Founding Father’s Quotes Friday or Saturday

ffqfFor Founding Father’s Quotes Friday, on Saturday we’ve decided that based on so many quotes – moreover, the exacting detail in letters, papers, and journals recorded and left by this Nation’s founders – that on this lovely Summer afternoon we would feature a few quotes.
We would like to add a little commentary; however, where it is deemed unnecessary or repetitive we may let the quote stand alone. First up and by consensus is Mr. James Madison:
quoteA popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. – James Madison, letter to W.T. Barry, August 4, 1822
How valid is the information our government receives? More importantly, how well is the main-stream media (MSM) being ethical and fair with the information? Lastly, how is this knowledge disseminated, ergo, how transparent is our government? Critical thinking is optimum when one thinks of the changes to health care, environmental issues, illegal immigration, and misspeaking.
quoteEnergy in government is essential to that security against external and internal danger and to that prompt and salutary execution of the laws which enter into the very definition of good government. Stability in government is essential to national character and to the advantages annexed to it, as well as to that repose and confidence in the minds of the people, which are among the chief blessings of civil society. – James Madison, Federalist No. 37, January 11, 1788
Well given the government’s track record over the last 25-years – especially on matters of illegal immigration – we see that the “We the People” are feeling quite unstable.
quoteIf Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one, subject to particular exceptions. – James Madison, letter to Edmund Pendleton, January 21, 1792

Just as in the time of our Founder’s the news media is quintessentially responsible for communicating this Nation’s traditions, heritage, customs, and cultural norms.”By an intermixture with our people, they, or their descendants, get assimilated to our customs, measures, laws: in a word soon become one people”…George Washington in a letter to John Adams.

Whenever I need a reality check with regards to how effective our government is – it is a real award to go back to those who founded this country and look at their morality and values.

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American Fundamental Disrespect…

American Fundamental Disrespect…

2011-04-27 15.16.54It has now become an Issue paper for the politicians, civic institutions, parents of especially middle to high school students, with particular focus on national, state, and local officials — for allowing this inappropriate behavior to continue to revel about without nothing being done about it. Okay, so what on earth is this writer writing about? Anyone who has been following this blog knows — already knows what is at Issue.

Issue Nine: Is the overall fundamental disrespect for American institutions and thoseWe the people who command them at this point. And just for my own musing I want to state that this matter is disingenuous as to how it may begin such as top-down, side-to-side, or from bottoms-up; however, in our many writings over the last months from Reclaiming America, The Left, Language Changing, Liberals, Cultural Marxism, Are these factors seen or heard in American society? How about the POTUS and Secretary of State..? MELTING, STEAMING, SIZZLING OF THE MIND, Matters that are within our control, and having a stare down view of what: Morals, Ethics, Values, and What they mean to You.., then putting together a comprehensive and well-versed or reality and language used regarding the current Civil Disobedience happening in McKinney, Texas of all places.

419105_10151238154313092_1906501386_nFor me upon reflection, our situation in America is causing cautious discussions from around the world. So am I kidding myself when I chant what the American Dream is all about or someone preferably under 25-years of age please explain to me what the latest nuance is considering the term. Just one last issue to bring up: There exists an attitude across the age demography that apparently goes something like this…One is in the work force or out of the workforce, as is one is either a doer and respects law enforcement and unequivocally shows that respect out of performance. Also do we need to have the Justice department setting up headquarters, refreshment stands, posters, and assist with all the legalizing and conformability of Albert Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, SEIU, or others who seem to pour accelerant on the fire during the riots.

On the record this is basically what is happening in America as viewed by myself as well ashealth-care-300x300 several other writer’s. The institution of blame must always rely on the behaviors and motion of those who are at the top of their game. It is my impression from all that I have seen, especially read about, or even heard about to include the latest oxymoron, that President Barack Obama is stealing income tax return money to pay for the tremendous gaping holes in ObamaCare. Under no circumstances — would I ever have approved that law from entering our nation’s history. There exists plenty of more criminal and/or constitutional misnomers that this person is responsible for — ad nauseum.

