“Enough is enough!”…said the normal operating public

Enough is enough…said the normal operating public

BBD1GQyWhen – are these advocates or special interest groups going to learn that no particular person is at odds with them and their demands? If we could just go through a couple of exercises within a state and a certain administration to clarify a few things.

Of the first part, for any person initiating any speech or turmoil regarding President Trump’s decision to ban or bar the number of Americans that affix transgender or trans-queer, or transsexual to their name or personality is, as I am concerned, ridiculous and unconscionable. These individuals, albeit trans or whatever, to even be saying anything about this decision at all shows me that the unscrupulous group of individuals has nothing to do with character, accommodations that must be made, or any change made for that instance is wrong and given the recent past of court rulings that these individuals make up less than an even appropriate number pursuant to the population to say a word.

Honestly, I could not begin to tell and/or describe what this nation; moreover, what the people of this nation have done for their differences. I am sorry once again, but if a person is a homosexual and prefers their own gender as a means of companionship I have learned to accept it. If a person is bisexual that too is something that I have learned to accept. Forget about any values, morals, or ethics I may at one time or even today hold, I nonetheless, have let my own personal feelings lay adjusted because someone’s lifestyle is different than my own.

However, at a whimsical notion for a person who may be entering puberty to not know who they are or what gender they possess, simply to make a remark like, “I think I’ll be a boy today…” and then change that completely a month, or six months, or even a lifetime later, I believe it is wrong for a government to be so laisse faire has given the attitude of someone who is not even voting age.

The LGBTQ lobby, special interest group(s), advocacy groups, are in the process of taking things too far. All of this political rubbish in the state of California with Proposition 8 that by the voting public was shut down 64 to 31% and these groups got involved with case 2017-01-19_sanfransue histories, precedents, and other means only to get beat again 8 to 10 years later by 54 to 46.7% and still go on directly against the people until you finally got the administration who was simply prepared to allow illegal aliens citizenship, jobs, murdering, and other unethical things to get so out of hand that I just want to scream, “Hey does anyone remember that the USA was originally a nation based on the ‘rule of law.’”

Oh well, cum se cum saw or however, the expression goes. The non-special protected portion of our population in the USA has continued to show toleration – even with this transgender notion of sharing restrooms in a public park or a public school. Makes one feel like saying, “What the phuck-et anymore” why have a President, especially a Congress, laws, or even a governing body or maybe I should just ask the person who has largely commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the army intelligence analyst convicted of an enormous 2010 leak that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world, disrupted the administration and made WikiLeaks, the recipient of those disclosures, famous.

Yep, convicted of espionage, amongst many other Army and war crimes, Bradley Manning now sex-changed Chelsea Manning ran its mouth today after President Trump said “NO.” Ms. Manning should have received the death penalty (see here for more!) for what he/she did during the war. And just leave it up to Barack Obama and Michelle to clear a pathway for this unconscionable person.


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Why do Millions of Americans today accept ideas 

Why do Millions of Americans today accept ideas 

attorney'sMillions of Americans today accept ideas and behaviors that would have horrified all previous generations. Why? Why have thousands of years of Judeo-Christian moral standards suddenly been abandoned?

What’s behind today’s divorce epidemic? Why is public prayer being criminalized? Why is the now older axiom of free speech being attacked in universities daily? Why is political correctness so morally important?

Have Americans changed that much? What has occurred in our national capital and state legislatures that yearn for uncensored music? Above all, we would want our parents to be genuine overseers of our families, yet, why is it that when same-sex marriage rolls around or desecrating cemeteries, or today’s church services or the things we, as a culture, have displayed lovingly during the Christmas holiday season?

In this specially aimed expose, veteran academician and educator, Paul Schilling tries to reveal the brilliant marketing strategies that have turned America upside down.  9780674659988

“Within the space of our lifetime, much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped, and sold to us as though it had great value. By skillfully playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity, and tolerance, these vendors in the modern-day pusher’s rolls have successfully persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which every other generation has regarded as grossly self-destructive in a word, evil. ”


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President Trump…Curtail the mistakes, listen to advisor’s, and lay off A.G. Sessions

President Trump…Curtail the mistakes, listen to advisor’s, and lay off A.G. Sessions

Trump hire AmericanThe time has come although, I will admit that I wish it never would have. Furthermore, this is one of those revealing pieces that I am sorry that I have to write. Lord knows Mr. President, that I have written, and now that I am blue in the face from talking so much about so little, that I must admit that my own personal feelings for a “Let’s Make America Great Again” has not stalled, yet, I would be not so on the up and up if I made different claims.

Therefore, having defended you years before the election, one of your ardent “no collusion” supporters, “no Russian rubbish” that the Democrats have all but destroyed Washington D.C., with, now members of your family are getting involved and I should add here that they are receiving the treatment they deserve for even being mentioned.

