An Over Reaching Government or what..?

An Over Reaching Government or what..?

congressThe U.S. government reportedly plans to soon enact a law allowing your passport to be revoked or denied if you owe more than $50,000 in taxes.

Starting in January, the State Department will block Americans with “seriously delinquent” tax debt from receiving new passports and will be allowed to rescind existing passports of people who fall into that category, The Wall Street Journal reported

The Internal Revenue Service will compile a list of Americans in violationirs-logo of the new rule, using a threshold of $50,000 of unpaid federal taxes, including penalties and interest, which would be adjusted for inflation, the Journal reported.

“In most cases, the passport provision would apply if a taxpayer is subject to a lien, which advises creditors of a debt to the IRS, or a levy, which gives the IRS the authority to seize assets,” the Journal reported.

The penalty wouldn’t apply if a taxpayer is in the process of resolving tax debt with the IRS, or if the taxpayer is contesting the collection, or traveling for humanitarian purposes.

The rule is buried in a highway funding bill. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that the move would save the government $398 million over the next decade, according to the Journal report.
This is what I refer to as various collusions put in and around the American public. Allow me to ask you a question or two:

(1) How many average citizens would know to look into the “Highway Funding Bill” to be aware of these proceedings. Far too many government expenditures somehow get tucked deeply into quite a few of these Appropriation bills, or what is left in the form of kickbacks are put into the Defense Spending bill.

As for me, this is far too easy of a way in which trillions of American dollars are “taxed” and then collected into some kind of agency that (2) have you ever heard of these deposits into these types of accounts?
(3) Are you able to name with certainty into what or where your income tax goes?

Again as for me — the use and abuse of agencies delivering up for themselves funding as a means of punishment to average Americans; moreover, how many Representatives, Senators, Directorates, or other U.S. Attorney’s, FBI agents, or any member of the government and on its payroll will end up suffering?

Anything that entails the IRS we believe should go immediately before at least a Congressional hearing — then to a vote. In all sincerity folks, as long as Obama is in office we as citizens of this Nation should be “Hawks” on every decision he endeavors to make. Do you trust Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton? Even worse still is within the notion that this fast and loose means of accounting and to what agencies this funding finds its way into.

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What is the problem with the House vote to put up strict background checks for Refugees?

Seal-of-the-US-House-of-RepresentativesThe House passed a bill Thursday that would block Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the country unless they pass strict background checks — setting up a collision with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats. What or why is it that we are missing here? All things considered, airliners being hijacked to level the World Trade Center, constant prisoner releases for other than minor crimes committed especially by illegal immigrants, to the foiled attacks now nearing 300 now since 2001.

The bill had near unanimous support from Republicans, who were joined by 47 Democrats — even after the Obama administration made a last-minute pitch to persuade wavering House Democrats to oppose the GOP-written bill. And with 289 “yes” votes, Republicans also won a veto-proof majority for the measure.

The bipartisan support was a rebuke of President Barack Obama by House Democrats who felt that the administration failed to make a compelling case as to why they should vote against the Republican-authored bill when it was bad politics to do so.

“I think a lot of us went in with open minds and really wanted to understand the administration’s position on this,” said New York Democrat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “It is offensive to me that we would stigmatize refugees…but if you read the bill what you find is that you have a pretty simple certification process sitting on top of an existing and extensive screening process that most of us believe works pretty well.” Maloney voted for the bill.

LibbyThe vote was a significant loss for the White House — perhaps the biggest setback since most of the House Democratic Caucus voted against Obama on a trade bill in mid-June. Thursday’s vote, coupled with the Iranian nuclear agreement bill from September, also shows that Republicans plan to make national security a key issue in the 2016 elections.

The measure faces an uncertain future in the Senate. Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) pledged Thursday that the Syria bill won’t make it to Obama’s desk. Senators will likely attempt to tack the measure as a rider to the government spending bill that Congress has to address in December.

Now then after close to seven years now anyone, and I am asking everyone, with Barack Obama’s record on immigration control matters in essence, the fact that he has done nothing to even pose that he is working with the Congress on legislation that is really nothing more than to assist in what could or perhaps may turn into what would devastate national security, put into Harm’s way innocent peoples’ lives, for what — taking the time to make a better reporting system, an actual database for Iraqi and Syrian “refugees.”

Quite openly the Senate and its members are acting foolishly!

