U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments about Gay Marriage

U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments about Gay Marriage

Is political correctness stopping you?

Is political correctness stopping you?

As the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments about gay marriage Tuesday, it’s important to realize what the justices are actually being asked to settle. Here’s what you need to know.

There simply is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that requires all 50 states to redefine marriage. Whatever people may think about marriage as a policy matter, everyone should be able to recognize the Constitution does not settle this question.

Unelected judges should not insert their own policy preferences about marriage and then say the Constitution requires them everywhere. This notion is far out of whack insofar as there may not exist language in the U.S. Constitution, there is nonetheless language within most state constitutions that see the process differently.

Here’s the bottom line: Whatever people may think about marriage as a policy matter, Gay wedding cards2everyone should be able to recognize the U.S. Constitution does not settle this question. Unelected judges shouldn’t insert their own policy preferences about marriage and then say the Constitution requires them everywhere. After all doesn’t this equal the Usurpation of Politics?

There simply is nothing in the Constitution that requires all 50 states to redefine marriage. After all, the overarching question before the Supreme Court is not whether a male–female marriage policy is the best, but only whether it is allowed by the Constitution. Nor is it whether government-recognized same-sex marriage is good or bad policy, but only whether it is required by the Constitution.

Everyone in this debate favors marriage equality. Everyone wants the law to treat all marriages in the same ways. The only disagreement our nation faces is over what sort of consenting adult relationship is a marriage. Since the Constitution doesn’t answer that question, the people and their elected representatives should.

gay-marriage-in-caAs Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito pointed out two years ago, there are two different visions of marriage on offer. One vision of marriage sees it as primarily about consenting adult romance and care-giving. Another vision sees it as a union of man and woman—husband and wife—so that children would have moms and dads.

Laws that banned interracial marriage were unconstitutional, and the Court was right to strike them down. But laws that define marriage as the union of a man and woman are constitutional, and the Court shouldn’t strike them down.

Marriage exists to bring a man and a woman together as husband and wife, as well as to be father and mother to any children their union produces. Marriage is based on the anthropological truth that men and woman are distinct and complementary, the biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and the social reality that children deserve a mother and a father.

Marriage is society’s best way to ensure the well-being of children. State recognition of Homo flagsmarriage protects children by encouraging men and women to commit to each other—and to take responsibility for their children.

At the end of the day, this is a debate about whether citizens or judges will decide an important and sensitive policy issue—in this case, the very nature of civil marriage. This is a debate about whether the Court will exacerbate the Culture War again. Peace and harmony suggest democracy is the better path. The Constitution requires it, too.


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Government Spending and Deficits

Government Spending and Deficits

irs-rebate-checks-more-problems - Copy - CopyWe have decided to take an in depth look at several spending programs maintained by our federal government. We will try to provide you with the data needed for this inexhaustible spending; moreover, we want to assist people in making correct voting decisions.

Most discussion of government spending and deficits assumes that the federal budget consists of four principal parts: entitlements (meaning Social Security and Medicare), defense, non-defense discretionary spending, and interest. This perspective is misleading because it ignores the hidden welfare state: a massive complex of 79 federal means-tested anti-poverty programs.

The public is almost totally unaware of the size and scope of government spending on the poor. This is because Congress and the mainstream media always discuss welfare in a fragmented, piecemeal basis. Each of the 79 programs is debated in isolation as if it were the only program affecting the poor. This piecemeal approach to welfare spending perpetuates the myth that spending on the poor is meager and grows little, if at all. When I originally saw that there were 79 additional programs to literally guide and/or assist the primary welfare state organizations I just about vomited.

The piecemeal, fragmented character of the hidden welfare system makes rational ??????????????????policy-making and discussion impossible. Sound policies to aid the poor must be developed holistically, with decision makers and the public fully aware of the magnitude of overall spending.

Means-tested welfare spending or aid to the poor consists of government programs that provide assistance deliberately and exclusively to poor and lower-income people.