Personally, I have always thought you are a decent man who is capable of running a business. What most people don’t realize is that anyone committed to big business must also attend to the notion that mistakes within projected businesses are going to happen. And I am sure you’d agree that most of the time it is government intervention that causes even the brightest of us to stammer because they are the ones who are making the laws.

However, be that as it may, you’ve got integrity so I know that Charles Schumer and hisSchumer crying left of center warriors will continue to make their fair share of blatant atrocities.

Yet, as I read transcripts of interviews or of you live, mentioning US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to the press with regards to replacing him; consequently, I must admit that perhaps I could have mistaken your fervor as hype.

Hey, it is time now to knock all of this rubbish (human excrement) off, and allow those who are capable more than capable of performing their duties and also who represent your highest level of support in that swamp you work in. Enough of treating your own like rubbish. C’mon, President Trump ACT like a seasoned President…and, not a rookie.


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DACA executive amnesty to compete with American workers for jobs with the federal government.

DACA executive amnesty to compete with American workers for jobs with the federal government.

The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment late Thursday night that would allow illegal aliens who receive the unconstitutional DACA executive amnesty to compete with American workers for jobs with the federal government.

Trump hire americanI do hope now – above and beyond all else, with this type of voting behavior, it really should not surprise anyone as to why Representatives are voted in for the 2-year term rather than a Senator, or example, being voted in for their 6-year terms. When the Constitution was ratified and therefore in Article 1 Section 2 of the United States Constitution solidifies the office, time in office, apportionment, and qualifications of the Representatives of the House.

In many writings during the time of the actual writing of the Constitution it is well known that the difference in service times (Reps=2 years; Sens.=6 years) is very much predicated upon English Common Law.

The reason for the differentiation of years is by Upper and Lower House. It seems that Reps were considered less adequate than their counterparts in the Senate. This appears to be the only reason given as a measure of why there is a difference. Reps in the House are supposed to be “closer” in ways of the people they represent.

The amendment, offered by Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.), was part of the FY18 Financial Services and General Government spending bill and was passed by a voice vote.

Financial Services Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Tom Graves (R-Ga.) and House Appropriations Committee Chairman Randy Frelinghuysen (R-N.J.) allowed the voice vote to take place. Chairman Frelinghuysen denied a call for a recorded vote, a move that many Republicans criticized.

It should also be well-noted that the “Appropriations Committee” holds U.S. taxpayer funding for various projects that respectfully are not named. It is believed that this is where most politicians stash pet project funds known also as “pork.”   2016.06.28_UVisa_ObamAdmin

According to a recent USCIS report, 787,580 illegal aliens have received DACA approval since the program was created in 2012. Over 100,000 DACA applications were approved in just the first three months of 2017.

Despite his campaign promise to end DACA on his first day in office, Pres. Trump has not taken any action on the DACA program. He specifically excluded DACA from his January executive order, which ordered a review of all the Obama-era immigration orders.

However, anyone who cannot see past this President Trump versus the Democrat Party let’s just look at what has hit this individual’s administration for a simple Travel Ban.


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5 million immigrants granted US citizenship can’t speak English


5 million immigrants granted US citizenship can’t speak English


Bangledesh Muslim WomanIn a stunning indictment of the system that tests immigrants on their eligibility to become “naturalized citizens,” a new report finds that a third are functionally illiterate, unable to speak and understand enough English to get that status.

Some 32 percent of naturalized citizens, about 5 million, fall below “basic” skills in English, the equivalent of being functionally illiterate, according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

The report is a follow-on to one that found 67 percent of immigrants in the United States for 15 years or more can’t speak much English.

According to the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services, those hopeful of becoming U.S. citizens must “be able to read, write, and speak basic English.” They must also “have a basic understanding of U.S. history and government (civics).”

While the immigrants apparently pass the minimum test, CIS looked also to a more authoritative test conducted by the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies and found that in reality, many immigrants are functionally illiterate. The tests, done before President Trump took office, suggest that 32 percent of all naturalized citizens speak English “not well or not at all.” Of those, nearly half were Hispanics.

The author, Jason Richwine, an independent public policy analyst, concluded:

How did millions of immigrants become citizens without basic English literacy? The simple answer is that the government’s English test is far less demanding than the PIAAC test. The PIAAC definition of literacy is “understanding, evaluating, using, and engaging with written text to participate in society, to achieve one’s goals, and to develop one’s knowledge and potential.” Simply reading and writing basic English sentences does not necessarily meet that definition. As mentioned above, even some native English speakers struggle to apply their knowledge to language-intensive tasks. My bit*h for years now.

