Before I become a Misinformed “Official ‘Fool me Twice'” person

Before I become a Misinformed “Official ‘Fool me Twice'” person, I need further examination

Guess he has known along.

Guess he has known along.

And that therefore is my thesis statement as far as this Ebola catastrophe just happens to flare up in Western Sub-Saharan Africa. There is just a bit of difficulty that I am having at the moment — inasmuch as Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Other nations have reported outbreaks of the Ebola virus in Tunis, Cameroon, and Gabon. But in reality what have we really seen and heard? Of course most of our data, at least visually is by way of television. And after what I’ve seen on television with the reloading of maimed victims to and from ambulances produced by networks that maintain license and copy rights here in the U.S.A.

This isn’t to suggest that I board a flight immediately to the region and check for myself; however, with news coming from the White House on everything from the NFL, Michael Brown, and ISIS as well as ISL frankly, I just find all of this difficult to handle. So Mr. Writer, what do you find that alerts you?

One of the largest situations for me to believe is the staffing, and recruitment of this Islamic organization. Oh yeah, I saw the speech at the new conference where even our own President Obama, dismissed the notion of ISIS being a part of Islam. I think I speak to every Geography teacher in our Nation about how do we teach our students where Islam is on the map.

Outside of that I am still at odds whenever President Obama brings up or addresses Islam; actually to the point now where we should definitely toss in his entire role of America being number 1 insofar as I see and feel the president’s loyalty leaning toward Islam.

As part of the consensus who here reading will attest to the fact that 2 to 3 months ago when we were made to knownuclear_explosion_596x283-340x161 about ISIS, when at that time alleged they had an operational battle ready force of 2,500 to maybe 3,500 men willing to participate in Iraq, Syria, and within weeks now it has become the United States who they have added to their list.

Furthermore, it is alleged that ISIS forces are now getting close to 40,000 troops with a cadre (leadership) of Saddam Hussein’s former officers and bureaucrats. Now someone’s got to help this writer out — weren’t those guys at one time in the suit of Clubs?

I have just one more thing to put forward for this little morsel. It appears as though the Islamic nations are refusing to coalesce with the U.S. Americans with their problems. Right then… Iran doesn’t want to get involved, Iraq’s former spit-shined Army ran when there was sound of the first gun shots, Saudi Arabia will allow some small interim bases to be built but no men, Syria well…Syria has their own problems with the anti-Assad counter terrorists, who we plan on taking a year to train with our money, guns, bullets, grenades, and your basic “whatever they need.”

nukeemOkay then what area we are presenting is the Middle East up to Turkey, or Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, perhaps Pakistan and even Jordan along with Saudi Arabia as well as maybe Egypt, Libya, Niger, Chad, and the Central African Republic getting involved also for Allah’s sake.

I suggest to you now that the option of low range nuclear weapons be brought to the table.


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The Main Tenets of War

The Main (Fundamentals) of War

Dempsey1It ostensibly means more to me each day and night. One who does not see some limitations in their own lives literally influences everything they want to do in that life. Most importantly however is when the decisions of the person who does not see their own limitations, makes decisions that will affect almost everyone in the world.

We believe that President Obama is in the prelude of making a huge mistake that will affect most people of the world. We further believe that the president has read and agrees with the most biased and distorted media now, in this country. Whoever even considered this person the Commander-in-Chief outside of title and an add-on position with the presidency, allow me to be the first:

The American people should assist in sponsoring legislation that would keep the health and safety of our armed forces to a minimum. What we believe is that if a person is given a title the Congress or the Supreme Court should be able to intervene as to whether or not the individual is capable, moreover, has the mental competence to act on that title.

The United States has what is referred to as the Joint Staff. This organization is made up of the heads of all branches of the military with each having a staff of analysts giving personnel for every situation imaginable. Hence, this is where the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff come into the picture of course with one designate to be the Commander, Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff.

There is absolutely nothing as mystifying and special than that of just meeting one of these Joint-Staff members. But just walking into a room when they meet and seeing more decorations and stars, bars, anchors, and a raw sense of war knowledge can be a bit overwhelming.

The biggest difference between those who are on the Joint-Staff and a Commander-in-Chief is in the reality that those of the Joint-Staff have earned their right to even be considered for the positions. What has President Obama done that has earned him the title of Commander-in-Chief? Nothing. What have the people among the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff done to earn their titles and position?