By contrast, non-welfare programs provide benefits and services for the general population. For example, food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families are means-tested aid programs that provide benefits only to poor and lower-income persons. On the other hand, Social Security, Medicare, police protection, and public education are not means-tested; they provide services and benefits to persons at all income levels.

Head StartMeans-tested programs are anti-poverty programs: they are intended to increase the living standards or improve the capacity for self-support among the poor and near-poor. Unlike many other government programs, means-tested welfare programs do not require a prior fiscal contribution to establish eligibility.

The size of the federal means-tested aid system is particularly large because it is funded not only with federal revenue but also with state funds contributed to federal programs. Ignoring these matching state payments into the federal welfare system results in a serious underestimation of spending on behalf of the poor. Prior to the current recession, one dollar in seven in total federal, state, and local government spending went to means-tested welfare.

The 79 means-tested programs operated by the federal government provide a wide variety of benefits. The federal welfare state includes:

12 programs providing food aid;
12 programs funding social services;
12 educational assistance programs;
11 housing assistance programs;
10 programs providing cash assistance;
9 vocational training programs;
7 medical assistance programs;
3 energy and utility assistance programs; and,
3 child care and child development programs.

For the past two decades, means-tested welfare or aid to the poor has been the fastest growing component of government spending, outstripping the combined growth of Medicare and Social Security spending, as well as the growth in education and defense spending.

logoMeans-tested spending on cash, food, and housing increased more rapidly (196 percent) than Social Security (174 percent). The growth in means-tested medical spending (448 percent) exceeded the growth in Medicare (376 percent). The growth in means-tested aid greatly exceeded the growth in government spending on education (143 percent) and defense (126 percent).

Reading the research from public organizations is quite different than the information coming from the General Accounting Office (GAO) or even the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).


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Punishing Tom Brady is Sick and Atrociously Egregious!

Punishing Tom Brady is Sick and Atrociously Egregious!

bradyTom Brady said tonight he didn’t really have any comment or reaction to the Deflategate report in which lead attorney Ted Wells said it “is more than probable” Brady was aware of the release of air from the Patriots’ footballs. Please explain where Mr. Wells draws this conclusion. Moreover, since when is anyone indicted in the USA judiciary to be accountable to a grand jury or otherwise based on “is more than probable.”

Mr. Wells is for all intents and purposes is committing character assassination against Mr. Tom Brady. In addition every journalists out there as well as the many pundits who have made generalized statements such as Chris Chase who entitled his article in USA Today, “Tom Brady cheated his way to a Super Bowl.”

Now my friends this much is certain — though there does exist a First Amendment in the espnapi_dm_150506_nfl_jeff_saturday_wells_report_wmainU.S. Constitution, something that is often abused is the notion of freedom of speech. But please hear this — though when one is talking this particular portion of the 1st Amendment does a tremendous amount of yielding.

Please be advised that the actual writing of someone’s conduct without copious amounts of evidentry truth based on whatever writers’ claims — this is the centrality of the Amendment. This week has really shown the depth of our societal breakdown. Look I don’t care what so-and-so says about the condition of a football — that is whether or not such weights in at 12.5 pounds or 13.2 lbs. or otherwise weights in at 12.5 or 11.9 pounds, it is the one thinking that somehow there is a benefit for 22 players who each has the rights to manipulate that football. If there is someone who can measure up and tell anyone what the exact pressure is in a football — what is your name, and why have you been so quiet?

If there is a person who can tell what the poundage of a football is say — like set up 40 footballs between the weights of 12.5 and 12.0 or for the “Finals” say that there exists 10 unknown weighted footballs say between 12.5- 13.0 let’s just see who can select the correct weight of the ball. I am ALL-IN!

celebrate diversityThe investigation, led by attorney Ted Wells, stated it “is more than probable” that Brady “was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” involving the release of air from the Patriots’ footballs. Again I have a fundamental problem with this Tom Wells, who is making conjecture everywhere. Let’s look at a different scenario — the situation deals with murder. Does anyone think that a jury or a standalone courtroom determine a person’s innocence or guilt with “is more than probable” that the defendant [Brady] “was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” involving the release of gun powder from Patriots’ bullets?

