Why all of the Double Standards?

Why all of the Double Standards?

liberty scale purpleIf there is anything that needs to be worked on in this country ⸻ in fact, it appears that the more of this glaring stipulation is and will continue to cause two or more political party messes, unfair mainstream media reporting, as well as continue to aggravate and confuse our children ⸻ due to Double Standards.

I cannot and will not speak for anyone but myself for obvious reasons. However, when I personally witness these double standards, it tends to take me off point and drives me to correct it.

Having stated that I want to ask you – do you see any or are the two political parties holding different standards at different people? From my perspective, I was vaulted into the area of distrust with the entire Obama administration. Certainly, we have discussed the mores of Benghazi, Solyndra, lawlessness within the IRS, the assistance of our military in the ousting of President Gaddafi, illegal immigration, DACA, PADA and the moves to lessen the penalties on an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants. But the Obama administration referred to these events as “scandals.”     Hillary clint

Seriously, one could expect some riff-raff coming from other former administrations. I guess it is something to expect especially when the Obama administration fouled so many issues up. No, no, don’t get me wrong here – I am not saying that I condone what this one only administration has done; subsequently, what I am trying to make clear is that from Obama’s White House staff all the way through his administration – before President George Bush had even exited his office he was a victim to the Obama elite. And now – nothing has changed except for Obama is getting favorable press while President Trump should be in adulation.

Now to address the General Flynn episode. This one could be very interesting insofar as we do have additions to our Constitution called amendments. Addressing the very first amendment, Congress and the whole of America tells us that we are to speak freely. Now, there are about double figure millions of high school kids roaming all over American streets that haven’t even recognized this.

standard header writers-tools (1)Allow me to please ask for your response, we there any lies, misrepresentations, miscommunications, fibs or plain falsities told in the Obama administration? I’ll start with Barack Obama and Ambassador Susan Rice and his cronies in the FBI as well as the CIA and NSA that openly lied to Americans about an eight minute video that appeared on YouTube that caused the killing of American men, SEAL’s, an Ambassador and how many Libyans, Muslims, and others were killed that we never heard about.

And then, in brief, Hillary D. Rodham Clinton? It was proved by the FBI and others that she did in fact, leaked classified or confidential even Top Secret data not only to our enemies’ ⸻ rather the entire world! How and why? Seems as though everyone knew of her private server because it was attached to every email she ever wrote!

So please let this stand as a “Stop It with the Double Standards!”

Why not trying to let the President of this great nation be the president?

_one color


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The result was the national origins


The United States had left regulation of immigration to the coastal states until the Supreme Court in 1875 declared that this was exclusively a national, not a state responsibility.  Congress struggled through four decades to create a coherent policy that would bring under control the large-scale and essentially unregulated immigration that commenced in the 1880s.

The result was the national origins system created by legislation in 1921, 1924 and 1929. All were based on selection systems designed not only to limit immigration but also to replicate the nation’s historic structure of nationalities.

This new restrictionist regime brought the numbers entering the U.S. down sharply from earlier annual inflows which had reached 1 million.  A powerful force working in the same direction was the collapse of the American (and global) economy into the Great Depression lasting from l929-l940 and after that the hazards of international travel during the Second World War.  Recorded immigration to the U.S. averaged 305,000 from l925-29, under the interim quotas, then dropped sharply in the l930s to an average of 53,000 a year that hides a virtual negative immigration in l932.

The demographic consequences of ending the open door cannot be known with certainty since no one can be sure what immigration would have been in the absence of restriction. Assuming no restriction and pre-war levels of one million a year for the rest of the century, the American population would have reached 400 million by the year 2000. This would have meant l20 million more American high-consumption lifestyles piled upon the roughly 280 million reported in the census of 2000, making far worse the dismal figures on species extinction, wetland loss, soil erosion, and the accumulation of climate-changing and health-impairing pollutants that are being tallied up as the new century unfolds.DHS

International economic maladies, war, and the new American system of restriction had thus combined to reduce immigration numbers to levels more in line with the long course of American history, and to some observers seemed to have ended the role of immigration as a major force in American life.  Apparently, the nation would henceforth grow and develop, as Thomas Jefferson had preferred, from natural increase and the cultural assets of its people.

