Founding Fathers Quotes Friday

41fk94wsOYL._AA160_ President Barack Obama told three people who repeatedly interrupted his latest speech on immigration to stop their yelling because he “just took an action to change the law.” Very interesting bit of reporting — not only does Emperor Obama bypass Congress, the chosen people of this nation to legislate and/or debate amendments to and making new laws as well.

Now as you well know we have a president in this country who single-handedly has brought on some very serious changes to the United States of America, alone, without any consultation or otherwise with any of the other equal branches of government.

In the very same circumstances a few eras ago, this type of disproportionate control over the entire nation was called Feudalism. Now I could suppose that maybe this is as far as our President Obama reached in education. Additionally, with the way he is acting — making new laws for immigration and just expecting the American people to go like “sheeple” doing and inhabiting what they are told.

I hope you folks do not abandon me but it is well past time to STOP, have a LOOK AROUND, hey WHAT’S THAT SOUND, and everybody look at WHAT’S GOING ROUND. I may be out of my depth here but I do not believe I am looking at anything other than an egregious attempt at destroying what our Founding Fathers put into action.

We can start with the president breaking, manufacturing, while deciding on his own what is good for America without the public courtesy of asking us how we fill about it. I can’t speak for you here, but I am reasonably certain that our Founder’s did everything within their power to STOP wing nuts like this from going absolutely berserk.

James_Madison_140x190So not only has this president committed unthinkable acts against the division of power in this country; consequently, it is far worse. When the president or congress or the judiciary begin to make laws to placate special interest groups and illegal immigrants, moreover, he is or any branch that considers themselves only without talking to the American people — incidentally the place where all power begins is with the people who decided to give it back — with the republic clause open and operating.

I have a dear friend that means everything to me. This person has shown me that there is no distinction, level, or manner of sin that makes any difference at all. Basically what he tried for so long to teach me was that whether I am committing murder or stealing a loaf of bread there exists no difference whatsoever.

Therefore, believing as I do coincides with approximately 73 percent of the people of our nation. So as heinous as murder sounds or greedy as stealing a loaf of bread or $1,oooooo.oo one million dollars there is no difference in the eyes of our Creator. Having said this, why does our elusive Commander-in-Chief continue to make laws that state essentially, “Okay you’ve entered into and onto our land and rather than face you deserved punishment, here, bring you children, we will locate you with the husband and father of your kids who walked out and abandoned you 20 some years ago?”

Currently in my country there is rioting predicated upon decisions by people who have seen evidence. At the extreme end our President Barack Obama does not use his Occidental College – Columbia University or even his Harvard Law degrees to help these people understand what justice is about.

Talk about dereliction of duty, anyone wonder why this person has no less that 17 states that have elected to sue him?


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Obama’s Immigration Plan…stuck on stupid!

The "Latte Salute"

The “Latte Salute”

So without further adieu we went over to “The Obama Strategic-Executive-Order” room to listen to his plan and development for America’s broken immigration system.

“America’s immigration system is broken. Too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers and there are 11 million people living in the shadows. Neither is good for the economy or the country.”

One, and of the first notion; America never had an immigration system period. There exists extraordinary documentation on how immigration matters should be handled; however, this by no means characterizes any system whatsoever, or executing the basic premise of punishment would have worked wonders.

Two, of the second part, it is interesting to note that President Obama would stoop so low as to use this excuse. A couple of issues stand out when one reads this rubbish. The employers that “game” the system are those that have been under the radar prior to being caught. Moreover, the president or congressional officials have not wanted to push the envelope with severe fines. This of course takes away from an officials lobbying prowess, and they do not want to face bad press. With the way that immigration policy has been handled in the past — haphazardly and very leizze-faired — without any encumbrance of maintaining the law why would not big corporations go for inexpensive labor?

The idea of 11 million people living in the shadows is easily a choice they have made. With deportations, and the way the law has been manipulated there, coupled with less and ineffective law enforcement it is beyond time to “come clean” by upholding the rules and laws.

The best and most proper way to explain Obama’s executive action is to illuminate what is in his plan. Therefore, we shall present to you the four (4) basic elements taken from his abysmal, and pathetic plans. Starting with Number One:

Continuing to Strengthen Border Security   President Obama has doubled the number of Border Patrol agents and today border security is stronger than it has ever been. But there is more work to do. The President’s proposal gives law enforcement the tools they need to make our communities safer from crime. And by enhancing our infrastructure and technology, the President’s proposal continues to strengthen our ability to remove criminals and apprehend and prosecute threats to our national security.

