“Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency” (President Barack Obama, January 21, 2009). Instead of transparency and the rule of law over the past four years, we have witnessed the greatest expansion of government in modern political history and, consequently, an explosion of government secrecy, scandals, and abuses of power.

As far as we are concerned, as long as our Congressional officials, Justice Department, and other agencies don’t stand up and start making a fuss this continual politics of panic and reckless disregard for the rule of law will continue at a greater detriment to American society.

radicalizationIn fact, one needs to ask deep within the heart: Is the “system” that we’ve heard so much about getting any better? We assuredly will offer an unmitigated “NO.”

The ordeal of political panic – or what to do when we’re caught – is to raise some kind of ridiculous story with the notion involved that “…oh don’t worry, the public will buy it…” Therefore just as soon as our amnesty plans take effect and the blowhards stop then we hit them with unbelievable talking points for the Sunday morning political shows and let’s use another African-American, only this time let’s have a female for more believability and less questions with regards to Benghazi – gate.

We would venture to say that perhaps 65 or more percent of the American public knew nothing of talking points before this incident. Who would think that a series of questions with pre-disclosed answers would be thought up and tested before any major announcement about the causality of a particular violent occurrence. Yes my fellow Americans those questions asked at most press conferences that are handed out to those journalists who have served the Administration inexorably fine are given their question as a reward.

And now to the racial perspective. We don’t even like approaching this particular phenomenon. So I’ll be the one to ask the question: Can we talk about race without the topic becoming an abhorrent mess of “racism”? I truly hope so because what we have to say we feel is important.

_one color

What we perceive as happening is the reverse of discussion on race. The large majority of the White, Asian, and Hispanic people simply will not join into any discussion involving race. This is not good. Anytime there exists a barrier to entry a conversation, debate, or discussion for that matter and the barrier boils down to the color of a person’s skin is demonic or draconian is heinously ridiculous.

Having said that most people wouldn’t portend to even try to contribute for fear of a retaliation of sorts. How this notion could be viewed as fair is remarkable. Rest assured that there are many people in politics and government as well as the media that will hold back comments because of being branded a racist.


Now let’s examine this perspective from a different angle. Just for the sake of debate what has been the outcome of Eric Holder being held in contempt of congress? Nothing more than the folks involved in Benghazi-Gate. Furthermore if this situation is true – is this how and why the president gets away with so many executive orders.

There is a measurable way to find out what people are thinking on a national basis. Here I prefer to use an example: For 226 years our nation has been well-served by the U.S. Constitution; therefore, why does aLiarsperson think he or she cannot uphold by the law that guarantees the American people their “Right” involving guns? Gun-control is a process whereby legislation (law-making) and the people thereof vote on what clearly is a human right.

This knee-jerk reaction to a horrible occurrence lacks attention to detail. It is – as was immigration reform – a tyrants way of saying “it’s going to be my way or the highway” and during the process completely leaves out the proper protocols that have stood stalwart for over two centuries.

Now then for the final question: Do you think that Barack Obama is being a trail blazer or a bust for the next African-American wanting to campaign for the presidency?


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