The chief goals of the national origins system, shrinking the incoming numbers and tilting the sources of the immigration stream back toward northern Europe, were less decisively achieved.  Numbers entering legally but outside the quotas (“non-quota immigrants,” mostly relatives of those recently arrived and Europeans entering through Latin American and Caribbean countries) surprised policymakers by matching and in time exceeding those governed by quotas. Yet with overall numbers so low, the ethnic composition did not agitate the public.

The curbing of the Great Wave created a forty-year breathing space of relatively low immigration, with effects favorable to assimilation.  The pressures toward joining the American mainstream did not have to contend with continual massive replenishment of foreigners.

sealThe new immigration system was widely popular, and the immigration committees of Congress quickly became backwaters of minor tinkering or inactivity.  The 1930s arrived with vast and chronic unemployment, and the American people wanted nothing from immigration.  The war in Europe would bring unprecedented refugee issues, but dealing with these -or avoiding them — did not require any rethinking of the basic system for deciding on the few thousand people who would be given immigration papers.


We need to find a way to get this to President Trump; not only would this help with the New Travel Ban E.O. I also show that Congress hasn’t been a part of the INS since the beginning.

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What’s going on…Ferris…Bueller…Bueller…anyone?

What’s going on…Ferris…Bueller…Bueller…anyone?

_35I do believe that this task can and should be accomplished. I believe we can regenerate American society, restore the greatness of American civilization, and reestablish the American economy while we remake the structure of American government. It is easy for me to say this because of the decay and sluggishness of American education as well as the failure of the welfare state. We need to be ready to reinstall our historic principles.

Elder Americans who grew up with the confidence and convictions of World War II and the Cold War are eager for a rebirth of priceless American values. Baby-boomers who grew up with the counterculture are now sober and mature enough to see that many of the principles used and/or demanded during their time simply will not work. Younger Americans – from Generation X on down – know from personal experience that a culture of violence, ignorance, with the government having a huge demoralizing debt and having difficulty telling the straight truth to the American people poses an enormous threat to their future.                  oig-immigrationreport-p1-normal

We must renew American civilization! We must be able to teach our children what America was like and how to reinvigorate that passion. From the very beginning of the American civilization as far back as 1609 until 1965 there was one continuous civilization built around a set of commonly accepted legal and cultural parameters and language.

Jamestown colony and the Pilgrims, through de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, up to the Norman Rockwell paintings of the 1940 and 1950s there was a clear sense of what it meant to be an American. Furthermore, rather than to move into an enormous debate the American civilization is based on a spiritual and moral dimension.

Since January 20, 2016, the demands made as well as the person in which these demands would be ferried into the American culture are not getting the support that is needed by the public domain. I try every single day to make a contribution to which I voted for ⸻ that is a commitment I made in order to keep a person who commits a broad brush of felonies against the national security of our civilization.

Speaking for no one here but myself, I find it hypocritical that true Americans would react the way they did during the last election ⸻ and carry on the way especially younger Americans are at present. The protesting is not authentic but coached, unethical, exploited, embellished, paid for, and too many auxiliary groups are getting involved when they have no place being there for starters.




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White House considers rewriting Trump’s immigration order

White House considers rewriting Trump’s immigration order

CcmKujIWEAAScEQThe White House is considering rewriting the executive order barring refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country, according to officials, indicating the administration may try to restore some aspects of the now-frozen travel ban or replace it with other face-saving measures.

The deliberations come after a panel with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit declined Thursday to immediately reinstate President Trump’s controversial directive. Officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal discussions, said the White House and Justice Department are also mulling whether to ask the full 9th Circuit or the Supreme Court to intervene. Government lawyers could alternatively wage a legal battle in the lower courts to address more squarely whether Trump’s directive violates the constitution.