There are those times when I wish I could be on the House and/or Senate floors during a State of the Union Address, or maybe one invited guest to meet with President Obama in a “round-table discussion” or meeting with immigration advocates and special interest groups. Why? To show this “President” that not all Americans are stupid; when in fact, he is stuck on stupid!

Hey Barack Obama, Cabinet Officials, Members of Congress, and the lot of you folks…How does anyone consider the border to be more secure by increasing the number of Border Patrol Agents, who are no longer responsible for detaining, deporting, or otherwise upon apprehension of an illegal/undocumented alien from another country? What happened to the U.S. Border Patrol as well as the U.S. I.C.E. agents? Yep, they were issued command directives not to arrest any illegal’s, in fact, run and hide from on-coming traffic that is aimed at you? These honorable agents were given the orders to assist the 90,000 homeless youths along with their parents. So is it safe to say that immigration is at an all time low without even counting these some 100,000 additional aliens? (Please    

Improve partnerships with border communities and law enforcement. Please understand that one gets livid when irresponsible, make-shift proposals are put down as “Plans from the President.”Listen and read up! How long has the elected officials been working actively to secure the border? I hope you get my point. Increasing boots on the ground does absolutely nothing as long as these officers are given command directives before letting their boots hit the ground.

If one wishes to remove hardened criminals from the Nation, then one does not ever release them freely like President Obama did during the 36,000 hardened criminal release program. Furthermore, one does not release — only to provide for 90,000 unaccompanied minors — and giving them their “own reconnaissance” to report to court date, when one is aware of the statistics of no-shows hovering at 96 percent. This is P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S people; moreover, demagoguery insofar as one is doing this for himself and not for the better outcome for the U.S.A.

Streamlining Legal Immigration   Legal immigration should be simple and efficient. The President’s proposal provides visas to foreign entrepreneurs looking to start businesses here, helps the most promising foreign graduate students in science and math stay in this country after graduation, and reunites families in a timely and humane manner.

So, what is this proposal about other than putting one’s country up for sale? Looking to help the “promising” foreign graduates in science and math to stay in this country to what — teach or an entry level engineering position? That is just plain stupid! ( See

Cracking down on Employers that Hire Illegal’s  The President’s proposal is designed to stop businesses from exploiting the system by knowingly hiring undocumented workers. It holds these companies accountable, and gives employers who want to play by the rules a reliable way to verify that their employees are here legally.     (See  

A Path to Earned Citizenship  The President’s proposal provides undocumented immigrants with a legal way to earn citizenship so they can come out of the shadows. It holds them accountable by requiring they pass background checks, pay taxes and a penalty, go to the back of the line, and learn English. It requires everyone to play by the same rules. And just how do you expect to do this feat? (See


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Obama is Losing it…whatever Brain Matter he had on Immigration

Obama is Losing it…whatever Brain Matter he had on Immigration

Should be ashamed at what the Senate produced.

Should be ashamed at what the Senate produced.

Tuesday morning from Washington, where the protests in Ferguson, Mo., led to a series of speeches on the House floor by Congressional Black Caucus, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio announced he wouldn’t seek the presidency in 2016, and Senator Harry Reid repeated his perennial threat to keep Congress in session through Christmas. All of this ridiculous behavior as aiding and abetting by a compliant national media, the Ferguson protestors spun a dishonest or misinformed version of what happened—Michael Brown murdered in cold blood while trying to give up—into a chant (“hands up, don’t shoot”) and then a mini-movement.

This in the thick of ObamaCare becoming law because of the “stupidly of the American voter,” as put forth by Jonathan Gruber, the professor at MIT who took to the airwaves to espouse his views “Call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass,” Gruber said at the time.

I believe that what Professor Gruber was saying is just the tip of how Americans are in real life. This statement of course is offered with the exception of our readers! Okay here is quiz for everyone: How many people out there voted for Barack Obama? Now, who voted to have this Emperor Obama reelected? I have yet to find a person who’ll readily admit to the first question; however, NOT one single person has volunteered an answer for the second part of the question.

Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) sent a letter last week to both Gruber and Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn issaTavenner calling upon them to testify at the hearing, which will focus on “repeated transparency failures and outright deceptions surrounding ObamaCare,” according to a release.

But still the most conscience effort that President Barack Obama is deliberately trying to destroy, discombobulate, and to prove his never-ending run at demagoguery is evident in his over-execration, over-reaching his place in our government is definitely through his lying and fabrications of the truth regarding immigration reform. The headlines alone tell one about his executive overreach: Republican Boehner tries to avoid spending fight on immigration, (Reuters News Service) Obama says Immigration Changes are for now, (Associated Press) DHS chief spars with GOP on immigration (The Hill) Tom Cotton sees securing U.S.-Mexico border as a top priority (Politico) How immigration killed the tax deal, (Politico).

imagesCA6MKTD1Definition of demagoguery is the non-acceptable behavior of, or rabble-rouser is a political leader in a democracy who appeals to the emotions, fears, prejudices, and ignorance of the lower classes in order to gain power and promote political motives, to gain in their own personal interests.

Demagogues usually oppose deliberation and advocate immediate, violent action to address a national crisis; they accuse moderate and thoughtful opponents of weakness. Demagogues have appeared in democracies since ancient Athens. They exploit a fundamental weakness in democracy: because ultimate power is held by the people, nothing stops the people from giving that power to someone who appeals to the lowest common denominator of a large segment of the population.


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The St. Louis Rams and a Word on Ferguson, MO

The Rams and a Word on Ferguson

wilsonThe bitter irony of the Michael Brown case is that if he had actually put his hands up and said don’t shoot, he would almost certainly be alive today. His family would have been spared an unspeakable loss, and Ferguson, Missouri wouldn’t have experienced multiple bouts of rioting, including the torching of at least a dozen businesses the night it was announced that Officer Darren Wilson wouldn’t be charged with a crime.

Instead, the credible evidence (i.e., the testimony that doesn’t contradict itself or the physical evidence) suggests that Michael Brown had no interest in surrendering. After committing an act of petty robbery at a local business, he attacked Officer Wilson when he stopped him on the street. Brown punched Wilson when the officer was still in his patrol car and attempted to take his gun from him.

The first shots were fired within the car in the struggle over the gun. Then, Michael Brown ran. Even if he hadn’t put his hands up, but merely kept running away, he would also almost certainly be alive today. Again, according to the credible evidence, he turned back and rushed Wilson. The officer shot several times, but Brown kept on coming until Wilson killed him.

This is a terrible tragedy. It isn’t a metaphor for police brutality or race repression or anything else, and never was. Aided and abetted by a compliant national media, the Ferguson protestors spun a dishonest or misinformed version of what happened—Michael Brown murdered in cold blood while trying to give up—into a chant (“hands up, don’t shoot”) and then a mini-movement.

ramsWhen the facts didn’t back their narrative, they dismissed the facts and retreated into paranoid suspicion of the legal system. They preferred to charge that the grand jury process was rigged, because St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch didn’t seek an indictment of Wilson and allowed the grand jury to hear all the evidence and make its own decision.

And finally, The agitators of Ferguson have proven themselves proficient at destroying other people’s property, no matter what the rationale. This summer, they rioted when the police response was “militarized” and rioted when the police response was un-militarized.

NBA legend and broadcaster Charles Barkley said there is “no excuse” for protesters in Ferguson, Mo., to burn down and loot businesses and heavily criticized the black community’s reaction to the recent news regarding the killing of Michael Brown. Now with all the trouble the NFL has been up too and trust me, we are going to hear a lot more before it is over — what those irresponsible St. Louis Rams were doing by making some sort of protest with their actions calls for nothing shy of a Class Action suit, or maybe a discrimination beef.

Yet, let it be said that despite the amount of head injuries — a fallacy that is perpetuated more and more everyday — it is for the retirement gang.

Barkley went after the black community for attacking the grand jury and Officer Darren Wilson. “We have to be reallyimages (5) careful with the cops, because if it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods,” he said. “We can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad. . . . Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops?”

Barkley also lashed out at “scumbags” who took part in the violent protests after the decision was announced. “There is no excuse for people to be out there burning down people’s businesses, burning up police cars,” he said.