The following are some legislation and oratory arguments that members are getting tired of not producing. Reduce Chain migration, Reduce the visa flow to immigrants, eliminate unnecessary Worker visas, legislate responsibly when it comes to Birthright citizenship — it is time to end it all together. Furthermore, the Republicans have put forth legislation that has never reached the Senate floor such as: Mandate E-Verify for employers of immigrants, carry out fines issued to companies for employing illegal immigrants, stop the Visa Lottery, strengthen law enforcement that is registered to enforce what immigration law that is being broken, end student visa overstays, increase U.S. Border Patrol agents, and above all let’s stop issuing visa rewards.

It is useful to know that long lists of “How To Control” illegal’s, undocumented, university students, visa over-stays, as well as immigration fraud and corruption that have been available for years. Yet, nothing whatsoever is done or even addressed to curb the amount of illegal immigration that goes on in this country.

DHS_cis_1_T%20_SearchResultsI propose that until we — collectively as a Nation — the citizenry of this Country, see anything done whatsoever on the above two lists, or, until we begin to correct the many flaws in our immigration system that albeit refugees, asylum-seekers, illegal aliens who are already here to include Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival and Deferred Action for Parental Accountability. ArdenB_Wet Seal


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The Manipulation of Rights…

The Manipulation of Rights…

thImmigration services from a charitable group based in Tulsa is extending its reach to Muskogee with bi-monthly meetings.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Tulsa will send an immigration lawyer to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Muskogee twice each month for consultations and follow-up appointments.

“Most of what we do here is family based immigration,” Michael Abdoveis said. “Basically, we’re either trying to keep folks here, bring them in legally or help them get legal status whenever they’re here.”

Abdoveis, the attorney taking on immigration services in Muskogee, said the services are for any immigrant who needs help. Some of the services offered through the charity include family petitions, green card replacement, naturalization, and helping the undocumented.

Abdoveis will be at St. Joseph, 321 N. Virginia St., the first Thursday of each month for new consultations and every third Thursday for follow-up appointments.

Abdoveis said they can help undocumented immigrants. He also said that any interaction with undocumented immigrants in his capacity as a lawyer is protected by client-attorney confidentiality.

This I fear is the biggest threat. It has sanctuary cities written all over it. It may not be as small as some would like it to be — meaning of course that the organization that seems to want to hide behind matters of negative consequence is in fact Catholic Charities — one of the nation’s largest and most effectual special interest groups.

It begs the attention of everyone reading to remember that it was in fact the National Council of Bishops that much interplay within the politics of ObamaCare. Now for anyone reading this short article it is profoundly noted that the people should, if not already, understand that the entire notion of a national healthcare system is good; however, the ruckus that has become ObamaCare is not good for anyone in the United States.

 This is an important matter to realize insofar as we are curious to investigate how much funding from Catholic Charities has gone to the actual sanctuary cities as well as Planned Parenthood. How is this the manipulation of rights? Any lawyer, insofar as they are “officers of the court” should stand neutral rather than addressing this situation as ” any interaction with undocumented immigrants in his capacity as a lawyer is protected by client-attorney confidentiality.”

To continue to let a slide by the law be a consistent ritual will inevitably bring side skirting of every law in every situation. Therefore, did Hillary Rodham Clinton do the right and ethical thing using her own private server on US business?

“If we can’t help them, we’ll give them an honest assessment as to why we can’t, and we’re happy to refer them to other lawyers in the area … that have expertise to offer them a second opinion,” he said. “We’d love for them to come in and try to find a way to get them documented.”

Immigration services through Catholic Charities cost a nominal fee. Abdoveis said the majority of the cost comes from court filing costs.
However, the immigration attorneys at Catholic Charities will not turn a person away because they make too little or too much money, Abdoveis said. The charity may do fee waivers or work with clients in other ways.

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Immigration, Refugee, Asylum, or just wandering around status..?

Immigration, Refugee, Asylum, or just wandering around status..?

imagesC083B7C4Here are some portions of a much bigger and dramatic article that is very much like “Common Sense” legislation, that endeavors to ask — Have we as a Nation gotten any closer to making heads or tails of national domestic policy such as the ability to monitor and or help illegal immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, or any combination thereof, to adjust, assimilate, or more importantly — to show them a means of accountability that hopefully the rest of us are living by?

