Credit where credit is due…the unbridled ending of Cultural Marxism

Ending of Cultural Marxism and the influence of Political Correctness

419105_10151238154313092_1906501386_nAccording to the Left, ‘the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution.” In other words, the cause of political action that we see today being pushed by the Left – whether minority rights or women’s rights – is never the real cause; women, minorities and other “victims” are only instruments in the larger cause, which is power.

“The Left uses ‘Rights’ agendas to wrap itself in the mantle of righteousness and seize the moral high ground, tactically putting us [conservatives] on the defensive in the process. But they couldn’t care less about the actual issue except in its ability to facilitate their path to power,” concludes Simpson.

Take a second to think about this statement made by the future President in 1995 and then apply it to what we see happening today in America with the latest example being the riots in Baltimore. What we are witnessing in Baltimore, as we did in Ferguson, epitomizes how the Left pushes an agenda in a way that disguises their true intention.

culturalmarxismMake no mistake about it, the riots in Baltimore have as much to do with the death of Freddie Gray as the riots in Ferguson had to do with the death of Michael Brown. The Left is using their deaths in order to push a false narrative that seeks to exploit their deaths as examples of police waging a war on the black community. As Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke explains, the real war is on “our nation’s finest, the American police officer, and it continues to be fueled by some very important people.” Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and former Attorney General Eric Holder have all contributed to fueling this fire.

From a Marxist standpoint, the issue “police war on blacks”, is not the issue; the issue is expanding federal control of community police forces. Using animosity and hatred towards police, the Left has selectively chosen which cases to report on in order to incite these communities into rioting no matter if actual or perceived targeting of the black community by police has occurred. The real issue is power and Obama stated as much when he introduced his plan for a progressive takeover of state and local policing.

“We have a great opportunity… to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations,” stated Obama last month as he unveiled his goal in a report that gave recommendations on how Obama could institute his Task Force on 21st Century Policing. “Now Obama is trying to expand progressive control by attaching more conditions to federal funding of state and local law-enforcement efforts”, writes Neil Munro of Daily Caller. Obama drove this point home stating that, “We can expand the [federally-funded] COPS program… to see if we can get more incentives for local communities to apply some of the best practices and lessons that are embodied in this report.”

“Those best practices”, comments Munro, “likely will eventually include rules that restrict police investigations of groups that are part of the Democratic coalition, and rules that try to lower convictions and penalties among favored sub-groups of the United States, regardless of the actual rates of illegal activity among those groups.” Furthermore, Obama’s goal is to ultimately implement the plan among the nation’s 18,000 or so law enforcement jurisdictions. Thus, giving him an unprecedented amount of power and control over state and local police forces.

Let’s evaluate this entire notion — since Obama got to office just have a look at what DHS_cis_1_T%20_SearchResultscontrols that have mightily shifted — or may not even exist: Any clear action by the United States Customs and Enforcement Services, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Border Patrol, or even federal agency working with local law enforcement officials and vice-versa (Formally known as the 287g provision of acceptable practices between law enforcement agencies.)

Action of this has been seen time and time again through Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which has been extended again. Furthermore with the amount of executive actions being written thus allowing those, responsible for bringing in (unlawfully / illegally) the childhood arrivals are now very comfortable under the auspices of never having to leave again. Who is able to endure those summertime programs of the “90 thousand kids and children” coming to America because of the passing of DACA.

cultural-marxism-2And finally when I write literally every agency — that is precisely what I mean — look around at what has happened on his watch: Although the IRS will never fire anyone one much believe there is power in that statement. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), although giving away hundreds of millions of dollars in income tax returns of which they have no way of recording those transactions to illegal aliens why not let them conspire to overthrow a newly found political party? Here’s my point — Through Cultural Marxism and its viable change on Western institutions I have personally witnessed, religious rights taken straight from an ordinary small business by the Courts of New Mexico, homo sapiens of every gender imaginable walking and becoming public displays of an art canvas; America the land of trans-this or trans-that or have your sexuality defined “outside” of the dictionary. So let’s protect them, shall we?