No because that is just plain ridiculous! Even more ridiculous is the notion that the equipment manager from the Indianapolis Colts contacted the head NFL official for equipment and told the NFL that the Patriots’ would be up to something — deflating footballs or something a lot more disastrous. Therefore normal communication went on between these two organizations — hand written communiqués, reports filed, and even a mention to the game officials. Yet, with all of their dignity, nothing, absolutely nothing was even stated to the New England Patriots’.

Word between Mr. Brady’s agent moreover, word on the street has it very much WireAP_dce0fc52ba3e4fedb47825da1b379942_16x9_992 resembling a sting operation. Speaking of Mr. Brady’s agent, this is what he has to say: His agent, Don Yee, issued a statement earlier today slamming the findings as “a significant and terrible disappointment.”

“Its omission of key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the investigators reached a conclusion first, and then determined so-called facts later,” Yee said in the statement.


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What kind of world are we living in..?

What kind of world are we living in..?

PATRIOTOkay — I make no issue about this — that I have “clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right and here I am [literally!] stuck in the middle with you”…(Bobby Dylan). Have you ever had that feeling — “Woke up, feel out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.” And somewhere the electronic media begins to play —

Suspend QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots, for cheating! This coming as a result of the Wells Report where after intense investigation with the use of the most prominent experts in the physics field, they indeed came up with no evidence to support that Mr. Brady had done anything remotely against the U.S. Constitution or more specifically, the NFL Rules Board.

Now just for the sake of complete coverage during the exact same time in process we listeners and/or watchers hear the reports of another investigation — only this one deals with the hallowed, feared, and disgusting Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It definitely seems as though in excess of 1600 IRS agents were caught skimming and defrauding us here in the United States of America! The results of the investigation show that 1600 or more IRS agents had cheated on their income tax filing. Not one of the 1600 was admonished; in fact, the results indicate 300px-No_IRS.svgthat they were most likely promoted!

It is well-known that the IRS Director and chief is currently sitting before a congressional committee explaining why he charged IRS employment staffs not to answer more than 60 percent of incoming calls on the helpline; subsequently, this was his order to show congress that the IRS indeed needed resources (i.e., money).

“Stuck in the middle with you,” is the feeling I have every time I see or hear the other Clinton’s, everyone of them except Hillary Clinton, who just happens to be a nominee for the office of the President in 2016. Have you ever seen a woman person despised by so many people — yet has a hard time letting go of the reigns?

hillary_collage_resizedHere we have a former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of State, and First Whatever for eight years who has taken the law into her own hands and destroyed evidence from none other than her Charity’s server, which of course contains everything expense wise and text conversations she had with other enormously wealthy people that have since gone to cyber-space! And Bill knew everything about it, as well as Chelsea her daughter and some such officer in the Clinton Charity. Now who is going on the record for her — Bill and Chelsea!

What we have managed to come up with is that only 12 percent of the funds raised actually went to work — mind you, can that statistic be proved? Furthermore from the Charity’s filing we have learned that an exorbitant amount of money went toward salaries, talking fees, and ordinary office expenses. Yet, we still have a problem…Houston!

Here we have a person who wants to be President of this country, who still has yet to discuss anything on the record with reporters. This same individual was the Secretary of State during the Benghazi massacre – who can’t remember even the slightest details of a foreign service officers’ murder.

Wouldn’t you agree that we don’t punish, reprimand, or otherwise concern others when investigations come back as “likely,” “appears to have cheated,” or most importantly ““hard evidence” that the Patriots were involved in the deflation of balls. We, as a civilized society cannot possibly say — “oh now Tom Brady ‘likely at his own behest’ ‘appears to have collaborated’ with the deflation of the footballs prior to the AFC Championship game, however, ‘let the record show that there does not appear to be any ‘hard evidence'” to assist in destroying this man’s life. Would our judicial system even bring charges to hear such bull-squat?

