Monitor the Way you Vote — This is clearly not what I voted for…

Monitor the Way you Vote — This is clearly not what I voted for…

Flag_of_the_United_States_Attorney_General_svgHouse Republicans are divided over whether they should open a separate probe of Hillary Clinton’s controversial email setup, with some conservative firebrands calling for an expanded inquiry while other GOP lawmakers would rather the Justice Department take the lead. Seriously now — who in their right mind is going to believe that the Justice Department, headed by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who has already demonstrated her propensity to do not law enforcement activity.

The internal debate — which has been simmering for months — follows the resignation of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Boehner had barred GOP committee chairmen, including House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), from investigating Clinton’s email setup for fear of muddying the waters around the ongoing Benghazi Committee probe. “That is simply preposterous,” says William Blake from Annapolis Maryland.

“With this kind of action going on [in the House] where the Speaker allegedly has the power to bar anything whilst he is giving the Obama administration everything they could possibly want and even more,” Blake continued.

GowdyBut with Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) vowing that he won’t expand his probe to include Clinton’s server — and with Boehner out the door — some Republicans say the time has come to take direct aim at the former secretary of state’s server setup. (Gee! Ya think so…)

“I just think it needs to happen. … We already know [Clinton] messed up,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a member of the Benghazi and Oversight committees who remains skeptical of Clinton because a handful of her emails have surfaced from other sources, even though Republicans asked for all her Libya-related correspondence from the State Department.

ea6f7d98-2c33-4fdf-8095-2cdb4967f741“It seems to me we have to do everything we can to ensure we know if [she turned over everything]. … Whether that should be on the Benghazi Committee or the Oversight Committee or the Foreign Affairs Committee — that’s up to them.” Rubbish! It should be up to the American people, and thus far her “Trust factor” is making its 4th or 5th trip to hell and back.

The office of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said it did not have any updates on the matter at this point. But other Republicans say it would be best to leave the issue to the Justice Department, which has the 2016 Democratic contender’s server and is investigating whether classified information was ever mishandled.

Still, the FBI has not called its probe a formal investigation, while suggesting it is interested in broader questions about how classified materials were handled — and not necessarily launching a criminal inquiry.

Dear Mr. Speaker: At any last mention, the FBI has been told by the White House “to speed things up” if it wouldn’t bother you folks this vote of the American people say we want a Special Prosecutor to intervene.

What too many of you crash heads are lazy-like forgetting is that the former Attorney General, Eric Holder, was held in Contempt of Congress for constantly and continually delaying the activities of the Oversight committee. This is what we already know: the White House, Justice department, the Senate, as well as the House, including the State department has never ever proceeded to see this particular case along. This has always been worse than the Watergate cover-up and we all know that!

“I think it’s best served by law enforcement,” said Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois, another Republican on the Benghazi panel. “I would not recommend a separate investigation of any kind.”

Rep. Mark Meadows, an Oversight subcommittee chairman from North Carolina, said that’s the impression he’s gotten about where things are headed in the House: “I think the general opinion is that we defer to the FBI because they have an investigation.” Do they? What does it say?

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Now we do not want to leave anything out…

Now we do not want to leave anything out…

imagesC083B7C4But for all of those individuals — and you know who you are — You have elected a viral person who doesn’t necessarily need to admit he is a racist, for all of his actions prove thats what he’s about. He has also proven to the world that he is weak, a fundamentally sickening negotiator, and some may say that the Attorney General is the most powerful man in the United States, but hey! Stop that kind of liberal thinking right now. The Attorney General is the only person who can bring criminal charges against the president. But as for me I have often wondered about that hack, Eric Holder, the sleaziest attorney general in modern American history.

holder in contemptWell there can be no doubt about it now — US Attorney General aka Eric Holder has made it to Ferguson, MO. Not that I give a hoot about the wannabe real lawyer, cum wannabe appointed to the US Supreme Court, believe me, plans are already in the works, my biggest doubt is that he will try and use this particular case to his advantage.