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The Left, Language Changing, Liberals

The Left, Language Changing, Liberals

capture210The following is an article that I’ve had the pleasure of reading lately. It was written by a distinguished gentlemen who runs the website, “Shorts Political.” All one need to do is go up top to my Political Correctness page(s) to see how and why his quantum article affected me the way it has done.

“We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth…We can and we must write in a language which sows among the masses hatred, scorn, and the like towards those who disagree with us”, wrote Vladimir Lenin. The basis of Lenin’s statement is very much alive today within the Democrat party as they relentlessly attack and sow hatred towards cultural, moral, and religious institutions that conservatives hold dear.

“This is the basis of the great cultural war we’re undergoing…. We are two countries now. We are two countries morally, culturally, socially, and theologically. Cultural wars do not lend themselves to peaceful co-existence. One side prevails, or the other prevails”, states Patrick J. Buchanan in the opening scenes of James Jaeger’s film, Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America.

The truth that conservatives must come to terms with is that the other side, the Democrat party, has prevailed as Cultural Marxism has advanced on the long march throughout our nation’s most revered institutions. This march began in the United States in the 1930’s as Marxists Antonio Gramsci and George Lukacs established the Frankfurt School at Columbia University in New York City. “The primary goal of the Frankfurt School”, writes Linda Kimball of American Thinker, “was to translate Marxism from economic terms into cultural terms.”

According to Kimball, “it provided ideas on which to base a new political theory of revolution based on culture, harnessing new oppressed groups for the faithless proletariat…smashing religion and morals [while] also building a constituency among academics.” Moreover, Cultural Marxism emphasized culture as the main cause for inequality stemming from race, religion, sex, and everything in between.

In order to implement this new direction in Marxism, Gramsci and Lukacs began what they termed the “long march throughout the institutions.” This “march” was slow and systematic beginning in the primary institutions of culture (schools, churches, newspapers, movies, media, etc.), which were taken over by socialist thinkers and sympathizers. “Once taken over”, notes Nelson Hultberg of The Daily Bell, “they could then impart ‘true socialist values‘ to the people and raise new generations to give their loyalties not to God, country, and individualism, but to the State and collectivism.”

The emphasis of Cultural Marxism was thus placed on analyzing, controlling, and changing what was once the popular culture, the popular discourse, the mass media, and the language itself in America. By institutionalizing and spreading their influence, this kind of Marxism would ingrain a hatred of Western values into the culture and future generations to come. The reason for this is best explained by the justification used by Frankfurt teacher and Father of the “New Left”, Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse writes that, “The West is guilty of genocidal crimes against every civilization and culture it has encountered. American and Western civilization are the world’s greatest repositories of racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, fascism, and narcissism. American society is oppressive, evil, and undeserving of loyalty.”

With this notion in mind, Cultural Marxism placed a new emphasis on liberating all men and women from the “evil repression” and “tyrannical values” that Western civilization was built upon. To bring this about, the Frankfurt School designed numerous strategies to discredit and smear the values that had forged and sustained the West for the past 2,000 years.

Critical Theory“, writes Hultberg, “was the first and most important of these strategies” as it was not only critical to discrediting capitalism but also social conditions of contemporary society and existing social institutions. Hultberg explains, “Under its auspices, every tradition of Western life was to be redefined as ‘prejudice’ and ‘perversion’. And these redefinition’s were to be instilled into the social stream via devastating scholarly criticisms of all values such as family, marriage, property, individualism, patriotism, faith in God etc.”

Critical Theory precisely defines the tactics used by the Democrat party today as they attack Christianity, capitalism, family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, loyalty, and patriotism. They routinely and consistently attack any and all foundations of our society in order to destroy our culture and advance their agenda.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the various “Rights” the Left has aggressively promoted throughout the years. James Simpson of American Thinker, elaborates that “the Left doesn’t care about gay rights, any more than they care about civil rights, welfare rights, minority rights, animal rights or any other ‘rights’.