Before closing for this article, our former Secretary of State, cum Senator, cum lying First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has opted to do what — well in advance of her appointment by President Obama — is use her position, prestige, and ungodly ways to finance her own company using the paid in charitable donations from countries America will not deal with. One, regardless of “the first” obsession that currently has our nation in handcuffs. Why don’t we elect someone who doesn’t have a propensity to break the law?


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Civil disobedience, not revolution — but are the Complaints Warranted

Civil disobedience, not revolution — but are the Complaints Warranted..?

Guess who has arrived in McKinney, Texas?

Guess who has arrived in McKinney, Texas?

Please STOP what you are doing huddle up alongside your monitor or whatever device of technology you happen to be using and read this article. One of the matters that plaques main stream media the most are quite simply and very plainly what amounts to journalistic integrity. Journalistic integrity is the process by which a journalist goes through and dissects everything that is available — before commencing to write anything — or to especially form judgments that will somehow bias the case and therefore lead to rumors, fabrications, and the ugly and all encompassing gossip.

As you know I try to stay as far as possible away with stories that these events can and more often than not happen. Take Ferguson MO., for example whereby an alleged eye-witness — the person with Michael Brown during the shooting, who did happen to catch some movement from both parties involved and whilst bragadociously spewing lies and fabrications on what later proved to be out of his sight during the process. What inevitable finding did the grand juries come away with?



Thinking of Baltimore, Maryland? Pursuant to the Mr. Gray case what was really seen and orchestrated here was looking for a reason to produce some civil disobedience. I have queried myself as to the notion of “what good does it do my community — including my friendships, interactions with others, and most importantly safety, to riot in my own neighborhood?” What is it that happened in the Gray case that was the basis for rioting, burning, murder, as well as civil disobedience?

When that devil’s bullet lodged itself inside the body of Martin Luther King, he had already begun an astonishing mobilization of poor, Black, white, Latino Americans who had nothing to lose. They would challenge our government to eliminate exploitative, merciless, and war-mongering policies, nationwide, or else “tie up the country” through “means of civil disobedience.” Dr. King intended to organize those legions into “coercive direct actions” that would make of Babylon a dysfunctional behemoth begging for relief. Is it any wonder he was killed? … June Jordan (b. 1939), U.S. poet, civil rights activist. lecture, Jan. 20, 1987, Stanford University, California

This is the quintessential compliment to the law enforcement officials in Boston, MA. That before an investigation was even near completion, the law enforcement authorities decided to begin releasing information far prior then it was necessary — they did it to maintain dignity and respect for their citizenry and especially for the police departments. Without question Boston became a leader in what it is to be able to depend on leadership to get the job done — something that is sorely missed and is quite responsible for the amount of civil disobedience going on around our nation now.

Everyone with any sense about them should screen and listen to the video tape New Black Panthers arrving[] where a mature woman who has obviously has studied the video as she addresses what some teens disrespectfully did while at the same time was able to catch some of the “back talk” and body movements of Dajerria Becton the 15-year-old who was screaming “I want my Mama(s)…I want my Mama’s gun to…” Now if kids who have run disrespectfully from a “fight — fight” are told by law enforcement personnel to sit down and shut up should do precisely that; but when the children get up and start running again, ask yourself, what are they running from? At time of publishing this article she has 1.8 million hits on Face book.

I do want to say something about journalistic integrity and what unfortunately happened yesterday regarding The Washington Post. If somehow I could become editor of online communications general reporters I would make my appointment with Abby Phillip astutely, yet positive. Abby Phillip is a general assignment national reporter for the Washington Post. Of the reporting she has done up to this point I maintain that she is one of the main stream media reporters who have disregarded all means of journalistic integrity resulting in many of the gossip and rumors that have put McKinney, Texas up on high alert for rioting. All one needs to do is compare what Abby Phillip has written and alleged and place her reporting up against the woman in the video tape or any one of my own personal writings and one will easily see what I am saying.

Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of a government, or of an occupying international power. Civil disobedience is sometimes, though not always, defined as being nonviolent resistance…Mahatma Gandhi


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A Gated Community, Teens at a pool party, the Police are alerted

A Gated Community, Teens at a pool party, the Police are alerted

movie-cameraI did not think I would ever stoop to this point to write a story but I have so let’s get to it. Undoubtedly by now just about everyone in America has seen this on either their local news channel, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter by now. That certainly doesn’t mean that the ordeal is over, it just means that someone had the presence of mind or otherwise, to video record the proceedings. Some therefore, should be saying “Ahhhhh…finally” whilst you must know that a generation of lesser than good moral or responsibly behavior and teens finally brought to fruition one crazed (right or wrong) and very outnumbered police officer.

