Ridiculous, disgusting behavior now hits Baltimore

Ridiculous, disgusting behavior now hits Baltimore

bs-md-ci-freddie-gray-funeral-20150427Well as recorded in the annals of humankind, this despicable rubbish that is currently going on in the great original colony of Maryland, is really fast, as far as the cycle of discontent amongst various mob ordered gangs fighting none other than the local police and I want to ask any alleged leader of the famous Cripps, or Bloods, or any single person from the Nation of Black Gorillas, this question:

Why have you gathered — illegally I remind you — at the weekends Oriels games? Why are you carrying on as a hoodlum, leaving destruction and obliterating violence against anything or anyone? (It takes a permit from the city/county to demonstrate.)

Oh yes I remember 1959 to 1980 very easily when television networks did not cover protesting or rioting for civilities bal-orioles-fans-protest-tickets-20150427sake. So we listened as the perpetrators’ left Wilmington, Compton, and Watts and began their violence in the streets of Los Angeles California and the southward, we started planning.

But as soon as I became aware of why these individuals were protesting I totally emphasized with them. What America did to these individuals was nothing short of unconscionable! Every form of dignity had been stripped away from them. Even their day-to-day activities “restrooms for negroes” or “whites only” just about at every restaurant and definitely movie theaters’, however, this kind of horrendous treatment got much, much worse.

bal-university-of-baltimore-closes-amid-high-school-purge-threat-20150427What could possibly be worse? These individuals were robbed of their civil rights so — imagine what happened if a group of young ladies were out after curfew? For a period of years not a month went by that there was not some special report coming from the television normally about little girls getting raped or little boys being murdered for how many untold stories.

I believe that this is where my line — which is very visible — feels and sees the irony. And that irony is that the people of different times certainly had a very good reason to put up some strife. Why? They had been denied their basic God given unalienable rights. And if was for this reason that I walked on the activist’s side. Yet, sure that initiates conversation about a Civil Rights Movement. However, from Ferguson MO, to St. Lewis MO, and then violence again in New York with undo reason for cops being assassinated, then through New Jersey and now it is Baltimore MD, does not even deserve the trouble it is making.

There is absolutely no reason why protesting and/or rioting should be happening in Baltimore; unless, these Cripps, white houseBloods, and The Nation of Black Gorillas are themselves (and I do not doubt this for an instant) expressing civil discord because that is where their leader, President Barack Obama, and his senseless and irrational mind has lead them.

As for me personally there cannot be any doubt whatsoever that what has already occurred in Washington would never had made it in my generation with severe backlash.


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Small but Enduring Questions that Somehow never get Answered

Small but Enduring Questions that Somehow never get Answered

white houseRealize — these are the times that aspiring journalists wait usually their entire lives for — just if you will take a slight walk with me and look to the right then again to the left because there is more news happening now than at any other time I can recall in these young years.

Yes — we will need to start in our own country insofar as the lack of leadership at home normally is at the helm with much more volatile actions that besiege other nations. Whilst on our walk, I dare or implore you to see if there has been any kind of accountability and/or closure on the massive significant problems we are experiencing here and now. What about resolution? secret5

Immigration reform or Amnesty International or come on over to anyone, anything, the USA is the place. Or so those aligned with Barack Obama are hailing from sea to shining sea. Here’s what a mayor in Georgia had to say recently. “I think that folks that don’t embrace these communities,” he continued without identifying anyone, “are on the wrong side of history, No. 1, and they are also on the wrong side of the economy.”

Furthermore, Reed, a Democrat who has been outspoken in support of President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, also criticized Texas’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott. Texas is leading a group of 25 other states — including Georgia — in suing to block the Obama administration’s plans to shield from deportation millions of immigrants without legal status. The states argue those plans amount to an unconstitutional end-run around Congress.

As far as immigration reform is concerned, there has been nothing — absolutely nothing that any Congressional official has brought

More! About what...oh Behghazi.

More! About what…oh Behghazi.

forth with the exception of leaving the entire situation until after the election. Obama with his pen has done some things about the situation albeit, things he said in campaigns, on video tapes, in interviews that he would not do because they were illegal.