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The Presidents Commencement Address

The Presidents Commencement Address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy

eagle with flag design on wingsDid anyone happen to catch any of in whatever form (written, listening, news organizations) of President Barack Obama’s commencement speech today at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy? Having read, listened to, and seen the president addressing the Coast Guard graduates was not only embarrassing but as Dr. Charles Krauthammer stated last night in referring to Obama’s entire administration as being “either delusional or cynical.”

President Obama shows just how delusional he is as he speaks of the dangers facing America — globally and leading to America — as the greatest threat to national security is without question — global warming.

So why not debate him and his off-line arrogant ego with the facts of a nuclear Iran and/or No. Korea? Furthermore, have a look at what Dr. Krauthammer is saying (just below) regarding the “tremendous defeat” with the clear facts that Mosul, Fallujah, and now Ramadi is hopelessly gone to ISIS.

Earlier in the day another liberal was barking vehemently in agreement with King Obama with regards to Boko Haram was Juan Williams on today’s episode of Fox News’ The Five. Having complete and utter agreement with Obama, Williams held to the premonition:

“Understand, climate change did not cause the conflicts we see around the world, yet what we also know is that severe drought helped to create 051915_krauthammerthe instability in Nigeria that was exploited by the terrorist group Boko Haram,” he said.

Furthermore it was intimated by The Five panel that as a result of drought, this is the reasoning behind the rape and torture of Nigerian, Syrian, and any other high school aged girls from wherever to be involved in this organizations jihad.

On “Special Report” tonight, Charles Krauthammer reacted to how the Obama administration is responding to the fall of Ramadi to ISIS.

The White House has downplayed the situation as a “setback.”

Krauthammer said that the administration is “either delusional or cynical.”
“I would hope cynical, because otherwise we’re in deep trouble,” he remarked. “This is a tremendous defeat. This isn’t only a geographic defeat, the fact that Mosul is gone, Fallujah is gone and now Ramadi is gone. It’s that the Iraqi army once again ran.”

Does everyone or anyone remember our articles ofThe Three Basic Tenants of War”? For those who are new of course, or have fallen behind just a bit, the three basic tenants to win a war are as follows:

War — my friends has a definition that is anything but jovial or happy. War — by definition is to go up against your enemy; however, there are management particulars that attach to each aspect of that war. Three basic tenets of war are to defeat and/or disseminate your enemy’s forces beyond repair. The second basic tenet is to hold the ground in which your military has taken. The third tenet of war is to take out as much infrastructure that is necessary for the supervised rebuilding with a new Chief in town.

As a metaphorical illustration let’s ask a simple question: Did we (U.S. Military) enact and completely adhere to the three basic tenants of war — or would you agree with the fact that the nation’s politicians not only ended the Iraq war but did very little to ensure the success of the mission?


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American’s Talking about War…

American’s Talking about War…

thinker 14Over the past eight to ten weeks I have turned into quite the “Sunday News Shows” holic. It really isn’t much care to the programmer’s what is being watched or who is presenting it. I have it on a reasonably valuable source that most of these types of shows are waiting for the next “Benghazi type reporting” where a talking points piece of paper is handed literally to everyone so that everyone is on cue for any questions or briefing as it where.

In open disclosure as I remember the show in particular that featured Ambassador Susan Rice with her talking points memorandum that sounded nothing like what was pouring in from the other stations. Furthermore, we get the weekly treatment of the White House Rose Garden, that something else “Shinola-for-brains-Obama” talking about how proud he was of his U.N. Ambassador for [maintaining] her story whilst at the same time he was delivering a blow by blow account of some very short video segment regarding how extremist Muslims hate America. Anyone with a fourth grade education could have seen directly through it.

However what outright makes me angry is how none of these glamorized commentators have ever thought more than their talking points memorandum, they all like to play the pundits with regards to war.

020806-F-7823A-004So I will ask a simple question:— ♪♪♪♪ How would you feel, tell me, how would you feel ♪♪♪♪— if you received deployment orders for a 13 month tour of duty in the “cradle of civilization itself” the cradle of some sort of humankind and you learn you are to be facing the world’s fourth largest army who is coming off a recent victory, only with their stupid prowess rather than go home, they’ve decided to stay out in the berms and live through humungous sand storms?

