Why is it that the media and numbskulls say that Hillary Clinton has accomplished much..?

Why is it that the media and numbskulls say that Hillary Clinton has accomplished much..?

unlimited accessMost of my citations in the article will be from a best-selling book titled, Unlimited Access — A FBI Agent inside the Clinton White House. Gary Aldrich wrote the book and for me as a reader, Special Agent Aldrich has got a unique of writing. The first time through this book it was hard to contain my laughter. Hopefully I will be able to share such passages with you.

“As a trained investigator, an FBI special agent for a quarter of a century, I noticed first the “character profiling” things about the new Clinton administration — clothes, demeanor, the sort of language people used. And these were troubling indictors. But I quickly discovered more serious problems. These problems included an apparent total disregard for honesty, integrity, or even cooperating with me, with the FBI, so that I could do my job of proving the good character of new employees. It wasn’t too long before I found evidence not only of real criminal activity, but of the willful endangerment of the president, the White House staff, and national security.”

There also appears to be a reverence for the White House by Special Agent Aldrich, the sort of reverence that President Reagan had as well. President Reagan would not enter the Oval Office without first be dressed appropriately — which was a coat and tie. Imagine that kind of respect! It was not as though the president was going to walk in on him. I believe it was from, A Patriot’s History of the United States where I acquired that information.

Nonetheless Agent Aldrich entered the White House thinking, “I had landed a nice, white collar job — and it was at first. I never had any intention of writing a book about my time in the White House, and even now I feel somewhat uncomfortable about it. I’m sure that some very high-ranking officials that I came to know and respected from my former position during the President George H. W. Bush administration surely wanted to talk me out of it. However, given all of the hard work and, frankly, the pain and distress this book has caused me and my family, I almost wish I was talked out of it.

Ironically Special Agent Aldrich was approached by the FBI and they certainly did their best to dissuade him from 41fk94wsOYL._AA160_writing and receiving publication for the book. Although he tried various rewrites he found the FBI to be to be unreasonable with the strictures on the public’s right to know. Therefore he tells the readers, “at the onset that this book is going to press without the sanction of those at the FBI; however, he knew that much and his conscience compelled his to write the book.

“The end result of all our work was the protection of the reputation and credibility of the president. There were about seventy (70) days between the election and the inauguration — sufficient time to complete a large number of background investigations. But for some reason, there weren’t all that many cases coming in.”

Other warning signs were more ominous. The Clinton’s had been late for their own inauguration. According to impeccable sources who must remain anonymous disclosed, that one of the reasons the Clinton’s were late was because Vice President Gore had just found out that the West Wing office which was usually reserved for the Vice President was instead going to be occupied by the first lady.

movie-cameraNetwork news cameras, trained on Blair House the morning of the inauguration recorded a glimpse of the president and first lady screaming at each other! Clinton told Hillary that if she didn’t back off from her plans to unseat Gore, then Gore would go public with his anger and perhaps even resign.

Hillary shouted at him that as far as she was concerned, they had a deal — a deal that dated back to the campaign when she was convinced that Clinton had indeed had an affair with Gennifer Flowers. The matter had already been decided, she said, and she had no intention of backing off; Gore was bluffing.


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Who Could Possibly Trust Hillary Clinton now..?

Who Could Possibly Trust Hillary Clinton now..?

Hillary clintonWhat happens to people in government? Basic transparency is not only critical but also not an option for a public official. Neither is it a mere inconvenience to be ignored.

Newbies may deserve a benefit of the doubt; but those who have been around the block a time or two deserve nothing but relentless investigation. Furthermore, an investigation by independent contractors. I cannot speak for you but this much I know — Partisan politics as well as doing something to your own simply does not work in Washington, D.C.

Which, of course, brings us to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one-time first lady and U.S. senator, who also seems to be running for president. Clinton has become caught up in a mind-numbingly unnecessary scandal of her own making after the New York Times revealed that she conducted government business entirely on a private email account as Secretary of State.

Few, if any, believe her claim that she was unaware such an action would create questions. After all, it is — or at least should be — considered standard operating procedure for public officials to conduct public business on government-operated email, and she should have known better.