As far as that situation is concerned, nothing has been done…period. Whose accountable? Another rather significant slew of idiosyncrasies has been going on with the United States Secret Service. However, these idiosyncrasies have not only the people in charge of the blunders but the Inspector General and Chief of the Service as well.

It only takes one minor blunder to take a Head of State out. But what is up with shots fired into a second-story window with plenty enough to leave enough scaring around that particular window and others as well. The preliminary investigation showed bullet fragments on the ground level as well as other windows on the first floor.

Notwithstanding, these bullet, brick, and glass (or places of entry) were being investigated during the same period that some deranged individual decided on a “no invitation necessary” tour of the White House, which incidentally got the White House all brand new fencing around the grounds. We do not think that it would be gross to ask the president how did he get the fence so quickly, whilst the southern border fence remains weak, unfinished, and tattered. Yet it remains the #1 get-it-done before this legislation goes further, right Mr. Reid?

irs-logoAs far as we are concerned the generations of those that are in leadership positions in the U.S. federal government are actually no different than those of the Millennial Generation! Just how the Millennia’s have faded with their values and morals and ethics responsibilities so what has changed? The latest and most egregious is this “No Firing” responsibility that far too many in Washington have.


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Religious Liberty Must be Protected…

Religious Liberty Must be Protected…

OUR LOST CONSTITIUTIONReligious liberty is a right and must be protected; the national government should not create an established church, and states should have them only if they encourage and assist Christianity; and religion belongs in the public square. In short, while America did not have a Christian Founding in the sense of creating a theocracy, its Founding was deeply shaped by Christian moral truths. More important, it created a regime that was hospitable to Christians, but also to practitioners of other religions.

The role of religion in the American republic has been a source of controversy since the nation’s inception. Debates are particularly fierce when they concern religious liberty and the proper relationship between church and state. Arguments on these questions are often framed in the light of the Founders’ intentions, but unfortunately, their views are often distorted.

Did America have a Christian Founding? Two popular answers to this query—“Of course not!” and “Absolutely!”—both distort the Founders’ views. There is in fact a great deal of evidence that America’s Founders were influenced by Christian ideas, and there are many ways in which the Founders’ views might inform contemporary political and legal controversies.

According to those who answer “Of course not!” America’s Founders were guided by secular ideas and self, class, or state interests. These scholars do not deny that the Founders were religious, but they contend that they were mostly deists—i.e., persons who reject many Christian doctrines and who think God does not interfere in the affairs of men and nations.

For instance, historian Frank Lambert writes that “[the] significance of the Enlightenment and Deism for the birth of theFOUNDERS ON RELIGION untitled American republic, and especially the relationship between church and state within it, can hardly be overstated.” Similarly, University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone avers that “deistic beliefs played a central role in the framing of the American republic” and that the “Founding generation viewed religion, and particularly religion’s relation to government, through an Enlightenment lens that was deeply skeptical of orthodox Christianity.” Virtually identical claims are made by Edwin Gaustad, Steven Waldman, Richard Hughes, Steven Keillor, David Holmes, Brooke Allen, and many others.

In addition to asserting that the Founders were deists, these authors regularly contend that they abandoned their ancestors’ intolerant approach to church–state relations and embraced religious liberty. They often concede that some Founders thought civic authorities should support religion but argue that this is irrelevant as Jefferson’s and Madison’s conviction that there should be a high wall of separation between church and state was written into the Constitution and reinforced by the First Amendment. As we shall see, there are significant problems with this story.

The second answer to this question is offered by popular Christian writers such as Peter Marshall, David Manuel, John Eidsmoe, Tim LaHaye, William J. Federer, David Barton, and Gary DeMar. They contend that not only did America have a Christian Founding, but virtually all of the Founders were devout, orthodox Christians who consciously drew from their religious convictions to answer most political questions.

George Fox University

George Fox University

To support their case, these writers are fond of finding religious quotations from the Founders. The rule seems to be that if a Founder utters anything religious, at any time in his life, he counts as an orthodox or even evangelical Christian Founder. Using this methodology, Tim LaHaye concludes, for instance, that John Adams was “deeply committed to Jesus Christ and the use of Biblical principles in governing the nation,” and George Washington, if he was alive today, “would freely associate with the Bible-believing branch of evangelical Christianity that is having such a positive influence upon our nation.” This approach leads to similarly bad history.