Ironically just a moment ago I received several “Alerts” on this system that the White House is not going to ask the Supreme Court to intervene. The alerts came to me from The Washington Post, Fox News, The New York Times as well as The Christian Science Monitor and USA Today.     IMMIGRATION PROTESTS

“The problem is this is such a bad case for the government to be making these arguments,” Fresco said. And of course, I personally disagree with him. In support of my opinion is the notion that I do believe that many people – regardless of their religion – need additional vetting. As far as I am concerned this is simply more of a national security issue than any of the other named provisions such as discrimination, religious freedom, or trying to encapsulate some myth of Nazi Germany or the persecution of Jews by the aforementioned Nazi Germany.

“We’ll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country,” Trump said. “You’ll be seeing that sometime next week. In addition, we will continue to go through the court process and ultimately I have no doubt that we’ll win that particular case.”

For now, the ruling from the three-judge panel with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals keeps Trump’s travel ban on hold, meaning those once barred from entering the U.S. can continue to do so freely. The court ruled that the government had not provided evidence of a national security crisis sufficient to overcome the harms two states alleged the ban was causing for businesses, universities, and travelers in their states.

2017-01-19_sanfransueThe 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is in San Francisco, California. For many of our readers – especially those who are under the age of thirty – so much of the animosity that exists between the federal government and San Francisco has such a sorted past with American law and ruthless activism within the Bay area. The protesting there in San Francisco has most of the time turned violent as in the Vietnam War while raging back to the first or second case involving the Supreme Court and the case of the U.S.A. v. Wong Kim Ark in 1889, which then spawned the end of the Chinese Exclusionary Act.


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A Look at the Spin of Sanctuary Cities

A Look at the Spin of Sanctuary Cities

The concept of sanctuary — providing a safe haven for people fleeing oppression — has a long history and is now in the news because President Donald Trump has threatened to cut off federal funds to communities that take on this designation.

living-shadows1Rochester is now updating a sanctuary resolution it has had on the books for three decades when Rochester was at the center of a controversy about the federal government trying to deport Alejandro Gomez, a refugee from El Salvador, who sought asylum here.

What galvanized the community — and assured approval of the 1986 resolution declaring Rochester a “city of sanctuaries” — was the arrest of Gomez four days before the City Council vote.

Back then, Gomez and his wife Leticia were walking down Main Street in downtown Rochester on a late Friday afternoon, with the Memorial Day weekend approaching.

“Suddenly a man pushed his way between them and, turning to Alejandro, said, ‘How are you, Alejandro?’ Instantly, Alejandro was surrounded by 10 plainclothes men and quickly thrust into one of four long black limousines at the curb,” Sanctuary Committee member Gail Mott later wrote in her account of this history.

And Mott noted: “Leticia was left standing there, stunned, and wondering whether she was in the U.S. or El Salvador.”    young-uc

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service had initially arrested Alejandro and Leticia Gomez almost 18 months earlier for illegal entry into the United States, but he was arrested this second time — and had his bail upped from $3,000 to $50,000 — because the INS alleged that he was a “potential threat to the United States.”

Not only was the higher bail money raised within 24 hours — from about 170 donors — but council members passed the sanctuary resolution by a 6-2 vote, with one abstention.

But Gomez felt so vulnerable that he fled with his family to Canada seven weeks later.

“‘I was sure I would not get asylum because they supported the Salvadoran government,” said Gomez in a recent phone interview from Fort Erie, Ontario, where he and his family continue to live.

kathryn-steinleHowever, we at The Contemplative Thinker are still at odds as to whether or not Gomes ever paid his debt and Leticia’s for skipping on a bail account? This would indeed state a lot about Gomez’s character.

Then and now, the council’s resolution would not stop federal authorities from arresting undocumented refugees — but it represents a declaration of principles to rally behind. Now the spinning starts!

“It is a sense that the community understands the anguish of being a refugee,” Mott recalled.

