Changes happening in America – for good or bad?

Changes happening in America for good or bad?

I have been blessed in so many ways. Keeping a huge list to a minimum, one such blessing is the ability to read. Frankly, I do not know what life would be like if I was not able to read. Pathetic comes to mind, as does travesty. I think that is why my greatest philanthropic exploits are given in the reading industry. Furthermore, many of you have heard of the “eternal student,” ME, that is the course of study that I am engaged in now.

I would very much like to share just a bit of qualified journalism I’ve read of late. But first, I refer to it as qualified inasmuch as it comes from various sources which I will gladly name now. Very interesting work from New York magazine (10/2017) as well as Salon (11/4/2017) and of course The New York Times (11/16/2017), Twitter same day, Politico same day/ All of these stories had some reference to Sen. Kristen Gillibrand’s remarks over whether President Wm. Clinton should have resigned immediately upon receiving a formal accusation in the Monica Lewinsky matter.

Many in the media referred to this as the cultural change of the Democrat Party versus the Arkansas Grifters.  The New York Times billed this as “The New Washington:” ‘Senator Kristen Gillibrand.’”

Basically, the terms of the momentous apocalyptic fight, a change in the candidates for the Dems was for sure seeking new politicians. Okay, as I read this article it appears to be from President Trump’s speech titled “Values Voters Summit” reluctantly read by Robert Leonard, liberal anthropologist and experiencing an epiphany suddenly understanding Trump’s supporters. This is from The Kansas City Star:

  • Trump began by saying we are a nation of believers and that “together we are strengthened and sustained by the power of prayer.” Democrats want prayer out of the public.
  • Trump called the Las Vegas shooting a “horrific mass murder” and an “act of pure evil.” Dems blamed the guns and want to take yours away
  • Trump honored the heroes of Las Vegas, including the police officers and other first responders. Democrats elevate thugs and view our protectors in blue with disdain.
  • Trump quotes Scripture. Dems ridicule those who do.
  • Trump stresses unity. Dems divide American society into victims and oppressors.
  • Trump says, “We love our country.” Barack Obama went on his famous international apology tour.
  • Trump says, “We cherish the sacred dignity of every human life.” Democrats murder babies.
  • Trump says, “We believe in strong families” while Democratic policies pull them apart.
  • Trump says, “We are proud of our history.” Democrats tear down monuments.
  • Trump says, “We respect our great American flag.” Democrats want to take a knee.

I am unsure if the left with Democrats will ever understand this, but it is their disdain for America and its traditions that is at the root of their problems.


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Say to the Press, “We deserve More!”

Say to the Press, “We deserve More!”

$_35Just a short rebuttal against what happened yesterday July 16, 2018, in response to how the mainstream media covered the events as two of the most powerful men with their “staffs and agencies” being recognized along with them.

Of course, I am addressing the events as they took place in Helsinki Finland when President Trump representing the USA and Vladimir Putin representing the Russian Federation sat together, shook hands, and with civility designing their demeanor, openly tried to show the world how things gain the potential of getting done.

Rather than sit and write about the potential of how things could be going with more meetings such as this one, instead I have elected to share with you some of my findings as soon as proceedings came to an end and the mainstream media felt as though they were in charge and virtually tried deluxe with overtime pay to put every imaginable spin on clearly positive issues in order to make them look or appear bad.

pukeAstonishingly as far as I am concerned, what I witnessed made me sick to my stomach! Moreover, the way that this summit was portrayed the issue that stuck out most to me was the barren egos of those who did not get what credit they thought they had deserved.

I can easily remember when both Trump and Putin wished they could find the praise fortyper4 the agencies in setting this memorable summit up. Now then, let’s have a look at those agencies that wanted ego massaging and what they had to say – I am sure it could not possibly be as bad as the media put it.

Some of the very first remarks from the American side was, “why weren’t we mentioned more?” Well let’s consider that source, shall we? I am positive that it was the CIA making these warrants for praise. Even after President Trump said, “Thank you,” directly too them isn’t that enough? And please again, let’s consider these people. And then I welcome you to sit down and critically think.

type on fire1Who in their right mind could possibly think that Helsinki Finland was the place for the two most powerful men on the planet intermingle into other agencies work? Look at Vladimir Putin who openly admitted that he or his agencies as far as he knew had anything to do with meddling with the US general election in 2016. This was not the right place nor the right time for these men to discuss something that only rumor or speculation has been able to determine. We have got to want and need better.