Purge seems to be a word for most of the institutions with relationship with the executive branch. Someone in civil government must see to it that terminating a person for lying, pilfering, stealing, destroying evidence, all of which are crimes should be fired.


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Tom Brady cheated his way to a Super Bowl

Tom Brady cheated his way to a Super Bowl

tempPats-Colts-AFC_019--nfl_mezz_1280_1024I just hate the notion that a person even has a job that they are not qualified. Here is for the most part a story, myth, or wishful thinking that has a very misinformed person trying to convince anyone — that based on conjecture, most likely a foregone bet, and an extremely poor attitude — that somewhere or somehow Mr. Tom Brady had something to do with deflating game balls during the AFC Finals.

Despite the headlines that say the Patriots weren’t proved to be involved in wrongdoing in the long-awaited Wells Report, they were. Just because it was lower-level employees doesn’t make the Pats any less culpable.

No, the report didn’t reveal some massive Watergate-style cover-up, but told us what we generally expected: Some assistant managers were messing around with the football, likely at the behest of Tom Brady. It’s not cause for a football death penalty, but it’s still cheating and shows the Pats haven’t learned a thing in the decade since their dalliance with illegal videotaping of teams.

But there’s no apology coming from Kraft. He doesn’t know to leave things alone and criticized the report for not having any “hard evidence” that the Patriots were involved in the deflation of balls. Which by all standards of investigation and indictment there must be some “hard evidence” when anyone makes such a claim.

But what does that mean — hard evidence? There’s not a videotape of it? The guys deflating the balls didn’t sit for an oil painting of them using a needle to get the balls to 11 PSI? It’s circumstantial evidence, hearsay and conjecture that Brady giving “the deflator,” the nickname the employee responsible for the deflation called himself, a pair of autographed footballs and signed a game-worn jersey that he had previously obtained was possible a thank you for getting those football to the illegal PSI which Brady preferred?

Maybe that’s not enough to get a conviction in a court of law, but in a court of common super bowl 49sense it was always likely Tom Brady knew. It was ridiculous all along to believe that a man who spent so much time handling footballs couldn’t tell the difference between one under-inflated and one properly inflated. Therefore, what’s the beef?

Brady doesn’t get to make that call. It appears he cheated and he did it knowingly. He should, and will, get suspended (probably for 2-4 games) because he knew the deflation of balls was against the rules and apparently stayed involved with it anyway.

Now I too have seen the famous Wells Report. And there is diddly-squat in that report, conducted and presented by some of the finest scientific minds the world over that even suggests that Mr. Brady had anything to do with ball deflation. And just maybe, maybe we can agree with the Indianapolis Colts assessment that by most, if not all of them stated after the game, “it really wouldn’t have made a difference what we were playing with…we got our a$$es kicked, by a better team, today.” 

tempDSP38445--nfl_mezz_1280_1024By Chris Chase — just who in Hades is hiring these unprofessional and oxymoron alleged writing professionals? Here is my theory about the mainstream media — we exist in a world today that is anything but devoid of news. If one were to think about it — no critical thinking necessary — one cannot go in any cardinal direction with there being some kind of conflict happening. Look at it from North Korea through the Indonesian corridor to Pakistan who knowingly and willfully gives safe haven to killers of every sort, let’s not forget Afghanistan with the world’s largest area of poppy-cum-opiates land mass is found by the way just a little south of the Golden Triangle where almost all heroine is at least manufactured in China, or if you prefer it another way, let’s take our first step south into the Caribbean or Mexico where we will find tonnage of cocaine and weed waiting to get it’s magic pass into the USA.

Ad nauseam folks — with the amount of murdering that is tolerated in the world, from mercy killings to female civil rights violations, one would think that Mr. Chase or at the very least his editor would put this kind of reporting away and see to it that the guy can write worthwhile journalism.


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Race, Politics, and Lies

Race, Politics, and Lies

MICHAEL BROWN HOODIEAmong the many painful ironies in the current racial turmoil is that communities scattered across the country were disrupted by riots and looting because of the demonstrable lie that Michael Brown was shot in the back by a white policeman in Missouri — but there was not nearly as much turmoil created by the demonstrable fact that a fleeing black man was shot dead by a white policeman in South Carolina.