The spinning is that this Rochester will want to argue in court that they have the rights to establish the Declaration. As for us, we know that Rochester can declare anything they want; subsequently, it must be in accordance with the Constitution and within the federal system which INS was at the time.

President Donald Trump’s executive order — on hold as it is contested in the courts — to ban the entry of people from seven predominately Muslim nations for 90 days and refugees from all nations for 120 days, with those from Syria banned indefinitely, has had a similar effect.

“Precipitous actions on the part of the government that appears to be irrational to the public are met with a huge level of distrust,” said Catillaz, who represented Gomez and is past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

While the definition of sanctuary varies with communities, the one approved by the council told of Rochester’s “long tradition of support for the vulnerable and dispossessed, as exemplified by Rochester citizens’ strong acceptance of Frederick Douglass.” Is someone playing the race card here?

The Rochester Sanctuary Committee began forming in 1983 when religious-based sanctuary groups were springing up around the nation.

As Time magazine, in a 1983 assessment, noted: “The concept of sanctuary in a holy place was known in ancient Athens. Today’s sanctuary advocates often quote Isaiah: ‘Hide the outcasts, betray not the fugitive.'”

Time told how while there were about 250,000 undocumented Central Americans in the United States, just a small percentage of asylum applications were approved and about 24,700 Salvadorans had been deported since 1980.


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Homeland Security suspends travel ban

Homeland Security suspends travel ban

DHSPresident Donald Trump’s government moved swiftly Saturday to comply with a federal judge’s order halting his travel ban — even as Trump himself denounced the judge — but readied its legal defense of the controversial executive action.

Being as simple and as basic as I know how to be there isn’t anything controversial about President Trump’s “travel ban.” However, I will be the first to readily admit that our President Donald A. Trump, is seemingly getting the wrong end on just about every change that he is trying to make through his own party members, the opposition left, liberal, or Democrat Party members.

In reality, it seems as though he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. My hope is that we have elected a morally sound person with high values who does not have sensitive skin. Furthermore, my hope beyond all hope is that one-day ⸻ soon ⸻ he will get the cabinet members he has nominated and that democrats will straighten out and at the very least, try and be civil.

518jDbeTdAL__AA160_During the summer I wrote several articles that involved usurpation. I felt it was a great idea insofar as the former president Barack Obama completely overstepped his parameters as far as separation of powers, as well as the Constitutional law of balance of powers. Usurpation is derived from the word usurp that Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as to seize and hold (as office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right: to take the place of by or as if by force: to seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully. The matters and consequences of usurpation are fundamentally a branch of the government (executive, legislative, judicial) wandering into an area out of their expertise and take on the full power of the person or people that they have usurped.

In American history much usurpation has come at the hands of the judiciary; what is meant by this is that the U.S. Supreme Court has legislated far too often for Congress to even matter. This is exactly the same as when former president Barack Obama went on a public speaking engagement tour espousing, “I can’t work with this Congress” or better still when he vividly proclaimed that his executive orders concerning amnesty and DACA/DAPA and the “right to demand that 5 million immigrants and illegal’s be allowed to enter and remain in the country. Obama espoused, “I can’t make the law” at least 22 times before he signed an executive order and then stating “I just made a new law.”

The Department of Homeland Security announced it has suspended all actions to seal_of_the_united_states_department_of_justice_svgimplement the immigration order and will resume standard inspections of travelers as it did prior to the signing of the travel ban. But it said the Justice Department — which is expected to file an emergency motion to stop the order — needed to challenge the ruling “at the earliest possible time.”

“(Trump’s order) is intended to protect the homeland and the American people, and the President has no higher duty and responsibility than to do so,” acting DHS press secretary Gillian Christensen said when announcing the suspension.

It is that sentence above that thwarts the Presidency’s intention thus allowing the Ninth Circuit Court to enter in and begin usurping the number one job of our Commander-in-Chief.

For ANY PERSON: Where is there a Constitutional reference regarding sanctuary cities? Or better yet is there a Constitutional reference that says anything about the U.S. importing people for immigration?