Straight from the Washington Post:“The fantastically complex plot described in the formal accusation makes one incredulous, being reminiscent of Mission Impossible. On TV, one is asked to believe the plot to enjoy the program. An indictment demands proof.

In such a serious matter, only relatively incontrovertible hard evidence, presumably in the form of the hacked servers, the computers or their backup system would provide the hard proof required. Mr. Mueller, a lawyer and former Director of the FBI knew this. Mr. Mueller also knew that he would never have this proof because the DNC refused to give the servers to the FBI, and the Obama Justice Department refused to subpoena them. Perhaps, unofficially the FBI got to see them and could reconstruct what happened. I believe that.

Nevertheless, Mr. Mueller indicted, knowing in advance that no hard evidence was available and that his indictment would never survive if presented to a real judge. In short, the indictment was purely a political ploy to damage the president’s meeting with Mr. Putin, a political trick pure and simple.”

If I may, please entertain these headlines from the mainstream media around the world.

Malaysian Jet shot down by Russians, Men, Women, and Children Murdered in the U.K.

Ukraine in Shambles because of Russian Troops, Putin will not Annex Crimea

Trump is a Putin’s boy, What about our Election and Russian involvement?

Republicans now angrier with President Trump                                              

What kind of a people are we to scowl and denigrate a civil world leader’s meeting? Is there something wrong with people being civil to each other? Have you ever seen or beheld the matter of “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”? Please don’t let Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton fool you with their foreign policy. Now honestly, who would you rather see?


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Breaking today…well at least for me

Breaking today…well at least for me

breaking newsBreaking today…well at least for me! Did you know that as of January 1, 2018, America has become the number 1 producer of domestic oil in the world? Apparently, this news went over big at the summit held in Belgium later last week with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and several other nations who seem to be dependent on oil piped in from Russia.

Amid United States tensions with Russia, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down before one-on-one summit July 16 in Helsinki’s Presidential Palace and just had a few words of civility. I realize this is difficult for most of those in the mainstream media to even understand, but the fact remains that the two international powers remain civil to each other.                                                hillary_intern

Despite this rubbish of US tensions with Russia, who may I ask other than the Democratic Party and other members of the media as well as “our gang” from the Hillary Clinton campaign? Do all the blaming that you care too, but the facts remain the same, former president Barack Obama ran for the hills with anything to do with Putin, the DNC gave away it secrets to whomever was listening and of course, Hillary Clinton had to have someone to blame for the most monumental loss in voting history.

I want to say, “what is it with these whiner’s?” But still, the remains are quite the same on the other side of the aisles. I am not altogether certain there would have been a better time for immigration reform based simply upon the numbers. Which outside of this Presidential grandstanding, I have a few inquiries.

Uncle SamAnyone, please someone in their right mind – what on earth is so wrong with having some semblance of immigration control? It seems so easy to me now as it did when I was in high school and college. What is the matter with doing away with chain migration? So, say your sister made her way up to the USA. What right does that have in anyone from her family migrating unrestrained here as well? NOTHING.

And my gawd, someone please try and convince me that this has merit – 80,000 individuals from various countries muster out their name on paper…where is the right for them to get “picked” as in the lottery ahead of a well-qualified doctor, dentist, or any other professional who has already filled out the necessary paperwork.

And now for the worst of the worst – it is these people who take up all of our agents’ time; it is those without proper paperwork, or names, or anything. So, the small person traveling with their “crew” gets tossed into the holding pen – in Texas, it is really a gutted Wal Mart Supercenter being renovated into a multilevel place for teaching. People at the University of San Diego donate their cell phone directly to these people, while others are building water towers and hospitality centers. I welcome anyone to look at the camps in Turkey, Syria, and the surrounding areas. Wake up America!


PS Publisher called me today and relayed “How many people that read your site have seen this?——————————————————————————————◊

Btw, anyone else hear on the news today that (1) Illegal immigrant that has been deported twice (2) caught with illegal, yet certified driver’s license, (3) Social Security card, (4) wife and family, (5) yet, finally did an NCIC (crime) check and (6) refused to deport wife and kids, but (7) put him in jail?



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What is up in America?

What is up in America?

type on fire1Currently, let’s discuss the economic condition of America. Okay, that is fine by me. Suffice it to say the ALL economic indicators are up, either moving on the way up or have reached new highs since our current president took office.

The US stands now as having the best job rates for females, blacks, Hispanics, both male and female across the board. This would beckon us to say that the total unemployment rate for each of these placements is higher than at any other time in US history. And that would be true!

