Who or What is this enigma..?

700_loambley-eatdigplay-com-3We know that there are many people out there who know what tears apart an organization faster than anything preplanned or even if someone allegedly in charge gave an order to abandon the operation. What is this enigma, and by what traits, accountability, looks, or whatnot does this e-n-i-g-n-a do to destroy organizations?

Sometimes it is praised and exulted above all else when a young man unsteady in his ways joins the military service. At late adolescence or most of the time a year or so into college many young men and women are confused about where their place in life is; therefore, joining an operation that helps those unsteady legs really does assist almost everyone I know reach a plateau in their lives whereby the military service was exceptional.

Yes all is well — but what do we say when that military protocol — the essential ways of getting things done in a short period of time, the ways in which these gains gotten are a matter of education and known throughout the responsible cadre, or hierarchy of the rank and file.

In case you haven’t noticed this is the precise ground that we are trying to “completely destroy ISIS.” However prior to

The "Latte Salute"

The “Latte Salute”

that speech even being muttered, it was the establishment’s way of doing things — now hear this — the president is given daily (top of the morning) strategy and security briefings before starting to work on anything.

So what does one say when the president feels that hitting the lengths and getting in a round or two of golf by midday without even giving the courtesy of the people who prepared the Daily Briefing Reports! I have a perfect name for someone who displays that kind of asinine behavior.

Then through an untrusting media we are now informed that the president’s “bombing mission campaign” is being run without the presence of any member of the Joint-staff (no military), has not been properly named — anyone complaining must know that any mission in the military needs to be named so that the troops and country can rally around it.

Furthermore, running a war campaign from the White House without engaging any military members is just plain “stuck on stupid…” The only time that this messy strategy was allowed to happen was during Pres. Lyndon Baines Johnson’s administration. If you don’t know how that war ended, prepare to listen and go on some type of reading operation.

Well all things being equal what we have currently going on in the military and still worse in the U.S.A., is dissention, that matter that was mentioned about what could tear down an organization faster than a speeding bullet. Dissention, as founded, is from Latin dissentire “differ in sentiments, disagree, be at odds, contradict, quarrel,” from dis- “differently” + sentire “to feel, think” (see sense (n.)). Related: Dissented ; dissenting. The noun is 1580s, from the verb. Good examples.

At a time when he feels everyone should be pulling together in the championship chase, there is dissention in the camp. I hope I would have been careful about attributing foreknowledge and intent, but that there was internal dissention was incontrovertible. WORLD OF CONTROVERSY They entered a world raging with controversy and dissention amongst medical experts. In this last instance there is a true reminder of Global Warming.

With all due reality this president has caused a once proud nation and littered it with themes of racism, stripping the dignity of human rights, representing this Nation with apologies and disrespect and most of all “No boots on the ground,” is a political ploy that makes me sick!


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“Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance…

“Under God” out of the Pledge

quill8Understanding political correctness is as easy as one would want to make it. Basically all one really needs to do is look out at the world — those people we see, ut oh, here we go — is that young lady wearing no apparent wedding ring, the one with the hair. Now come on you look — sitting indigently without underwear, with the black hair roots, then an awful shade of blonde, and platinum down to the straggly ends. Damn, okay then, the one sitting like she’s playing classical guitar only without the guitar, terrible excuse for hair coloring and conditioning, I mean she is inciting the male sheep, lamas, and even a few male dogs around town. What I am trying to do is to arrive at explaining her and if you think she is heavy? Is she a fat-chick; or maybe plump, or is it just a bit overweight?

Either way one looks at this ugly description does she ever get described? No! A lot of characteristics about her but nothing inherently distinctive about her at all. We believe that the word choice is overwhelming important when trying to describe anyone; however, can you think of any other words, names, or other identifying remarks about that young lady?

Distinctive qualities describing the characteristics of a person might resemble a set of qualities that are distinctive, such as a person’s qualities of their mind and/or the general overall feelings this person may have.

The American Humanist Association is suing a New Jersey school district on behalf of an unidentified family, asking that students not be allowed to say “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Now, a New Jersey family – led by 17-year-old high school senior Samantha Jones – is speaking up.
According to NJ.com, the court has allowed the family to intervene in the case on behalf of the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District.

300px-No_Political_Correctness.svgIf the courts ruled to remove the phrase from the Pledge, [attorney Diana] Verm said that would have an impact on Jones because it would apply to all schools in New Jersey. She also added that the Pledge is voluntary so people don’t have to recite it, which she said has been a remedy in the courts for decades.