And please try and remember how the agenda works anywhere within the Obama administration. We as an educated public know the validity and reliability of the Grand Jury system; moreover, the judicial system. Validity as I am sure you remember is that aspect of anything that brings it as useable or acceptable, can it be justified, reasonable, and most of all is it effective and logical. Whereas on the other end we have reliability. Reliability is what brings dependability; is the measurement dependable? Is the measurement able to be trusted as true and expected; and is the measurement logical and accurate.

In essence then is what is being measured consistent, steadfast, trustworthy, and dependable. These are the precepts we use to understand reliabily. Then again soundness, authority, legitimacy, with strength and legal power are words that may be used for validity. When one delves into the world of journalism any fact or idea brought to any article must answer, is this information consistent, trustworthy, and dependable? Furthermore, does the article contain authority, legitimacy, and soundness?

And for a sitting President to be involved in the lofty proceedings is capitalizing on the situation. Now anyone Whoopi, Eric, Al, or Jesse please tell me it’s me. But from the very first beginning of Obama’s presidency, WHEW! Let’s start with the wise yet older and somewhat confused person giving a normal patrolman — the ones who make our freedom safe — a load of crap for protecting him and his property from anyone unknown. And yes that goes for the distinguished Harvard professor Emeritus in Cambridge Massachusetts too.

Then again, for what it’s worth, I failed to see even a remote resemblance in looks to Barack Obama and Trayvon Martin.

However, what is known about the handling of that particular exercise. Amid pressure from the NAACP and several Democratic lawmakers to pursue Zimmerman, the Justice Department has set up a public email address asking for any tips or information regarding the case. The move appears to mark an expansion of the probe, after Attorney General Eric Holder said in an address Tuesday to the NAACP that his department would “consider all available information” before deciding whether to move forward.

scalesOur greatest concern and what guides us to the most prayer is that we hope all parties concerned with this sorrowful situation do the right things with all those concerned.

He added that he made it “a policy not to comment” on cases in which legal action was pending.

Is this to include the Harvard professor, Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman, the entire cities of Baltimore, Charleston, and Ferguson MO with regards to Michael Brown, the police officers involved, and authorizing the Justice department to do a full scale investigation under the then found guilty of Contempt of Court, USAG Eric Holder? Does anyone remember what Obama’s FIRST promise to America was? Something to do with the closure of Gitmo Bay!

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doj2Now then — just prior to launching in, where I left off at last point of view, something in the last weekend sparked a whole new dimension about what this entire onslaught should be taking and certainly should become very blatantly open to those with closed eyes. Apparently one of the top film directors in the history of film making, Mr. Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) had embarked on his very own hate speech about the police forces in America. Accordingly, he has received far more intense pressure than even he expected.

There are now calls to boycott anything with his name associated with it which includes a pulp fictionnew release opening around Christmas time. Well the very biggest of hitters in Hollywood today are not supporting him and even Harvey Weinstein has called for his public apologies to the police forces. To be sure that this famed producer, director, and actor, Tarantino, knows what damage he has caused at the best possible polling time for this issue has police departments and audiences in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver as well as Phoenix in an uproar!

Now we are not going to discuss film suicide however predicated upon what openly calling policemen and women “murderer’s” without cause is rude, ugly, and as for us, a very measured and intended circumstance. It will be covered on Bill O’Reilly’s show as well as every other show including talk radio for the next couple of weeks.

Here is another an interesting phenomenon — that we hear a great deal about the prosecution of “evildoing” corporations, however not so much about the prosecution of the individuals who are the alleged evildoers. Deferred prosecutions are the means that the Attorneys General and the entire Justice Department use so that individuals do not suffer prosecution; that is, that huge, enormous fines are rendered to corporations and to avoid costs and bad press, corporations opt to defer their prosecution and pay these fines. Currently the Justice Department is taking a great deal of pride in setting records for collecting these penalties.

holder-in-contemptHowever, in the past six years the fines have been unprecedented. They are involving numbers in the hundreds of billions of dollars and are on scale to make it appear that the Justice Department is acting as a profit center for the government. Therefore, if one would enjoy doing the history of — or allow me to present it for you here, the Justice Department investigations began by looking into claims of unlawful payments to foreign officials as well as investigations of unsafe automobiles. Therefore, the good old fashioned “Recall.” It is for a later installment that we intend to write about the F.B.I. as being the most powerful legal institution in the United States and the infamous, J. Edgar Hoover.