“The true story [in the Brown case] came out from the grand-jury testimony,” he said, noting that the court’s work included physical evidence and testimony from black witnesses.


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Obama changing and making laws for his own needs

Naploeon - CopyObama changing and making laws for his own needs

President Barack Obama told three people who repeatedly interrupted his latest speech on immigration to stop their yelling because he “just took an action to change the law.” Very interesting bit of reporting — not only does Emperor Obama bypass Congress, the chosen people of this nation to legislate and/or debate amendments to and making new laws as well.

Yet now, America is basically forced to deal with this demented, destroyer, in Emperor Obama. We have come to be very disapproving of this President — who refers to himself as an “Expert on Constitutional matters,” but wait just a moment… this is the President who lies, fabricates tales, and basically will say anything to get his way?

In the last 10 years, Congress has served up billions of dollars into law enforcement efforts; subsequently, they have succeeded in greatly increasing the level of deportations from the United States. Now given budget conditions with restraints, this drive has begun to top off near 400,000 removals a year that is of course if you are willing to take the Emperor’s word on it.

Carpe diem, time to seize this day in history because Emperor Obama has seized this opening to begin his own reforms. Therefore, not only does this person decide when, where, and how green cards will be delivered and to whom; moreover outside of admitting five to ten million illegal and undocumented immigrants it is suggested that the greater the population will get as real deportation data is released. 

This indeed illustrates how two sides of how government can respond to the resources available to it. And this dollar-and-cents equation is at the heart of the 33-page opinion prepared by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel in support of the president’s action.

With an estimated 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and little chance of deporting more than four to five percent each year, the memo argues that the president should have the discretion to grant some relief to what could be no more than a third of the 11.3 million in the end.

That is a one-sided aspect of the Emperor’s plan. Merely stating that all of the law enforcement agencies as well as the local community police and sheriff’s departments is another way of perusing this matter. Now for anyone to suggest that the following is everything but good old fashioned leadership… 

For all the angry threats of shutting the government, Obama has harnessed an agency, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, deemed immune from last year’s meltdown because 98 percent of its budget came from fees earned by processing applications for visas and work permits, for example.

This is only a crude exercise, but the numbers do appear to confirm the real costs of what’s required to greatly increase the level of already high removals each year. It’s not just speeches but dollars. And looking back over the 10-year period, the most rapid growth was in the stretch prior to the Great Recession, and Congress has been content with relatively level funding in recent years.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of our Readers;

In case you have not heard, ALL 4 to 10 million illegal aliens will begin to start collecting Social Security income and Medicare. More tomorrow…

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They Mask, they Camouflage, they don’t dare admit what they really intend to do

The Mask, they Camouflage, they don’t dare admit what they really intend to

I know most would agree with me that this Obama administration has had more unsettled scandals, more leaks and intelligence problems, and such, yet those very scandals remain either unsolved, unresolved, or your basic speaking President Barack Obama…

 This situation as mentioned earlier has been going on for decades. Furthermore, as a citizen of this nation, to hear one’s President state well after a year in office that…

“…sometimes it’s better to just do nothing about it;” and then continuing with his dialog the Commander-in-Chief states, “…as much as one would like it to go away, it doesn’t, and the same conditions exist day after day which could leave one thinking of so many other things to do that will bring instant results.”

10628319_784408614949169_6962528540080300342_nNow let’s bring to the forefront how some of these ostensibly horrendous problems — scandals get to the front, create a huge disruption in immediate affairs then — through “Lack of transparency” will always remain the key because “the stupidity of the American voter,” alleges Mr. Jonathan Gruber, the economics professor at MIT. And after much research the “Lack of Transparency” that Gruber uses in this case means honesty. Therefore as I read it is through Obama’s lack of honesty equates into his various unconstitutional ways get through and many, many other things that he quite openly could be the victim of articles of impeachment hearings.

Now then I implore anyone — man, woman, or child, and preferably a) if you are a Liberal, or b) anyone of these people with identity problems — insofar as it is time once again to bring names and ideologies to examine.

Once again have you come to understand that each scandal usually starts approximately one to two weeks before a majorEconomics,-Accounting-and-Finance piece of legislation, a Supreme Court decision, anything involving the military and no matter what else — it revolves around time when Obama knows in advance that he will be needing money from Congress?