“Where they’re wrong is the words ‘under God’ are not a religious statement but they’re a statement of political philosophy,” Verm said. “It was our Founding Father’s understanding that our rights don’t come from the state but they come from something higher than the state.”

The American Humanist Association, who filed the suit earlier this year, says the phrase, added in 1954, “marginalizes atheist and humanist kids as something less than ideal patriots.”

The next steps for Jones and the Knights of Columbus will be to file a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed, Verm said.

Jones sat down with Elisabeth Hasselbeck to explain why this issue is so important to her. She argued it comes down to “protecting our freedom as Americans.”

“I have been reciting the pledge since pre-school so to me the pledge sums up the history and values that have made our country great. Because it does acknowledge that our rights don’t come from the government, but from a higher power. So they can’t take those rights away,” said Jones.

She said she would feel “silenced” if she were to be forced to omit “under God” from the pledge. Jones said anyone who doesn’t want to say the pledge “has the right to remain silent, but they don’t have the right to silence everyone else.”


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Political Correctness…really..?

Political Correctness…really?

4It was a glorious fall day. On the way home we stopped for Mexican food and I said to my longest standing friend, “They call this Indian summer.”

No sooner had we arrived home than my significant other, who is finishing up college, texted me. “Story idea for you: Indian summer,” said her text. “Evidently not PC.”

I jumped on Google to do some research. I found a lot of questions: “Is ‘Indian summer’ an offensive term?” but no clear answers.

If “Indian summer” falls under the Political Correctness sword, I thought, it won’t be long before Polish sausage, Chinese checkers and Russian roulette follow. And what about Greek yogurt? These would be very sad developments. If not completely misleading.

 How often in all sincerity have these same places used their origins and myths in order to gain renown prominence? Let us try this: “Ah come to the Greek Isles for your holiday plans.” In the fashion industry the Polish models are surely ahead of their time. I think the point is made.

As we have written so many times, even dedicated an entire page to it, suggesting not only the origins of politicalpol correct correctness, what we believe its entire goal will invariably will be — the total explosion of the United States or the succession of the states becomes real.

 Let us let the Washington Redskins of the battered up NFL be our colorful example. It surely cannot be a mystery to anyone living in this country that various tribes of Native Americans have all but filed suit within the Federal Courts saying that “their” name is being used in a derogatory fashion.

First, who named the tribes of early Americans living primarily in mid to southern America, Redskins? And to be as honest and open as possible everything that football team does is to bring pride, notoriety, and fame to these mighty (?) folks. Talk about the cutting off the hand that feeds you!

 Whilst writing a column last night I espoused for all these people knew it could just as easily be reddish – brown mud and clay that they would rub into their skin to protect it from extreme sunburn. They very kindly indeed shared this and many other customs with the wild, white, and sunburned Europeans.

Political+Correctness3Therefore as the story goes we believe it would be far better off if the Native American tribes’ people put in an offer and see how Mr. Snyder reacts, maybe there is a way to collectively keep the name and to show them that no disrespect or racial slur is intended.

I am definitely one of those Americans who does not like to see brilliant intentions dropped and thrown into the waste bin. Please see Dismantling Language, ergo Dismantling America, for what happened to ordinary kids game of dodge ball. Now I am wondering if Vince Vaughan had this on his mind when he made the film, Dodge ball: Grab Life by the Ball.

 Political correctness is a cultural idiom that uses language as its power. The entire notion of being politically correct connects with the social domain through being the primary means of communication within the domain, and through being both a site of, and a stake in, struggles for power. In other words everyone uses some means of communication we refer to as language.

_one color


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Look…and please don’t forget

Look…and please don’t forget

Let me help you with that excuse, Barack

Let me help you with that excuse, Barack

Here is a surprise, and dream come true for so many veterans who could not be given the dilly-dally over at the Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals. If you will and can indulge me for my story.

Ah! Remembering the late winter or early spring that year with hopes as high as the sky about my future as a hopefully one day becoming a professional athlete. Thanks to the recruiting teams — I had a lay down scholarship so money was not going to be problem.

The love of my life was as anxious as a bird in a cat cage. She was so worried something was going to happen to “our” relationship. “Like what,” challenging her to bring something real regarding our relationship. This one was the real deal — together for four plus years, and committed to each other like crazy. Being from a dysfunctional family with alcohol problems that were only overcome by the drug trade — that was my mother and her eighth husband.

This was also during a time when our government was more into your life than they are now. Because a huge and entirely unpopular war was breaking out, there appeared to be only one way out. Creedence Clearwater got the notion down with some very tricky verse — “It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no senator’s son, son It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no.”

