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What is the problem with the House vote to put up strict background checks for Refugees?

The House passed a bill Thursday that would block Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the country unless they pass strict background checks — setting up a collision with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats. What or why is it … Continue reading

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When and Who Decides About Special Interest Groups?

A civil rights watchdog group is crying foul over a “God bless the military” sign at a Hawaii Marine Corps base, claiming the display violates the U.S. Constitution. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation sent a message to Marine Corps Base … Continue reading

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Measuring the Clinton’s Moral and Ethical Values

Measuring the Clinton’s Moral and Ethical Values This article is by no means an endorsement or support for the Clinton family; furthermore, this writing only gives information accrued on behalf of sources who definitely heard or was an eyewitness to … Continue reading

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The Separation of Powers Doctrine

The Separation of Powers Doctrine The separation of powers doctrine makes it very clear we can never expect good results if the government consists only in the legislative branch. Just imagine the overwhelming doses of gridlock simply because — the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Immigration Plan…stuck on stupid!

So without further adieu we went over to “The Obama Strategic-Executive-Order” room to listen to his plan and development for America’s broken immigration system. “America’s immigration system is broken. Too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers and … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigration so what now…the answer is NOT Amnesty

Illegal Immigration so what now? Illegal immigration is a decades-old problem. With an estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants living, and in many cases working, in the U.S. the question remains: What do we do with them? And how do we … Continue reading

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Public Opinion and Politics

Force of Public Opinion The comic-opera quality of this debate should not obscure the participants’ serious concern about setting government policy. The members of the first Congress could not take the survival of republican form of government for granted. All … Continue reading

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Political Correctness…really..?

Political Correctness…really? It was a glorious fall day. On the way home we stopped for Mexican food and I said to my longest standing friend, “They call this Indian summer.” No sooner had we arrived home than my significant other, … Continue reading

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What was the Islamic State thinking

What was the Islamic State thinking? We know it is sophisticated in its use of modern media. But what was the logic of propagating to the world videos of its beheadings of two Americans (and subsequently a Briton) — sure … Continue reading

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Over the Top, Unfair

Over the Top, Unfair There is no reason whatsoever why any or our sites regular readers should have a problem with the amount of illegal immigration coverage given to the readership. Now if I wanted to talk like our president … Continue reading

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