Trump’s order bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries — Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen — from entering the US for 90 days, all refugees for 120 days and indefinitely halts refugees from Syria.

arden B

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The Façade of Multiculturalism

The Façade of Multiculturalism

lifebuzz-49daPlease do not be suckered into it! Their tactics are just about the same for multiculturalism as they have been for illegal immigration, or change of venue, life, and from where the money comes from; still, nonetheless special care should be taken whenever someone wants to add anything to your culture.

Unless the legislators that are or will ever be ⸻ this much has been reluctantly stuck to or imposed on all of our lives since at least 50-years ago. Until most people, especially those protesting for anything, come to the realization that once there was a political party that went by “the Elites or the Elitist Party” forged their way into power ⸻  with promises of income equality, globalization, human rights, and more opportunity for everyone, if you are a player this is the message for you!

Unless one is an expert in the ideological means of a borderless world, experts that possess the ideological ways, means, and machinations of how adding various sophisticated themes of socialism, political systems, economic systems, ideological constructs, Marxism, democracy, special interest groups, anarchism, minority affairs, black nationalism, and fascism into an existing set-in culture, then we would be better equipped to realize how comparative cultures work together.      Saint-Paul

Believe in the people who have actually been a part of these constructs. People who have lived in the Netherlands, Paris, Nice, London, Berlin, Moscow, Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas, Atlanta, Maryland, and of course New York City. These are people who graciously gave space as well as the means of production for housing, transportation, and mobility for what?

I have learned from interviews, friendships, investigations, and general empirical conversations that when the government leaders opened the gates so to speak, through them came people from all over the world. What the leadership never inquired about was how many of us ⸻ who already live here want this to happen.

The greatest lesson regarding all-of-it was that in Europe and soon in America as well there are not any adjustments made by the newly considered culture. For example, there are districts in Paris that even the local police will not go into to stop any disturbance. Furthermore, any and all of the non-host cultures’ way of life was respected or adhered too. Therefore basically what is created is not a “one person” attitude; subsequently, what has been created is a Hodge podge of different customs, dress, compatibility, and more importantly for social order, adhering to the same laws.

Multiculturalism is primarily the view of the ruling elite that different cultures, races, ethnicities, primarily those from minority groups, can and do belong living together in a specific place or one nation. Furthermore by definition multiculturalism implies the view that cultures, races, ethnicities, and particularly those of minority groups deserve special acknowledgments of their differences within the dominant political culture. For example protected existence, protected speech, and what else? Entitlements!     food_stamps_traffic_sign_ap-640x480

When one looks at history if there is any one thing that will assuredly happen is war. We are far more the assimilation people. Too many political people with lesser than honorable goals for the country and especially the people end up with diversity lotteries or the literal passing out of 80,000 visas and green cards per year.

arden B

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Disappointed, angry, sympathetic, disillusioned, sick to my stomach

Disappointed, angry, sympathetic, disillusioned, sick to my stomach

Congress assembledI feel one of the greatest ideals in the making of a *1 Representative Democracy, *2 a Constitutional Republic, *3 a form of governance where rights, specifically ⸻ the right to peaceably assemble, rights to private property ownership, the right to be secure in our homes, and the freedom of speech don’t get me wrong, due process, trial by jury, freedom of religion is without question the most collective thinking by a group of people who ever wished to live and love liberty.

I am not at this time ready or prepared to wonder and ask the question, “How many of you reading this paper could have honestly have sorted out fairness, personal liberties, and with the same breath and quill still be able to admit that democracy does indeed have a shelf life?   puke

As a person living in the 21st century I do not care too, but I will openly admit that I am, at this time in my life disappointed, angry, sympathetic, disillusioned, sick to my stomach, and downtrodden by the behavior of many elected officials; moreover, I shudder when I think of “why” people are protesting.

Just a quick proverbial sense judgment: I never, ever voted for or supported anything Barack Obama alluded to having in his bag of tricks. Furthermore, I try and realize that in order to have personal and private security and my freedom of speech, there are many things that I must do in order to our way of life ⸻ freedom, values-oriented, and etc., to continue.