01 A ReadyTherefore will all options out on the table — except one — it was looking like everything, EVERYTHING was going into a hold pattern — except the love of my life. So when the appropriate time came I went into the university’s Director of Admissions to try and secure what was then called a “Deferment Status” application — somehow maybe the U.S. government would also think that they had a real elitist future in me and the where with all to stop me from the inevitable — the U.S. Army.

Little did I know that the deferment application would take as long as it did. In the interim, I got to the one kneed status and gave the proposal of my life to my high school sweet young thing. I mean how happy can one man be? She said “Yes.”

deptbottomzone_1On the same day that I proposed to my soon to be wife, I also received the deferment status application back from Washington D.C.

If you are unaware of it now then please try and understand and keep up. We went out for dinner with all the fixings. I went forth from the protagonist’s viewpoint — I can take a couple of years off from school, keep in excellent physical condition, try to play intramural ball in the Army, get on the good side of the base commander, with hope, prayer, and of course God’s will stay as far away from the war as possible. Even my ending was lacking nothing — in the event I got hit then I would do recovery work most likely at Fitzsimmons Medical Center in Denver where we had planned to move.

As they say in so many tales — “It All Went to Hades in a Hand basket” — with not an i undotted or a t uncrossed. Everything I had placed into the serving, back to school, scholarship, physical condition, wife and marriage were gone. It was me doing two years and of course the U.S. Army.

Now just try and think for a moment about all the guys in a better position than I was in, and after 5 maybe 8 tours inNorbieRedCarpet

battle with five days left he’s running around clearing out. When one day unexpectedly he runs over a buried cable attached to five mega-bombs I.E.D., or explosive device.

The gentleman we all know is now so severely wounded we don’t even want to bring his name up. The Wounded Warrior Project is without conscience the most incredible organizations known to humankind. Where most agencies of its class never really make it, for so many who wish they were dead — they have received the true gift of love in The Wounded Warrior Project.


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51HygO6tecL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Getting a rather late start on this evenings blog, however for what I’ve got to say perhaps it is better that I keep this article to a minimum. I really am not the sort of person who gets upset or otherwise because of a very illegitimate government especially with those who serve in it — and then again if I need just a smidgen of getting my dander up all I need to do is think, albeit very slightly about the many, many names I would like to call the president.

So please bear with me — I believe that this is important, therefore I need to make reference to some of the exactly the same nonconstitutional, corrupt, and criminal qualities as our president now breaths and with one hope try and reach one person out there who can relate to what I have to say.

Hopefully we have all learned something from our president who at one time went by Barry Sotero, and as far as we know is still using someone else’s Social Security number, with several experts who have found more idiosyncrasies with a “make believe Birth Certificate;” so here we have a man who has disobeyed just about every whim the Founder’s had and he laughs while strutting around saying, “Oh I’m the President, I can do anything I want to…”

You know that this little blurb with the mind of an insect does not have a legitimate legacy he can call his own. But if you and I are not careful and mindfully realize our votes we may entertain the notion of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton winning an election then all I can say is the second verse will be far worse than the first.

And her administration is shaping up so well it is as if she planned it. In all sincerity, how many of you knew that as First Lady, she had hubby “Slick Willy” darn near sign an executive order and issued to the secret service ordering them to stand nothing closer than 50 feet of her? 

So today I was thinking she ought to be in Washington about now lobbying her little weight gain off getting the

Why so 'Honorable"?

Why so ‘Honorable”?

secret service she really wants. And doesn’t the secret service director look kind of close to Hillary Clinton?
My greatest hope beyond all my hopes is that we are still America when what’s his name finally gets hauled out of town or will it be sharia law and early morning Muslim Hymns — calling all of us from the West to prayer?

Oh darn it! Before I forget back to my hope beyond hopes. I believe that what’s his name will have a nice long life ahead of him because I would love to be around when he goes public and says, “Oh you all know about this rule of law breaking, my new income statement shows my net worth at $12.6 million dollars now and I’ve got almost two years to go…However you all deserve the truth, ‘yes’ I am not an American citizen, cheated like a kid at Harvard Law, and oh that Columbia University stretch lasted for as long as it took the power brokers to get me into Harvard.”

Please notice that I have added to my page count up top, about Obama’s visit to 60 Minutes. That’s it for now.


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What is real…and what is not..?