 Totally ignored was the fact that a black policeman in Alabama fatally shot an unarmed white teenager, and was cleared of any charges, at about the same time that a white policeman was cleared of charges in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Now then, everything being equal where is the reciprocal rioting?

It is therefore deemed necessary to do some finger pointing. The nation currently has a 64% white person kill ratio by law enforcement authorities. Any other thing that you hear is a bold-faced lie that is primarily passed on from reporter to reporter and then read or commentated on by the illustrious news “Anchor Corps.”

What then do the people initiating and spreading these lies (paragraph one) go out and do? Let’s organize and riot! As for me I view rioting much the same as lifeless boycotts. Prompting questions that only critically thinking individuals would ponder: If a community goes out and destroys CVS’s, pharmacy care, personal businesses of one’s neighbor, police cars, and/or anything they deliberately choose to ruin, who then is responsible for clean up and putting businesses back to their pre-riot phase?

Again too many people know this truth and that is why this behavior continues. I am addressing the federal government and state, local governments pay for it. Does anyone consider where those funds come from? Bet the farm ma’ ma, it is the taxpayers of the U.S.A.

In a world where the truth means so little, and headstrong preconceptions seem to be all moiimagesthat matter, what hope is there for rational words or rational behavior, much less mutual understanding across racial lines?

 When the recorded fatal shooting of a fleeing man in South Carolina brought instant condemnation by whites and blacks alike, and by the most conservative as well as the most liberal commentators, that moment of mutual understanding was very fleeting, as if mutual understanding were something to be avoided, as a threat to a vision of “us against them” that was more popular.

The “legacy of slavery” argument is not just an excuse for inexcusable behavior in the ghettos. In a larger sense, it is an evasion of responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the prevailing social vision of our times, and the political policies based on that vision, over the past half century.

Anyone who is serious about evidence need only compare black communities as they evolved in the first 100 years after slavery with black communities as they evolved in the first 50 years after the explosive growth of the welfare state, beginning in the 1960s.

You would be hard-pressed to find as many ghetto riots prior to the 1960s as we have seen just in the past year, much less in the 50 years since a wave of such riots swept across the country in 1965.

 We are told that such riots are a result of black poverty and white racism. But in fact — for those who still have some respect for facts — black poverty was far worse, and white racism was far worse, prior to 1960. But violent crime within black ghettos was far less.

Murder rates among black males were going down — repeat, DOWN — during the much lamented 1950s, while it went up after the much celebrated 1960s, reaching levels more than double what they had been before. Most black children were raised in two-parent families prior to the 1960s. But today the great majority of black children are raised in one-parent families.

Such trends are not unique to blacks, nor even to the United States. The welfare state has led to remarkably similar trends among the white underclass in England over the same period. Just read “Life at the Bottom,” by Theodore Dalrymple, a British physician who worked in a hospital in a white slum neighborhood.

You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.

Non-judgmental subsidies of counterproductive lifestyles are treating people as if they were livestock, to be fed and tended by others in a welfare state — and yet expecting them to develop as human beings have developed when facing the challenges of life themselves.

hat-tipAgain high praise where credit is due! We give a hat tip to Town Hall for the amazing structure of this article. Furthermore, we salute Thomas Sowell for his brilliance and cutting edge journalism. Thank you indeed — oh yes, we contributed to paragraphs 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7; then we picked it back again at paragraphs 9, 10, and 11.



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Tolerance v. Acceptance

Think about it...

Think about it…

In a nutshell the previous three parts of Essays on Tolerance we have looked at what tolerance is, and what it is not. It is absolutely imperative to understand ‘tolerance’ in the sense of how it is used in a civilized society. Moreover, it is equally as essential to stipulate to a couple of misnomers regarding tolerance.

One, understanding tolerance is the ability to acknowledge the differing views of other people; for example, in religious or political matters, and fairness toward the people who hold these different views.