Let’s see — we all are now law enforcement agents. When being close to McKinney, Texas, noted for its higher income residents and as the tape reveals is a gated community, when the dispatcher calls on all available police officers within the McKinney area to respond to a an apparent racial disturbance by kids who do not belong in the community.

Now what this recording shows us is one police officer running down a street before hitting his feet on something — that sends him to the ground tumbling — as the officer recovers the entire field of view of the camera screen is basically blank insofar as what is obvious is that this officer is chasing down something — we wonder if he is in pursuit of the original complaints?

Shortly thereafter this same officer winds smack dab in the middle of some rather Bo_9jTiLVX2pJI-Ufrenzied teens who all have got something to say to this officer. Now as the officer tries to get people sorted out — sitting peacefully and prepared to hear them the next scene we share from this video shows some very small pockets of individuals sitting and it is only by the sound of the video that we are able to see the officer slam an unarmed 15-year-old girl to the ground, pulls his gun and kneels on her as teens on either side of him begin to approach from both sides and henceforth the officer pulls his gun out before being brutally attacked. And of course there is constant shouting and, of course, record the encounter.

What is exceedingly interesting is that for the first 50 or so times that I watched the video I decided to mark a few individuals insofar as the rumors, tales, fabrications, and just putrid gossip is lambasted out at this officer by people who otherwise are not seen readily or immediately.

This is where the treatment for our film comes into perspective. On one hand, it should be easy enough for an entire generation raised on the most gutting and chilling special effects ever created by those companies who office in Hollywood, CA to observe this video with sound and come to their own conclusions. But that is not the America we live in today. Clearly the most interesting story comes from Tatiana Rhodes, 19, who said that she and some friends had organized the party and were enjoying themselves at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool on June 5 when the conflict with a white neighbor broke out.

The problem of first part is that there is no way that what these ladies stated to one another prior to hostilities broke out. Indeed the altercation did take place showing a black woman interlocked with the hair of a white woman. Furthermore, as more blacks hurried into the area and started assisting in the “fight — fight” could be heard from the shouting of onlookers. We have all seen the video tape by now. It is alleged that the film-maker and associates had this video put up on to YouTube before any of the local news agencies even carried the story.

cg7amiguqaawuuv (2)All of this happened before the police even arrived. The first segment of police involvement is at paragraph three. What I have been able to follow on this tape alone, is that the 15-year-old young girl, Dajerria Becton, is problematic. First there is a scene of her screaming at the officer — after being told to disburse; at the time of her screaming she is approximately 15 feet from the officer; now, it is unclear if she was pushed into the officer or what exactly happened, but she is in a waist bent position around his legs — the officer has no physical contact with her whatsoever — this is when the sound goes up on the video. It does seem apparent that the officer has something to fear (an attack?) and reaches for the commotion around his legs, who is none other than Dajerria Becton the 15 year old girl. The officer is originally seen as trying to subdue this hysterical teenager. Then she says the most profound oddity: “I want my mama(s)…I want my mama’s gun” this is at the exact time when three teen trouble makers looking for trouble converge on the officer and which time he pulls his service pistol and begins chasing the trouble making teens.


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Responsibility, Accountability, and Culpability

Responsibility, Accountability, and Culpability

eagle with flag design on wingsThis is one of those writings that one has set out a long time ago; however did not feel it was appropriate enough to involve our reader’s in. Yet, as I have observed what has gone on in our Nation for at least 45-years now I have finally realized that I can write about this now with the utmost of journalistic charisma.

It is one issue just to bring something up; yet, without supporting documentation or some kind of proof, one can be construed as a soothsayer and therefore nothing that that individual speaks, writes about, or says, means anything. Then again we’ve all sat through the endless history or writing classes that have relentlessly asked for our position on contrast or compare.