However we contend that Mrs. Clinton was very much aware of her actions and definitely knew what she was doing. Yet, hillary_collage_resizedwhat she did not count on was getting caught! Moreover we believe just as we did during the “brain tumor, throat disorder” and whatever else she was suffering from — all during the Benghazi bull squat orchestrated by her boss and the Attorney General.

While Clinton was Secretary of State, she failed to utilize her government email account, using her own personal one instead. She isn’t the first to do it, but she failed to disclose massive batches of emails.

Her department was obligated to preserve her email records, and that didn’t happen until after she left office in 2013. Clinton and her designated staff members were allowed to pick and choose which emails were eventually turned over to the government and which to leave out as “private.” To claim she had no intent to deceive misses the point — it was still wrong. According to the Federal Information Act, it is officials who are to separate what is potentially hazardous for national security or any secret documents or actions. However, as we now know, Mrs. Clinton conducted this activity on her own.

What about her private-account emails to representatives of foreign governments? What about emails to U.S. officials on their private or government accounts?

This came about because the State Department asked all ex-secretaries for emails and other records from their time in office as part of an effort to improve its record keeping. Clinton’s advisers turned in 55,000 pages. About 900 were given to the House select committee investigating Benghazi.

How do we know they turned over everything of public interest? At the moment, we have little more than their word for it.

hillary_internThe Clinton camp’s cavalier disregard for the public’s need to know is disappointing but not surprising. If private email accounts aren’t in the hands of the government, they are beyond the reach of the Freedom of Information Act and congressional scrutiny. That’s why the rules exist. It should be up to government archivists who value transparency over concealment, to exercise their professional judgment about what is personal and what isn’t.

Thankfully, a 2014 law bars use of private accounts unless officials copy or forward emails into government accounts within 20 days. Now the public understands why such measures are necessary.

Restore transparency to the process and open the documents to inspection now.

redone spear1.2png

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Do You Remember When? Good ol’ fashioned Customer Service

Do You Remember When? Good ol’ fashioned Customer Service

irs-logoThis is an ol’ ruddy piece because when one is a writer by profession who experiences “writer’s rush” then hopefully he can write. So without further adieu, this piece is about the public’s civic duty as well as good ol’ fashioned customer service.

First I would love to dwell into that green placard on the sidebar to the right. This piece was written by Milton Friedman who, as I have found, was an American economist and statistician best known for his strong belief in free-market capitalism. Milton Friedman strongly opposed the views of Keynesian economists, encouraging governments to minimize their involvement in the economy by reducing taxes and ceasing inflationary policies.

During his time as professor at the University of Chicago, Friedman developed numerous free-market theories that opposed the views of traditional Keynesian economists. In his book A Monetary History of the United States, Friedman illustrates the role of monetary policy in creating and arguably worsening the Great Depression. Friedman’s work in the field of economics was recognized in 1976, when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

I want to say that this guy most likely has lost — more than I could ever have. On too Mr. Friedman — the man.

“Why have we had such a decline in moral climate? I submit to you that a major factor has been a change in the philosophy which has been dominant, a change from belief in individual responsibility to belief in social responsibility.”

Basically Friedman is justifying — why and what — may be the causality of the decline in moral climate. He further goes on to suggest he feels as though there has been a change in the once dominate philosophy in our nation. Friedman suggests that there has been a change in the belief of a person having individual responsibility to a belief in [a shared] social responsibility.

We did make mention of this in our previous writing — the basic notion of people not wanting to contribute to their society; furthermore, it should be clearly mentioned that any society that experiences this phenomenal decline in morality becomes far more dependent on the government’s assistance, primarily through entitlements.

Texaco_HatIn addition — the fortitude of personal responsibility such as commitment, work ethics, accountability, and transparency are the values that are in decline.

We will contend that where this aspiration is seen, and most often experienced is in good ol’ American customer service. If there is any one particular segment where the most obvious decline sprouts its ugliness is customer service. In fact, I will close this section off with an old, old saying: “The customer is always right.”

Having set the premise for a decline on an individual basis, does anyone know or remember why “the gas station” was 1954-mercury-1950s-chevron-gas-advertising-postcard_t2originally referred to as “the Service Station”?

It wasn’t that long ago when one drove into the Service Station that is exactly what they received. Service! It was nothing for one attendant to ask if he should “fill it up, or top your car off” whilst another attendant had already cleaned your windshield and was now doing cleaning maintenance on the side and back windows; I can clearly remember the day when an attendant with trash bucket in hand would empty every ash tray in the vehicle.