War — my friends has a definition that is anything but jovial or happy. War — by definition is to go up against your 030326_war_03_jpgenemy; however, there are management particulars that attach to each aspect of that war. Three basic tenets of war are to defeat and/or disseminate your enemy’s forces beyond repair. The second basic tenet is to hold the ground in which your military has taken. The third tenet of war is to take out as much infrastructure that is necessary for the supervised rebuilding with a new Chief in town.

These tried and very true tenets of war is what works as opposed to those that do not work. Examples of the tenets in real life: Early World War II (WWII) was amassed with companies, battalions, and divisions of soldiers fighting the will and testament of the German military. The German military machine was completely disseminated. Anyone ever wonder why the US still has a command presence there? Oh yes, Germany proved to be a vastly superior force than our Staff’s generally believed and therefore, the U.S. was not about ready to say, “okay we are leaving now; make sure to build your own democratic government.”

Gulf_War_PhotoboxFortunately for the U.S. we were not into building Nation-States at that time. Mind you the great empire of Germany was split into four separate constituencies…one for the U.S., and one for the Soviets, one for the Great Britain, and the fourth was for Germany.

Now if we view the South Pacific in the later portion of WWII the precise same three tenets of war were put into place. Japan still does have U.S. military present on Okinawa. The other two tenets were concluded in a different way; yet, were nonetheless necessary.

Same holds true in South Korea. In fact the only times the war tenets were not held true was in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Please believe me when I say that the Joint-Chief’s are not in total compliance with their Commander. Neither am I.


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Please wake me up!

Please wake me up!

Someone, anyone please tell me that President Barack Obama does not have his “strategic battle plans” encased in any document frame or the like. Is he going to try and arm-up Syrian rebels to walk as bullet stoppers?

Anyway that is precisely what has been running in the press all day. First from the steadfast Brits via London and The Telegraph news agency:      telegraph

“President Barack Obama today decisively silenced speculation by America’s generals that US ground troops could return to Iraq in a rare example of the White House publicly overruling the military.”

photo.pngG;pb and MailSecond is from the Globe and Mail: 

No U.S. ground war in Iraq, Obama says after general muses about troops: ‘I want to be clear. The American forces that have been deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission,’ President …says.

And from the New York Times:   

A House divided along unusual and unpredictable lines voted Wednesday to authorize the training and arming of Syrian rebels to confront the militant group Islamic State, backing President Obama after he personally pleaded for support .
The 273-to-156 vote was over a narrow military measure with no money attached, but it took on outsize importance and was infused with drama. Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the minority leader, actively and strongly backed the legislation, and both sought to portray it as a modest measure. The Senate hopes to pass it as soon as Thursday.

So as for our next military engagement our strongest coalition partner will be none other than the Syrian rebels. Speaking just for myself here, this is the consortium of people who can be heard screaming “weapons and cash!”

And finally we as a nation had this kind of arrangement once before which turned out almost splitting the Nation into a mass of parts. Sure, it was called Vietnam and sure we trained up the South Vietnamese troops only to see them running the opposite direction when caca hit the fan.

Just one more thing about the Vietnam war — unfortunately for those of us who were in country for whatever reasons please identify that you heard this first on this site. Vietnam was the only war in U.S. history where a President made the day-to-day missions and to what targets were to be hit.

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Hey you! How much money have you got?

thFNLU8AFVHey you! How much money have you got?

Oh have I ever been planning this one for it seems like ions! Have you ever wondered where and why our government spends our money on? With all due diligence it is the amounts of dollars that continue to flow outward to other nations that to me, makes me wonder where does all this money come from..

The United States Agency for International Development is the United States federal government agency primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. Responding to President Obama’s pledge in his January 2013 State of the Union address to “join with our allies to eradicate extreme poverty in the next two decades,” USAID has adopted as its mission statement “to partner to end extreme poverty and to promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing the security and prosperity of the United States.” USAID operates in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

It is nothing anymore to hear on any radio or television station that Barack Obama needs approximately $740 million dollars to set up the most expensive “let’s fight Ebola campaign” for his personal war on the Ebola outbreak. Oh they say, the United States is a humanitarian country that spreads its wealth around.

Many experts are now predicting that that is how America will launch a ground offensive — often referred to as “boots on the ground.” Currently scheduled to leave America or Afghanistan is some 2,600 troops. Can’t stop there because we have already placed over 1,000 battle ready troops in Iraq.