Well we’re not trying to compare anything up against anything with the exception of howciv00006 political parties, can and do, enforce change within the daily lives of the American people. Like it or not we’ve decided to disclose some of the observations — or changes — we, as well as our Nation, have endured in just the last reasonable time a decade or so and then we would be able to see where most of these changes are rooted and how they continually come up. Yes, this writing will examine the Democrat Party and after a half century what has happened as a result.

From the very beginning of our Nation’s history a large overwhelming government was the absolute pinnacle of what our Founder’s did not want. In fact, this opposition was so lethal in thinking that prior to the Constitution — several meetings, debates, writings and discussions were brought forth. The purpose of these conversations was to define federal power. Furthermore, as long as they were discussing power roles within government it was definitely necessary to have concern with State government as well.

But I digress, first the object of government was a matter of protecting the citizens liberty’s. These were also their civil liberties. Every citizen within a civil society deserved to be protected by foreign and national armies. They didn’t think to control guns or ammunition for such, insofar as people who owned them might be recalled to their state or national guard. Secondly the first function of the government was to distinguish the structure and then how to differentiate the powers within the branches. Other protections included to regulate intercourse between foreign nations and maintain harmony and intercourse within the States; others included miscellaneous objects of utility, restrain the states from various destructive acts, and provisions giving efficacy to these powers.

And the Founder’s did exactly that — they constructed a separation of powers within the various branches of government. This separation of powers was so extremely important to these individuals that it seemed as though it would never end — and I do not suppose that the system of checks and balances has an expiration date.

They could not envision a time whenever the federal government would need to change in size. If we remember our early American history courses, the citizenry did not nominate or elect a Senate. Furthermore, for those House Representatives there was never any reason why they should leave the confines of their own constituency. I can assure you that zero provision was made to House or Senate members simply because they had been elected.

CongressSo I ask the reader’s out there to assist me with details. Such details as where is it written that an American president should be granting amnesty to as much as 12 million foreign nationals? Maybe it is my inability to see how irresponsible it is to tax the rich 1 percentile so as to include a food allowance for daycare facilities.


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So what do values, ethics, and morals mean to you?

So what do values, ethics, and morals mean to you?
divider-in-chief1 - Copy
Lately I have been writing a little skewed than I do normally in my day to day course of events. As for me this has been a delightful change inasmuch as I am able to view the world and those in it, in realism. The day to day hustle and grind that it takes just to keep up with the most delinquent administration I have ever studied or seen in real life is one aspect — whilst another completely different aspect crops up out of the failure of the administration to lead is enough to exploit volumes of crimes, corruption, and things not so the “American way.”

So imagine if you will giving an insider’s view of the current Obama administration including and certainly not limited to, the IRS, nuclear Iran, who knows what about Syria, the Saudi’s, or the Sunni’s, or just what other slaughtering is in the minds of the Shiites, therefore, I wonder if anyone looks and or sees many of the situations on earth as I do — and then through some machination be able to expose those who see what they want to see or hear what they want to hear avoiding or taking to heart those issues that I write about.

What has vehemently come to me in recent days is that the very leadership of this country — the President, the former Secretary of State, Mayor’s in states, as New York whose bosses, the Governors’ of the several states, continuing on as though nothing was happening at all and soon enough, not too long in the distant future, younger generations will begin discussing our current difficulties right about before the bomb that was created — yup, on your watch — changes the order and structure of the world as we knew it.

Issue Seven: Barack Hussein Obama, in my opinion will leave no legacy that anyone would want to consider as remotely good; therefore, the man should have to live in his own squalor and grief; and the exact same with the former Secretary of State, who I would guess has some tie-in through her various and sundry charities’ and have nothing less than the IRS granting her money. I guess to sum it all up nicely, please don’t be surprised when this rubbish gets public.

As for Issue Seven: with the amount of regulations that the government places on say ordinary businesses, gasoline, ObamaCare, as well as anything you can imagine — if our government used the same law clinching tactics on some of our more irresponsible leadership as they do on attaching tax dollar subsidies, and taxpaying regulations then just maybe we could get rid of the real course of American embarrassment shown and demonstrated for us daily.