Mark David Hall, Ph.D., is Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Politics at George Fox University, just reminding our reader’s that GFU is one of the authors alma maters, who having put his mind to the research compiled the majority of this article, your author contributed little.

_one color

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A Look at America’s Founding Conservatives

A Look at America’s Founding Conservatives

2500Outside scholarly circles, or academia, we really must admit that there is not an overwhelming public desire to learn as much or more than we ought too about — revolution, civil war, the Left, the Right, conservatism, or liberalism; moreover, the political representation of each category mentioned.

As for me I really don’t know why this is the way. It could be that our original grade school teachers didn’t put much stock into it; subsequently, the students became victims insofar as the lack of Founding history knowledge ingrained into the teacher. This phenomenon is especially true given the early school years of teaching. It furthermore is loaded within the state and federal governments insofar as there does not exist a criteria for elementary education teachers within the district level. Therefore, the entire scope of the American revolution exists somewhere between one’s Social Studies teacher having split duty with whoever is teaching that particular history. From that point it only gets worse because of the drop off in history requirements, and let’s face it — unless the school employs a teacher whose specialty is Early American History and this person comes to school every day with hair on fire traveling at about 5 mach per hour and whose teaching style is so good one would miss every other class just to be well enough to sit with him/her!

Normally what sparks an interest in most younger students is the story behind Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

as written by John Dickinson. Mr. Dickinson’s biography was titled, John Dickinson: Conservative Revolutionary which for me prompted the question could a person be a revolutionary and conservative at the same time?

Seriously I was amazed to learn that in the buildup to independence, Dickinson was the most trusted man in America and the second most famous American in the world, after Benjamin Franklin. His contempories credited him with single-handedly rallying the colonies in the fight against British oppression. It was only because of Dickinson said one American in 1774 “that there was a present disposition to depose the tyranny in Parliament.” 

Moreover, John Dickinson’s Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania published between 1767 and 1768, were the most eloquent defense of liberty penned in the colonies up to that point and the hit of the decade. Almost every colonial newspaper carried them, and they were republished in a dozen pamphlet editions soon afterward.

In an age when Americans read widely and enthusiastically, there was no better path to fame than to write well. Yet as consequential as these men were in their lifetimes, they have been largely forgotten today. (I will produce for our readers a list of some very famous founders at a later time.)

us constitution a readerPlease allow me to write out the basic tenets of conservative thought and belief. Among the staunchest and most zealous defenders of American rights. They were nonetheless Patriots, who committed themselves to preserve as much of the old social order as possible. Many of their core tenets, in fact, would be surprisingly familiar to modern conservatives: Their faith in history and experience; their mistrust of theory and dogmatism; their support for venerable social institutions; their reverence for the military; their insistence on protecting private property over equality; their belief in yoking the interests of the rich and powerful to the government; and their devotion to free market capitalism.


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The Founding Conservatives

                                                                 The Founding Conservatives

revolutionary-war-033Okay it is time for us to take just a small jaunt — let’s say to around Philadelphia, and of course since our readers enjoy the time, spatial, or lack of either constraints, let’s board the time machine and go back to what may be argued the beginnings of conservative America or take some time listing who were the first real conservatives and what type of life they enjoyed. But first ——

Our time machine seems somehow locked on the fall of 1779, where there seems to be a small and rational riot going on the streets of Philadelphia that changed the course of the Revolution, and forever altered the nature of American politics. We soon came to find out that it was the famed fatal riot dubbed Ft. Wilson’s Riot insofar as it began when the raggedy, filthy, and literally starving hungry militiamen, enraged over the everising cost of bread, whilst seizing four rich merchants to pay.

At the exact same time as the crowd drug, marched, and harassed these merchants it became immediately known that they were headed toward the house of a prosperous lawyer and soon to be a justice for the U.S. Supreme Court. With fixed bayonets and a lone drummer beating “The Rogues March” the mob paraded its captives around the city until James Wilson’s house came into view.

