“Those who live in the past, have no future”

“Those who live in the past, have no future”

kgucxcnt_biggerI think at one time or another we have all heard this expression. It does not need a lot of analysis, or deep thought. As for me, I think it would be better off if one were to reading the book of Proverbs which is filled with these types of insights; however, in Proverbs there will always be some sort of follow through with the quote.

Notwithstanding, I do believe that this above mentioned statement to be true – of course, if this type of behavior was in fact complacent without end. Basically what the statement is trying to do is to let anyone know that those who have made mistakes in the past, if somehow they were to continue making the same mistake over and over again, then that individual would have no sense of forgiveness – even if it were self-forgiveness – then confederate flagchances are they would continue to do the same thing.

I am not meaning to be disrespectful or cunning in any way. Yet, I think and believe that if humankind does not look into the past albeit mistakes, conquests, or challenges and critically learn from outrageous behavior that could have happened, then, the ‘have no future'” aspect reasoning would be true.

On a lesser analysis, it pains me every time I hear, read, or see yet just another tribute, flag, or monument taken down because of something that happened in the past. Furthermore, I will not be of the humankind that cannot forgive whatever it was that was being done. This certainly does necessitate that forgiveness somehow equals forgetfulness, because it certainly does not!

Do you think for an instant that all knowledge, I mean everything, should be taken from textbooks or from memory or memorial lots what Adolf Hitler ordered done to the Jewish people? Let’s call that on a counted number maybe 11 million humans lost their lives – or simply were murdered. So why not throw in Stalin who “purged” the ranks of the party members within and without the communist party, either in their homes, work, or in the Gulag. Modern historians believe that considering the Potato famines in Ukraine and Soviet Kazakhstan the figure of death perhaps tripled that of Hitler via the Nazi Party.

In the second half of the twentieth century, Americans were taught to see both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union as the greatest of evils. Hitler was worse, because his regime propagated the unprecedented horror of the Holocaust, the attempt to eradicate an entire people on racial grounds. Yet Stalin was also worse, because his regime killed far, far more people, tens of millions it was often claimed, in the endless wastes of the Gulag.

However, nothing could come close to Mao Zedong who is considered the worst of all-time. Zedong’s count remains at an official 40 million dead; perhaps, the count is much higher more like around 60 million!

If possible please try and understand that the motivation for this article is of course, political correctness, insofar as the people being killed in the above mentioned pits of hell were just living life to its fullest however maybe they had a mild ideologies or philosophical difference to the others. The second inspiration comes from motivation such as, a person or an editor, or even a publisher can change words in a book yet the inference will always be there. Furthermore, especially in America, would there be such a notion of Civil Rights, or civil liberties had we not thought back to the Civil War? I do not think that General Robert E. Lee was an unscripted man. I do believe that he did a lot more in the development of this nation than most. Yet, when anyone tries to remove him from existence it just will not happen.


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Some of what I referred to yesterday

This discussion really sparked my interest and motivation insofar as it was not some child-like adolescent or unwell-read mainstream media reporting it. This dialogue by Mr. Victor Davis Hanson is what the general tenor in the USA was like.

Hope you enjoyed this…

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Rumor Mongering and the talk of a Fool

Rumor Mongering and the talk of a Fool

051817_tucker_0In the now famous interview that featured Tucker Carlson discussing issues with Victor Davis Hanson during Carlson’s hour-long television program that bears his name. Carlson believes that right upon election day the Democratic Party lost its identity.

All one need to do is venture through the former administration’s agenda, take a look at where Hillary Rodham Clinton is now, and the relentless seemingly unbearable attacks launched at President Trump. The agenda of the former administration — gee let’s take a look at that mess.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama not only shielded 5 million illegal immigrants with his Deferred Action for Children of Aliens (DACA) but also ensured travel, living accommodations, clothing, food, and all necessities for life as they came marching, riding on top of railway cars, submarine travel, human trafficking, and riding in containers on ships until arriving at port. Obama knew the song and dance of illegal underage minors in the U.S. Then through his craftiness (as every lawyer will do) Obama pursued Deferred Action for Parents of Aliens thus adjusting that figure to nearly 10 million people.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a benefit given by the Obama Administration to people who have entered the U.S. illegally or overstayed their visas. Individuals granted deferred action under DACA do not receive lawful status, but will also not be removed from the U.S. for at least a two-year period, and will receive authorization to work while in the U.S.

obama13Well so, Obama is gone now and his predecessor, Mrs. Clinton as well as several others within the party were either ousted or went walkabout. Subsequently, Obama did not have any of his administration left in place to make a difference.  Desperate people do desperate things, eh?