Knowing well in advance that the current military does not honor or even attempt to RT_isil_fighter_holding_flag_mosul_jt_140827_16x9_608ensure an “end time of duty” so you could be at war for up to 6 or 7, some 8 to 10 tours in hostile and yet worse areas of operation. So you assume your all set up against your enemy, let’s say extremist Iraqi’s. Now before you have even experienced battle in fact, on the night prior to moving out, some crazed person from the area of the world where you are going to fight — simply lobs-in several hand grenades at lights out time thereby costing lives of your cadre, commanders, and fellow troops.

And while you are told that you will be assisting the “in-house” or national military that is there, you very fastly learn that these people are not there to learn, or even cooperate with you. During all of this you don’t need alerting that comrades’ of theirs from lands far away have joined in to help them…not to be a better or more responsible soldier, yet rather, to assist them in their conquest of you and yours.

images (3)Now after a time of 12 and a half months you come to the realization that you will be staying on for another tour, if for nothing more than to assist your own government in saving lives by hopefully telling them what is going on. You see, it becomes hard for you at the humming noise that just muses your short hair that someone — member of the units fighting force — has told local intelligence officials who, where, and when you will be in that exact spot. Now you’re feeling some betrayal issues.

And at the first crack of the mornings rifle you openly stare at those whom you are thumb downtraining, sprinting in the opposite direction! Nothing flamboyant about it gang, these morons are wearing the latest in body armor, slinging the latest rifle, with hand grenades pinned around them and they are running away. It is very obvious to you that they care nothing whatsoever about you, they’ve been up late the previous night receiving orders [from those who are on the other side] on which police academy, or intersection to totally annihilate.

Soon enough you realize what am I fighting for — a nation that is coming undone as the days go by; moreover, you are alerted that the President, your Commander-in-Chief, has done nothing in strategic preparation to have you retake a country again — twice! You also find out that this same person has increased all entitlement spending, broken the laws of the US Constitution to allow something in the neighborhood of a net gain of 10 million people who came here illegally.

I love ya’ man and lady…been there, done that…and it sucks!


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Reclaiming America

Reclaiming America

KY-60-percent_400x400-300x300To meet the crisis, Heritage is launching Reclaim America, a revolutionary campaign—unprecedented by any policy organization—to rapidly restore the constitutional rule of “We the People.” It is very worthy to note that many issues and matters that were once against the U.S. Constitution have slowly and quite surely become law. We did reference this point yesterday with some examples however, how could anyone watch and see the damage — to both the government and to us through regulating people whilst doing their jobs?

Consider if you will the matter of fact damage — often times when assessing to amounts of download - Copyfunding being distributed for regulation — which currently lands between $ 80 billion and $ 2 trillion dollars per year. In all your considering please note for understanding the notion of the usurpation of politics whereby other agencies and individuals are determining what figures are to be spent. The disastrous results seem to be a hot line number within the judiciary.

Reclaim America will use four revolutionary strategies to drastically reduce Washington’s power. We will liberate Americans from big government, dethrone the special interests that hold sway over both parties, and end the chokehold the Left has on America.

As well as 38 other states are pushing to ban his happy go lucky program

As well as 38 other states are pushing to ban his happy go lucky program

One of the revolutionary strategies mentioned in yesterday’s article was would something along the lines of Reclaim our Economy, with bold economic solutions to scale back government and free the American people. As far as we see it adding on regulations adds to the size of the federal government; moreover, adding to regulations also makes us into a position of slavery to that very government.

The Welfare Reform Act put forth by President Bill Clinton was a step in the right direction. First, based on this act Welfare recipients fell amazingly by 50 percent! Accordingly this must have assisted those in the middle-class(es); secondly, although not by the sake of the banks of our Nation everyone or there about was purchasing a home. There is nothing that feels better than when one goes out to work and from the fruits of their labor are able to spend quality time with their children, some grandchildren, on quality land like your own back yard.

I may be wrong, but not a whole lot was being addressed or even seen or heard as racism. This is during the same period when bumper sticker, signs, and posts read, “Please don’t do anything for me.” Everyone had a point and means to work and I was a proud American.