Wilson, other than being a prosperous lawyer, was a well-known staunch free-market advocate and opposed the sorts of revolutionary-war-037G. Burgoyneprice controls demanded by the radicals. The one thing that Mr. Wilson knew was that this crowd wasn’t coming in peace.

Informed of an attack that was imminent, America’s leading conservatives rushed to Wilson’s house that afternoon to defend him. Amid the growling, hungry and armed militiamen with shouts of profanity and faint drum taps, they hastily barricaded the building and readied their powder. As for typical reporting no one knows who fired the first shot, but within ten minutes the mob had rolled a cannon into firing position and was smashing through Wilson’s doors with hammers and iron bars.

Blood stained the street, and by the time the mob retreated, five men were dead and fourteen wounded. That America’s conservative leadership even survived the Ft. Wilson Riot, as it was soon called, would have a lasting impact on American politics.

revolutionary-war-042The then street fight had a seismic impact on public perception as well. Within a year, fear of the mob would lead to the decline of radical power and the ascendance of conservatism as the dominant political force in America for the next 10 to 30 years. Those decades were among the most formative in American history, and during this time conservatives found themselves in a position to shape the new republic, from rewriting the state constitutions and running the government under the Articles of Confederation to drafting the Constitution and getting it ratified by the states.

Any source documentation comes from a new book entitled, The Founding Conservatives written by David Lefer. As for me the ability to share such true history that has not been available with America’s public school system ought to provide a different perspective about just about everything we have ever been exposed too.


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Founding Fathers Friday

 Founding Fathers Friday Washington

The signers were religious men, all being Protestant except Charles Carroll, who was Roman Catholic. Over half expressed their religious faith as being Episcopalian. Others were Congregational, Presbyterian, Quaker, and Baptist. Two of the signers would become presidents of the United States—Thomas Jefferson, the author of the declaration, and John Adams. Two—John Adams and Benjamin Harrison—would be fathers of future presidents.

At least nine of them died as a result of the war or its hardships on them. The first of the signers to die was John Morton of Pennsylvania. Another to pay with his life was Caesar Rodney. Suffering facial cancer, he left his sickbed at midnight and rode all night by horseback through a severe storm. He arrived just in time to cast the deciding vote for his delegation in favor of independence.

When the British came to Trenton, they settled near the home of John Hart, one of the five signers from New Jersey. While his wife was on her deathbed, Hessian soldiers descended on Hart’s property. They destroyed his mills, ravaged his property, and scattered his thirteen children. Hart became a hunted fugitive. When he finally returned to his land, he was broken in health, his farmland was scourged, his wife had died, and his children were all scattered. He died three years after signing the declaration.

Yes, the signers also pledged their fortunes, and at least fifteen saw the realization of that pledge. Twelve had their homes ransacked or ruined. Six literally gave their fortunes to further the cause. When the four New York delegates signed the declaration, they signed away their property. William Floyd was exiled from his home for seven years and was practically ruined financially. Francis Lewis had his home plundered and burned, and his wife was carried away prisoner. She suffered great brutality and never regained her health; she died within two years.

Robert Morris had his property destroyed and, like Floyd, was denied his home for seven years. Phillip Livingston never saw his home again, for his estate became a British naval hospital. He sold all of his remaining property to finance the revolution.

Robert Morris, lost 150 ships, which were sunk during the war. Three of the four signers from South Carolina—Thomascolonial times Heyward, Arthur Middleton, and Edward Rutledge—were taken prisoner by the British and imprisoned for ten months. Thomas Nelson, Jr., of Virginia died in poverty at age fifty-one. When Patrick Henry declared his immortal words, “. . . give me liberty or give me death,” he was not speaking idly.

We also need to keep before us the truth that people who do not master themselves and their appetites will soon be mastered by government.

ff2I wonder if we are not rearing a generation that seemingly does not understand this fundamental principle. Yet this is the principle that separates our country from all others. The central issue before the people today is the same issue that inflamed the hearts of our Founding Fathers in 1776 to strike out for independence.