Therefore with the prowess of mind and a fighter by nature President Trump won the election! Now, about this rioting, protesting, unruly college campuses are being fueled by the mainstream media; consequently, so is this Russian involvement in US electoral process — to me, it sounds like a bad very bad joke by an inebriated fool. Now then, be honest here, what the devil is up with this so-called memorandum? Comey had been fired. Gauging from the energy and faithfulness of Acting US Atty. General Yates, she should never have been allowed to stay within the Justice department.

Okay, my point is those in the mainstream media come up with a rumor or a false tale, and because it is from the Washington Post (Trump giving ‘Top Secret’ information) ad nauseous, or the New York Times alleging similar points we ask, where is your proof? arden-b

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Special Prosecutor Necessary?

Special Prosecutor Necessary?

MuellerEver since the Democratic Party especially those who have been, one, not quite able to make the vote and two, those party members who collectively responded “No” while Mrs. Hillary Clinton was being passed over by the FBI, the Department of Justice, and furthermore, the president at the time Barack Obama, now we are treated to the rumor mill or at the very least an unsubstantiated claim.

Back during all of the scandals especially with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) most Republican party members were calling, vehemently begging for a special prosecutor in the Fast & Furious House Committee investigations but NOooo; then again during the Benghazi attack with the ugly excuse of an eight-minute videotape that caused it, but NOooo! Then when just about everyone in the country was calling for a special prosecutor to convene a grand jury and begin investigating Mrs. Clinton for her breaking the law using an unsecured email service and secret server as her main communications device what happened, No, No!

So, although there is not one single piece of evidence that remotely figures into the


Elijah CumminsD-MD

campaign of President Trump, and perhaps an issue that was started more by rumors than anything else, and now the country has to endure whether or not the POTUS was passing along “Top Classified” material to a Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister; moreover, a piece of unknown (perhaps even unwritten) memorandum of a conversation that included ousted FBI chump and clone James Comey and President Trump.


Well, there is an encouragement in the process of appointing former FBI Director, Mr. Robert Mueller as the official Special Prosecutor in this egregious mess. It is very worthy of noting right here and now, that for seven of the eight-year presidency of William Clinton, both he and his wife remained under investigation by Kenneth Starr. Much of the investigation had to do with the former First Lady’s insider trading habits as well as lying and for Mr. Clinton, he was impeached in the House but no convicted by the senate.

Most political party officials stray away from special prosecutors’ inasmuch as especially the young one’s are looking for a case. Rather than conduct an investigation to see if there is evidence in which to prosecute anyone, a more experienced one focuses in on the investigation to uncover evidence.

What was meant above is that a seasoned special prosecutor looks at, touches, and surrounds himself with the able-minded advisors and assistants as possible. At the time of this publication, we still stand unconvinced that Mr. Donald Trump has done anything that would jeopardize the security of the American people.



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Lawmakers expressed shock and concern

Lawmakers expressed shock, concern, and awe

a-trumpLawmakers expressed shock and concern after learning that President Trump had revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador during a meeting in the Oval Office last week, according to current and former U.S. officials.

Now before any quasi-human imposter gets all ruffled up and in a knot so to speak, wouldn’t it be surprising if in fact, this “news brief” had some kind of logical common sense? Maybe it is just me but I would much rather hear, see, or report on matters of authenticity.

Here we have a headline that basically states shock and awe like a nuclear warhead just quieted everyone who ever had a claim against President Trump or the USA.

And I love this next piece, insofar as had the press not heard this from pundits during the Hillary Clinton matter, I am very certain this would be not stated.

<Blockquote>The information the president relayed had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said. </Blockquote>

“If the report is true, it is very disturbing,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. SchumerSchumer crying (D-N.Y.) said in a statement. “Revealing classified information at this level is extremely dangerous and puts at risk the lives of Americans and those who gather intelligence for our country. The President owes the intelligence community, the American people, and Congress a full explanation.”