2943191508_cda6f0535aAnd finally when one drove into the Service Station it was expected that one would exit the automobile to go get some liquid libation or something for the kids. This is how the Service Stations grew — making a little extra with merchandise they sold — can you imagine an attendant approaching your auto carrying a small wisp broom attached to a dust pan? This is to say that when you went to the Service Station your vehicle’s glass, ashtrays, to include the floor of your auto being swept, before the attendant asked, “Can I check that oil for you now?”

So at least as far as customer service is concerned there appears to be a rather tremendous decline in personal responsibility insofar as how the customer service has changed within the Service Station business. It would be simple togas+attendant leave this report right here. However, when was the last time anyone reading went into a banking establishment?

One matter that I continue to be infuriated about is when one pays to have adequate customer service, such as in a banking institution, retail or grocery shopping, and there becomes a problem with what is advertised and what is available. Consequently, for matters with such detail, we will continue along with this ol’ ruddy article.


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Arab War? Islamic War? Obama, Clinton, No More Global Police…

Arab War? Islamic War? Obama, Clinton the “Way War”?

white houseWe believe that it is time for all of us to critically examine this radical Islamic situation, therefore asking questions as to whether or not we support the United States getting involved. Seriously — let’s look at the here and now; moreover, let’s look at the changes America has been put through where our newest generation — the Millennial’s — are certainly marching to the beat of a different drummer.

The lack of patriotism is only one matter. Yet by far we suppose the greater anomaly is in each successive generation since perhaps “the Greatest Generation,” as it pertains to civic duties. There are some who will readily accept this notion as true and positive; however, the majority of people still live in denial whilst believing there exists a person or people who have been employed to do such work.

Nonetheless as one reads the US Constitution and/or any of the Founding documents those individuals are the ones who know and realize that this country was originated and not a Sunday service went by without being reminded of it. In fact, even in the primary levels of my education — civic duty was practiced as well as taught.

Imagine my surprise when in graduate school a couple of my professors reminded us of how important civic duty was and is to this day. If anyone feels like it please look at the green placard in my sidebar. This particular one carries with it the message of personal responsibility.

How many times have you wondered why our President Obama remains jadedly assured when ISIS or al Qaeda take newMuslim-Brotherhood5_31-290x160 territory or gladly take on new recruits? Well the easiest answer is for him to believe that the United States has been the “Global Police” for far too long. Then again we should also — predicated upon his behavior — either investigating his post-presidential concerns and investments. This would not be the first time something such as this has occurred:

A newly released document from the U.S. State Department reveals that the most successful Chinese espionage operation in recent history occurred during the William Clinton administration.

The document accuses Hughes Space and Communications Company of violating U.S. national security 123 times by knowingly sending detailed missile and space technology directly to the Chinese army.

According to the State Department, the most serious violations occurred when Hughes gave the Chinese army information that supported its analyses of the investigation of the January 1995 failure of the launch of a China Long March 2E (LM-2E) rocket carrying the Hughes-manufactured ASTAR II commercial communications satellite.

“Respondents decided to form and direct a launch failure investigation beginning in January 1995 and continuing throughout much of that year. The investigation involved the formation of several groups of leading technical experts from China and the U.S., which throughout the investigation engaged in an extensive exchange of technical data and analysis, producing a wide range of unauthorized technology transfers,” noted the State Department charge document.

Soon enough the Department of Defense, Pentagon, and other agencies were brought in to give their summations. Yet it was something as powerful as the Freedom of Information Act requests that implicated the then President Bill Clinton.

What the ensuing paperwork disclosed was tantamount. FOIA showed clearly that the White House procured the license to trade National security items with China; furthermore with such trading beginning to commence, beyond the calls from the State Department, Defense Department, Justice Department, Pentagon, the FOIA documents showed that the Commerce Department was brought aboard because they are able to deal with other nation’s trade.

Now to sit here and read what you have; moreover, given the implications of a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State now in the email battle of her career how much more “Clinton Magic” exists?

brainiacPlease understand that I absolutely do not subscribe to any right-wing conspiracy group or otherwise. Let us do as I mentioned in the first paragraph, critically analyze and ask questions that are critical in nature.