But did this last? No, not at all. As soon as Obama’s Administration landed in WashingtonHead Start D.C., he and he alone decided to conduct round two of Welfare Reform. Forty six percent of new users began to receive this entitlement as well as my huge pet peeve the Head Start program. Now this is the same program where a person receives their first “Obama Phone,” eligible for the SNAP program which is a fancy way of stating “Food Stamps,” so why then do I have a problem — a huge problem with Head Start?

Head StartInsofar as educational experts waited on a longitudinal study that lasted the better part of 15 years — and inasmuch as the Head Start analysis had been done, it was nonetheless Barack Obama who with malice aforethought delayed the distribution of that report until after his election and “recometh” of yet another 4 more years as president when the results of the Head Start program we’re beginning to leak — at the very least the analysis showed that the program was still useless. Notwithstanding any good or common sense the POTUS kept writing to reaffirm the program even though it is a mess.


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The Upward Spiral of Red Tape

The Upward Spiral of Red Tape — Government’s Regulations Overreach

Think she's got a clue?

Think she’s got a clue?

So what does this reclaim America have to do with me. Moreover, how am I without the appropriate tools and what seems like an army of politicians cum weird presidents (what already? Obama’s not weird?) and vice-president, congressional official, or member of the judiciary that acts on the following issues — without checking them out in their entirety should be held under arrest and have the entire Department of Justice salivating waiting to attack.

The number and cost of government regulations continued to climb in 2014, intensifying Washington’s control over the economy and Americans’ lives. The addition of 27 new major rules last year pushed the tally for the Obama Administration’s first six years to 184, with scores of other rules in the pipeline. The cost of just these 184 rules is estimated by regulators to be nearly $80 billion annually, although the actual cost of this massive expansion of the administrative state is obscured by the large number of rules for which costs have not been fully quantified. Absent substantial reform, economic growth and individual freedom will continue to suffer.

From the first and second posts we have presented just considering the “what if’s” that could happen to that money — which is something that no one involved in this process has yet to consider — this is a significant amount of money.

Would something along the lines of Reclaiming our economy, with bold economic admin-ajax (1)solutions to scale back government and free the American people. As far as we see it adding on regulations adds to the size of the federal government; moreover, adding to regulations also makes us into a position of slavery to that very government.

President Barack Obama has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to act by regulatory fiat instead of executing laws as passed by Congress. But regulatory overreach by the executive branch is only part of the problem. A great deal of the excessive regulation in the past six years is the result of Congress granting broad powers to agencies through passage of vast and vaguely worded legislation. The misnamed Affordable Care Act and the Dodd–Frank financial-regulation law top the list.

01P0005Many more regulations are on the way, with another 126 economically significant rules on the Administration’s agenda, such as directives to farmers for growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables; strict limits on credit access for service members; and, yet another redesign of light bulbs.

Just a bit of journalistic fiat is warranted here: Just a suggestion yet it seems discriminatory to dictate what farmers should or should not be growing, as well as strict limits on credit access for service members, and has anyone ever heard of redesigning a light bulb that will take away the amount of mercury involved?

Speaking from experience it would be totally justified to hold contests nation-wide for better light bulbs, should be self-evident on the credit facility for the military and I am beginning to think that the farmer’s and family’s are mercifully begging Washington to leave us alone.

In many respects, the need for reform of the regulatory system has never been greater. The White House, Congress, and federal agencies routinely ignore regulatory costs, exaggerate benefits, and breach legislative and constitutional boundaries. They also increasingly dictate lifestyle choices rather than focusing on public health and safety.

The federal government does not officially track total regulatory costs, as it does with taxation and spending. Estimates of these costs from various independent sources range from hundreds of billions of dollars to over $2 trillion annually.

However, the number and cost of new regulations can be tracked, and both have grown relentlessly.


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It is time to move and get too Reclaiming America!

It is time to move and get too Reclaiming America!

be calmYep — under normal operating procedures when individual citizens find something very amiss in Washington D.C., they or (we) do not have the confidence within any governmental agency or individuals claiming to be Congressional members to contact in order to hopefully establish a start in getting something done to correct what is mightily holding America back. What a shortfall!