And this of course is true, albeit I find it hard that democrats like Charles Schumer did not come out against Hillary Clinton.

I only hope, wish, and pray that the press would have a mind of treating our president with civility. Every time Trump turns his back goes to the toilet, or bloody fires someone the press has got to report it. And I cannot speak for anyone here, so I’ll just say I’m sick of it!

1467920534070Has anyone reading this short article ever met a billionaire who was not a little skittish in some way? There used to be so many politically incorrect things people referred to and said. Now, it is quite alright to measure a human on what they did do or what they did not do. All things being equal, I give our president a lot more credit than others, especially in the press do. Just view this story from a different point of view. Then again who wants to spoil a great thing?


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If You Claim to be an American, just read and comment!

If You Claim to be an American, just read and comment!

US-Constitution-Burning-300x150Have you ever experienced one of those days, moreover, daze would be a better word. It is not like anything happened or occurred wrongly, it is far more the matter in which things did actually happen to create that weird vibe in your entire presence?

This phenomenon has warned many advocate leaders to “push-on” so as to tear shreds into those who are not with us in our beliefs. Far too many times I have read, or heard, or listened to some talking political pundit about how it makes the opposing side look weak.

Now as an extremely patriotic and well-educated person in this heavily mixed cultural society that I live in is turning out to be far more ridiculous than I originally thought it intended to be.

People, furthermore parents, or members of a youthful yet lesser acknowledged generation please stop what you are doing and listen to the words of this reasonable man who does like you have questions that no available person especially on Capitol Hill or the entire district of Washington D.C., seems to have an answer. Yet, it gets worse – and by far!

By the time the former administration left office and as far back as July 2016, the only talk about a Russian influence in U.S. election process was coming directly Campaign_2016_Clinton_Emails-a0d7cfrom Obama’s office and of course, assisted by his cronies such as Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and so on, the list is endless. Oh my, it does get far worse! After James B. Comey, former director of the FBI made his egregious talking ploy about lack of finding a prosecutorial attorney to take over the evidence and the case in its entirety of the USA versus Hillary Rodham Clinton with regards to Secret documents and her use of them with her private, personal server.

From the time of James Comey’s press conference in July 2016 up until early January 2017 one could not find a Democrat party member to shed some heat against Clinton. By a measure of 3 to 1 (3/1. 3:1, etc.) Democrats looked the other way!

Now if you are worried about another nation disrupting this nation’s electoral process, consider if you will, Vietnam’s elections, Cambodian elections, Nicaraguan elections, Cuba’s elections, Russian elections, as well as Thailand’s elections, mark these words here: If you are not old enough to remember the mentioned nation’s elections mark my words there was in fact, CIA involvement.

So, how was your day? Let me share this bit with you. During an interview, a former network news anchorman said that a “doctrinaire” person cannot be a good news reporter. He then defined a doctrinaire person as someone who has deep convictions of absolute truths in areas of politics or religion.

vasiLyAN_normalIf he meant that a reporter should present the truth in an objective manner, unaffected by personal biases, I would agree with him. However, if he meant in a more general sense that we must not bring convictions of right or wrong to discussions of politics and religion, then of course, I would strongly disagree. After all, none of us would have political or religious freedom were it not for men and women who had convictions for which they were willing to die.

All I would ask is that you take how and for what America went to war for – the American Revolution – and on essential issues of whoever’s faith we should be willing to die for our convictions.

arden B

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Trump fires Comey—Watch what you read!

Trump fires Comey—Watch what you read!

517219114(1)First, it’s the Democrats wanting Comey’s head; now, it’s like something changed all that! Now with all the conundrums flying around let’s settle down America and look at the real facts. One part prosecuting attorney, add 1 minuscule measure of investigative prowess, a recipe can be made without the previous ingredient, add one part all 12 members of a federal jury, and of course, at least one part adjudicating judge, and last, add one very hurried executioner.

Last July 2016 it is wondered if one could find even a handful of people that bought into former FBI John B. Comey’s decision not to bring, sustain, or even order charges against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Seriously, how many lawmen are there walking around that even said “Mrs. Clinton” did break the law? She was extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

The following is from his transcript of a news conference where he revealed much of what they had pursuant to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Please also see the following link to his conversation with another news agency entitled, 15 Lies told to the Oversight Committee.