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They Only have Themselves to Blame…

ODDITIES…They Only have Themselves to Blame

obama smirkingThis is in reference to those who make the laws — that unfortunately for some (or most), invariably come back to haunt them. After a rather unique discussion around here at The Contemplative Thinker, we are perplexed at the amount of safeguards that are put into place i.e., Committees, focus groups, the media outpouring of incorrect information, and lastly of course the notion of republican government which is meaningfully defined as:

A form of government in which power is explicitly vested in the people, who in turn exercise their power through elected representatives. A republic is a form of government in which power resides in the people, and the government is ruled by elected leaders run according to law.

Worthy of a special note here is that first the people have all the rights and elect representatives to exercise that power by doing the will of the people.

Now this brings up a tremendous dilemma for those who are elected representatives. As the situation now exists, it is not a dilemma but rather an option insofar as the decision the representative is going to make. The most persistent of the willful offenders finding attempts to get a representative in any option are called “special interest groups.” These groups make imperative decision-making by representatives appear to be more urgent than necessary — often times making money as the reward to get their way.

Therefore everything from campaign finance to same-sex marriages, LGBT support to matters concerning our own 2nd House Committee ChaffezAmendment constitutional rights to own and use a firearm have advocacy groups that constantly lobby our representatives to get their way — even against the will of the people. (Please see website, Discover the Networks as listed here.)

Now we are hoping that you will see what kind of disarray that this form of government can cause with an individual’s burning desire along the lines of human nature and/or their desire for money.

What happens when your country’s President decides to break the Constitutional guarantees that we, the people, have every right to keep. Matters of immigration policy are not even mentioned, yet the President believes he is the smartest person to have ever existed on earth. How about the former head of the senate, Harry Reid (D-NV), stopping the vote dealing with humans as cargo in the senate today. Or how about the misrepresentation by the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) along with the super money deals that actually got a Bill passed into law, although not even written yet.

House Committee F and FSo I could go on writing here about the same senseless and absurd rubbish on behalf of all political parties. It is important to note that the attempt at stopping the ludicrous actions by government representatives has been addressed; one example that comes to my mind is the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that has around eight (6 to 8) Subcommittees.

Finally as much as the government officials are trying to get ahead and stay ahead of scandals, unique media reporting, there will still be someone who feels somewhat entitled to disobey or be in irrational compliance with our laws. For some reason people such as Hillary Clinton, Charles Rangel, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and so many others believe that they are above the law and therefore can abuse or be asinine when doing day-to-day business with respecting our Nation’s Constitution.


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Something has got to Change…

Something has got to Change…

DeclarIndep180x180In this particular matter we want to address two (2) issues that not only make America look like the “bad sheep” of global citizenry, but a gaggle of Politian’s who simply feel they are above the law or who do not take their jobs seriously — sort of like the draftee into the Army and being shipped off to the war in Vietnam.

First our number one (1) issue is the notion of this Veteran’s Administration legislation that apparently went into effect sometime around 2000 to 2005, with analysis performed and brought back before Committee in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013. This VA legislation has to do with administering medication, supervised by doctors on staff, prescribed by any practicing physician, to the VA patient who qualifies.

Sounds almost too good to be true basically if this were not America. As it stands now and get ready for this malarkey, it appears that our legislative staff in D.C. (Congress), quantified the legislation so as to have a hitch. I will not attempt to dumb-down my own business aspects by trying to make sense of this one to you.

But here’s an effort — Research upon research data suggests that Marijuana is one of the most efficient treatments for PTSD with veterans. However, insofar as our geniuses in Washington prepared the law (bombastically) it simply does not make sense. A doctor who works in that VA hospital or within the VA system is forbidden to prescribe marijuana for any patient. So go figure!

Hillary clintonOur number two (2) matter is just about equally as stupid. This matter is the proposal of stripping an individual of their citizenship rights if for some crazy reason they decided to leave this nation and joining al-Qaeda or ISIS or ISL. From Fox News Insider: “A prominent attorney is calling on lawmakers to pass legislation that would revoke the citizenship of any American who joins a terror group like ISIS or al Qaeda.”

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, told Neil Cavuto that right now there is a 011615_sekulow“loophole.”

He said the current law allows for citizenship to be revoked if an American joins a foreign state that is in conflict with the United States, but it doesn’t apply to terror organizations.