How many, if anyone exists, has been enlightened as to the true meaning of what happened in Benghazi, Libya? Truth be told when the powder hit the projectile [first shots] the Emperor was in route to Las Vegas, NV. Apparently he was pre-scheduled to perform fund-raising for his fellow Liberals some who are now unemployed. (Somehow he needed a video tape…in addition to hundreds of millions of dollars to pay out the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood along with the 1 – 2 billion dollars for Egypt’s aid, and in the mean time some 20 Sidewinder Missiles go missing from the port.)

The matters that still eat away at me are the not close to being solved matters with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) where people claim their 5th Amendment rights and will not talk to save their own lives. Moreover, given that abhorrent spectacle where are the now founded hard drives, fax data, and etcetera? It is this kind of lack of transparency, or lies if you will that is completely a “copyright” such as immigration.

Now bringing immigration shamnesty into the guts here — how about that as a precedent for the rubbish that the NSA is We the peoplegetting away with? And for me it is a little different — I do not believe that the NSA was originally set-up for international or even national phone tapping. Excuse me but it takes far too much engineering savvy to get the remotest of understanding. I would be simply not telling the truth if this ever went to indictment names such as Gates, Apple, Packard, Google, Microsoft, a lot of Chinese names and even Yahoo! would come up.

In other words, they had to lie to you, and they relied on your stupidity. They counted on your stupidity to believe their lies such as, “You get to keep your doctor and you get to keep your health insurance plan,” such as, “Your premiums are going to come down,” such as, “No they’re not taxes! There’s no way they’re taxes. No, no, no. And you’re going to get subsidies if you can’t afford it, so don’t sweat it. Everything’s going to be fine.”

This treatment is the very definition of being a Liberal. ObamaCare was rammed down the throats of the people this country on, what, Christmas Eve in 2010, and there wasn’t one Republican vote in it. There never has been a Republican vote in favor of this. How many times…? I love this because it’s validation of what I’ve always known and what I’ve always said. They mask, they camouflage, they don’t dare admit what they really intend to do; you’d never support it. And they have contempt for the average American citizen.


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How Many of you knew He was a Boldface Liar and still voted for Him..?

How Many of you knew He was a Liar and still voted for Him..?

 9d5aa30c-b4c0-46df-a754-9ba54ab4e080_272_330President Obama sought to convince the American public Thursday that his plans to unilaterally change immigration laws were in line with the precedent set by previous administrations and did not amount to an amnesty program for illegal immigrants.

 Yet his precedent is nothing new and he is still playing the games of a) it was Bush’s fault, b) now he relies on some precedent set by previous administrations, true and not true?

 Now I wonder if he could really appreciate that there are some Americans that do possess brains and some even use them. Publius as we all know from his exquisite writing done in the Federalist Papers, primarily as a response to the Anti-Federalist demand for a more responsive government. Publius teaches us a lesson about the true meaning of “responsibility.”

 Good government is not defined by its responsiveness to popular demands, but is responsible to the true, long-term interests of the people. In other words, it protects their natural rights. Publius in an attempt to heal the suffering American body politic, he offers a strong dose of political moderation, that is to say that through reasonable opinions and actions, those opinions and actions — especially in politics, that are reasonable and not extreme.

 A government that is responsive to every popular whim from wherever it comes from, suffers from the fatal weakness of wanting to enforce those whims. This is so evident in the twenty- some pledges that Barack Obama outright lied about during decision time.

The separation of powers doctrine makes clear we can never expect good results if the government consists only in a legislative branch. Indeed, the Constitution’s powers are arranged in such a way as to lean most of all against the legislature. Publius took seriously the threat to liberty posed by the “impetuous vortex.” In using these terms Publius was saying that acting on the spur of the moment, without considering the consequences or, an action being done without thought as a reaction to an emotion or impulse, or moving with great force and energy; consequently, not being impulsive, hasty, hotheaded, or especially reckless.

 In a prime-time address from the White House, Obama argued that a mass deportation of the nation’s more than 11 million undocumented immigrants “would be both impossible and contrary to our character.”

 For the first part of this hypocrisy nothing like de-coupling the issues. Seriously does this rhetoric demand a mass deportation? And secondly, I to this day wonder how impossible it would be, not to mention what does this man know about “our character.”