Does anyone need reminding that exactly at the same time of this great humanitarian effort that the United States will be spending untold billions of dollars per day in the form of an Air Warfare Strategy? Below is a smidgen of what is going on in Sub-Saharan Africa right now as I prepare this for publication.

The President announced Power Africa, a new initiative to double access to power in sub-Saharan Africa. More thanthKKYDLB1D two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is without electricity, and more than 85 percent of those living in rural areas lack access. Power Africa will build on Africa’s enormous power potential, including new discoveries of vast reserves of oil and gas, and the potential to develop clean geothermal, hydro, wind and solar energy.

The United States and its partners will work with an initial set of Power Africa partner countries, including Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Now then just because of the mere fact that individuals as well as entire governments are open-handed whilst receiving USAID, why then are we not hearing any of these nation’s names when we try and build a coalition of able bodied men to assist us in a fight against a problem of epic proportions. Moreover, there exist nations on this list that are dying of the Ebola Virus that in addition to economic aid will also be receiving medical aid.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will provide $285 million in technical assistance, grants and risk mitigation to advance private sector energy transactions and help governments. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) will commit up to $1.5 billion in financing and insurance to energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa. The U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) will make available up to $5 billion in support of U.S. exports for the development of power projects across sub-Saharan Africa. The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) will invest up to $1 billion in African power systems. OPIC and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) will provide up to $20 million in project preparation, feasibility and technical assistance grants to develop renewable energy projects. The U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) will launch a $2 million Off-Grid Energy Challenge to provide grants of up to $100,000 to African-owned and operated enterprises.

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Two Realities that are Dividing Americans…

Two Realities that are Dividing Americans…

thinker 14And as for today we hope to inspire you again by illuminating with two different stories what will tear down an organization faster than a team of auditors. Let us put that into perspective for you: When Lehmann Bros., the largest investment banking company in the world went down realistically it was within days of a reported impropriety that occurred with some of the clients money. Well as soon as the biggest goes down it seems as though numbers 2 through 10 are a matter of time — or perhaps just take a look at AIG, American Express, E.F. Hutton, J.P. Morgan, Smith, Barney and Upham, Merrill Lynch, and a host of others that met the same tragic ending.

In today’s writing we want to limit our discourse to two different stories; two stories that we believe are being caused by a mortal divider. However, we are finding out that the wick or fire starter in these two incidents are perhaps coming from the same force.

It is incumbent upon us, as the true recipient of this daunting news — and we believe a division that is being made for the last several years that is destroying America as we know it.

So because of that comment about law enforcement and a particular race of all parties concerned let’s introduce “Beer at the Brewery on the South Lawn at the White House.” This was the answer to a couple of remarks made by President Barack Obama when an individual police officer with the Cambridge Police Department noticed what he perceived as suspicious activity in the high brow district of Harvard University’s faculty living grounds.

The weirdest event that came from that incursion was that the police officer on duty called for back-up before confronting the suspicious individual, who we hasten to add was in fact the resident at the home, but was unable to prove it insofar as he carried no identification. It should be worthy of note here as well that the police officer in this unfortunate incident was the officer who had received the extra training in race relations and he was the responsible person within the department for training and or counseling other officers with respect to whatever matter.

Trayvon at time of shooting (Tattoos?)

Trayvon at time of shooting (Tattoos?)

“I’d imagine if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.” This is not even good diplomatic and especially Democrat Party rhetoric to be in or involved around. Why yes of course this rhetoric was delivered by none other than Barack Obama.

The need has arisen again to chase down many writings we have written before that deal with deunifying the people of the United States. ” There is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America – there’s the United States of America.”… Barack Obama

Very quickly and briefly our number 2 story is about professional athletes and their conduct on and off the field; moreover, if they are at home with whoever else is really none of my business. And I hope and wish that someday soon we will see the end of an abusing First Amendment rights of freedom of speech by a unethical media and press.

People of all sorts are and have already made a case against Adrian Peterson, NFL star running back who plays for the 19777-nfl-nfl-logohapless Minnesota Vikings. And this Ray Rice altercation has gotten to be abhorrent. The problem is our desire to rub shoulders with someone of this caliber. Why is it that we take the famous George Washington University and ask their students about a failing government person or policy and then compare those findings with a nude celebrity scam?