“There has to be due process under the Constitution. So there’s a process under the existing Immigration and Naturalization Act that sets forth the revocation of citizenship procedure. The problem is, right now, joining ISIS doesn’t qualify automatically for that status,” Sekulow explained.

Typical…now this is a precise example of how “reforming” an Act on the books is better than raw amnesty. So finally for today —

blue on blue passport“This legislation says the State Department can revoke a passport of any member of a foreign terrorist organization, like ISIS. It’s a crime. It’s a felony to be a member of a foreign terrorist organization. So when they go overseas, they’re radicalized, they can’t get back into the United States. In fact, they can’t use their American passport for any purpose.

Therefore our question becomes “How much of that information was subject to the previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and how much of it has been compromised?

_one color

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The Separation of Powers Doctrine

The Separation of Powers Doctrine

us constitution a readerThe separation of powers doctrine makes it very clear we can never expect good results if the government consists only in the legislative branch. Just imagine the overwhelming doses of gridlock simply because — the inability of those who are in the legislative branch never, ever seem to make up their minds!

Indeed, the Constitution’s powers are arranged in such a way as to lean most of all against the legislature. Publius took seriously the threat to liberty posed by the “impetuous vortex.”

Republican government is impossible without a legislature. Consider that the virtue of the House, according to Federalist 52 is its “immediate dependence on” and “intimate sympathy with the people,” and as stated earlier, fostered especially through the action and/or consequences of frequent elections. It is important to make note that minimal qualifications for office are basic and simple, this is supposed to assist both the representative as well as the people with common ground to ensure that the various interests of a large and diverse people are well-represented.

With the greatest measure of respect, it appears two very important ideals were either not considered or dismissed when writing the US Constitution. One, of the first part it does appear that if one’s representative is not performing well, one could just vote differently in the next election to ensure the change in public representation. Two, as the second part it is further mentioned that although the Founders knew and even predicted that representatives could get bogged down with other matters; this is also the responsibility of the representative.

It is certainly believed that at the time of the Founding Generation each representative could handle their own constituency without a fuss. It is further noted that the Founders were dealing with thirteen colonies that became states. sealIn addition — it did not happen until Lewis and Clark’s expedition that the Founders were remotely aware of the West coast or basically everything from the Ohio valley westward to the Pacific Ocean.

The Founders did however warn of possible misleading by the representatives moreover, of each individual position within the government. Needless to state that it sure doesn’t seem like much of anything would deter a representative from making their own decisions regardless of what their constituencies wanted. Can you think of a time recently where all elected officials from President to Senator to Representative have made extremely unpopular decisions without canvassing or even doing a public opinion poll with what the will of the people might be?

It should be made certain that Publius did address this very notion. In Federalist 53 he writes, if republican government is to succeed, some members must be distinguished by their talents and service to the people, and through constant re-election become “masters of the public business.”

Finally, two-year terms may be necessary, but good government requires talented and experienced members who can apply their accumulated knowledge to the pressing issues of the day.

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The Melting Pot came to define a lot of American theory

Top_one color

As far back as 1782, J. Hector de Crevecoeur, a French settler in New York, pictured this new country as two things. One was a land of opportunity. Another was a place where all these unique settlers from all different lands would melt into a new race. The term “melting pot” was used as a metaphor after that. In a real melting pot, metals are put together in a pot. Then the metals are melted at a high temperature. They come together as a new compound that is stronger than the original metals alone. The “melting pot” in American history was meant to show how people would fuse into a great blend in this powerful democracy. Thus, many different ethnic groups joined together thus to create a united country and have given up their ties to their individual ethnic groups.

This white paper tries to acknowledge the notion of the long usage of the terms, “Melting Pot,” ethnicity, cultures, as well as assimilation that we are sure is in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

The following are ways in which social scientists have attempted to define the word assimilation. One can easily see where some of the scientists have overlapped in their judgments of explanation. Finally we try to bring forth how the original metaphor of “The Melting Pot” came to define a lot of American theory.

It seems as though through the very definitions of words (keeping in mind of course, political correctness) that the word ethnic is supportive of sharing cultural characteristics; moreover, this notion is having the ability of sharing climbing_fence_APdistinctive cultural traits as a group in a society (is best for defining ethnic minorities).