Our president who currently is in Belgium discussing the trade tariffs on both sides of the trading parties did a bit of educating his counterparts in today’s talks. It appears as though the nation of Germany does not want nuclear power plants on their soil; therefore, Chancellor Angela Merkel struck up a deal with the Russians for heating-cooling oil as well as all energy based on the production of oil has been subbed out to Russia.

capture33(3)If anyone fails to see the irony here allow me. Most of Russia’s oil is purchased from Iran. That can easily be proved. Moreover, Russia is making money off of the German’s which in turn makes our trade with both Russia and Germany more expensive to us here in the US.

Now just a bit more irony. While the previous administration was insecure about their own negotiation skills, not to mention entering into “that” deal with Iran, now we have a leader who is strong telling other national leaders where the pitfalls are in their negotiations.

Now then, there is not one individual who is at this economic summit in Belgium that is not aware of our president’s next stop – meeting with Vladimir Putin. This is important insofar as we, as a nation, have sanctions against Russia for violating the agreement regarding Ukraine.

Now, what we don’t need in this country right now or ever for that matter is a bunch of unprincipled youths singing about not vetting a potential US Supreme Court justice. Moreover, filling the talking heads ideas about the Millennial generation. It is the talking heads that have said the millennials will be the first generation that has/will not outperform the generation prior to it.

Not to be taken wrong here, but the facts now are holding true as far as the mainstream media is concerned. They report daily on separations in family members when it comes to illegal immigration. Well, as for me, they WOULD’T be getting split up if they weren’t trying to outdo the status quo. And please take some time in your internet browsing and look up how asylum-seekers are donned that protected status.


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Perplexed of mind and confused?

Perplexed of mind and confused?

494324463 - CopyWe live in a big country. Maybe not a China big, or a Russia big, nonetheless, one could certainly argue that this country, although medium in size could be construed as the single largest if one were to base their parameters on technology, innovation, and invention.

Therefore, considering this to be true and the expectant norm, would this stand do as to the reason why America is such a crown jewel for those who travel and to those who are looking to make a change in their current living conditions? For now, I am going to leave this question for you. Today, I do have some other matters to hopefully discuss with you.

Lately and I will speak only for myself here; yet lately I have been perplexed of mind and confused insofar as our country is concerned. First, the good news. I feel as though our current President is doing an excellent job.

When one puts this nation’s leadership up for evaluation and assessment I can easily grade the former administration’s say that of the Obama administration, Bush and further chronically away to the Clinton administration it is very easy for anyone with any assessment experience to grade those previous entities.                 the-goooo21

I do find it of extreme consequences that the Obama administration showed and based decisions for the population of this country which he went against directly the US Constitution and other matters of law in order to get things done his way. This is of course why he deserved his earned chair of deceit and the logo of one of the “worst” presidents in US history. Furthermore, President William Clinton did obscene things while he was the POTUS and I am not including Monica Lewinsky. The outright open sale of military hardware and software and Top-Secret weapon systems to include, allowing the Loral Corporation to literally launch missiles and other weaponry from within the Chinese border while including scientists, engineers, and other individuals to assist is for me, an easy gradable offense.

However, where my confusion comes from is what I call the “sitters.” You, I suppose, have your own names for these people but as for me, none of them are fit to print. Sure, I am writing about our members of Congress! Not overly condescending, but it would be nice to see them on any program and answer the question, “What is your job description?”

imageSeriously now, anyone please tell me what these elite members of the two houses can claim they have had their hands in – and money does not count!

What I am feeling this instant is that their entire profession is one of, let’s obstruct a new Supreme Court justice from doing his job. Okay gang, what have we got on him?

All one needs to do is look at our current President’s Cabinet. There are multiple appointments that are still waiting for 50 individuals to make up their minds. To this day, President Trump still does not have a full Cabinet, nor does he have one single day to even breath. He did get a Special Council lurking into matters that are no concern of his whatsoever. Nah! That arduous work was performed by James Comey, the Democrat Party, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and a few CIA directors, not to mention a completely rigged former Justice Department.                        ICE1282014_0

What can be so hard about saying to anyone, okay you weren’t born in the US, you decided to come on over or up to visit who…let’s see, your parents who left you and relocated to the USA when you were how old? So, you parents are now not alive, and you’ve come to visit your auntie, uncle, and some cousins? So, do you know their names? So, I see, you don’t know their names but are they alive? I get it now, you don’t know if they are alive?