Under zero-tolerance should anyone in the world condone, argue, debate, or otherwise the tragic events that have occurred in Paris, France throughout the last week. Period. There is not one single group of people living in the United States; albeit, the middle class protesting going on at college campuses or making sure to include any activist who for some reason or another feels as though what members of The Islamic State hereinafter referred to as ISIS or ISL, had some “right” to deliver the devastation, disease, and dying in France.

After almost ten (10) years of writing here on Word Press itDHS_cis_1_T%20_SearchResults should come as no surprise to anyone who cares that the most often issues written about are matters that deal with immigration law and immigration standards to the U.S.A. Hoping that the reader will be encouraged to participate allow us to pose a couple of questions.

1- Since Barack Obama took office as the POTUS has anything that he remotely promised as a candidate, or junior senator from Illinois, come to fruition? NO. Moreover, why on earth would someone trying to gain access to this country align themselves with the Democratic Party.

During Barack Obama’s third year in office he began to make moves that he quite cleverly “sold” or tried to sell to the American people about how and when the now infamous Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill would happen. “Finally, if we’re serious about economic growth, it is time to heed the call of business leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, law enforcement — and fix our broken immigration system.”

Now wanting to keep this list short and readable, can we say without any question of doubt that any of this happened? NO, we cannot. Barack Obama’s “on my own system” entails letting tens of millions illegal immigrants relocate here, heck and why he’s at it let’s give them a “Protected Status.”

Has our current leader even looked at our broken immigration system? No. Has he made any attempt at improving it for those of us Americans who already live here? NO. Face it — Has Barack Obama done anything whatsoever to assist Congress in making a set of laws? NOPE.

2 – Has Barack Obama or any associated diplomat made any progress on what is our Nation’s number one or two biggest problems? No! The economic condition within the country and the nonexistent immigration laws tell that story. Yet, we are experiencing a mass influx of blacks rioting – protesting on campuses today meddling into matters that are no concern of theirs.

Have you ever asked yourselves why this is? Maybe because our POTUS doesn’t know any better — or maybe this is the status quo for him.

3 – “Number one, it is important that we fix the legal immigration system, because right now we’ve got a backlog that means years for people to apply legally. And what’s worse is, we keep on increasing the fees, so that if you’ve got a hard working immigrant family, they’ve got to hire a lawyer; they’ve got to pay thousands of dollars in fees. They just can’t afford it. And it’s discriminatory against people who have good character, we should want in this country, but don’t have the money. So we’ve got to fix that.”

All this and so much more as the House of Representatives presented a bipartisan “common sense” piece of legislation (and it overwhelming passed!) asking for more time to register and provide identification for refugees and asylum-seekers from Syria.

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How about the U.S. Federal Government..?

How about the U.S. Federal Government..?


This is a little article that we have been waiting for years to write; consequently, we hope not to stun or mystify anyone’s perception of the current government. This is certainly not to imply that we believe changes to be in order. The following are some of the changes we would absolutely adore; albeit, we are not fortunate enough to be heard.

For the first part of our “please comment or post an opinion” segment part of what we would love to see change is the notion of good, sound, and quality of leadership involved in those who actually run an agency, department, or the actual person who now is considered the top person in charge.

Many, too many big time leadership positions owe their loyalties and affirmations to (1) the people involved prior to the person’s appointment. Allow me to ask a single question here in good faith: Yes or No (Y/N) How many people in the USA today agree with President Obama’s and his United States Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision not to arrest or do the prudent action — according to law — due process, grand jury or indictment, arrest and move to a trial for the two members of the New Black Panther Party for threatening the lives of potential voters whilst brandishing a small bat or baton; or in accordance with the Voting Rights Amendment to set up publically a stand to spout offensive phrases to deter people not to vote?

holder-in-contemptPlease understand the oxymoron in activities. The POTUS as well as U.S. AG must have at their disposal at least the appearance of taking notice of what actually had happened. The oxymoron that is alluded to is within the notion that two and at times more than three antagonists again, wearing of the Party uniform, holding and threatening with implements of destruction, and furthermore had set up a podium for the loud mouths to speak and/or say whatever they wanted to, when contrarily, thousands of people lost their very lives, legacies were made during the civil rights movement that initiated the Voting Rights Act.