Furthermore, tolerance is also the act of putting up with something or someone irritating or otherwise unpleasant. In addition, putting up with bad or harsh conditions is also being tolerant.

Two, there is a huge difference between having tolerance and the notion of acceptance. On the one hand being tolerant means putting up with something distasteful; on the other hand, acceptance means that we feel nothing is wrong with it.

We know that America was founded by people who held religion in the highest regard.??? People who for some reason were not being tolerated in their native countries. In part of this series we discussed how Hollywood and the film-making industry rallied during WW II in all ways to support the war effort.

There are several religious organizations that do not condone warfare of any kind. Yet, these same folks went into the military service for national security and the preservation of their country. There is nothing wrong with a person committed to being a conscientious objector. In fact, real CO’s are treated equally and quite well in the uniformed services. Why? Simply because they are following the rules just like “everyone” else should–but unfortunately do not.

At this point–rules and laws–are at the center of differences between tolerance and acceptance. As human beings we are comforted by having a set of rules somehow knowing that our conduct is not limitless; moreover, that we are all bound by them and everyone must adhere to those boundaries. We feel protected.

The entire notion behind rules is basically saying, ‘right here is where the line is drawn’ between what is acceptable and what violates the rules in our civilized society. Consequently, rules and laws are enacted for order so we can enjoy our freedom. Imagine what a society would be like with no rules, lawlessness, and no measure of civility.

ShowCoverAnd finally why is it that most of us, as children, are taught these very rules only to forget them when we become adults? First question for today: Who is responsible for the passing on of these rules from one generation to another? Second question: Why are we taught these principles as children only to conveniently overlook them as adults?

This is my hope beyond all hopes — that somehow or in some way that this writing will be able to at least familiarize our reader’s with the notion of how important it is to have civility, morality, values, and ethics within a society. For as long as men and women have been expressing themselves either verbally or in written form there has never been a shortage of the fact that without these characteristics the loss of any or all humanity is lost.

Lately with what has been presented on this blog we have been dealing with the loss of American leadership and the integrity and dignity that go hand in hand with them or the practices of humankind with and without them. Unfortunately for some organizations and individuals alike, the civility and tolerance of society is dictated within religious beliefs.

Civil society is the “aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest interests and will of citizens.” Civil society includes the family and the private sphere, referred to as the “third sector” of society, distinct from government and business.

The term civil society goes back to Aristotle’s phrase koinōnía politikḗ (κοινωνία πολιτική), occurring in his Politics, where it refers to a ‘community’, commensurate with the Greek city-state (polis) characterized by a shared set of norms and ethos, in which free citizens on an equal footing lived under the rule of law.

Critics and activists currently often apply the term civil society to the domain of social life which needs to be protected against globalization, and to the sources of resistance thereto, because it is seen as acting beyond boundaries and across different territories. More importantly however is the ideology of civility in Western culture. The concept of civil society in its pre-modern classical republican understanding is usually connected to the early-modern thought of Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century. However, it has much older history in the realm of political thought. Generally, civil society has been referred to as a political association governing social conflict through the imposition of rules that restrain citizens from harming one another.



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Moral Heroism Without Morality, a Different Look

Moral Heroism Without Morality, a Different Look

1297263838-city-methodist-church-sanctuary-528x352In an attempt to assist our reader’s with a reference point, the following article was mostly written by Jonah Goldberg, for his Friday column called the G-File. This particular article was written around Good Friday of this year when Indiana’s leadership tried to legislate some material into the law; mind you, for protection of the religion, people, and immediately for their rights. As is known around here, this author enjoys reading the clearly right-winged magazine, because of the strength of its writers. Therefore I merely did some commenting on some of the piece and took liberty adding my own feelings about other articles written in the past by me.

Indeed, this whole ridiculous, insane, paranoid, sanctimonious, bullying, freak-out has me despairing for the country. I don’t know that I can do another stem-winder on the liberal standardization, or the fact that real, meaningful, diversity must be a diversity of customs, institutions, and communities. Civil society is where life happens; we want it to be as rich an ecosystem as it can be. That means tolerating — or even celebrating — hippies and drag queens in San Francisco, but it also means tolerating — or even celebrating — religious and observant people, too. All the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act was intended to do was to give millions of Americans a little space to be and do what their religion tells them they must. If that faith goes too far, than the common good trumps it. But short of that, let people be for God’s sake.