Certainly in my studies of the American way, with special emphasis on the Founding generation what I have learned is that “Utopia” or that imaginary remote place that has ideal perfection in laws, government, and social conditions, is not real here on earth. But that does not necessitate that I do not have to try and make America that little piece of Utopia on earth. That is the nicest way I can ever say, “It takes a tremendous amount of responsibility, understanding, tolerance, as well as a commitment to doing these things to make America that country.

A TrumpOkay then…we’ve had our free voting election. President Trump defeated what appears to be the biggest source of arrogance known to humankind. Who the hell made you or anyone else the judge, jury, and executioner of whether or not he is capable or qualified to be our President? President Trump told the people, the courts, virtually everything that has ears what he was going to do! He has not broken any laws – period. Whereas prior to President Trump we had an individual who was above the law, in fact, creating new laws for illegal immigrants to come to this place and live.

In a representative democracy to do such nonsensical things like – not even attempting to ask me or mine or my congressional district how we felt about his amnesty plans, he just did so anyway. Now then, about that personal, private space, and my own privately owned property the 9th District Court of the U.S. is usurping my rights again.

arden B

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America’s relationship with immigration is … complicated.


“Ah…cmon let’s walk across…

America’s self-image is forever intertwined with the melting pot. It’s a nation that welcomes the world’s wretched refuse, a nation built by immigrants, a nation whose very motto is “E Pluribus Unum” — Out of Many, One.

America’s history also is replete with efforts to shut the golden door to arrivals from China, from Eastern and Southern Europe — and most recently, from predominantly Muslim nations.If one were to study history I am positive that some ugliness came from these regions.

America’s relationship with immigration is … complicated. It does not need to be!

The leaders of colonial America knew they needed immigrants to populate their new land. But Benjamin Franklin grumbled about an influx of “swarthy” Germans, and the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 made it harder to attain citizenship and easier to deport non-citizens deemed dangerous.Again it is knowing history.

The acts were controversial; most were allowed to expire in a few years, but the deportation law remains, even today. And their justification — that some or many immigrants were dangerous interlopers — has been invoked again and again. So is someone denying this fact?

“If you substitute ‘Muslim’ for ‘Catholic,’ they would sound very similar to what you hear today,” Lee said. For the love of money! This person cannot be serious!

In 1868, the U.S. signed a treaty encouraging Chinese migration; 24 years later, the Chinese Exclusion Act turned away immigrants from what was even then the world’s most populous nation.And I am positive that this has a great deal to do with the 14th Amendment.

What had happened in between? The Chinese immigrants who had shouldered much of the work of building the Sikh childWest had come to be seen as a threat — the “Yellow Peril.”

“Since the early republic, Americans have recognized that immigrants are essential to nation-building: Immigrants farmed the prairies, worked in the factories, built the streets, canals and railroad tracks. They mined the ore, planted and harvested the crops, and provided basic services. Government and business actively recruited foreign labor to facilitate economic growth,” she said.

It was Israel Zangwill, a British writer, who dubbed America “the Melting Pot” in his 1908 play of the same name. His Russian-Jewish immigrant hero proclaims: “what is the glory of Rome and Jerusalem where all nations and races come to worship and look back, compared with the glory of America, where all races and nations come to labor and look forward!”

More than 100 years later, despite some apprehensions of the moment, that feeling persists.

More than 700,000 citizenship applications were filed from October 2015 to June 2016, about 25 percent more than the year before. The U.S. issued more than 10 million visas in 2015.

But the United States is far less inviting than it once was: The number of immigrants obtaining legal permanent resident status in 2010 was just over a million — almost precisely the same number as it was a hundred years earlier when the population was less than a third of what it is now.

thinker on throneAmerican ambivalence is reflected in the Statue of Liberty. Emma Lazarus’s “The New Colossus,” with its siren call to “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” is inscribed on a tablet in the statue’s base. Lady Liberty herself, a gift from France to commemorate the American and French revolutions, is not placed to welcome immigrants.