By contrast, naturalization applicants need only “read aloud one out of three sentences correctly” and “write one out of three sentences correctly” to prove their English ability. Does a person who passes this test sound ready to fully participate in the nation’s social, economic, and civic interchange? Though its content already seems insufficient, the test is not even required of applicants who have reached certain age and residency milestones. If we are serious about new citizens developing functional English skills, the United States should adopt more rigorous language requirements.

Okay then, to be realistic about these findings, there are going to be curriculum changes at the high school levels. Most districts in the USA are purposing a once only “civics exam” at the end of the senior year. Moreover,  no being overly impressed with English scores, districts have been considering an English exam for graduation.



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What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …”

What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …”

Monsul2I cannot and will not speak for any interested reader here, but for those who have not been in America that long, it is the time that one becomes acquainted with a clear, clean, and succinct perspective of just how this nation works.

As some will recall, I am currently waiting and working on my latest release, An Open Autopsy on America which is currently waiting to go to print as I type this post. One of the main issues that I am currently looking into is this notion of “oh, he is not the first politician to ever do that.” That excuse will work some of the time, but certainly NOT all of the time.

In fact, I have officially entered the realm of hating that phrase! The main reason is that who in their right mind wants to be covering up for the mistakes of their nation’s politicians? Sure, everyone is human and they will make mistakes. No problem as long as they take the attribution (blame) for it, and some accountability (responsibility) for the mistake.

Now, this is the precedence of what we do not see national politicians doing. Heck, we can call it, “The Red Line in the Sand,” or the epic, “I have never sent anything Classified or Top Secret to anyone…”

Although it is alleged that time will indeed heal a lot of wounds, but what if the “Red Line” guy was in fact, receiving information from the “I have Never sent” person? Seriously now, haven’t you ever wondered how a foundation could muster up $250 million dollars?

What is at dementia is how on earth was this done? Allow me, please…No! There are not enough people in the world who would or could sit through one of those speeches! And from Mr. “Red Line,” the Iraqi’s are beginning to reclaim the town of Mosul in the North of Iraq back from ISIS who indeed took it away.

In 2010, Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, was one of nine federal agency heads to Tsar-Bombsign off on Russia’s purchase of a controlling stake in Uranium One, an international mining company headquartered in Canada with operations in several U.S. states.

According to my sources and other contacts what we have found out is that “History Retold” is very much an agenda item these days. The time has come – predicated upon some weak, meek, and money hungry Republicans – to clean it up, get out of politics, because your so-called friends are not going to want to work during the month of August 2017. Please think about these matters: James Comey being investigated for leaking Top Secret documents, in order to get an Independent Counsel; Have you been privy to the “all that Russian influence in the election” at the behest of the Democrat Party? It’s not an investigation, say, it’s a MATTER! This entire rubbish has been going on for far too long!



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Is the USA the only country that prepares amongst its Allies?

Is the USA the only country that prepares amongst its Allies?

us-army-troops-300x195There has been an overwhelming amount of talk regarding the North Korean regime and in parlance, it is noted that this is as a consequence. Although this defected regime has been told by the international community “not to build weaponry with intercontinental ballistic features,” they indeed have done so.

Furthermore, this regime has also paid for in one way or another, the mobile capacity thus allowing the North Korean military to move around at will with some very sophisticated weapons. Yes, I do agree that there should be open lines of communication with all parties concerned.

This is a very serious problem one of which needs openness, available intelligence, primarily because it is dangerous, yet, the head of the regime is behind it and we are not altogether certain if this man is dealing with all his oars in the water.

This information, though extremely worthy to know and plan toward, is not really the reason that I come bearing words this evening.Gulf_War_Photobox

I need to ask this question: Does America’s allies build up their state of readiness to defend their countries? This, above all else, should be a determinate or assisting question as to whether the USA is going to ally with them – as well as their coalition records.

When I look at the military readiness of South Korea and the massive amounts of conditioned and sophisticated war implements that the USA is having to send to assist them, I wonder if and how much of their gross national product is dedicated to arms?

One would think that the famous utterances by people who have been in there would be singled out, even though worthwhile. A very famous yet simple cliché to live by is be equipped; or in other words, a well-protected nation isn’t normally messed with.


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The Great American Rip-Off

Ask a politician how he wants to balance the budget and, he’ll say cutting “waste, fraud, and abuse.” For my latest readers, just walk away!

636342471181782116-lakewood-arrests-062817Ask a politician how he wants to balance the budget and, nine times out of ten, Normally, the correct response to this is contempt and mockery: What drives federal spending isn’t office supplies walking out the back door with a rogue secretary at the Merit Systems Protection Board — what drives federal spending is Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And you know where there’s a lot of waste, fraud, and abuse? Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Identifying small-ball efficiencies at obscure federal agencies would not do very much to get federal spending under control, but getting a grip on the shenanigans that plague the major entitlements — especially the health-care entitlements — could mean substantial savings, “substantial” here meaning hundreds of billions of dollars.