The loss of our liberties might easily come about, not through the ballot box, but through the abandonment of the fundamental teachings from God and this basic principle upon which our country was founded. Such a condition is usually brought about by a series of little steps which, at the time, seem justified by a variety of reasons.

story end 30

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They are still coming…

They are still coming…

th“Gridlock” in Washington is often blamed for failure of “immigration reform.” The clamor for reform sometimes comes from those demanding the benefits of citizenship without the legal process. Anyone dissatisfied with immigration policy has to realize that the U.S. really doesn’t have one. Foreigners come to America with visas (or none) and simply stay as long as they can.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service simply doesn’t have the agents to check on people B9k48e0IAAARvkhoverstaying their visas or crossing the border illegally. The U.S. Border Patrol is busy chasing drug smugglers and “coyotes” bringing in illegal aliens. The Canadian border is also porous, and there are crossings with an honor system (sign a book and cross). Also, the Hong Kong criminal “Triad” is reputed to bring in Chinese in cargo ships. With well over a billion inhabitants China could easily send millions more immigrants to America.

Here we go again! It doesn’t take some type of engineering degree or especially a simple Bachelor of Business Administration degree to sort out what the biggest mistake that these people in Homeland Security are making. Oh! With this ultra-protective society in which we have created and live in, we believe, has created exponential problems for itself. If found in any one or more of the positions we know of no one who would come unglued at the prospect of NOT allowing those countries to even visit the U.S.

Just a short point to be made here about the mainstream media. There is no question whatsoever that the media is granted additional rights and liberties that are not enjoyed by others — outside of that industry. Therefore just maybe someone either a publisher or editor-in-chief begins to act with unmitigated fairness. Basically the mainstream media simply reports what it wants, regardless of the basic tenets of truth, the entire story, virtue, and/or ethics.

We at The Contemplative Thinker believe that there are questions that potentially new candidates – nominees should be required to answer before their bull squat clouds the judgment and forbid — they get elected!

chris-columbus-ships-1 Also long before Columbus, the Portuguese established ports in Asia and Africa, and on the hump of South America, where a sailing ship blown off course landed. People in Appalachia called “Melungeons” (a mélange of races) claim to be descended from shipwrecked Portuguese sailors.

The Spanish “Catholic Kings” were also eager to trade with Asia and financed the Italian Colombo’s voyage. The crews of adventurers that arrived in the New World on Spanish galleons were mainly interested in “El Dorado” — a mythical city of gold. They enslaved native peoples and put them to work in mines and plantations. Unfortunately, the natives died in droves from European diseases and were replaced by African slaves. This pattern of forced migration of thousands of African laborers was duplicated in the English colonies and eventually in the states of the Old South. Along the Canadian border, French fur traders set up trading posts while Russians worked Alaska and the Northwest.

In colonial times, migrants from the British Isles and northern Europe had a different mindset. Their system of “primogeniture” meant that landed estates passed to the eldest male heir. The younger sons of farmers were left landless, but there was plenty of land in the New World if one was willing to face a long ocean voyage and potentially hostile “Indians.” As for the Native Americans, the European settlers and later the federal government pursued a policy of removal and extermination. The buffalo herds on which the nomadic peoples depended were systematically decimated, and survivors of the Indian wars were herded into “reservations” and governed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In the 19th century after the Mexican American War and the Spanish American War, the U.S. had to assimilate millions mexican-american-war-3of residents of the conquered territories. Those from the Philippines, Puerto Rico and some other islands entered the country legally, and those from south of the border continued to enter the country by any means possible just as their ancestors had for hundreds of years.

Over the years, some immigrants sought religious freedom; however, thousands were recruited by factories and construction projects (like the railroads). The Irish potato famine also swelled the ranks of migrants, but discovery of gold in California in 1849 did more to bring in migrants than any other event. Two world wars in the 20th century brought in refugees (including some Nazi war criminals), and there were more refugees provoked by U.S. participation in conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Central America, Africa and the Middle East. All these immigrants have come to America with their own customs and languages and yet never assimilated.

After a brief review of the history of migration to America it isn’t that hard to understand why the “melting pot” has not fully melted. This “nation of immigrants” has not yet reached the ideal of “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” as envisioned in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dan Norvell spent 10 years in educational publishing and lived abroad for more than twenty years before retiring to Kentucky, who without question contributed to this article.