Take for instance the current governmental subsidies that you and I are paying regardingillegals getting medicade and Obamacare ObamaCare. Although we may not even be members one way or another either some designated state agency will collect and forward our tax dollars through the state machines before they are put onto the wire to cover something for somebody based on what the current administration says to do.

All one need to do is look at how the government is setting up anything — for normal, mentally able citizens, ObamaCare from its initial starting point was a doomed mess. Consider the following:

Did the current administration under their C.E.O., President Barack Obama, ever establish the extent to which how much ObamaCare was going to cost a citizen or person working and earning here? No it did not. Prior to becoming the law of the land, there was not so much as a pretty sells-worthy brochure on the program. Why, and how can that be? Now let’s not play stupid here and embarrass ourselves further; let us admit to the facts that whilst this program was going through its due-diligence we had nothing shy of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, leading the chants and rants of let us write this so we can tell you.

Okay now, how many millions of us still voted for ObamaCare? Saying nothing of wanting to pass legislation without the correct knowledge of costs or even what was in the Bill. Understand folks please, we were voting on a man’s idea who has never been in business. But what precisely was it that allowed the hose-head to be re-elected?

So is it unassuming to think that our national leadership was in fact behind this piece of legislation? All one need to do is think about the typical schemes used. All are all bribing schemes that went on behind closed doors between your Member of Congress and either the House Speaker, Vice President, or Barack Obama.

caduces and moneyWhat I am suggesting here is ear-marked funding to pay for votes, Congressional approval, all this and much, much more! The “Hail Mary” was the term affixed to an unnamed state and appropriated funds, in this particular case it was 200 million. Much is the same for the “Cornhusker” which involved the mascot named university and special interest groups only this one was for 300 million. Louisiana received somewhere around 300 million for an effort to secure votes in Congress to get this rubbish passed.

congress moneyThe most transparent administration — that you were told — in the history of America! Anyone who didn’t see this one coming simply was not paying attention.

I maintain a certain level of communication with the most “sold out” representative in the House as well as the ever-so-up-himself senator; two individuals that have record tenures in their positions. With Rep. Elijah Cummings I ask myself if I have ever met a more loftily dumb congressional official. It took him awhile, but we are on about a once to twice per month writing schedule. The other dimwit who holds office in Washington D.C., is Sen. Ben Cardin who simply is worth less than excrement. Although Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski and I have had written correspondence, it is not regular, however, I do believe her to be an honorable woman senator.

heritage-foundationThe Heritage Foundation is America’s most broadly-supported policy organization. We effectively communicate rigorous conservative policy research to Congress and the American people. Backed financially by nearly 600,000 Americans, our more than 100 policy experts and researchers are invited to testify before Congress nearly 40 times a year. Furthermore, experts appear daily in America’s top news outlets, and have promoted principled solutions for more than 40 years.


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It is as Easy having the Will to Reclaim America!

It is as Easy having the Will to Reclaim America!

originalThe first step of our Reclaim America Campaign is to provide the sound policy research required to turn our nation’s policy debates around. The Heritage Foundation, a uniquely bipartisan organization is ideally equipped to do that, with your help.

Your help today will assist our 100-plus logoexperts, economists, and scholars develop the conservative policy ideas necessary to:

Reclaim our economy, with bold economic solutions to scale back government and free the American people.

Never willing to tell people what to do is the way God created us — the ability to use our own minds as well as being free — it is suggested that each of us have a look at what is involved in reclaiming our Nation; therefore, once again leading the world by example in being tolerant and accepting.

Reclaim our culture, by making the case for why religious freedom, life, marriage, and a vibrant civil society matter for the survival of limited government.

Can any of us truthfully debate that a child does not have the right to enjoy life — or at least live one? As far as religious freedom, marriage, and a vibrant civil society are concerned — we must never forget what our Founding generation went through to instill these moral dynamics in most of us.

Reclaim our safety and security, with sound foreign and defense policies that repair the catastrophic damage of the Obama years.