Another definition strongly linked to the original is that ability whereby one is from a different culture and has the ability of knowing when to share with the dominate cultures within a given society; or, relating to a group or groups in society with distinctive cultural traits (best when used with the notion of one’s own ethnic origins).

Still another portion of our definition is relating to a person or to a large group of people who share a national, racial, linguistic, or religious heritage, whether or not they reside in their countries of origin (best when discussing ethnic origins given their plights and examination of their suffrage).

Still further into the realm of cultural characteristics is contained within the definition of being culturally traditional which is belonging to or associated with the traditional culture of a social group ( i.e., ethnic clothing).

The melting pot is a metaphor for a heterogeneous society becoming more homogeneous, the different elements “melting together” into a harmonious whole with a common culture. It is particularly used to describe the assimilation of immigrants to the United States; the melting-together metaphor was in use by the 1780s.

After 1970 the desirability of assimilation and the melting pot model was challenged by proponents of multiculturalism, who assert that cultural differences within society are valuable and should be preserved, proposing the alternative metaphor of the mosaic, most often used “salad bowl,” or “American Kaleidoscope”—different cultures mix, but remain distinct.

170px-TheMeltingpot1We feel that this particular attitude in post hippydom USA, and very much to the disliking of liberals everywhere we believe that those things (luggage) one brings with them to this nation are not something that is bad or otherwise. Rather we choose the moniker of personal – that is what makes individuals unique – however, to take the culture’s from the people who immigrate to this country does inevitably cause damage or a feeling of unsteadiness insofar as within a nation’s boundaries order (hence power) for government affairs and the rule of law must exist.

And after President Barack Obama won the Hispanic vote by a nearly 3 to 1 margin, a demographic drubbing that startled GOP tacticians everywhere, Obama embarked on a public relations blitz that landed his message in national outlets like NPR, The Huffington Post, Politico, and RedState.com. Unfortunately for those…they were duped by this cunning lie, and once again their hopes and wishes were used for the ill-profit gain of the Presidency.

By the time the Senate took up the issue in the spring, comprehensive immigration reform finally seemed to have momentum. It is as if nothing is done unless Congress sanctifies the matter and then they go forth and put together the worst concoction in every sense of the matter.

As far as we are concerned this process is in and of itself ridiculous and certainly a case study in mismanagement. When matters such as the addition of realistically… 20 to 35 million more people added to the nation’s ranks, we feel that is when the greatest segue into American public policy and personal opinion come in and should be revered as the way it is.

ArdenB_Wet Seal

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Why the Separation of Powers

FFQF — Why the Separation of Powers…

founders2It is believed that our society, therefore our culture as a Nation, has been classified as “hedonistic.” With all due respect to our readers, the classification comes from those agencies that predicated upon the definition of hedonism work with religious classifiers’ The Catholic Encyclopedia, as well as other dedicated agencies such as: The Classification Theories of Welfare, The US Library of Medicine – National Institute of Health, and selected readings from Epicurus to Aristotle. 

The consensus of definition for hedonism is living and behaving in ways that mean you get as much pleasure out of life as possible, according to the belief that the most important thing in life is to enjoy yourself.

Then of course, we move to Ethical hedonism, which is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them, assuming that their actions do not infringe on the equal rights of others.

And finally, at its simplest, Ethical hedonism is the claim that all and only pleasure has positive importance and all and only pain or displeasure has negative importance. At least from the simple forms of Ethical hedonism, it also follows that pleasure is good whenever it is had, even in matters that are themselves worthless or worse (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

What does any of this have to do with the Founding Fathers or their implementation of the doctrine of separation offounders powers? We feel that it is the given state of our Nation, primarily on behalf of the leadership or what is attended as leadership; furthermore, given the notion of “human nature” why then is there an overwhelming degree of how those politicians in Washington D.C. live, eat, and make income — not equal with the rest of the stiff’s living as we are?

In response to the Anti-Federalist demand for a more responsive government, Publius moves in the second half of The Federalist’s Papers to explain the separation of powers within the three branches of government. It is in this sense that Publius is teaching us a lesson about the true meaning of responsibility.

There are many that believe that Publius was in fact, John Jay, certainly a Founding Father as well as the first supreme court chief justice. Whilst writing in Federalist 52 about the virtue of the House of Representatives and its “immediate dependence on” and “intimate sympathy with the people,” fostered through the mechanism of frequent elections.