What is real…and what is not..?

barry and his bullshit factoryThis much we will quite openly and readily say that the goings on within our Nation’s leadership has gotten so bad that unfortunately we must call it real.*
Three issues we are bringing to the table for discussion (please don’t hesitate!) today. One, violence perpetrated on individuals by people who allege they are Muslims. Secondly, we have been sold a hill made of beans, or everything but the actual truth and this needs action right now. Thirdly, we are no different or better off than when Barack Obama took over the Presidency, than we are then or now. Three matters we would love your take on:

Issue One: Violence of all kinds is being perpetrated within schools by students, in schools by people other than students, at and on military bases from abortions to murder, to outsiders trying to get in and steal; however, it is within this portion that we also believe that our government deserves an indictment, a nation does not lose 12 thousand rockets/missiles in route to Syria without accountability or justice. And finally there is definitely a degree of terrorism that is occurring in America’s business interests right here on our own nation that by Presidential executive order gets labeled as “work place violence.”
Oddly enough what Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma City to the Federal Building there cannot possibly be recalled in history as “work place violence” inasmuch as McVeigh did not work there, period. However, a quick look to the other side of these matters is that Lt. Col. Hassan did work at Ft. Hood. Through his misguided beliefs in his religion, and his open discussions with Jihadists’ in Iraq and Yemen and who knows where the massacre at Ft. Hood is anything but excusable work place violence. We believe the same definitions could be used to describe the latest beheading in Oklahoma not as workplace violence by a self proclaimed Muslim.

Issue Two: Ironically I was reading a piece lately on the manner of perception. It did take this particular author quite a while to get to the point but the perception of a person’s behavior is based on reality or what they perceive as reality. No rubbish here folks. If perception by a human being defines a particular reality to them — then why the choice? What is real or what is perceived as real is the choice — however, in the study of cultures and communities there exists written laws as to determine what is real and/or perceived as real.
It is without bias or a “likeability factor” that this is where Barack Obama has serious delusional problems. If one were to take them any further we think it would be a matter of psychosomatic illness. It remains egregious that one man makes the decision on what manner of violence has taken place — when in reality we are at war and are fighting terror.

Issue Three: President Obama maintains that the Nation is now better off then when President George Bush,419105_10151238154313092_1906501386_n the younger was president. Why anyone would go to these lengths definitely has a problem with the truth. If when Obama became president and the unemployment rate was at 6.8 percent then that same rate one year later is 7.8 percent, then two years later the rate is hovering around 13.4 percent and finally six and one half years later the rate has retrenched to 6.8 percent — how could any person in their right mind allege that the employment rate is better?
*“The problem with the president, I think, on this issue, is you almost can’t believe anything coming out of his mouth going forward,” Charlie Gasparino said today on Fox News’ program “Outnumbered.”

_one color

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Now Let’s put things into perspective !

Its Friday, Now Let’s put things into perspective !

obama-0828It certainly seems like this notion of Politics v. The World has now run beyond — well beyond — its due course and as a result it is easy to see where the government, more precisely Barack Obama has dropped the ball. Maybe (gee ya’ think) as so many people are surmising these separate instances of ISIS or ISL, Eric Holder retiring, and the bigger matters are being swept under the rug as I type.

In the first offering of bigger matters, brings me to wondrous tears. Still with the assistance of the British flying missions in Iraq only really…come on folks! We haven’t even put our jets in Iraq. Okay then so we get a limited scurry of assistance from the French. But where are they bombing? Algiers! Got their dander up to the point where Algiers is sending ground troops to Syria.

Obama…Commander-in-Chief Obama, should under no circumstances let any nation — allies or not — intervene into the current strategy he is trying to fool the world with. Therefore my second offering of bigger matters is that Obama is allowing any nation that is not going to bomb U.S.A. forces just walk on to the battlefield at whatever quivering whim.

The third item has to be how is he going to win a war with the ability to hold the ground the Air Force has taken away, without loyal and diligent boots on the ground. We think it is very probable, if not already in the planning that someone from that area of the world will come upon a load of cash, start government making to take over “their” new land. All I want to say at this time is that if I were in the military I would be planning everything I do inevitability waiting for orders to go to Syria.

There does not seem to be any remorse on the side of this President for matters left undone. We obviously believe that as the time comes around for decisive actions to be taken such as amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens, he will see to it with one stroke of his pen that at least the executive order has been in effect.
We also believe that the remaining actions regarding Lois Lerner, formally of the Internal Revenue Service will somehowsurely-not-me-images - Copy - Copy receive a presidential pardon; furthermore, all of these civil rights claims such as leaning in on the press — James Rosen — Ferguson, MO., and Michael Brown will be dumped on to the new administration as will the disciplinary difficulties currently outstanding with the Operation Fast & Furious debacle in Mexico. As for the National Security Agency — just deduce it to say that there back up to business as usual, especially with wire-tapping. Everything that this person has done without regard to the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution will be gone by the wayside and into someone else’s lap.