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Freedom of Speech without using Conscience, Manners, and Ethics is Inexcusable

Freedom of Speech without using Conscience, Manners, and Ethics is Inexcusable

th4TI9Z8LEIf there is one position that is certain, it is the position of the person who is bringing the entire perspective into international attention. Farah El-Jayyousi, a Muslim student activist, has expressed that showing the film would make her feel “unsafe,” The College Fix reported. She has demanded an apology and wants an explanation as to why the Oscar-nominated film was selected for the diverse audiences at the university.

This is precisely why academia is getting such a bad rap within the mainstream media. Not an individual familiar with U.S. law should have a problem with this outlandish behavior or more apt, the particular notion of Farah El-Jayyousi’s freedom of speech rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

The College Fix reported:

“This film is blatant racist, colonialist propaganda that should not be shown under any circumstances and especially not endorsed by a branch of student government that purports to represent me and have my best interests in mind,” student Farah El-Jayyousi, former president of the Muslim Student Organization, had stated.

She made the comments in a letter to the editor to The Maneater earlier this month, denouncing the decision to show the blockbuster – the highest grossing film of 2014. El-Jayyousi accused the movie of dehumanizing Muslims and glorifying the murder of Iraqis, and referred to Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL featured in the film, as “a killer with no regard for human life.”

El-Jayyousi accused the movie of dehumanizing Muslims and glorifying the murder of Iraqis, and referred to Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL featured in the film, as “a killer with no regard for human life.”

After its publication, the student government stated it received “numerous letters from students asking for the film to be cancelled.”

It is always noteworthy and specifically important to learn, read, or somehow to gain knowledge pursuant to the First Amendment. Indeed, as for me it was a quote I read by Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the U.S., whereby he announces when other such ridiculous events were occurring that without these words, our very liberty is called into question.

Make no mistake about it folks – the entire U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are ‘documents of contract’ that forex-lrg-2ensure security between a government and those it governs. The rights espoused in the Bill of Rights were written as a measure to protect us from the abuses of power that a government can wield. Yet, just like anything worth having there is a price to be paid to ensure that those rights are not abused, changed, or too legalistic. This is of course the accountability of a collective society to perform its duties which in earlier times consisted of maintaining the core values, morals, and ethics that America was founded upon.

No matter how one perceives themselves, with all the prominence the world could offer, liberties without conscience are inexcusable. In other words, if one intends on speaking freely—this means that upon engaging to speak one must do so with conscience.

Thomas Jefferson left a profound impression upon the nation he loved so much. However, we believe that Jefferson’s greatest effect on this country are not in his inventions, establishments, or politics – we believe that Jefferson’s greatest influence on our nation is in the notion of “Liberties without conscience are inexcusable.”

This clearly goes against what Thomas Jefferson stated as well as what James Madison wrote: As much as the Founder’s and their supporters wanted too, these statesmen and citizens also realized that more than anything they had to demonstrate responsibility and good conscience.

As always it is of the utmost importance for one to realize manners, ethics, customs, and good conscience when endeavoring to engage in their rights and opportunities. Indeed nothing more so than with speech and expression.

Let’s see here — Has Barack Obama said anything about “Muslims and Love;” it is always a good thought to realize that movies come and go…if one doesn’t like the subject matter then please avoid going to see it! This is viewed by many, to being disrespectful to Americans.


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Who Needs Another Clinton..?

Who Needs Another Clinton..?

Hillary clintonAs for me it is far more than typing that title. I ask myself over and over again why…and who really needs this bit of Nation taken hostage? Okay just the other day I was speaking and used this analogy of another time of this Nation taken hostage.

Well if we were to engage in crowd reaction, then the notion would be proof positive that the crowd loved it — [applause, jeering, and a fair bit of laughter.] Then again, there was in attendance quite a few of “Hillary’s Assault” team that remained as plain faced as one could perceive.

So what do you think happens? Spot-on indeed! The first question I received from a “frowner” was (quite frantically) a question impaled with anger, short, rather curt, and exceedingly argumentative — “What do you mean exactly by “Nation taken hostage?”

