Seriously, how many of us TRUST Obama?

“Trust is Bust”
How many of us can say either that we’ve heard the expression, “Trust is Bust” or similitude’s to that saying with emotion often felt, “the minute I trusted you, and “You can win a girls heart, but you must earn her Trust, and just one more for the proverbial impact point “And I trusted you!”?

Now for the reasons of this particular writing we need to ask how many of those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 even considered “Trust”. Okay now it is four years later and to everyone who reads this article we ask the same question, “How many of you still trust Barack Obama?”

The reasons that this issue is even being brought up is that no matter who it was, or when it was, or even how it was, this Nation has never been faced with the lack of trust this President Obama has earned all on his own.

Yes, he earned it through smashing the US Constitution, bribing fellow legislators in the House and Senate, is there anyone who can allow us with certainty proof of where Obama was even born? I think we all know the answer to that question. Inasmuch as it took the U.S. government in excess of three years with a team of lawyers for Obama to produce his first “real” long form birth certificate from Hawaii. And to this day every forensic expert who has examined the document can openly state – as many have, under oath, that it too was a fake.

We have mentioned and alerted caution regarding what are referred to as the “Rules of Engagement” or how our soldiers are supposed to let Taliban members, al Qaeda members, and any other violent sub-groups of these off-shoots have the right of way so to speak.

We have pointed out that the war is illegal and that the media—and now the House Republican leaders—have failed to acknowledge the facts.

On the other hand, there is growing media fascination with “Weinergate,” in which the Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner has obviously stalled about the origin and distribution of a lewd photo sent to a coed.
In contrast to the Weiner affair, the facts about Obama’s violations of the law and the Constitution are clear.

If Weiner should be held accountable for an embarrassing sexual matter, why not enforce the law and the Constitution when the president goes to war and the manner in which he orders it.

Columnist Ann Coulter jokes that the Weiner case should go to small claims court. Obama’s war in Libya is a matter of the highest constitutional importance and not a joking matter.
House leaders could bring impeachment charges. Instead, they want to avoid doing their duty.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “House Republican leaders on Wednesday abruptly canceled a vote on a resolution forcing U.S. withdrawal from Libya amid signs” that it would pass. House GOP leaders “fend off vote on Libya resolution,” The Washington Post proclaims.

“U.S. House leaders pulled a bill calling for the U.S. military to withdraw from Libya after a group of liberals and conservatives said they back the measure,” UPI noted.

The bad news is the War on Terror is still a part of daily life. The worse news is our elected leaders are so confused about who the enemy is that we’re funding both sides; subsequently, all sides in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya are still receiving it the list is quite a bit longer should I continue?

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