Yet for now that would be digressing from what this article has in store. It is allegedly up to the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ that is responsible for maintaining fairness. Well here are a few things to ponder: “Black Lives Matter,” now I say, of course they do! However, it is up to the civil libertarians and protestor’s to deal with this travesty of language injustice. Furthermore, speaking of fairness — How is it that an order from a Congressional Committee to produce takes as long as two to three years? One would think it enough when the U.S. Attorney General to be given a contempt citation for not producing these documents!

So I ask you — have we ever endured the lackadaisical enforcing of the law in this nation, Hillsyor has “the law” come down to the privileged, few, and elite? It is now become apparent to all those who have a legal background, that 1 out of every sixteen (1/16) documents resurrected from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private server have classified or other precautions attached or written all over them. Do you think that she’ll even be indicted? Think again. And for those who are looking for whatever she may have done wrong, please try and remember that this lump may be leading our country.

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DOJ symbolIf one thinks about it, it certainly makes good sense that in America — the only nation in the world to define itself not by blood or by land, but by a law, the U.S. Constitution — the government agency charged with enforcing that law, and enforcing the laws passed under it, would be called the Department of Justice.

It plays an important fundamental role in our nation’s life, because its work has to do in one way or another with how honest, how fair, and how safe our country is in existence.

With that being said and quite openly, our nation being founded on those principles and values, it really makes me regretful to inform our readers that in a country where honesty, fairness, and safety are so strongly influenced by one department of government, over the past six (6) years — largely because of that department’s work — our country has grown less honest, less fair, and less safe that it ought to be. The following are some examples.

This is an interesting phenomenon — that we hear a great deal about the prosecution of “evildoing” corporations, however not so much about the prosecution of the individuals IRS-logowho are the alleged evildoers. How is it that the IRS can openly and statistically admit to targeting conservative organizations for periods of time that are unconscionable and maybe some individual accountability for those involved with the organizations receiving some sort of remuneration, normally referred to as damages? Not a person working for the IRS lost their jobs so how can we account for inspector general’s who lie continuously on everything from “lost” hard drives, documentation, and the extraordinary parties these people enjoy?

It is an absolute must that we get this example on record. There is indeed an extremely wealthy and profitable airline service in this country that started out by ticketing people on an aircraft that had already taken off. This very, very small airline ended up taking over s-american-airlines-large_resizedother smaller airlines until their position became one of strength and now this airline it is believed to be the largest in the USA. Oh yes, to be certain this itty-bitty airline through leveraged buyout and fancy financing took over literally Eastern Airways, U.S. Air, Continental Airlines, and all of the subsidiaries like the shuttle airlines each contained for connections.

Now suppose you worked for this principle airline when it started and part of the hiring process it was resolved that each employee would also purchase restricted stock in the airline, of at least 20 percent per pay period. Therefore, working for this air service carrier that paid below minimum wage and demanded that by the federal airline workers union that one also expend 20 percent of their earnings for a particular class of stock.

Not wanting to bore anyone reading, cutting quick to the chase is that after six years of operation the primary airline filed for bankruptcy, meaning that shareholders would be paid out first, followed by employees, then by creditor. So the opposite is what really occurred. Basically the airline and the government entered into a Chapter 13 working concerns bankruptcy and out of debt and although there was a clearing of experienced and advanced trained, qualified personnel — the majority of employees were not hired back nor did they ever collect on their now exploding stock certificates.

The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is the one we think of as having the main responsibility for protecting fairness. Making it real for everyone who reads this article, it is this Civil Rights Division that tends to Voting Rights concerns, all warranted discriminatory cases involving the lot — from sexual orientation, to race, to religious freedoms, and freedom of speech amongst other issues that just start the way to craziness for me.