If one looked at the NFL as if it were the government, then why would we need courts?

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Messages that ISIS has crossed the southern border into the U.S.A.

Messages that ISIS has crossed the southern border into the U.S.A.

 antique mapIt is time for this entire Nation to wake up! During Happy Hour, office parties, lunches, and it seems like every break we receive at work or sports practice, or music practice or the like it just seems as though everyone turns into the monitoring device for what is going on in the world.

This behavior by any or all of us is drastically unworthy. This weekend the natural, national push of course has been on the topic of “Home-grown terrorists, ISIS members entering the southern border, and concurrently with all of last week it has been ‘Does the President have a Strategy.'” Does any of this sound familiar?

Here is my question: If we have heard about any of this… well it has become incumbent on ALL OF US to get involved and to do something about it.

I realize more than anything that you do not need reminding; yet, let us all face the truth as it has been demonstrated to us for the previous six years.

We do not have adequate leadership in the Nation’s capital. Just stop for a moment and look at congressional ratings. If you have not had the chance allow us to inform you that our Congress has never been rated lower! In fact, how about that “Honorable Senator Harry Reid” from Nevada? Seriously when all things are considered his legacy will be a fabricated historical narrative about ObamaCare. More than that Senator Reid will perhaps go down in history as the least effective senator inasmuch as how much legislation he has not allowed to even be heard by the senate?
How stalwart and unmoving is your President? Well all things being equal his tenure has been divine for unaccompanied minors from whatever nation, and let us not leave out the over a million people with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and on fighting an enemy, “just like Yemen and Somalia”? We wonder if those examples are similar to “don’t cross the red line.”

We are of the opinion that if things are going to change in America we’d all better hope that the Rapture occurs first. If you feel and or believe for a second that we are going to stand-down in whatever exchange between unwanted visitors to our Country, well I am still praising God for the 2nd Amendment — the right to bear arms. 

A simple strategy...

A simple strategy…

Therefore this writing has a purpose — and that purpose is to inspire each and every one who reads this article. I love my country and what we have made her out to be — but I’ll be damned if I will sit back and watch my Nation go down because of an aristocratic Democratic Party or any representatives of it.

As for me to take up a position on the southern border, or be shipped to an spot of activity, or to inspire others, or even go overseas I will do what it takes to preserve the best Nation the world has ever known.


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Political Correctness hopefully has found its end…

What is the appropriate expression for this day, September 11th in the American dialog?

Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling ProblemFox and Friends asked its viewers what story outraged them the most this morning. And this one out of Michigan was an easy winner: an Army officer was apparently told he could not enter his daughter’s school because he was wearing his Army uniform.

His wife, Rachel Ferhadson, explained what happened via phone. Ferhadson and her husband, Lt. Col Sherwood Baker, had stopped at Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills during the day to clear up an issue with his daughter’s class schedule.

But when Baker tried to go in, a security guard told him that he could not enter wearing the uniform because it could offend people, Ferhadson recounted.

“They told him some kids might not understand and might be offended. So they gave him a choice, told him CLOUD finger-illusionshe could phone in to the office or go home and change his clothes,” said Ferhadson.

At that point, the couple called the superintendent’s office from the parking lot and a staff member came out to let him in the school.

Ferhadson says the superintendent, a combat Marine veteran himself, was also “appalled” at what happened and the principal has also expressed regret to the family.

“I feel a lot better about it now than I did 24 hours ago. … They have taken steps to correct what happened.”

Ferhadson says she “doesn’t know what they would have done” if officials had stood by the security guard and not allowed her husband into the school.

pukeIn a statement to Fox 2 in Detroit, superintendent Robert Shaner said, “The district has apologized for any perception that individuals in uniform are not welcome in the school. The district does not have a policy excluding individuals in uniform and will be working with administration and the firm that handles our security to make sure district policies are understood and communicated accurately.”


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Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia

rotunda-capitol-7-1-11At the risk of sounding rude I openly state that what is happening in the Middle East and Northern Africa regarding what little civil rights that are being tolerated is sickening. These nations bearing the theology of Islam are surely incompatible with humans from the West or those who simply want to worship God.

Some of the article below became available to me through and Benjamin Weinthal, an inside member of The Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

As for us here at The Contemplative Thinker, we are entirely in disbelief. For those of you readers who are not aware of the antidiscrimination law suits being initiated upon just about every major school district in America; still worse, is the amount of preferential treatment given to these people of different faith and beliefs by the United States Department of Justice all the while working with CAIR a special interest and advocacy group for Muslims.