No place in recent history of ourDHS_cis_1_T%20_SearchResults nation have the laws been broken so steadfastly and without a ring of accountability. This is for the reader’s of the column. Many times over the years we have taken time to illuminate the transgressions pursuant to the U.S. Constitution organizations such as the IRS, Social Security Administration, USDA, the FAA on flight worthiness, and even the actual departments within including the State Department, the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and on down the line the leadership thereto are essentially “YES” men/women to the ultimate “Liar-in-Chief” Barack Obama.

ea6f7d98-2c33-4fdf-8095-2cdb4967f741Now it is well known that the aforementioned “Acting President” is doing such things for his legacy. We say, the hell to your legacy man, what is happening around the world that you have given your blessing? Call them ISIS or ISL yet with hundreds of French people, non-combative French, out on the sidewalk cafes, dancing, being on a date, or maybe just going out on the town — Your, Mr. Obama and Yours, Mrs. Clinton deepest aspirations” have come true.ArdenB_Wet Seal

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If you want to know about the First Amendment, then Read…

The language of the amendment sounds all-embracing, satisfaction guaranteed, warm and cozy; but does it really mean that the law can act against anything either spoken or in print? Hardly! Blackmail is carried on by speech or writing as is blatant and reckless fabrications of the truth. (See Stolen Valor Act, Public Law No: 109-437). The First Amendment does not protect the blackmailer – or the gangster who threatens violence if his demands are not met. The First Amendment is not a license to publish a copyrighted work without permission.

On the contrary, the First Amendment has been interpreted to protect some actions that are not literally spoken or printed. This of course is the Stromberg case. Yetta Stromberg did not use words; she was prosecuted for carrying a red flag. The Supreme Court saw that as symbolic speech, the beginning of a long line of cases in which expressive acts have been protected. This is exactly what we meant about the ellipses’ part; such as, “…no law…abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.”

One very notable example was the 1989 decision in Texas v. Johnson, reversing, on First Amendment grounds, a conviction for burning the American flag in a political demonstration.

Therefore, how then is a judge to interpret the First Amendment? One approach would be to look at what James Madison, its drafter and those who voted for it in 1791 thought they were doing. After all, they prohibited Congress from “abridging the freedom of speech…” The word “the” can be read to mean what was understood at the time to be included in the concept of free speech.

The trouble with that particular approach, or one trouble, is that it is not at all clear what the Framers of the First Amendment had in mind. No definitions of freedom were offered in the congressional consideration, so far as we know, and it is impossible to get any useful guidance on the views of the many state legislators who voted to ratify the amendment.

The evident truth is that those who gave us the First Amendment did not provide a detailed code of how it was to be applied – and as most scholars would agree – is that the Framers did not want to. They deliberately wrote a spacious amendment – a sweeping command” as Justice Holmes put it in his Abrams dissent – and left it to later generations to apply its broad call for freedom to particular situations.

This is where many experts and scholars attest to the brilliance of the Constitution; insofar as it appears to be a timeless document especially when one looks at what particular rights and liberties that is currently under a huge amount of scrutiny. What would the Founders think if come hell or high water an American citizen could be taken off the street and without anything be incarcerated with any due-process rights?

As stated previously, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and Justice Brandeis contributed more toward the understanding of the First Amendment than we will ever begin to appreciate. Hopefully in our next installment we will begin to bring you that portion.

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Obama, please resign!

white houseIf anyone out there who literally reads this effort at citizen’s journalism well we believe it is time to ask, — Have we as a people, have we as a Nation, have we as a people that believes in a free market economy, as well as the tenets that accompany our personal values, learned what this world may possibly look like if we stay the current course that we have been taking? Attempting to spell-out what this means is a fundamental question that should permeate the cracks in the White House.

Most diplomats, both experts in their respective fields are calling (a nice  the Real Obamaway of yelling) for President Obama to do anything — err something albeit to change his vocabulary dissonance, perhaps his love for Islam, which in essence means to stop lying at the very issues that confront us just about on a daily basis now. It has become very evident by now that there is not a Democrat party member who will call a situation a situation. I mean even after the Democrat party members debate — moreover, during and after the tragedy in Paris, not one of them with heavy emphasis on Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton, will come to a conclusion in lieu of what has been happening still refuses to call it Islamic jihadist terrorism.

Hillary clintThis and other activities prompt me to say and feel, what kind of leadership does the United States have? This Nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs; please don’t get me wrong — I for one, am not saying that everyone should confirm Christianity as their “religious” way. Nope! I will not say that simply because that admonition would intrude on the beliefs and liberties of others here who don’t want to ascribe to them. Fine. Nowhere in our U.S. Constitution does it say “my way or the highway.”