Reclaim the Constitution and the rule of law, with determined action to defend the the goooo2nation’s laws and Americans’ civil liberties.

What really happens when one sees and knows that a Nation’s Commander-in-Chief or President knowingly and quite willingly does not observe, moreover, breaks the U.S. Constitution, or “America’s rule of law?” ♪♪♥ Well…I believe it’s time we stop (hey, hey hey…) and take a look around… ♪♪◊. Before we all experience that XXth Nervous Breakdown.

There is very little evidentiary facts that would not support that as a direct result we have wound up with a pathological and arrogant sleaze in the White House, that care little if anything towards our Nation. It is far worse when we see people within our own Nation select civil disobedience, rioting, looting, with a reckless disregard for the law enforcement agents who are just there to keep the peace.

forex-lrg-2Furthermore, as one witnesses any deliberate attempt to alter monetary exchange, so too they believe they have a right to do likewise, or, maybe we should simply ask Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Albert Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Rep. Charles Rangel, Vice President Joe Biden, as well as the IRS who will take unlawfully what belongs to you for their own pockets.

And reclaim America’s First Principles, by demonstrating the timeless relevance of our Founders’ ideas to today’s citizens. Gentlemen there is nothing more insatiably alluring than demonstrating that moral values, ethics, and resolve do to other people.

Throughout American history, courageous patriots have stepped forward at times of crisis to save and advance the principles that made America great. Why should we alter that much sought after value system now?


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Let’s Take Back our Nation

Let’s Take Back our Nation

6002539612345_1_fa220edcReclaim America, a revolutionary campaign—unprecedented by any policy organization—to rapidly restore the constitutional rule of “We the People.” Knowing that I don’t need to remind anyone who reads this article but there comes those times in life when we — maybe not the cause of what is having it’s devastating effect within America — yet nonetheless we must hold our individual accountability, our awareness, and knowledge in queue and we must take the leadership by the horns and countermand the steps however unethical they may be.

Throughout American history, courageous patriots have stepped forward at times of crisisholder in contempt to save and advance the principles that made America great. As for us, this is the “American Way.” Today, America faces another crisis. More and more power is concentrated in Washington. Big government slowly but surely restricts our freedoms. Our nation’s defenses are weakening, and our core values are under attack. It’s time for you to take a stand for the same ideals that motivated the Founders more than two centuries ago: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

untitledHere are some examples of what the previous paragraph eloquently hides. According to Thomas Jefferson what attracted most of the millions of immigrants to America during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries was the high moral standards that most Americans lived by given those time periods. Today and for the last month the Pew Research Center has reports that Americans are running from Judeo — Christian beliefs. Sanctuary attendance is down for most religions. Interesting of note is that Thomas Jefferson’s mate, James Madison had stated that moral, ethical, and personal values were concepts that were determined by America’s belief systems. So why are we running from that which made us the most sought after country on earth?

There can be no doubt that our nation’s defenses are deliberately being weakened by the Tsar-Bombcurrent administration. Someone, anyone, please help me make sense of this notion! All one needs to do is look at the genocide going on in Syria, ISIS and/or ISL growth as they march through conquering and beheading journalists and Christians for propaganda purposes then move on over to Africa. There does not exist a remotely free country on the entire continent (Kenya, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, the DRC, Nigeria, Liberia, the whole of Northern Africa, are entering into concessions with ISIS and al-Qaeda. Would you agree that with Russia playing it’s games as well as all other smoking hot areas mentioned or not, why has the current administration decided on record down levels of defense spending?

Just today Cate Blanchette, Oscar winning award actress decided to inform the movie house people that she’d slept with women many times — and not for roles dictated by the film industry. My question is this one — who cares! This as far as we’re concerned is turning Mr. Tom Brady inside out; moreover, it is simply something that is so nonprofessional and devoid of privacy. Why is it that Ellen Page (Juno and Hard Candy) Megan Fox(-Green) (Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, Passion Play) and so many other femmes, Angelina Jolie, need to inform us of their sexual desires?

Your freedom is slipping away as Washington’s power grows. Your freedom is undermined by a more intrusive government, which increasingly dictates how you run your life. The principles of America’s Founding have never been more at risk.

Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling ProblemWashington is taking over your health care. Encouraging illegal immigration as a political force to suppress your freedom. Raising your taxes. Enslaving your family by national debt. Coddling dictators and gutting our national defenses. While some “conservatives” may have abandoned principle or compromised needlessly. Reclaim America is a four category system that we will be presenting for you in the next posts. Thank you!


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On the Record

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren

brady2The NFL has suspended Tom Brady for the first four games of the next season and fined the New England Patriots $1 million over the “Deflate-Gate” scandal. The Patriots were also forced to forfeit a 2016 first rounder and 2017 fourth-round selection in the NFL Draft.

“Each player, no matter how accomplished and otherwise respected, has an obligation to comply with the rules and must be held accountable for his actions when those rules are violated and the public’s confidence in the game is called into question,” NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent wrote to Brady.

With all respect if Troy Vincent had anything to do with The New England Patriots’ and especially Mr. Tom Brady’s punishment then he’d be better off running and hiding just as his boss, Roger Goodell did.

Obviously, based on the written statement from Troy Vincent as well as the horrific “impossibilité d’achever” (French for “failure to complete”) on behalf of the commissioner of the National Football League, Roger Goodell, who ostensibly ran and hid his face a la Barack Obama.

GTY_tom_brady_jef_150507_4x3_992It is worth nothing to take a person’s civil rights away — then at the exact same time — punish any particular player or member of an organization. Sure there were some text messages exchanged between locker room personnel and Mr. Brady. However, since when does the request for a transcription of messages and using a civil right (violation of privacy) to say no to the request is a crime? Seriously, I can without thinking, just imagine submitted with respect, Tiger Woods and any number of his friends’ text messaging. What do you suppose members of the NBA would be thinking when it is common knowledge that the first, second, and third rows of seats are owned by players who can literally give them to anyone they so desire. Just imagine the texting that goes on in the NBA!

This is emblematic of the United States Secret Service who had been found to have facilitated in sex scandals with prostitutes whilst in Colombia, using U.S. taxpayer funds, driven drunk whilst on duty, parked wherever they wanted to, and incidentally let a convicted felon into an elevator with a bit more than a handgun. Now these agents did not have a whim or whimper that the elevator was for the President of the United States. When these agents were given their requests for text messages and/or emails they outright refused based on privacy grounds.

I quite openly admit to being a person of excessively high moral standards as well as live super bowl 49by a code of ethics that many of my friends find offensive. However, there comes a time in ordinary life when one is held to a completely different set of standards. When ordinary life demands that electronic messages be warranted for a crime that is a whole different matter. When it comes to the extraordinary celebrity type people — to invade their privacy rights is not an option.

The “Deflate-Gate” scandal, as it came to be known, erupted in late January after the Patriots’ victory over the Colts in the AFC Championship Game. It was determined after the game that Brady was using footballs that were deflated below the league’s minimum allowable level. (This is a complete contradiction according to the Wells Report.)

However — and let this be stated loudly — it is my humble opinion based on evidence gathered that all footballs had been tested and the Patriots’ mean weighing in was right at 12.6 ppi. The Indianapolis Colts also passed the test with their mean being right at 13.0. These measurements were supervised by all NFL officials who worked the AFC Championship game. So how could or would anyone make a statement such as, ” It was determined after the game that Brady was using footballs that were deflated below the league’s minimum allowable level.” And this is based on what evidence?

However, prior to ending this researched article, being a qualified, licensed, and efficient2012-01-25 19.16.02 professional soccer referee I need to make this comment. Anyone who knows squat about the game; furthermore, this talk is being made now by all sports officials, pundits, fans, and owners alike this punishment is something the NFL has to deal with.

As for my buck, where is the culpability and actions of the officials before, during, and after the game? Most of us complain about calls on the field, yet the call I am referring to is the call that the referee’s word is the absolute Law of the game. Why hasn’t Goodell investigated the officials who were on duty for this game? The Wells Report has been read and through the critical lens of this professional those referee’s on duty were far more culpable than Mr. Tom Brady.



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