It’s Friday, Now Let em’ have it!

_one color

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President Obama’s fundraising trips are partly funded by taxpayer money: watchdog

President Obama’s fundraising trips are partly funded by taxpayer money: watchdog

judicialwatch-3President Obama is the most prolific political fundraiser in American history, hauling in hundreds of millions of dollars for Democrats — and taxpayers are helping him do it. The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch on Tuesday tallied Air Force One’s flight hours for Obama’s fundraising trips in July to Denver and New York.

Those trips, two of the hundreds of fundraising trips Obama has taken as president, cost the Air Force alone $1,159,823.50, Judicial Watch said. That’s based on a Freedom of Information Act response to the group in which the Air Force said the president’s plane costs $210,877 per hour to fly. The two trips included 5.5 hours of flight time, the Air Force said.

An unknown portion Obama’s travel expenses are covered by the Democratic party committees benefiting from his fundraisers. But the White House and the committees won’t say how those costs are divided up. Obama often takes trips that include both official functions and fundraisers, leaving the billing unclear.

“As in other administrations, we follow all rules and regulations to ensure that the DNC or other relevant political committee pays what is required for the President and First Lady to travel to political events,” White House Regional Communications Director Keith Maley said.

We would like to see your alleged proof, Sir.


Did not prosecute

Did not prosecute

holder,ap_5       Holderbug

It’s about time!

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“A Latte Salute” Completely unacceptable…

“A Latte Salute” Completely unacceptable…

Latte Salute1Sixteen months ago, President Obama came under fire from critics after he asked Marines at the White House to hold umbrellas for him and then-Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during an outdoor news conference in which it rained.

I realize as a journalist, columnist, and an international syndicated writer that good decorum would dictate as to what kudos and/or reprimands I should give the POTUS. I agree with many of my colleagues that insofar as Mr. Obama’s arrogant attitude his behavior sends many signals to the public.

I attend to the notion that I may try and suppress the lesser than outrageous behaviorisms and focus only on the most terrible of his atrocities to make mention about. Or perhaps let it all go and mind my own business. Ah…but then where would the approval ratings be if I and every other journalist did the same thing?

As for my rating, Obama sure outdoes himself just about daily these days; subsequently the proverbial title that he has Proper Salute1earned from his precedent setting bowing before kings, his loud mouth moments of global warning that magically have been reduced to the climate change, and further on until “The Latte Salute” who is this person who feels as though he can disrespect anyone he comes into contact with or on the fly?

Well one thing is for certain. President Obama did hear from his military members today. Apparently Navy sailors as well as Army and the Marine Corps. service personnel did not quite care for yet another means of disrespect.

“Wait – did President Obama just salute the Marines with a LATTE in his hand?!” the National Republican Congressional Committee tweeted.

_one color

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Are you experiencing Shock and Awe!


These circles with the intensity of color shows concentration of the coalitions enemies.

Are you experiencing Shock and Awe!

I do not know about you folks but I sure did not. Compare for instance what happened to Baghdad in 1991 then again in 2003 and there really is nothing to compare with regards to Shock and Awe!

However it was nice to see the targets being hit; moreover, from what jet, bomber, or Tomahawk missile, stealth aircraft, and whatever else was used in those bombing raids. Yet, the most significant comparison cane at the behest of from whom they were delivered by. I was delightfully surprised to see some unexpected coalition partners deciding to take it to the limit and putting their fair share into their own self-defense. Believe it or not, and I would love to say that it was a grand surprise.

Now all things being equal it appears as though some of the enemies strategy was kept from the general public and in most situations of war I believe that is precisely what should be done. However then again, we have been brought into the trough by some of those with bragging rights or politics being their prime motivator.

It sure seemed as though the coalition partners are what made the day. As well as those intelligence sources on the jetfighterapground that can share the information with their buddies in the sky. Through no planning whatsoever, Barack Obama now finds himself in the real Commander-in-Chief role. Again for what it is worth, I as well believe that this kind of operation could take years to finalize especially at this rate.

Then again, everybody and their grandmother has got their own perspective on just “how” things should work out. Unfortunately for most of them what they will find out is that the two or three best-sellers they have read, or Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum’s unforgettable works, they all seem to know what to do.

Just a different topic for a moment, and we are ready to field any and all stipulations so please if you have ANY please do not hesitate to contact me without haste. Okay?

hillary_internHillary Clinton — It could be me but I have a difficult time finding anything whatsoever that she could claim as her own doing; what I mean is that would a “First Lady” become a Senator from New York then travel on to become a Secretary of State?


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