Furthermore, reading that same rule of law guide, does not say that I have to put up with anyone’s brand of bull-squat either. Yet, while being the practical person that I am, I would offer a stipulation to those (if any) organizations, groups, or institutions that say or otherwise act against the values and/or principals of this Nation — to borrow a quote from an original Founding father, President Thomas Jefferson,

“The privilege and use of Rights, should always be done with respect and dignity.”

One of the single most — or simply the greatest problem with this countryus constitution a reader — is that being the “land of immigrants” to some forgets the most important step. What makes immigration different from the sixteenth century to the twenty first century is not something that many journalists or others performing in the world of writing too often leave out. And I say this without impunity — although most diplomats, especially politicians, and those who vaguely resemble fakers is this: I wouldn’t or have I ever been to another’s country with the respect that the people have earned.

Most of all, we find it unconscionable that a person would immigrate to this Nation and not follow the fundamental rule of law, which as most people already know is to treat all people, off all races (whatever that means), and especially gender with the same class, dignity, grace, and opportunity as they deserve.

Of course we have a problem with people who immigrate to this Nation without going through the immersion steps of learning what it is that makes us — why you endeavored to relocate here anyway.

ArdenB_Wet Seal

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Sociological Conundrums

Sociological Conundrums

handsIn order to understand the social world around us, it is necessary to employ theory to draw the connections between seemingly disparate concepts. In essence, we must make connections within the sociological world around us; and thus through collecting the data and the analysis of the data, we can then make a theory and try to figure out what it is exactly that is affecting us within the parameters of living life.

I have been waiting a long time to write this article. My hope is to keep it clear, succinct, and straight to the point — of course using data collection, analysis, and then theorizing precisely what it is that is going on in the United States of America right now. It is believed that most data collection is already available to us through polling, public policy, and the state of affairs as they now propose themselves in America. In the event that this writing does in fact begin to run long, then I encourage everyone who is reading to look up on the cites homepage where the Pages are located.

It is not wrong to think or feel that the USA is in utter chaos. Notwithstanding we are being confronted by barriers that are so different to us that many historians and bonafide sociologists, as well as academians and experts have started collecting data before hand in order to begin making theories.

OUR LOST CONSTITIUTIONIssues we as an organization, The Contemplative Thinker, are concerned about is the apparent disregard for laws that the nation was founded upon. Does anyone truly believe that during the Founding Generation that these Founders and Framer’s of the rule of law most often referred to as the U.S. Constitution just sat in Philadelphia making choice horse racing bets, then during the interim would thrust out the chicken bones that would determine our fate as a nation?

Predicated upon the classic cases of that particular century — please allow me to advise that debtor’s prisons were still the most heavily crowded and incarcerations ran high for those who were involved in indentured servant contracts to petty crime as stealing a loaf of bread to feed one’s family.

HillsyAs for a Cabinet member to be implicated in so many crimes from distorted raising of wealth to freely and quite openly discussing matters of national security and other classified materials with known members of the enemy would no doubt be facing a firing squad! And rightfully so…certainly not running for office!

Now as for the President taking so many liberties “into his own hands” moreover, skirting Congress on matters of budget, constant spending, alien and refugee status, as well as this nation’s disregard for immigration laws over and above getting to the public (policy) to see what it is that they want is plain confusing with constant foreign policy anomalies such as sending men and women into battle. The biggest mistake certainly up for debate is whether or not the President should have even alluded to “no boots on the ground.”

0e25c4f076a346bf85afe92b5917c078-300x177Adding to the already chaotic spending for welfare reform, entitlement spending, everything from the Obama phone to the ridiculous nature of seeing to it that every kid in America has at least a computer, how about trying the schools? We literally feel that it is Obama’s mouth — meaning making promises that he has no intention or even logical thought as to how his administration is going to keep them.big bucks

Where we are going with this is the notion of Conflict Theory and Structural Theory in Communities primarily based on the age-old theory of Emile Durkheim’s class work with Suicide. Durkheim was interested in explaining a social phenomenon, suicide, and employed both data and theory to offer an explanation. By aggregating data for large groups of people in Europe, Durkheim was able to discern patterns in suicide rates and connect those patterns with another concept (or variable): religious affiliation.

Durkheim found that Protestants were more likely to commit suicide than were Catholics.