So what do values, ethics, and morals mean to you? Let’s look at these three principles from their definitions and see if, how, and when they apply to us. Starting with morals — our first definition demands that we come to a meaning of right and wrong. Morals is indeed the most looked at for this research insofar as we are looking on a mega level such as the moral issues (right v. wrong) of an entire society, where this particular behavior is able to cut within a society to various and sundry groups. However, the single most important issue behind having morals from one’s personal conscience is by the way they are to others.

Values again looks at the moral turpitude and this one I found very, very interesting — insofar as it deals with the linguistics aspect, or the literal meaning of the word. Therefore, the principles align to determine the accepted standards albeit, regarding another individual and is quite aptly the worth behind a person. For example, to value morals, standards, and ideas we would be regarding someone’s value as important and useful.

And on to ethics — ethics is the study of morality’s effect on conduct. Let’s face it — we all live by a code of morality, or a system or moral principles governing the appropriate conduct of a person or group. It is very evident that these various manners of code of morality are influx almost daily of late.

The important thing to always remember is how am I going to like this or that particular code? Our meaning here is that from a conservative perspective to blow and go from a level of decency and when it changes, and it will — it is more than critical that as a person who cares for others’ that we believe and think in such a fashion to determine the change or learn to live with it.

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Matters that are within our control

Going on to Issue Six; Matters that are within our control

danaperino0319-300x188Surely what inspired me in my graduate school days was far more likely found in my undergraduate days (Freshman to Senior level) that most often have the distinction of being conferred with the all omnipotent Bachelor’s degree. Today as I sit and write I am probably more proud of those moments than at any during my entire life.

The reason for such emotion is one, I planned the experience; two, I payed for the luxury of learning. Three, please understand that there were times based on matters completely beyond my control that took the hearing ear of a qualified professor or school administrator, and tons of prayer, which I am thrilled to write about.

There can be no medium by which I am able to say, what issue or what matter, influenced300px-Sacred_heart_of_Jesus_Cordoba_Mini me the greatest when it comes to my relationship with God. By the way, there is a reason why I am writing this to you today. If anyone were to look around and simply compare how America used to run as opposed to now, it would be astonishing.

Therefore spending nearly two decades in the student seats of education, and then at the very least a decade and more time as the standing adjunct professor, or where I believe the need for qualified people should be, within the high schools where every student knows that regardless of what grade they earn — there will always be the my parent’s to help me get through. Which brings me to:

Issue Six: I have had some of my most troubling ordeals when it comes to my high school students. There was a time in a teacher’s arsenal when grades mattered. So basically what I am leading up too is the notion that every student started my classes at a full 100% with a letter grade of an A+. Can you possibly imagine how long a traditional student managed to keep their A’s? Let’s try approximately two maybe three calendar months.

141024161438-07-washington-school-shooting-1024-horizontal-galleryNow as a matter of the status quo the first month in my classes is time for dropping all the baggage, and being able to tell a good story about either someone the student has selected or someone in the neighborhood. I never minded the gender differences insofar as it really showed male students what their female counterparts were very capable of accomplishing. Moreover, this exercise was accompanied with how or what a student could do to earn extra credit on their reports.

Time for realism: Most of all public school students gave about as much attention to this long, class time for ideas, meet and greets, Oratory presentation, Power point submissions, to include any other matter of technological expertise — day to day texting, notes of phone conversations, photos, and video tales, and finally a Journal of thoughts, learning, and how to make their situation better.

Sound fair-enough? Allow me to subject a few recurrent facts. One, normally I refrained from Asian to Asian students insofar as these days, Asian students march to the beat of a different drummer; it was far more advantageous to assign an Asian female student with some male from the Varsity Club. Oh yes, and for students who shared an immediate attraction — they were found new partner’s and no one seemed to care.

Today there exists a parent up to student objection process — that quite astutely continues to muck up America’s education system. I do not mind explaining any of these to anyone — only that I tenderly suggest we all come together and work on these much sooner than later. The elements put in list fashion look something like this:

Which of these precepts can be changed or altered?
Save yourself endless student loan debt realizing what type of person you are or could Alex Hamilton 1become.
Where does the love of learning new knowledge come into your sphere of influence?
Do you look forward to attending school? If so, for what reason(s)?
Have you ever participated in any school program designed to assist you?