“Such actions are especially dangerous in the current situation, where the world is seeing the rise of extreme Islamist groups in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia and elsewhere,” Shea said. “The West should demand that its strategic ally, Saudi Arabia, release the Christians at once and allow them to pray according to their own faith traditions. Otherwise, Riyadh will appear to be validating the practices of the Islamic State in northern Iraq and Syria.”

Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia need America’s help, according to a key lawmaker who islighted cross pressing the State Department on their behalf.

Some 28 people were rounded up Friday by hardline Islamists from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the home of an Indian national in the eastern Saudi city of Khafji, and their current situation is unknown, according to human rights advocates.

“Saudi Arabia is continuing the religious cleansing that has always been its official policy,” Nina Shea, director of the Washington-based Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, told “It is the only nation state in the world with the official policy of banning all churches. This is enforced even though there are over 2 million Christian foreign workers in that country. Those victimized are typically poor, from Asian and African countries with weak governments.”

Think about it...

Think about it…

In Friday’s crackdown, several Bibles were confiscated, according to reports from the Kingdom.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA, told he will press the U.S. ambassador in Riyadh and the State Department to assist the arrested Christians.

“I hope our government will speak up,” said Wolf, adding that the anti-Christian raid was not surprising given that the Saudi regime “did not want our soldiers to wear crosses during the Desert Storm” operation in 1991 to stop Iraqi jingoism.

The English-language paper Saudi Gazette, along with Saudi Arabic-language news outlets, published a news item about the mass arrests.

An article posted on the Arabic-language news website Akhbar 24 said the arrests came after the Kingdom’s religious police got a tip about a home-based church. The report further noted that “distorted writings of the Bible were found and musical instruments, noting their referral to the jurisdictional institutions.”

The Saudi media reported different compositions of the arrested Christians. Some reports said the Christians were men and women, while the Saudi Gazette wrote that children, as well as men and women, were detained. It was unclear if a court date has been set in the notoriously opaque fundamentalist court system.

Saudi Arabia has gone to great lengths over the years to re-brand its image as a tolerant advocate of multi-religious dialogue.Libby Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah appears to be tied up in knots because of his conflicting messages to the international community about religious diversity.

Two issues come to mind immediately. One of the first part, what are the Saudi Royals and Saudi people doing by living these conflicting messages? And two, of the second part, are we reading and writing or trying to do something that will illustrate to these people that barbarism was from a different century? Do we have the kind of governmental leadership that will stop this rubbish from happening again? Or are we supposed to let this incident continue throughout the world.


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How to Save the U.S.A.

How to save the U.S.A.

afac_Map_largerDuring the Reagan administration many folks were absurdly happy when General Alexander Haig was appointed as Secretary of State. The Reagan administration believed that one way to deter an enemy force from invading one’s nation was to make the point to-the-entire-world that a grandiose defense kept a nation’s enemies at bay.

Good critical thinking aligned that a solid defense could break lesser equipped offensive nations. This statement should come as no surprise to anyone when as soon as General Haig was appointed one of the first phrases he muttered was, “What this Nation needs is a war it can get into and win.” Therefore we welcome in Grenada and the military action against some Cuban personnel who as it was alleged were training for combat with none other than Western Africa.

What our current inept Obama administration does not realize is that General’s have been in position for more years than the president could possibly imagine. The average time one would serve to be promoted from Coronel to Brigadier General would be approximately 22 to 30 years of service.

General officers are nominated for promotion by the President of the United States, and confirmed by the Senate. You can’t get more “political” than that. Unfortunately for some generals involved in the Iraq War and then again the War of Afghanistan are no longer in service, primarily based on the current administrations behest. What we do know is that several, at least seven General officers were forced into retirement.

There seems to be a significant talking point concerning the Obama administration and public talk radio programs. It appearscArtel killings that most of the call in visitors are asking the host or hostesses of these programs how sure and how convinced is Obama about the new strategy as well as his precursory remarks of comparing ISIS or Islamic state with team members playing Junior Varsity, as well as what nation’s he has aligned as part of a coalition.

As for us here at The Contemplative Thinker based on reports and empirical evidence, Obama’s greatest mistake is creating hostilities within a unit of the military. Yes, most of us refer to it as dissention. A couple of issues inspired by Obama’s administration and has been swept through the Congress.