The investigation began as a referral from the Intelligence Community Inspector General in connection with Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State. The referral focused on whether classified information was transmitted on that personal system.

Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way, or a second statute making it a misdemeanor to knowingly remove classified information from appropriate systems or storage facilities.

Secretary Clinton used several different servers and administrators of those servers during her four years at the State Department and used numerous mobile devices to view and send e-mail on that personal domain.

FBI investigators have also read all of the approximately 30,000 e-mails provided by Secretary Clinton to the State Department in December 2014. Where an e-mail was assessed as possibly containing classified information, the FBI referred the e-mail to any U.S. government agency that was a likely “owner” of information in the e-mail, so that agency could make a determination as to whether the e-mail contained classified information at the time it was sent or received, or whether there was reason to classify the e-mail now, even if its content was not classified at the time it was sent (that is the process sometimes referred to as “up-classifying”).

From the group of 30,000 e-mails returned to the State Department, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received.

Furthermore, it was determined that eight of those chains contained information that was Top Secret at the time they were sent; 36 chains contained Secret information at the time; and eight contained Confidential information, which is the lowest level of classification. Separate from those, about 2,000 additional e-mails were “up-classified” to make them Confidential; the information in those had not been classified at the time the e-mails were sent.

That’s what we have done. Now let me tell you what we found:

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

For example, seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret/Special Access Program level when they were sent and received. These chains involved Secretary Clinton both sending e-mails about those matters and receiving e-mails from others about the same matters. There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the position of those government employees with whom she was corresponding about these matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. In addition to this highly sensitive information, we also found information that was properly classified as Secret by the U.S. Intelligence Community at the time it was discussed on e-mail (that is, excluding the later “up-classified” e-mails).

So that’s what we found. Finally, with respect to our recommendation to the Department of Justice:

Although we don’t normally make public our recommendations to the prosecutors, we frequently make recommendations and engage in productive conversations with prosecutors about what resolution may be appropriate, given the evidence. In this case, given the importance of the matter, I think unusual transparency is in order.

Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before bringing charges. There are obvious considerations, like the strength of the evidence, especially regarding intent.

So, there you have it – straight from Director Comey’s mouth.


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He had it coming – so do several more!

He had it coming – so do several more!

06comeytranscript-master768Make no doubt about it whatsoever! The United States is a sovereign nation that all started with laws. I wrote a book and a lot of the material covered the collusion attempt by this nation’s elite members to get as far away from the accountability of their lies, and continued display of being above the law.

And it took a common man as far as politics goes, to start the process of allowing these elitist – in their own minds – to start falling on their swords.

To make myself as open and honest as I can be members of both political parties knew what John Comey, director of the FBI, did was wrong not only in assessment but in judgment as well.

And still, come out on international television and espouse his words like he couldn’t be


Don’t Make the Same Mistake!

touched fit right in with Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Clinton’s meeting with the U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch’s recusal from further action with the Clinton’s.

So, let’s make a wish; that the hate lovers who have been blaming Trump for Russian involvement in a U.S. sovereign election will finally just shut up and realize how good you have it. Deal.

Please see here and here for more enlightening detail pursuant to Comey’s artful dodging technique.

Yep, thus far he has all the ingredients and personnel to Make America Great Again.



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HealthCare Overkill

HealthCare Overkill

money scaleHave you been listening to the news or members of congress or even everyday run of the mill citizens lately with concerns about healthcare?

Please take the time as you read – and remember there is always someone out there that knows more than you do or think that you do.

If for a moment, please take some time to consider others who live in these grand countries that have a socialized medical program or everyone has healthcare.

From personal experience of living in a few different nations now, please understand that the healthcare these employees are paying for is the basic and/or minimum insurance coverage possible.

I clearly remember when I first moved to Australia, it seemed as though everyone didAustralia have healthcare. And after all of the griping about what they were entitled to and not entitled to it very soon became quite a mystery to me.

Now then, when I relocated to Australia I did so as an employer and as such there were costs that were paid by our company. Comparatively speaking these costs were much less than those are to an American employer.