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Why does America continue to see Excrement and Nothing is Done about it?

Why does America continue to see Excrement and Nothing is Done about it?

be calmFar be it from me, but I do not try and/or am not compelled to hurt anyone. What is incumbent upon me however is the fact that I see that my country’s falling in a myriad of ways; furthermore, failing in ways to make things better when it is within our institutional awareness to make our nation better. If there is a single “anything” from a speck of dust to a dropped water glass to the unconscionable misleading, Constitution or rule of law matters and unquestioned wrong doing, and misappropriation of funds that people just seem to go-along with that is inherently wrong.

Issue Five: One particular way of dealing with this phenomenon or I believe it is those who live in the country that show a unique fondness toward the alleged “stupidity route.” All things being equal, it is an absolute hilarity when one does one of the two: either, how am I supposed to know about that? And who do I contact — or how do I contact my Representative(s) to get an explanation?

latin America mapThis may come as a surprise to you however, the state of California is one legislative vote away from allowing illegal aliens — yep those individuals who entered the nation illegally are simply one vote away from receiving health care benefits for free, which is paid for by the conglomerate of tax-paying individuals.

First and foremost the group of people exist in this nation as a result of the government conferring upon them the unique value of “protected status.” You see, being within this group of “Protected Status” infers precisely what it is.

What is TPS

The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a foreign country for TPS due to conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, or in certain circumstances, where the country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately. USCIS may grant TPS to eligible nationals of certain countries (or parts of countries), who are already in the United States. Eligible individuals without nationality who last resided in the designated country may also be granted TPS.

Refugee status or asylum may be granted to people who have been persecuted or fear theyB9k48e0IAAARvkh will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion.


Refugee status is a form of protection that may be granted to people who meet the definition of refugee and who are of special humanitarian concern to the United States. Refugees are generally people outside of their country who are unable or unwilling to return home because they fear serious harm. For a legal definition of refugee, see section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

And now for my final pet-peeve regarding this matter is the notion of how does one get off the protected status list? The source reference, Section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is what has not been reformed!

irs-logoIn the United States currently we have troubles (I mean devastation) within our entire state of education. The Internal Revenue Service has been corrupted beyond all recognition — the agency has been charged with bribery, theft, and stealing — yet can we ask whoever it is who is in charge of the Department of Justice, how is Lois Lerner allowed to “loose” actual hard drives then 8 months later find them again, without fear of penalty?

And just now within current news cycles the (Hillary) Clinton Foundation continues to sift through unsightly emails and other working papers and my only question is why no subpoena? We already know as fact that she conspired and colluded with countries not on our friend’s list to receive hundreds of millions of dollars, yet, she chooses to whom and about what she will answer questions from. Do us ALL a favor: Ban the Person from holding any public office.

_one color

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Think About it please, before you travel and come to America

Think About it please, before you travel and come to America

afac_Map_largerSpeak up if you can somehow agree, acknowledge, emphasize, or morally agree with me pursuant to what it means to assimilate versus come as you are or more often than not — not attend to assimilation at all. Straight from our dictionary and please I quote this definition to you: ASSIMILATION: from a verb perspective assimilation means [to integrate somebody into a larger group, so that differences between cultural groups are minimized or even eliminated, or become integrated in this way.]

Issue Four: I and those around me have had a difficult time with the lack of assimilation that has been going on by the Department of Homeland Security and the actual individuals who migrate or come to this country. Now then, let’s not let our knickers’ get all rolled up because I mentioned DHS. What it is that we should know is that the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are the primary two agencies within DHS that handles matters especially the processes of law enforcement and the other to monitor the rubbish tests and other qualifying matters for any newly expected member of our society.

The following is something I would like addressed — much sooner than later. Forget the DHS_cis_1_T%20_SearchResultsentangled DHS just a moment so we can focus on all things cultural or nationalized. What I am concerned about is the means, motives, methods, and unfortunately who is it that is getting quite wealthy in the USA by reasons of a punk-a-fied judicial system as well as a real chicken excrement government. And what I mean when I refer to the government — is any number of these individuals to at least stand up and ask, or look for accountability.