I honestly cannot say that this is some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy for President Obama, inasmuch as it was on his gregorders that so much of his decision to defer deportations of 4 million immigrants is aimed at “actual threats to our security,” by allowing border control agents to focus on the highest-priority incursions, such as those by felons, gang members and recent border-crosser’s.

 I am positive that it was not anyone but President Obama that let more than 36,000 hardened criminals, felons, gang members, and most recent border-crosser’s let walk out of custody. However, I do wonder about buying detention facilities and getting some of them nearly ready when 90,000 undocumented children showed up on our border — for what?

 Do not let any smooth talking idiot tell you that these undocumented children have not been left right here in America, which is what they had wanted all along. And for those who have been issued jurisdiction orders to appear, well 94 percent haven’t even shown up.


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And When Those Walls Come Tumblin’ Down…

And When Those Walls Come Tumblin’ Down…

 Does everything come on you like it has been rumbling, tumbling, bumbling and stumbling around? Ah-round? Well gang with what I have seen and witnessed in the last two weeks is as equal to the last six years of my life where I sit feeling the prophecy and wanting to yell: “I told you so…”

 Dark, dark bar… bright, bright day… The man in his pinstriped suit pushes his drink away… still looking at the bottles…
Lookin’ at them real hard… he’s lookin’ at the bottles… Oh, when those walls come tumbling down… when those walls come tumbling and rumbling, bumbling and stumbling down…

 Who does this person think he is? Everything muttered from his voice could be a lie; or… like a pack of drunken hounds…begging and bobbing through the alleyways…of the long spiral down…(down…down).

515EH0NwS2L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ What I mean is that any time whatsoever that any president, cabinet member, agency director, or legislator should want to knowingly break the law, then I believe the Founder’s had other dispositions in mind for anyone who knowingly broke the law. And of course they did not make directions pursuant to the behavior of these people, then I believe we should legislate now!

 The facts remain in this instance that Barack Obama much the same as those people rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. Come on gang — let’s be real, exacting, and time to suck it up. If a 6 ft. 5 inch person who was acting like Michael Brown inside of the little convenience store, stealing from the shelves and handing those goods to people he knew — from the same video tape Mr. Brown does make an attempt at going for the owner, in fact, shoves the man with stolen ice cream in his hands — to walking down the middle of the street, let’s face it gang, most if not all cops are going to stop and give at least a verbal reprimand which Brown and friend deserved.

 Now then from what we know, what in the world is Michael Brown leaning into a police cruiser trying to obtain the Copper’s gun? There is also plenty of evidence that supports that Mr. Brown used his size on the car, on the officer who needed medical attention, fingerprints all over the Copper’s gun and etcetera. The young man deserved something, what I don’t exactly know because I am not qualified to say. Nor is any person in Ferguson, MO!

 Therefore, any man and I could care less if he is the POTUS or the Emperor of the World, no man has the right, title, or imagesCA6MKTD1interest to continually have reckless disregard for the law of the land — the U.S. Constitution.

 Now in all fairness just so that I’m assured that I’m not the crazy one here I have been waiting at least two years or longer to share this quote with you. I doubt seriously if it will ever make it to Founding Fathers Quotes Friday:

 An article that I have a special feeling for called Reflection on an Irresponsible government’s handling of Immigration Reform being appalled by what I heard Obama say, I decided to write the quote down and include it in the mentioned article:

This situation as mentioned earlier has been going on for decades. Furthermore, as a citizen of this nation, to hear one’s President state well after a year in office that “…sometimes it’s better to just do nothing about it;” and then continuing with his dialog the Commander-in-Chief states, “…as much as one would like it to go away, it doesn’t, and the same conditions exist day after day which could leave one thinking of so many other things to do that will bring instant results…”

What on earth was Mr. Obama talking about?


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Illegal Immigration so what now…the answer is NOT Amnesty

Illegal Immigration so what now?

Illegal immigration is a decades-old problem. With an estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants living, and in many cases working, in the U.S. the question remains: What do we do with them? And how do we stop more people from coming? Lax enforcement potentially leads to more illegal immigrants competing with U.S. citizens for jobs and some social services, without necessarily paying income taxes. But a too-tight policy could mean farmers and others in industries that rely on the cheaper labor of illegal immigrants are left begging for workers, passing higher costs on to consumers or going out of business altogether.