Hopefully tomorrow we will continue on with the alleged Justice that comes through the Obama Justice Department.

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Military Involvement in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan

24emails-master6751President Obama’s most senior national security advisers have recommended measures that would move U.S. troops closer to the front lines in Iraq and Syria, officials said, a sign of mounting White House dissatisfaction with progress against the Islamic State and a renewed Pentagon push to expand military involvement in long-running conflicts overseas.

The debate over the proposed steps, which would for the first time position a limited number of Special Operations forces on the ground in Syria and put U.S. advisers closer to the firefights in Iraq, comes as Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter presses the military to deliver new options for greater military involvement in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

The changes would represent a significant escalation of the American role in Iraq and Syria. They still require formal approval from Obama, who could make a decision as soon as this week and could decide not to alter the current course. It’s unclear how many additional troops would be required to implement the changes being considered by the president, but the number for now is likely to be relatively small, these officials said.

It is definitely at this point that we at The Contemplative Thinker are rattled by the lack of decision-making regarding the U.S. President. Whilst we agree that one wouldn’t want to alert the enemy regarding a proposed military build-up in the region; furthermore, from experience any individual with a military background will inform us that building-up within a particular area of operations quite openly, happens without too much attention.

It is the rhetoric and public politics that Barack Obama is guiding that alerts potential enemies. Someone — anyone please tell Obama that history is full of proven discourses of “loose lips sink ships.” So with respect for the men and women who will be conducting the operations, we ask simply, “Shut Your Mouth.”

The recommendations came at Obama’s request and reflect the president’s and his top advisers’ concern that the battle in Iraq and Syria is largely stalemated and in need of new ideas to generate momentum against Islamic State forces. First we say ah-hem! Secondly we say “Shut Up!”

images2NI1D3YWWe, the American public realize that it was in fact, you, Mr. Obama that made the dreadful mistake of standing down in Iraq — particularly withdrawing US and allied forces before the Iraqi government mended what they agreed too. Now that you have endorsed this Iran Nuclear Deal we are sure the world is not in need of another Islamic Caliphate; moreover, the potential Western surrender in the Middle East the way you have left it.

More costly and ambitious measures, such as no-fly zones or buffer zones that would require tens of thousands of ground troops to effectively protect innocent civilians, did not receive the backing of any of Obama’s top policy advisers. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton has said that she favors a no-fly zone in Syria. She would whilst the Russian’s are flying continuously over Syria. This woman does not possess the experience nor the means to understand what is to be involved regarding this move. It is best to leave all other diplomats and politicians as far away from the proceedings as possible.

Senior U.S. officials, however, warned that such measures had the potential to put the United States in direct conflict with the Syrian regime and the Russian and Iranian forces backing it.

These latest deliberations come shortly after the president decided to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan past 2016, ending his ambition to bring service members home before he leaves office.

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Here is what I mean…

Here’s What I mean…

fat governmentIf one were to look down my static front page containing the last ten or more blogs filed by me and published by WordPress. Now, if anyone new to the site or those of wish to follow the practical thinking of a calm writer the entirety of these pages deals exceedingly more and more with the issues that is costing all of us money — from soda, candy bars, Taco Bell, to gas — we must come to the realization that for a fat, overweight mass spending government they must be getting the funds to carry on this spending from somewhere.

The struggling issues that we ALL are encountering is try this one: How many different sources of funding does the government have access too? And just for the short of it I’ll write unlimited sources. Argue all you want Mr. or Mrs. Economist up to this point you should forget about the Federal Reserve system insofar as this government does not need funding to be printed, mind you they just depress a button on their keyboard.