Let’s look at yesterday’s article, and soon to be reading Ms. Ann Coulter’s New York Times best seller “¡Adios America!” Of the first part I implore our government to hold tightly the very reasons why another individual from another nation would want to move to our country. It would be so easy to say because of entitlements: — you know the immediate relief one gains when they are uncertain about work even if it is a language problem. We refer to the USA now as “The Welfare State” that gives freely Welfare remuneration, food stamps, and those coupons that go with the food stamps, how about a little unemployment insurance, a bed, home, toothbrush, transportation assistance to and from work; literally, everything that a person needs and/or wants they can receive here in the USA for nothing.

Picture1I am still befuddled as to why a person who has been educated that “everything in the West” is evil, and believe it or not the very Satan lives there…everywhere there, would even entertain the idea of living in a land which they are brought up to hate. Furthermore, one of the big four steps into even being considered in this process is the assimilation one must go through in order to become even a remotely cultured person. And the acculturation means everything that has to do with America meaning — the religious institutions, the food that is eaten, as well as some of the “other ways” that come from other societies such as “mercy killings, the continued abuse of the judiciary system that was put into action by the Founders of the USA.

I for one am getting sick and overly tired listening to Muslim women taking $20 to $100 million in alleged damages from our courts and communities. I suppose that this happens, but it is not too often that one sees an American at least over 30 years of age suing simply because you can receive the money.

Cultural assimilation is the process by which a person or a group’s language and/or culture come to resemble those of another group. The term is used to refer to both individuals and groups, and in the latter case it can refer to either immigrant diasporas or native residents that come to be culturally dominated by another society. Assimilation may involve either a quick or gradual change depending on circumstances of the group. Full assimilation occurs when new members of a society become indistinguishable from members of the other group. Whether or not it is desirable for an immigrant group to assimilate is often disputed by both members of the group and those of the dominant society.

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Samantha Elauf, an observant Muslim woman, and what next…?

350px-Supreme_Court_US_2010Samantha Elauf, an observant Muslim woman, and next…?

The Supreme Court ruled today 8-1 today that the retail chain Abercrombie & Fitch violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when an assistant manager denied Samantha Elauf, an observant Muslim woman, a job because her headscarf violated Abercrombie’s “Look Policy,” that prohibits “caps” from being worn on the sale floor.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Abercrombie on Elauf’s behalf, but the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals contended that Abercrombie was not liable because Elauf did not provide actual notice of the need for a religious accommodation during her job interview.

Issue Three: How much more of this steaming excrement do we need to take? As far as we are concerned here at The Contemplative this as well as other cases it sure appears that the United States Supreme Court is getting ready to pass something that most Americans would find insulting.

It does not appear as though Ms. Samantha Elauf did anything, incurred costs, or especially knew what she was doing within the proceedings of the trial. She somehow got the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to do the actual suing of Abercrombie & Finch, which appeared to have lost during the initial verdict. So I ask anyone or everyone who will correspond to this article, when does any court judicial system stop hearing such cases?

Even the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Ms. Elauf and found that Abercrombie & Finch was not liable insofar as the need for religious accommodation was NOT espoused during her interview with the company’s designated interviewer.

The Supreme Court reversed that decision. In a majority opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia scaleswrote, “Here the employer at least suspected that the practice was a religious one; its refusal to hire was motivated by the desire to avoid accommodating that practice, and that is enough.” That indeed may be an assumption.

I and my gang absolutely love Justice Scalia! He appears to be the only Justice on the Court that uses a measure of good and common sense. However, are judge’s supposed to do that? This will remain our question throughout the social media aspect. Did Justice Scalia and/or other Justices’ of this court Usurp the law as it is written?

This case must now be filed into “Potential Wrong Action” because what the person wanted — do we even know what our observant Muslim woman wanted? It sure seems like our favorite SCOTUS judge assumed he did; or can anyone tell me about the notion whereby a person asks for one item and it is found that that one item is accommodated for — therefore, end of ruling — or since when does any court have the wherewithal to intermittently change the legal process?

We do want to make judicial notice here, given this particular case, that as one reader already responded: “From what I’ve seen at Abercrombie, and what I’ve heard about Islam, why is she working there in the first place?” Thank you.


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