But I also believe that in a perfect world businesses should be able to decline service to anyone for almost any reason. I firmly believe in the right of people to exit systems and institutions they do not want to belong to. I’m much less committed to the idea that people must be able to join any institution or group they want to just because they want to. I could have sworn that even liberals believed that freedom means the freedom to create the rules you want to live by, individually and collectively. In a perfect world, campus Christian groups could have rules barring, you know, non-Christians from joining. Call me a utopian, but I think the producers of the “Vagina Monologues” should not be bullied into including performers with penises (giving a whole new meaning to “cast member”).

I am sure that just about every person reading this blog knows how we, as an organization Critical-Thinking-Concepts-Toolsand as individuals feel about the 1st Amendment especially the liberties bestowed upon religion. For your reflection please see either archives or categories with search terms such as clauses, religious rights, Elane Huguenin, New Mexico State Supreme Court, where anyone could find articles that give (cliché) book, chapter, verse, and the Founding Father’s endorsement of such and therefore laid them in the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, we also know that because of various articles written by our authors about Thomas Jefferson and his letter to the Baptist congregation at Danbury Connecticut, hence the “Wall of separation between church and state” was indeed the first time the Constitution — “being grounded in law” — was used to intervene something having to do with religious matters.

From this organizations perspective it is certainly believed that mainstream America particularly the media and all other biases forthwith seem to be going after everything “religiosity” these days at a much more fevered pitch than in times of yesteryear. Therefore time is needed to warn folks that where Muslims, Jews, and every other refugee and asylum seekers get protected status, please remember that Christians do not.


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Who could be the Perpetrators of the Violence in Baltimore…

Who could be the Perpetrators of the Violence in Baltimore…

gavelBaltimore’s top prosecutor announced Friday that six officers would face charges in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man whose death after an injury in police custody sparked protests in the city.

Has anyone looked at a calendar lately? This is a testament to a civil disobedience cycle that has been replicating for years — albeit, what has been taken place in Baltimore Maryland, is perhaps a little bit ahead of the normal civil discord that normally happens in late July through August and September on an annual basis.

Baltimore’s chief prosecutor, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, announced charges against six officers in the death of Freddie Gray. Mosby, 35, surprised legal observers by filing charges against the officers herself, rather than seeking a grand jury indictment, a day after receiving the results of the internal police investigation and an official autopsy report. The decision, however, was consistent with her campaign pledge to hold police accountable.

Just when you thought you have heard it all! This line intrigues me: “The decision, bal-university-of-baltimore-closes-amid-high-school-purge-threat-20150427however, was consistent with her campaign pledge to hold police accountable.” Let us share with you that aside from the dysfunctional Marilyn Mosby — a campaign around “holding the police accountable.” should amount to either a forced resignation or her firing. Accountability we believe is not a one-sided story, in our minds accountability needs to always address two or more of the parties involved.

Another very dysfunctional shred of leadership in Baltimore is the current Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who said she was “sickened and heartbroken” at the charges, came under fire twice this past week — first, in holding off requesting assistance from the National Guard and then in calling the city’s protesters “thugs” during a press conference. The exasperation of the rioting did not happen by conduct of police officers, accountability, or any other sociological misnomer one can possibly dream-up. Basically (see timeline of rioting in above mentioned link or click here), what kind of metro city mayor goes on public media and asks her own police department to “stand-down”? That is the day the bombs started exploding.

It comes as no surprise to those acquainted with the leadership of Baltimore Maryland, that it is not a diversely selected amount of racial balance. Almost all of the leadership positions are taken by African Americans.