Good government is not defined by its responsiveness to popular demands, but it is responsible to the true, long-term founders3interests of the people. In other words, it protects their natural rights. In his attempt to heal the American body politic, Publius offers a strong dose of political moderation. A government that is responsive to every popular whim suffers from the fatal weakness of wanting to enforce those whims.

Now then has the U.S. Supreme Court been so involved within a eight year presidency before now? Actually only six years have been used up; however, it is alleged perhaps by the world order that the USSC will be hearing and reviewing various litigation that has its origins within the Obama administration.

450px-george_washington_museum_statueWe mean issues such as same-sex marriage, the overwhelming disparity of sexual discrimination cases, the attack on the First Amendment, as well as the impropriety of executive orders for granting amnesty to over ten million individuals who trekked to this country and entered illegally? These potential, and like cases are already waiting in the queue to be heard.

Our concern is the US Constitution and how much more of a beating it can or is prepared to take? Every “whim” that some special interest group has cannot possibly turn into law by executive fiat. Our greater concern is the obvious — how many hedonistic values have already been conquered? Has the leadership in this Nation given up on the rule of law that we, out here, are demanded to use or face severe punishment? (Much more in store for separation of powers.)


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“Three Strikes Law” to everyone in the government

It is Time to Take Our Country Back

dec1Yup and I mean it. Not since I have been a writer, journalist, publisher, or affiliated within news and of course the rub of the fat have I ever thought or otherwise, believed that I would write what I have got to say out for all to see.

For a considerable amount of time in our Nation — even since birth — have I seen or heard of a congress that is so detached from the “Will of the People.” These are men and women who take us for granted — with regards to the representation aspect of their jobs. From the vision that I see, or from my perspective these congressional officials act like disinterested door mats.

Do you trust your government? People go ahead and make this a joke however, I do not trust our government! And furthermore, it is the people who are in government that I blame and starting to loathe.

Supreme-Court1From a miscommunication (or blatant liar) president who leads no one, and nothing, to a ridiculous legislative branch (congress), as well as a Supreme Court judiciary that has a very difficult time trying to render judicial review, compared to matters inherent within the U.S. Constitution, what is going on in America?

It is a very difficult notion to witness all of the various levels of our government collude, conspire, and lie endlessly about a matter. It is very much like putting our lives out front and stating to Iran, got it yet? “Just let me know in advance where and when the mushroom clouds will appear, do you copy?”

This of course is intermixed within a true invasion of illegal immigrants. Thirteen to twenty million of them with a lot scalesmore coming, has anyone questioned the executive branch if we can afford this outward display of humanitarianism? All this and so much more from driver’s licenses, to SSAN numbers, work permits, and then it becomes receiving something — most likely money — for something that has not been done.

All this and so much more by executive fiat. Just remember when we all start paying more taxes that the president does not have to tell us, just hand this person an executive order.

So what does our newly elected congress do about it? Any and everything to show most of them have a “Testicle Lock Box.” Why is it that 535 members of congress cower each and every time that the corrupt crime committing president does something against the Constitution? It is rather like — throw our current 1787 to 2015 version out so that they can make a new version.

I have a question for anyone and everyone, ready? I believe that it has become a mandatory operation to apply the “Three Strikes Law” to everyone in the government, what do you think?

Carefully now let’s just nominate a few potential candidates. Barack Obama 1) Immigration violations, 2) IRS scandals and collusion thereto, 3) Benghazi murders 4) ObamaCare, 5) Fast and Furious, 6) Aiding and abetting known enemies.

Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton 1) Lying 2) Benghazi murders, 3) Own server in the home to route all electronic communications thru, 4) Willful misconduct as Secretary of State given the email issues and potential leaks 5) Ad Nauseaum.

Let’s have a look at Rep. Charles Rangel: 1) Constantly doing dirty deals, 2) Failure to pay income tax, 3) Exceeding IRS tolerance and pay back arrangements, 4) This list could go on but…

Culture of CorruptionAll one need do is select Eric Holder, the IRS Commissioner, any one or two of Obama’s aides, and this grieves me — about 50-65% of congress as well as the executive branch and let’s discuss incarceration time.


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