At this point, Durkheim’s analysis was still in the data stage; he had not proposed an explanation of the relationship between religious affiliation and suicide rates. It was when Durkheim introduced the ideas of anomie (or chaos) and social solidarity that he began to formulate a theory. Durkheim argued that the looser social ties found in Protestant religions lead to weaker social cohesion and social solidarity and result in increased social anomie. The higher suicide rates were the result of weakening social bonds among Protestants, according to Durkheim.

While Durkheim’s findings have since been criticized, his study is a classic example of the use of theory to explain the relationship between two concepts. Durkheim’s work also illustrates the importance of theory: without theories to explain the relationship between concepts, we would not be able to understand cause and effect relationships in social life or otherwise gain better understandings of social activity.

Which is what we, writing this paper are all about — showing how everything can be made beyond recognition with the lack of basic human values and leadership to support them. More coming…

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A Small Responsibility of Congress

A Small Responsibility of Congress

450px-george_washington_museum_statueDuring these times of somehow suspense or perhaps more like the fear of God, with some actual members of the Congressional body are actually vying for the nomination to run for president — PLEASE, everyone who gets the opportunity to read this start with me here:

First up: These people are not running for President — they are running for the political party’s endorsement and “Atta boy” for your nomination.

Secondly: Questions should be focused on policy matters, both domestic and especially foreign. Furthermore, think of where our  Nation has been and ask: “Are you satisfied with it?”

We have this generic question that goes like: “Ask Hillary Clinton what was done responsibly and what was accomplished by the State department, while she was the Secretary of State.”

We already know that there is not a thing, a notion, even an idea worth its salt that some lambasting pundit wants to convince us otherwise.

Senate's Gang of Eight

Senate’s Gang of Eight

But hey, let’s be fair about this: Other than Mr. Jeb Bush (don’t even think of it!) who has never held a seat in Congress is the only person who is able to answer that question with any dignity. Remembering of course that Messrs. Graham and Rubio was of this group who went to the “Crazy Eights” to try and appease President Obama and the American people that the Senate bill 744 was what they stood behind. Yuk!

You see and please understand that I am a card carrying member of NumbersUSA and definitely have more experience vis-a-vie Immigration Law or matters thereto than both of them put together! It has been surprising to me that one if not both of their staff’s have not called me in for an interview. Nope may as well let them step into a potential position AGAIN without proper knowledge.

Third: Look at both Houses of Congress, let’s ask them what they are so damn proud of, you won’t be taking notes.

Therefore, let’s have a look at what Congress is supposed to be doing (As for me, on a daily basis!) with a litany of committees, Staff’s everywhere they office, and just sign the envelop please for delivery…

The new 114th Congress has a responsibility to address growing spending and debt. This is especially true following the post-election pledge made by House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–KY) to address “a national debt that has Americans stealing from their children and grandchildren, robbing them of benefits that they will never see and leaving them with burdens that will be nearly impossible to repay. “In acting on its pledge, Congress should adopt a concurrent budget resolution that reveals to the American people just how Congress intends to put the budget on a path to balance.

The Role of the Budget Resolution

The budget resolution is a key tool in Congress’s arsenal. Congress sets spending and revenue targets in the budget resolution, which guide congressional committees in proposing legislation. The budget committees can enforce Congress’s targets by blocking legislation that would exceed them with “points of order.” Unlike ordinary bills, a concurrent budget resolution can go into effect without the President’s signature. It only requires a majority vote to pass, including in the Senate, where it is filibuster-proof. Congress should fully leverage this opportunity to reveal its plan to address growing spending and debt next year, and in the long run.     Capone

The budget resolution enables Congress to use another important tool: reconciliation. Reconciliation directives instruct committees to devise legislation by a specific date that meets Congress’s spending and tax targets. Like the budget resolution, a reconciliation bill is filibuster-proof in the Senate, meaning it requires only a majority vote to pass. But unlike a budget resolution, a reconciliation bill can enact legislation through an expedited voting process, assuming the President signs its components into law. Congress should target full Obamacare repeal using reconciliation, especially since most of Obamacare was enacted using reconciliation in 2010. Much more tomorrow. . .

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Down and Out!

Dear Friends, Visitors, and of course, our loyal readers:

Little dude on question markWe wish there could have be away that we could have let you know before hang however most of you already know that when one gets anything done to their computer well most often times nothing at all seems the same!

For the first time in close to ten years now, I had to reinvigorate my website — basically let WordPress know that although I changed my browser from IE to Chrome everything was lost…I have had no way to sign in, login, or publish anything.

I offer my sincerest apologies. Thank you in advance,


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