Numerous witness testimony’s that are beginning to unfold are these rather astonishing well-known trouble spots. It is a publically known fact here that those (i.e.,) Crips, Bloods, and other organizing gang groups, lead Baltimore’s African American population in the destruction of targeted Asian American and Islamic American privately owned businesses. Now pardon me, but this is pure racism. In fact, the shops and businesses owned by Asians suffered at the highest rate followed by a closely held second place, Latino American.

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Political pandering ~ Throw in the Towel..?

Political pandering ~ Throw in the Towel..?

tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photoTwo days after riots in Baltimore—at a time when most of the presidential field is either silent or contemptuous—Clinton has stepped out front with a forward-looking agenda on bringing people out of prison, a definitive rebuke to the “law and order” politics used by her husband throughout his career. Not only did Clinton call for an end to “the era of mass incarceration,” but she also connected our prison population to broader patterns of inequality. “Without the mass incarceration that we currently practice, millions fewer people would be living in poverty,” she said. “And it’s not just families trying to stay afloat with one parent behind bars. Of the 600,000 prisoners who re-enter society each year, roughly 60 percent face long-term unemployment.”

The United States incarcerates more than 2 million people, imprisoning more people than any other country in the world. This unprecedented prison population can be attributed to federal and state policies implemented over the past few decades, including mandatory minimums, three strikes, and life without parole. Our culture of incarceration is reflected in a variety of contexts, from the War on Drugs to the School to Prison Pipeline, where criminalization has prevailed over other approaches to social problems. Mass incarceration has had a disproportionate impact on people and communities of color, with African Americans and Latinos constituting approximately 60% of the prison population.

What are the consequences of mass incarceration for our society? What policies and practices are driving these high levels of imprisonment? Are there constitutional tools at our disposal, like the pardon power and the Eighth Amendment, which can assist in ending the era of mass incarceration?

Well folks this is almost more than I am willing to chew. Let’s look at what is being said — precisely that is. From paragraph one this is threatening on political malfeasance. Let’s face it by the facts — at a time in North American history when many of those in the Colombian (Cocaine) cartels, Mexican (Weed, Reefer) cartels, then again the huge hitters from Afghanistan moving their product through Europe and especially Southeast Asia and China (Heroine, Opiates) let me put in a simple reminder that is was politicians in every state that assisted the federal government in passing legislation entitled, The War on Drugs.

A few of the “culture changing acts” that is, The Crime Bill, signed in 1994 by none other than William Clinton and put into practice goes totally against what it is that Hillary Clinton espouses what she wants to do.

Not wanting to sound in any way, anti-organization; moreover, especially within the police departments. There has well Downtown_Miami_alt_photo_D_Ramey_Loganincluded arming the police departments with former or out of date military ordinance. Massive legislative pressure to outfit, organize, weaponize, which actually means according to our dictionary — “to convert material into weapons.” So just for a rub-a-dub it was not the police who requested anything — names such as Mr. Vincent Bugliosi (Helter Skelter author, tried and convicted Charles Manson.) Mr. Richard Daley of Chicago Ill., fame, the legislative processes in California, Florida, Texas, and Washington DC.

In good faith to those in leadership who have engaged in critical thinking the more kudos for them. One certainly cannot put Barack Obama into the “Critical Thinking Club” simply because Mr. Obama has never thoroughly thought-out what intended or unintended consequences might be.

300px-Man_holding_sign_during_Iranian_hostage_crisis_protest,_1979Quickly now to the second and third paragraphs we have Kemba Smith Pravda from the American Constitution Society just espousing what is known…but for what? Statements such as ” This unprecedented prison population can be attributed to federal and state policies implemented over the past few decades, including mandatory minimums, three strikes, and life without parole,” indicate to me that there exists some kind of victimization card being played.

Mass incarceration has had a disproportionate impact on people and communities of color, with African Americans and Latinos constituting approximately 60% of the prison population.This is without question the most stupid comment to make it to press. Ms. Kemba Pravda, please in your future endeavors try and bring some poll data, or other widely accepted scholarly works with you. Why do you T-H-I-N-K that the prison population is disproportionately stated. (Now watch — something will be manufactured to support “White Supremacy.”


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