I maintained my cool yet, that question was the least I thought I’d be answering. So to start with I did not look to paint this in a political argument; rather, I simply stated, what did Mrs. Clinton hope to do for this country that we have not heard of either for two terms that her husband, President Clinton, had already used; moreover, with the carrot dangling about her position (Run v. Not Run), and again, she is telling the same stories — as awful as they can become — as her predecessor has told, and she was not presenting any agenda that is remotely new.

Now for the average person wouldn’t you think that was enough? Actually I was the invited guest at a local book & coffee 4 2 - CopyBarista shop — and I was not addressing politics whatsoever. But just as sure as there is God, another question from a frowned one came to me. The way in which I decided to go with these questions was — Socratically — so as to ensure participant participation as much as possible.

Therefore once the rhetoric was addressed regarding Hillary’s book signing tour, which seemed to be immediately after she was released from the hospital, given unsatisfactory comments on her role in Benghazi, and “we are broke…we have no money” claims she made whilst hitting every conceivable late night talk show television series available.

Quite openly I know that I have made myself open and ready to her facilitate:

  • Hillary Clinton could be helped by an improving climate for women in politics
  • Republicans hope the gender play backfires and that voters are fatigued by identity politics
  • The emphasis on women as a possible campaign theme is a reversal of her 2008 strategy

When anyone puts together the entire scenario of Hillary Clinton’s missing soft email, while at the same instant knowing that there is evidence of communication regarding Benghazi, Libya on the server.

For what’s it worth I feel that there us far to baggage surrounding one candidate, this is outright luggage. Is the leadership of our nation going to get stronger as a result of Mrs. Clinton? How about equality in domestic affairs? Will she go into a Imperialistic tirade and completely disregard America’s founding documents?


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Two Clauses placed at Mutual Tension

Founding Fathers Quotes Friday

To be certain we have wanted to address so much more of the 1st Amendment than we, in many articles exhaustively have done. However, on every act of either the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of government there will always be that proverbial “next expert” that seems to chime in on whatever the issue may be. To this end we have tried to be as objective as possible – to include identifying farces, idiosyncrasies, misinterpretations, as well as our own learning. Therefore without further adieu we implore you to read and give feedback on the following article.

In recent years the Supreme Court has placed the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise of Religion Clauses in significant mutual tension, but it was not so for the Framers. None of the Framers believed that a governmental connection to religion was an evil in itself. Rather, many (though not all) opposed an established church because they believed that it was a threat to the free exercise of religion. Their primary goal was to protect free exercise.

The free exercise of religion was of course the main thrust of James Madison’s famous Memorial and Remonstrance (1785) in which he argues that the state of Virginia ought not to pay the salaries of the Anglican clergy because that practice was an impediment to a person’s free connection to whatever religion his conscience directed him.

Conscience or the sense of right and wrong including obedience, as well as having a shared viewpoint through the shared concern for moral issues developed at a cultural level thus becoming the social conscience standard of America as the Framers worked on the free exercise of religion aspect of the two clauses.

This same notion of impeding the free exercise of religion was also deeply entrenched within the original thirteen colonies however the opposite did exist and was thought to vilify various institutions such as political committees, special interest groups, immigrant service organizations, the local carpetbagger, and the churches themselves.

founders2Basically in order for the churches (different denominations) to survive it became a must for them to assist in the campaign financing for politicians, or in order to have a flourishing and wealthy congregation many individuals with low moral fortitude and ostensibly lower consciences used the churches as a way to develop various community service organizations. In other words it was not uncommon to find the “gangs of New York” or other factions within society demanding payment from churches for newly arriving immigrants or for those who needed legal assistance.

Nor did the majority of the Founding generation believe that government ought to be “unattained” by religion, or ought not to take an interest in furthering the people’s connection to religion.

An excellent example of this of course is The Northwest Ordinance (1787), which the First Congress reenacted, stated: “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.”

Therefore what does any of this have to do with what is currently going on today? Principally it is a short primer to the way in which religion was being established in the new world, which being the “Colonies of Great Britain” and the ways that the original Founders and Framers sought to outline in a system of government.

We will continue to write on the development of the 1st Amendment as a short series.

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