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What is going on…tell me, What’s Going on?

What is going on…tell me, What’s Going on?

earth from apollo 17I will openly admit that during a time that the United States of America was without question the best place to live on the planet Earth.

But a few words from my musical friends seem to sum it up very well for this time. “But that was yesterday…and yesterday’s gone, gone, gone…”

I have been invited to the Rose Garden for a ceremony yet, I had to say “No, thank you.” I literally have sat with members of Congress here in the US as well as members of Parliament in the United Kingdom and I have been business partners with members of Parliament in Australia to include the Prime Minister.


I have had the pleasure of sitting and enjoying the communication with the very individual who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. From professional athletes to Hall of Fame individuals in their chosen sports or journalism to the biggest celebrities or even stars manufactured in New York or Hollyweird. The list is endless – inasmuch as there is always going to be some fame found somewhere.

However, now I live in a nation that is so split – on matters that haven’t even come to fruition that it makes me ill. We literally have in this nation college students who are defaming potential nominees for the Supreme Court vacancy, yet who have not been picked yet.

At the extreme worst, we have individuals who trample a nonexistent immigration program. What is so ostensibly incorrect about even arguing against a nonexistent system is who are the biggest perpetrators?  If there is one ONLY illegal immigrant saying anything that is useless and indiscreet.

But then again, everyone has something to say. HEAR YEA once, for that is the amount of energy I can spare at this time. Try being silent about an issue; is that so hard?

Problems in America: Why not steal Classified or Top-Secret documents? Why not allow your husband or spouse go in and jeopardize her safety and that of a nation and talk with a US Attorney General? Let it get thicker… No problem, how about the director of the FBI declaring that someone being investigated does not stand the test of culpability or her misconduct didn’t warrant a prosecutorial investigation?

The United States of America is the back-breaking nation that goes hand to hand around the world giving of alms to the poorer nations through a Democratic Party founded US Aide. Hell, just line up and you’ll receive your funding. PLEASE, I ask that before anyone makes a remark about President Trump, PLEASE come to the knowledge that he is simply trying to overturn Barack Obama’s self-made dung pile.

So then, why not go after the USICE? The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) has been around since the beginning of this nation’s history. Yet, all it takes is some butt-wipe who THINKS they know something – not to say anything about making it better – is what is written in a book that forbids me from trying to make you a better person.

HERE YOU GO – If you don’t like something about the USA, or if you think you’ve got a better way, then first, let’s hear your better way and for those who don’t like it here PLEASE LEAVE.


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There is Responsibility in Reporting

There is Responsibility in Reporting

GettyImages-632708222-588a63cd5f9b5874ee23b9e9President Trump’s immigration policies follow economic nationalism. Trump’s “Put America First” program seeks to protect American workers and industries. It also reverses decades of U.S. immigration policy that called for countries toSend me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.”  

It is of necessity that we allow our readers to know, moreover, be aware that the phrase “Send me your tired, … huddled masses, ….” is the inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty, which according to most should be construed as an art form from another country that assisted the US during the American Revolution against the British, Prussians, Germans, and many other nations as well.

What is being insisted upon here is that the inscription says a lot more, but it is pro-immigration enthusiasts and special interest groups who tend to say that is somehow related to immigration. As for me, it represents a nation that was founded and built upon the experiment of freedom. Furthermore, for every action, there is a simply corresponding reaction.

A good example of this idiom is within the notion that America is without question the most giving nation in the world. From free land, housing, food stamps, U.S. AIDE, entitlements to whomever, citizenship to whatever and in doing this the country and people have been totally taken advantage of – being an immigrant to any nation is a fine badge of honor; however, it is the intermixture of behavioral attitudes with mouths flapping for more, more, more and now that sickens most Americans.  download

On January 26, 2018, Trump released an immigration plan. It would offer a 12-year path to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants who arrived in the United States illegally as children. It would replace President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The plan budgets $25 billion for a wall along the border with Mexico. It ends the practice of “catch and release.” It prohibits green cards for distant relatives of immigrants. Cards would only be available to spouses and children. The plan ends the diversity visa lottery. So, if America is to take on 1.8 new citizens and 25 billion dollars for a new wall, my only question is where is the assistance or help from any of the citizenry or the Mexican government?

On January 9, 2018, the U.S. District Court in San Francisco ruled that “Dreamers” are protected. Those eligible for DACA cannot be deported until the matter is resolved in court. The judgment overrides Trump’s announcement that he would end DACA on March 5, 2018. Trump wants Congress to create a replacement. Seriously, this action by California makes me sick!