If by the hand of the Lord we could just get someone to talk anything about accountability on Capitol Hill there would finally be a forum for the U.S. public to drop in and be heard. Since we all know that is not going to happen, I do think the government would be wise to think of the very earliest of rebellion times say: The Glorious Revolution was an armed rebellion in 1676 by Virginia settlers led by Nathaniel Bacon against the rule of Governor William Berkeley. The colony’s dismissive policy as it related to the political challenges of its western frontier, combined with accumulating grievances (including leaving Bacon out of his inner circle, refusing to allow Bacon to be a part of his fur trade with the Native Americans, with a host of a lot of other issues. Although The Glorious Revolution had its founding in Great Britain it should be made well known that just about everyone involved had living colonists in the British Colonies.

ffqfIn fact the ideals of freedom and individual rights that inspired America’s Founding Fathers did not spring from a vacuum. Along with many other defining principles of our national character they can be traced directly back to one of the most pivotal events in British history — the late seventeenth century uprising know as The Glorious Revolution.

Unfolding in 1688-1689, Britain’s Glorious Revolution resulted in the hallmarks of representative government (remember that fallacy?), guaranteed liberties, the foundations of global capitalism, and a foreign policy of opposing aggressive foreign powers. During this hallmark of history in British lives I firmly believe that it would be safe to say that several other uprisings had a similar birth. Naming a few so we can all appreciate what the world was going through during this time we had: King Philip’s War between Indians and English settlers, often times referred to as Metacom’s Rebellion of 1675-1676, Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) as mentioned above, several independent Slave Rebellions that happened during 1680 – 1749, as well as the Jacobite Rising in Scotland, Pontiac’s Rebellion by numerous North American Indian tribes collectively trying to drive the British soldiers and settlers out of the Great Lakes region.

irs-logoDoes anyone think it ironic that the announcement concerning Ms. Lerner and her over 75 percent of conservative institutions and individuals by the Internal Revenue Service had been determined null and void happening the same day as the Congressional Committee questioning of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton some kind of message? Within the same days of the week it was further announced that toys — flying drones — (already taxed) would be regulated (taxed) by the government?

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Who or What is the American Public?

Who or What is the American Public?

Muslim head drapped in turbanFor the most part I believe that when someone in the news media, journalism, politics, or especially anyone working within the entertainment type media (films, documentaries, music videos or anything that gains public attention) may often times be considered the real American Public. However, what I am trying to address are the other say 300 million Americans, that I refer to as the “American Public,” who and/or what are they, and most importantly, how do they fit into the American Public?

In this article I will address two separate issues that appear to get the “big play” portion of any news medium. It will be during the presentation of the three issues that the staff at The Contemplative Thinker will render an opinion. Sounds fair enough to me.

Issue # 1, of course must be the “above all” attitude of President Barack Obama. Dear American Public: Are you aware that not for a single term, nah, but for an additional term as well you have gone out and seen to the election of a person who openly fabricates events that affect America? Worst still and by this president’s own admission, does not aspire to the rule of law in the United States? For those who want to disregard or run away from this page right now, immediately, I am sure you understand that the rule of law is the U.S. Constitution.

Why do you suppose he will not even attempt to work with Congress, who is supposed to be representing you and me. Has there been an occasion in the last six years when you have cared enough to ask, “Hey where are these 10 million or more illegal immigrants going to live upon the execution of this vagrant president’s executive orders?” Let me be a bit more specific — do you even care about the fact that very soon an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees will be admitted as “Protected Immigrants?” Where in the United States are they designated to live?

stacey dashAs the author I have mentioned this once before, as I witnessed Stacey Dash openly admit that the reason she initially voted for Barack Obama was because of his race, or skin color? And imagine my “Celeb Crush” factor getting mangled in the process. There wasn’t a room in my home or office to include bathrooms that did not have at least one huge candle aflame and accompanied with incense burning.

animated_candle_shortOkay, so for now — the ONE “celebrity” goes back into the column of “Where’s the Brain” and I guess I’ve lost yet another person due to being a true to form Racist. Excuse me, but she’s proved it.

Issue #2 — Just happens to deal with Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton… Now that her rhetoric, loud mouth antics, and being unable to decipher the difference between a question or answer, as for me, I wonder if anyone — besides me — is ever going to just stop listening to her lies and begin, I reiterate, begin demanding accountability from her. Her responses to questions this week in front of the Congressional Committee was abhorrent. Why oh why America does she continue to get a passing effort?