Still, what remains with me to this day is the notion of how greedy and unethical Americans are about their healthcare. It is not that Americans want only the best rather, they are demanding the best with the full expectation that they’ll receive it.

Of course, there are some matters and conditions, albeit pre-existing conditions or other conditions that one may pick-up later in life. And I would be the first in line to help any way I could if the government failed these individuals.

However, my point is why must there be a “war on women” because of health care? As far as I am concerned it sure seems as though women are griping the loudest! Moreover, yesterday’s entire news programs were littered with congressional women with the latest spill of we are the majority now, at a little over 50 percent. Furthermore, as a place in politics is concerned, women hold 20 .1% of the senate and 19.9% of the house.

So, I’ll ask right up front – one certainly is not going to get anything passed with those percentages respectfully. But if one does some talking – realistically talking – then I feel comfortable they will get what they want, within reason.

My own problem is that I think that the entire nation is asking for way too much! Is this what it’s about, One of the most disturbing aspects of the GOP’s American Health Care Act is how it punishes women in particular by defunding Planned Parenthood and making pregnancy and heavy periods “preexisting conditions.


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Another Elietst using Political Correctness

“An undocumented immigrant is not a criminal.”
— Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), April 21, 2017

harris“The President’s immigration actions and Muslim ban will make America less safe. As a prosecutor, I can tell you, it is a serious mistake to conflate criminal justice policy with immigration policy as if they are the same thing. They are not. I have personally prosecuted everything from low-level offenses to homicides. I know what a crime looks like. I will tell you: an undocumented immigrant is not a criminal. But that’s what these actions do. They suggest all immigrants are criminals and treat immigrants like criminals.”

She can ONLY know what crime looks like from a prosecutorial perspective! So enough already with your self-righteousness! — Harris,  in response to President Trump’s immigration executive order, Feb. 16, 2017

This tweet — one of the several tweets published during her town hall — caught our attention, and we were curious about the context in which the junior senator from California made this claim. It turned out that Harris used this talking point regularly on the 2016 Senate campaign trail, and she often made the claim to draw a legal distinction in immigration and criminal law. We took a deeper look at the former California attorney general’s claim.

The act of being unlawfully present in the United States is a civil violation, not a criminal offense. According to her staff, that is what Harris is referring to when she uses this line.

In 2012, the Supreme Court that “as a general rule, it is not a crime for a removable alien to remain present in the United States.” The majority opinion was issued in a lawsuit over a controversial 2010 Arizona law that required local police to determine the immigration status of someone who is detained or arrested if police had a “reasonable suspicion” that the person was in the country illegally. This was the most controversial provision that opponents of the law said would open up room for rampant racial profiling. The Supreme Court upheld this provision but struck down most others that were challenged.

The undocumented population ruled people who improperly entered the country, those who entered legally but overstayed the terms of their temporary entry (such as staying beyond the time authorized with a temporary visa), and those who have “quasi-legal” status, such as people who are granted deferred action status.

The federal immigration law imposes criminal penalties on some actions related to undocumented presence, according to ruled the American Civil Liberties Union, which is a critic of Trump’s recent immigration actions. Illegally entering the country (for example, illegally crossing the border), re-entering the country after being removed or falsifying documents to enter the country are all criminally punishable.

In summary: If you entered the United States without permission, you would be subject to criminal penalties, thus labeling you a “criminal” if you’re convicted. But just the simple act of being in the country without permission doesn’t make you a “criminal,” because it’s a civil offense.

So, which is it? Either way despite the name of the undocumented worker, alien, one has still broken a law entering the USA without proper permission. Opponents of illegal immigration say Harris’s claim is a distinction without a difference because you’re still breaking the law — civil or criminal. David Ray, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which supports lower levels of legal and illegal immigration, said: “All illegal aliens have broken the lawthat is undisputable. Unlawful border crossings are criminal offenses: a misdemeanor for the first offense and a felony for repeat offenders. While overstaying a visa is a civil offense under immigration law, those who do it still break the law and are subject to removal.”

By true definition here is another “freedom lover” who happens to be from California and wants to be an open border’s specialist. The point that is made here is that Harris is trying to change a name (thus the language) from illegal to undocumented.


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