If the US Congress has indeed put forth a “vote of no confidence” (failing to pass) it is a very ugly step for an individual state and the political machinery therein to jump in as well. Please, anyone, look up the rate of people moving out of California because of these very reasons.

On April 24, 2018, the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the Department of Homeland Security must better explain its reasons for canceling DACA. If it doesn’t do so in 90 days, the department must resume processing DACA applications. It needs to be noted in the extreme here that President Trump DID NOT create DACA. For those who remember, it was former president Barack Obama who created the DACA catastrophe by executive order during the Unaccompanied Minor surge during his last trimester in office.



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Socialism for America?

$_35Socialism is defined as “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies,” and democratic socialism is a form of government in which state regulation (without state ownership) would ensure economic growth and a fair distribution of income.

One of Ocasio-Cortez’s signature issues is her advocacy for universal health care. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are all programs currently in place that resemble socialist policy, but socialism has been a hot-button word in American politics since the 1930s when it was often conflated with communism.

It is also a word that is perhaps the most misunderstood and used word in American English. The reason would be of course, when Marx and Engel’s began using it to establish governments behind it. Yet, although they are by far the worst in adding various supplements to this word, because of the USA’s mainstream media portending to know and how socialism is used – politically – and furthermore, putting it in dire contrast to capitalism now we have a debate.                      type on fire3

When I first heard of this Ocasio-Cortez signature issues on election evening, my immediate thought was “oh no! An illegal immigrant just got Naturalized and oh no! Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to become the latest and newest rubbish out of the millennial mouth. Anything for change, yet last night I heard on a news program that the Millennial generation happens to be the least traveled generation in history.

The ugliest concept behind any one of these socialist government folks gaining power is, of course, there goes America as we once knew it.

The top paragraph is a line for line from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary site. It is just one of those “trending” words and the article that goes with it about MS Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in the November midterm elections.

type on fire1Please the definition as given above is very superficial: “a way of organizing a society in  which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies,” and democratic socialism is a form of government in which state regulation owns them.

Before this gets out of hand and just a little too Mr. Moonbeam (Jerry Brown) of the state of California for me, let’s just take a look at some of the precepts of socialism. All major industries like airlines, paper goods, Microsoft, Google, Home Depot, and the rest of the Dow Jones Industrial companies are owned by the government! Please tell me which, here in the U.S. industries are doing well that the government owns?

Keep trying. Have you ever thought about who controls profits? How about who takes care of the weathered planes? If you want more corruption than we already have just become socialist.                   typer4

Australia and England and the Scandinavian nations use a form of democratic socialism with their societal making. However, it is so much different than from what Marx was trying to settle up too. In fact, most historians allege that the last things Marx stated at death was to Engels which was, “Tell them it will never work.”

There you go, take it from a man more closely related to socialism than any other – and consider what he said.



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Amnesty or the Age-old Shamnesty

Amnesty or the Age-old Shamnesty

la raza fist“This Congress was not elected to pass a sweeping amnesty,” said Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican. “Instead of wasting our time granting legal protections to admitted criminals, we should be addressing the border security agenda the American people want.”

We at The Contemplative Thinker agree with this sentiment put forth by Rep. Steve King Uncle Sam(IA-R). What indeed stands out most to me, as a reader is Rep. King’s quote of, “Instead of granting legal protections to admitted criminals…” is something that I truly believe was set up by the past Democrat administrations. The minute that former President Barack Obama signed his fiat executive order that declared underaged minor children into “asylum-seekers” rather than illegal immigrants a whole new series of laws went into effect, as well as brand new and larger agencies within the federal government had to be determined.

Agencies such as the victims who have been certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and/or the United States Department of State are also eligible for benefits and services under this program to the same extent as refugees. Now, we move to the subcategories of each operation.


On the “NOT COUNTED” list

URM program is coordinated by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), a branch of the United States Administration for Children and Families. An Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) maintains rights and different specifications than does an individual coming in as an illegal immigrant. Barack Obama knew this insofar as his aunt was a devout member of the incredibility displaced individuals from Kenya.

It is important to note that URM provides refugee minors with the same social services available to U.S.-born children, including, but not limited to, housing, food, clothing, medical care, educational support, counseling, and support for social integration.

