious situation, and what has occurred is the creation of an alternatively new immigration system. The president doesn’t have the power to do that.”

Sessions said that shielding roughly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation goes far beyond “prosecutorial discretion,” as they will be given a working visa and Social Security number.

 “All of this is a scheme of immigration policy that Congress has ultimately rejected,” Sessions said. “Congress said no, and the president has gone forward.”

Being as open as I possibly can — let us all hope with faith and prayers that this unlawful president is not laying a hot bed precedence of law breaking for any other American.


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