Russian Sanctions Threaten Pork FarmersDuring the actual committee hearings she was confronted with truthful elements such as her own private email accounts whereby an U.S. Ambassador was relentlessly requesting some or more protection for the Benghazi compound. After being shown the actual emails — this arrogant wannabe somebody former First Lady stated she was not aware of any messages from the Ambassador whatsoever. So then committee members showed her the actual emails and even more demeaning, requests from her two closest aides in writing and verbally by phone, under sworn testimony admitted that they informed her as well, she says, “I never heard from Ambassador Stevens’ request for protection and furthermore, it is not my job.”

Maybe she should just be renamed, Hillary Rodham Dash Clinton, insofar as when is anyone other than myself or this organization going to think for themselves?

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Sanctuary cities and ALL of the Mess..!

Sanctuary cities and ALL of the Mess..!

coc_3Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a Republican-backed bill that would crack down on so-called sanctuary cities by threatening to withhold funds to local governments that don’t cooperate with federal immigration officials.

The bill failed on a 54-45 vote. It needed 60 to advance.

The Stop Sanctuary Cities Act became a lightning rod issue ahead of the vote, as GOP sponsors tried to peel off just a few Democrats to support it while Democratic leaders blasted the legislation as counterproductive. The White House issued a formal veto threat Tuesday morning, while the chamber’s top Democrat tried to discredit the measure by calling it “The Donald Trump Act.”

We believe it is overly obvious where the resistance is coming from and at what intensity level. It is not the intention of The Contemplative Thinker to bombard President Barack Obama, but hey, if it is something he is doing — and it is in this case — “The White House issued a formal veto threat Tuesday morning…”


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Tale of the Tape in reality…

be calmFurther preparation for this writing — In an attempt to help the reader (and writer!) what we are striving to include in this article:

1 –The government projects that in 2025, it will spend more to make interest payments on its debt than it will on defense.
2 -The debt limit should be used to motivate lawmakers to check and correct the nation’s fiscal path.
3 -Congress should adopt a statutory spending cap that encompasses all non-interest outlays and achieves budget balance by the end of the decade.
4 – As Congress devises legislation to address highway funding following the expiration of authority in October, Members should start fresh to develop a truly viable, long-term solution.
5 -Congress needs to reform the tax code to restore economic growth and opportunity for American families and businesses.

We are also taking extreme efforts in particular with items #2 and #3 in conjunction with our late reporting of yesterday’s article. Emphasis will be given also to the historical nature of Congress, why it is in their care, and just how they continue to drop the normal protocol given any one of the following: Executive branch requests for more money, special interest groups influencing spending, and using constitutional history to show why elected officials are in place to monitor such activity.

In the long run, Congress needs to drive down federal spending, including through reform of entitlement programs, to a balanced budget while maintaining a strong national defense and without raising taxes.

debtmoneyWhile Congress cannot solve everything at once, it can and must take the opportunities it faces in September through December of 2015 to cap and cut spending, move to budget balance, and take steps toward tax reform that will allow the free market to grow the economy.

The Constitution grants the power to borrow to Congress, thereby denying it to the President as an additional check on public debt. The statute setting the debt limit is part of how Congress retains some of its authority to borrow money on the credit of the United States.

As Michael W. McConnell of Stanford Law School explains:

Article One, Section Eight, Clause Two allows Congress to borrow money on the credit of the United States. It imposes no limit, but note that granting this power to the legislative branch denies it to the executive. Under the unwritten British Constitution prior to the Glorious Revolution, the king could borrow money as a matter of his own prerogative authority, which kings frequently did, with disastrous results.

The British experience in the century prior to the Constitution suggested that parliamentary control over borrowing was a real, substantial, and effective check on excessive public debt. And so the framers imitated that. Some people thought, last summer, that President Obama should raise the debt ceiling on his own authority, which would have violated this fundamental constitutional principle. But Obama is only president of the United States. He is not King Charles II.