Just a thought… If America is a nation of immigrants then most of this article is plain sh*t. The reason being, of course, is if America is a nation of immigrants then why not name it as such, and why do we give credit for street repair, farmed the prairies, worked in the factories, built the streets, canals and railroad tracks. They mined the ore, planted and harvested the crops, and provided basic services alongside Americans.

What we are facing here is a complete accountability by government officials — who have allowed this bull squat go on for generations without remorse. The wanker press writer who reports this rubbish has forever been tolerant to the USA immigrant, albeit illegal or legal. Now with the latest figures out of D.C., a whopping 51 percent of those immigrants who have landed safely and starting with entitlements these are permanent residents. Now add in the illegal aliens AND I actually heard a renowned journalist say well illegals don’t get entitlements; nope they are too busy counting the illegal funds from the IRS while at the same time collecting food stamps and welfare.

arden B

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How many of us knew that it would be this way?

downloadI very recently (within this week) received a letter from my Congressman, Rep. Elijah Cummings asking me to read some articles which I later found out  were to further his cause of lambasting President Trump. So what we have here in plain text is actually from the sourced material he sent; furthermore, between paragraphs are numbered comments that I made back to Cummings hoping to open his eyes.

President Donald Trump’s immigration order inconvenienced some this weekend “for the safety of us all,” adding that Trump wanted to be proactive, rather than reactive, in fighting terrorism.

  1. Ask yourself ⸻ was it time for the shift?
  2. Did this come as a surprise to you? Why?

Trump signed an executive order Friday afternoon that bans all immigrants and visa holders from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US for 90 days and opens the door to more country-based bans in future.

  1. President Trump gave plenty of warning to these immigrants (really let’s tell the truth here, they are refugees)
  2. What is difficult to understand is how the left is spinning this entire matter: seven majority-Muslim countries?
  3. I do not feel whatsoever that my President Trump is waging anything toward Muslims;
  4. I do however want this to be stated: Can anyone from the Democrat Party tell me how we allowed in excess of 100,000 Christians to be murdered in Syria, Somalia, Iraq, and the remaining seven countries?

1467920534070It also bans all refugee admissions for 120 days — and bans Syrian refugees indefinitely. It slashes the US’s refugee quota for 2017 to less than half of the level set by President Obama, directs the US to prioritize “religious minorities” for the remaining slots, and bars all refugees from countries that aren’t specifically approved by the US government. (Whose spinning this decision through religion..?)

  1. It is time for the USA to take a look at how immigrants and refugees get into the country. A moratorium on any or all immigration is what this nation needs.
  2. Unfortunately for far too long, the USA has not had an immigration policy ⸻ and far be it from me to suggest blame be held by those who are responsible for this mess. Why attempt accountability? It is those Senators and Representatives and President’s that should have nipped this egregious mess in the bud before it happened.

And it tasks the federal government with coming up with a new process to screen everyone hoping to immigrate to the US, one that requires each individual immigrant to prove she or he would be a “positively contributing member of society.”

  1. Call me old-fashioned but since the time of the Founder’s as well as 1904 when kgucxcnt_biggerPresident Theodore Roosevelt debated if we can even call it that for the newly admitted immigrant should be of “good moral behavior, speak English, and be a productive member of the US society.”

The Trump administration is framing the executive order as a security measure: It is titled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals.” (Edited by the reader.)

California with its “moonbean govenor” is trying their hardest to become the first “Sancturay State.” And yes, trying to get federal funds that normally is to be witheld. With the Cabinet positions being delayed for so long now — at this point in Obama’s presidency he was given the green light on over 20 Cabinet members, Trump is stopped at 6 members at the time of this writing.

Finally, the Democrat Party members are showing clear evidence of gridlocking the process of a transition government. As I listen to my friends (primarily Ashton at the SAG Awards) go out on tirades and to the point of contridicting themselves – I have yet to meet a politically knowledgeable celebrity.

arden B


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