There just above is this articles thesis statement. According to the rules of proper essay writing, let us take a look at some of this statement and see what we can answer.

Why is illegal immigration a decades-old problem? This by no means is a rocket science type question. Actually it is rather easy to answer. Let’s start with the lack of anything resembling rules, policies, procedures, and due-diligence to stand by them. The U.S. really does not have an immigration “policy” at all. One more issue here is that the U.S.A. does as little as possible solidifying what is and what should be policy. Moreover, the entire notion of one man signing a sheet of paper to make it harder to deport the law breaking offenders, should be determined unconstitutional.


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A Finale on Political Parties in America…

A Wrap on Political Parties in America

constitThe Constitution’s delegation of legislative power to elected representatives encouraged the formation of political parties. Parties, in turn, transformed and democratized the constitutional system. Thomas Jefferson is credited with having created the first popular political party—the Democratic-Republicans later known as the Democratic Party. For his election to the presidency in 1828, Andrew Jackson transformed this party into the first national, massed-based party.

Because power is shared between the central government and the individual states, the U.S. federal system of government impedes the development of the type of unified, cohesive parties found in, for example, the European parliamentary systems. A parliamentary system demands greater party discipline because the majority party in Parliament forms the government.

Now having established just these two facts let us look in and see reality. If anyone should ever ask you what party affiliation Thomas Jefferson aligned himself with here is the answer: It would be soft left Democrat. And for the sake of reality perhaps the Founders were confronted with the displeasure of the several states and hence, the X Amendment came into existence. Notwithstanding anything else, it was the notion of a huge central government that kept the states from immediate ratification of the Constitution.

Except when the Democrat and Republican parties gather every four years at their national conventions to nominate masonEWcandidates for the offices of president and vice president and to write their platforms, they are not in any meaningful way national parties. Rather, each is really a coalition of state parties that are themselves confederations of semiautonomous local governmental parties. Even presidents or candidates for the presidency have only feeble control over state and local party members and elected officials. Under the U.S system, a divided government is possible, when one or both houses of Congress and the presidency are held by different parties.

The ideological spectrum of political parties typically runs from left to right. Right-wing political parties espouse conservative or reactionary views, whereas left-wing parties are associated with progressive or radical policies. The Conservative Party of Canada and the United Kingdom and the Republican Party of the United States are right-wing parties, and the Labour Party of the United Kingdom, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Democratic Party of the United States are generally considered to be left-wing parties. The British National Front Party and the Front National of France are examples of far right-wing parties, and the Green, Communist, and Socialist parties are all on the extreme left.

civ00006Two-party states, such as the United States, have two dominant national parties that vie for power. The system for electing the president in the United States entails an indirect election in which the electorate votes for a slate of electors who cast their votes for the president and vice president in an electoral college. This system impedes the formation of third parties: Because the slate of electors for the electoral college are elected in winner-take-all state elections, minor party candidates rarely win sufficient electoral college votes to have an impact on a national election.

Some of the factors that weaken the power and influence of political parties include declining patronage, the direct irs-rebate-checks-more-problems - Copy - Copyprimary, the role of the media, the proliferation of nonpartisan political action committees, and the growing importance of the Internet as a tool for raising campaign funds and disseminating information about candidates and issues. The direct primary diminishes the ability of party leaders to select preferred candidates to run for political office. Patronage induces voters to support the party’s candidates by handing out jobs, contracts, or promotions for political reasons rather than merit. As easily accessible information about candidates and issues becomes available to voters through the mass media and the Internet, voters become less dependent on parties. Better informed voters tend to be less deferential to parties and more likely to split their votes among candidates from two or more parties.

Many analysts of the U.S. political party system detect a continuing trend toward party dealignment. A growing number of voters are declining to affiliate with any political party, preferring instead to identify themselves as independents. Since 1988 the plurality of independent voters has steadily increased. In 2004 39 percent of the American voters identified themselves as independents. Polls suggest that a large portion of the American public is allergic to partisan politics. They want candidates who promise to rise above partisan bickering and party loyalty to work on enacting legislation that will effectively solve the nation’s most pressing social and economic problems.

The most important function of the national political parties today is to raise funds for candidates and wage “get-out-the vote” campaigns.


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