This minor government growing absurdity and entitlement considerations that now continue to grow and the entire process simply passes from one administration until the next one inherits it. It would be a lot easier to grant amnesty to these and all other’s who try to break American law by just entering the country. But and I guess this is for those who do not want to keep America as she is, but the entire mess with sanctuary cities (UNLAWFUL), programs for protection of these people who come to America (ILLEGALLY AND UNLAWFULLY) needs to be stopped.

I believed that President Donald Trump won a very historic election simply because the American people were tired of a growing government and literally wanted the entire mess with “Dreamers,” “Unaccompanied Minors” “Coyotes,” “Woman being Set Up for Sale,” “Drug Trading and Drug Selling,” with underground tunnels that make the Underground Railroad somehow almost forgotten which should never happen. President Trump acted like the individual that could get this rubbish done, once for all.

IMMIGRATION PROTESTSHowever, what does remain very unclear at this point are the other politicians who vowed to assist him in every way possible. To be sure, if the President were to call upon the military to stop this surge on our borders – without declaring war yet stopping the “Invasion” and telling it like it is to the mainstream media, there remains no doubt in my mind that the illegal means to gain access to this nation would.


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Here is the Mistake in Immigration Reform

Here is the Mistake in Immigration Reform

220px-Kirstjen_Nielsen_2018Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of homeland security, gave a forceful explanation of the administration’s actions, arguing that it had no choice, and insisting that the only way the practice could end would be through congressional action.

“Parents who entered illegally are by definition criminals,” Ms. Nielsen said. “By entering our country illegally, often in dangerous circumstances, illegal immigrants have put their children at risk.”

Initially, the criticism of what was occurring at the border came mainly from Democrats and former first ladies, including Laura Bush, whose husband also struggled with how to stop illegal immigration when he was president. On Monday, Michelle Obama and Rosalynn Carter both weighed in, with Mrs. Carter saying in a statement that “the practice and policy today of removing children from their parents’ care at our border with Mexico is disgraceful and a shame to our country.”

We believe that there is a misunderstanding between the Immigration Reform bills that have been duly placed upon the American people partially by Congress and partially by former President Barack Obama.

It is further a belief by our staff here at The Contemplative that in actuality what has happened is the executive order that was signed by President Barack Obama which took illegal immigrants and renamed them “Asylum-Seekers” during the pitiful and most recent surge in immigration of unaccompanied minors.

In the waning hours of his presidency, Barack Obama, backed by every Democrat Party member to be found, had that executive order drawn up for his signature in July of 2016.

What was originally an illegal immigrant not being supported by their parents or with parents not available were instructed by Obama to claim the rights under the Asylum Act; consequently, these minors were being treated as “asylum-seekers” rather than illegal immigrants. Shortly thereafter, their parents were made knowledgeable of this process and in order to keep law and order in a land that defines itself as a land based on the “rule of law” saw and experienced a Creditable Fear for Asylum-Seekers jump from 5.000 in 2009 upwards of 94,000 in 2016.

Sessions was responding to questions raised recently by faith leaders about the Trump administration’s decision to prosecute asylum seekers crossing the U.S.-Mexico border criminally rather than handling those cases as civil matters.                           636275431752817683-Attorney-General-Jeff-Sessions008

Now, all things being equal, here is a quote dated April 8, 2018, made be AG Jeff Sessions, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new “zero-tolerance” policy Friday for immigrants who crossed into the country illegally through the Southwest border.

Further to that is must be made certain where this “zero tolerance” policy came from if one considers the validity; moreover, the reliability of the policy. In a memo issued Friday, Sessions said anyone entering the country illegally will be met with “the full prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice.”

He directed all federal prosecutors to make immigration offenses a top priority.

“You play a critical part in fulfilling these goals, and I thank you for your continued efforts in seeing to it that our laws—and as a result, our nation—are respected,” he said.

The crackdown comes after the Department of Homeland Security reported a 203      percent increase in illegal border crossings from March 2017 to March 2018, according to the memo. The department also noted a 37 percent increase from February 2018 to March 2018—the largest month-to-month increase since 2011.

New Cover

This information is found in this book.

Sessions said the “unacceptable” border situation is a result of Congress’ failure to pass legislation that would close “dangerous loopholes” and fund President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

Now, this is detrimental to those Americans who are not abreast of the law and the many changes over the years to immigration law. I believe that when this one (explanation) comes to full fruition many of these “allegedly intelligent” Americans will not only owe the current Trump administration an apology; furthermore, they should d-e-m-a-n-d what the truth of the law is in reality.


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