According to the model and management style that was left by President Ronald Reagan and his immediate successor, President George H.W. Bush, the Elder, and pretty much maintained by William Clinton with the exception that Clinton played an extraordinary role in reducing the military budget year in and year out. So after an eight year stint doing the opposite President Bush, the Younger illuminated the entire strong defense notion and quite openly we had happy soldiers with less incidents.

syrian-officials-downHowever, measuring far worse on the truly blown it scale has been in the ideology of implementing a government strategy — again one just about opposite of the original Founders devised and put into place. Unfortunately for many in our Nation is that this new government philosophy set forth by the Obama administration has disregarded our economic standing, the reliability factor, the validity factor, and above all else is National trust; wherein, does the citizenry of the U.S. trust Obama, but moreover, how does the world feel about RioObama’s Trust factor?

I am beholden to write that the governing philosophy instituted by this crew — or the opponents — is its mainstream fight against conservatism. In everything we do as a Nation — every policy proposed, and government as usual — must renew the “American Idea.” Please everyone take note here: Conservatism in our Nation is not about the past. Further it is not a misty-eyed nostalgia for a world that has come and gone. And forget the idea that it is one of those “take it slow” skittish dispositions.

American conservatism is about taking attribution and accountability — it is not about taking a blind opposition to government. For certain, government today is too big, bureaucratic, inefficient, and totally unaccountable for its ridiculous actions. We must never forget that the rule of law was put into place to preserve our liberties.

American conservatism is about conserving something — principles that are timeless because they are true — and should be renewed and applied in our time. Anything less is a travesty, which also means someone is getting away with something.


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Facing political correctness at extreme failure…

divider in chiefAs for me and my crew, we believe that the biggest and single most important problem that faces America right now is what we refer to as the primary results of political correctness. To be as open as possible we have been seeing the many obstacles that have been confronting us as a Nation. Now the obstacles that we have witnessed — it would be easy to flog  out the problems — and assign blame to any number of recipients.

Certainly many of us and statistically, most of the country are disinterested with the current administration and as such are already tending to the lists of “High crimes and Misdemeanors” to appeal and/or allege when a new congress is voted in. However, in the interim the constant waling whilst at the same time drawing attention to what is being wailed about is not helping anyone get over anything.

I have written that America as we know it has faced critical problems before. And when we bring critical into focus it just about amounts to a not so tidy…The end. Any time that a government intervenes in the health, wealth, safety, and especially the rights of its citizenry then there is going to be a big problem.

And to think of the notion of self-government must be flying past the ruling elite faster than I can write. What is it about AmericaImpeach the bastard that one would give up their very lives for? This question, by the way, is what every potential military person should be asking themselves before making the decision to “toss it all in the wind” and go enlist.

“Greater love has no more than this…that one would lay down his life for a friend…” John 15:13 NASB. Would you give your life up completely for a friend? So how does one imply this piece of Scripture to a Nation? The easiest way possible I could think would be to look at your Nation as if it were your friend. When in all actuality this should be easy insofar as one’s Nation-friend is not intentionally going to hurt you or conspire anything against you.

Wanting to be far more the advocate let me suggest to you where is it that most of your friends live? Moreover, America is a very, very special place. For so many reasons, ideals, notions, and above all, the rule of law; subsequently, it is incumbent for all of us living in this Nation to have a rather thorough mind as we look at the Founder’s precepts and notions whilst they were putting together the U.S. Constitution.

Please be aware of the fact that had the Bill of Rights been passed over then our Constitution would never have survived! Therefore, in order to not to cheat, or somehow dismiss the thirteen original colonies, or in other words, allow the government to come in and just do it — the sitting legislators of these colonies made certain provisions about including the Bill of Rights — into the U.S. Constitution as a pledge to receive ratification votes.

dec1At this point in their proceedings advocacy groups, political parties, writers, statesman, and of course the ladies that were with them started your basic anti-corruption campaign that is very easily seen in the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We rigidly believe that what the Founding generation had in mind, action, and reality was a government based on self-governance by the people. Unfortunately we seem to have more than enough to show what we are living in is completely different. Therefore, we will be examining such issues as civil rights, individual rights, representation, civic responsibility, unity, and how America in the past has dealt with critical obstacles.


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