A vote to increase the debt limit is a highly public affair and an opportunity to revisit how Money, money, monneeyy

the actions of government affect spending and deficits. Without a rule imposing a periodic routine examination of finances, Congress is more likely to disregard its actions until some future fiscal crisis forces drastic and especially painful action.

Just as an occasional check on blood pressure can lead to a course correction and avoid a massive heart attack, the debt limit should be used to motivate lawmakers to check and correct the nation’s fiscal path.

636_Congress_money2And finally the “Tale of the Tape” for Congressional officials is that politicians have figured out ways to manipulate situations or have found loopholes that allow them to give the impression of doing something while in reality maintaining the status quo.

To avoid the political pain of allowing for increases in the debt limit without doing the hard work of cutting federal spending, Congress has employed various strategies to establish political cover to increase the debt limit. What all of these strategies have in common is that they allow lawmakers to neglect dealing with the issue at hand: overspending. Two recent examples are suspension and the resolution of disapproval. This will be up to the “People.”

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“Tale of the Tape” Congress should be working on …

approval-congressWriting about congressional concerns is often times difficult; speaking from a literate and critical mind. There are concerns that opposing political parties use and quite literally abuse against the other political party, as well as themselves as “law makers,” that illustrate for us who should be a congressional official.

This is the “Tale of the Tape” so to speak on what Congress should be working on — regardless of political loyalty as well as the notion of using positions of power for one’s sordid gain. One of the biggest reasons that I write about Congress is that inevitably it is you and I, our parents, friends, family members and “all lives matter” who end up paying for their lack of due diligence.

Perhaps the clearest way I can possibly illustrate this is when the [then Speaker of the House] Rep. Nancy Pelosi D-CA stated publically “well give us the (empty) Bill so we can write it!” Or another favorite of mine that I believe should seal a re-election non-performance is through communicating with my district’s representative Elijah Cummings D-MD, who wrote to me quite erroneously, “the reason I supported ObamaCare is that now, at least, the country has national health-care.”

Rep. Cummings’ sickening reply is something he should not have written to me or anyone Pelosi and stoyerwho critically thinks. An irresponsible statement like Cummings’ and Pelosi’s show that these people are above all else politicians who are not the least bit interested in our lives.

A person can write about being in debt – or – their country’s national debt; although consequently, a person being in debt really is not all together different than the national debt as far as principle is concerned. However, as far as the national debt the majority of us may not have contributed nearly as much as some others; yet, we all are responsible one way or the other. It is the “other” that motivates me to write about it.

The national debt is more than $18 trillion, and unless corrective action is taken, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the federal government will spend $7 trillion more in the next 10 years than it will receive in taxes. Debt levels this high will further weaken economic growth, and federal interest payments will crowd out other spending on the necessary functions of government. In the long term, Congress needs to drive down federal spending to a balanced budget while maintaining a strong national defense and without raising taxes.

While Congress cannot solve everything at once, it should seize the opportunities it will have during the remainder of 2015 to cap and cut spending, move to budget balance, and take steps toward tax reform that will allow free markets to grow the economy. These actions by Congress would strengthen America’s ability to provide opportunity for all.

Congress has set the federal government budget on a dangerous 030514_Cummingstrajectory and must take corrective action now. Taxpayers pay enormous amounts of money to the government, and the government borrows additional huge amounts of money.

The government uses the taxes that it collects and the money that it borrows to pay for excessive spending, including spending for ever-expanding entitlement programs. As America’s national debt skyrockets, so does the interest the government must pay on that borrowed amount. Americans can no longer afford and should no longer tolerate the government’s excessive spending and astronomical debt.

In the long run, Congress needs to drive down federal spending, including through reform of entitlement programs, to a balanced budget while maintaining a strong national defense and without raising taxes. While Congress cannot solve everything at once, it can and must take the opportunities it faces in September through December of 2015 to cap and cut spending, move to budget balance, and take steps toward tax reform that will allow the free market to grow the economy.

Let’s take the time to see what these people are paid to do — and what is actually going on. Ready for some surprises?

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