Medicare and Medicaid together account for about $1 trillion in federal spending annually, and estimates suggest that $1 out of every $10 of that spending is fraud. Some estimates go much higher. We do not have a very good idea of exactly how extensive fraud in the system is because the federal government has put a fair amount of effort into not knowing.

You can use these techniques to see where judgments are unorthodox or payment rules have not been followed, but almost nothing in these methods tests whether the information you have is true.” Which is to say, investigators are asking whether a certain treatment was, in fact, appropriate for what ails Mrs. Jones, not whether Mrs. Jones exists.

caduces and moneyFraud tends to cluster in certain areas and in certain treatment categories. The reason for that is that this fraud is not random, not just the result of some yahoo general practitioner in Eucheeanna padding his bills. It’s the work of organized crime. As Sparrow points out, when there is a criminal case filed against one of these fraud artists, then billing in a particular category — some years ago, it was HIV fusion treatments — falls off steeply, by as much as 90 percent.

The implication here is that fraudulent billing may make up the majority of Medicaid and Medicare spending in some categories. This is a major criminal enterprise, one involving transnational crime syndicates looking for a better return than that provided by drug smuggling and the other familiar rackets.

According to The Economist:

Some criminals are switching from cocaine trafficking to prescription-drug fraud because the risk-adjusted rewards are higher: the money is still good, the work safer and the penalties lighter. Medicare gumshoes in Florida regularly find stockpiles of weapons when making arrests. The gangs are often bound by ethnic ties: Russians in New York, Cubans in Miami, Nigerians in Houston and so on. What to do? On a dollar-per-dollar basis, the Department of Health and Human Services fraud-recovery units by most accounts do relatively effective work — but do not do very much of it, has recovered less than $2 billion in fraud losses in fiscal 2016.

And there were only 1,160 convictions in fraud cases in 2016, or barely one fraud congress moneyconviction a year for every two staffers in the anti-fraud division.


There might be some benefit to beefing up the conventional in-house anti-fraud investigations (Sparrow has suggested setting aside 2 percent of the budget to protect the other 98 percent), especially if the additional funds are used in support of more-intelligent investigatory approaches.


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Two matters to think on before you endorse or vote in the next election

Two matters to think on before you endorse or vote in the next election


typer2I realize that this is truly coming to you at this late hour on Thursday, June 29, 2017, however, as the busiest creature on earth today this is demonstrating a love that I have for my and our reader’s. I have a couple of legitimate concerns to come to you this evening and if there is any method to which you believe I am unfounded in my discloses then, by all means, please alert me about them.

First, up for discussion is the President’s new U.S. Supreme Court ruling, that according to the way in which our republic or (Union) was embraced the SCOTUS definitely ruled correctly. There is no rocket science with this decision, just plain reading and of course, comprehending the material.

Which brings me to my first concern: Why is it that there are some people that are making such a stink about this ruling or blatantly arguing against sound wisdom? Goodness, I felt that the Circuit Court of Appeals judges were overstepping their judicial Providence in ruling the way they did.

I firmly believe that a sovereign nation should by any and all means have a secure system of protecting itself. Inasmuch as this ruling does not stifle any religiosity or instigate any predisposed discrimination then why are people arguing against sound wisdom?

When one looks to the nations that have been selected for this extra vetting process what comes to my mind is the ridiculous divagating in and around Hollywood, California around OSCAR time. Look at a map for goodness sake. Every one of those countries has been featured in a film deluxe with the murdering of children by children. There also must be more child soldiers than all else.

I am sorry but as for me it is an invitation for refugees’ and other asylum-seekers; this is not what America was founded for; consequently, why change it up now?

Now for that second matter of great and grave concern: Why are especially Democrats all over this issue commonly referred to as “Voter Registration and Rules”? I can clearly remember as though it was yesterday, at how the Democrats, including the former President Obama, USAG Eric Holder, as well as the so-called officers at the State Department as well as the Justice Department felt as though it was an expense that could not be granted!

Least I remind anyone reading out there that Republicans, independents, and those kgucxcnt_biggerinterested in having a fair election process only started by trying to clean-up their respective registered voter rolls. But not even a fair shake there – that very scenario was taken to court by the executive branch and aimed at state governors!

Now, after the Clinton debacle – of an unchartered victory gone definitely astray, every supporter of hers and of the Democrat party is sobbing the tears of “it’s got to be the Russians!” At any rate, it is definitely appealing me to see the leveling of CNN as well as other media networks. This is definitely one of those, “what goes around, comes around.”


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What is with the Healthcare Act?

What is with the Healthcare Act?

DDTX5uuXUAAn9W2I generally try to keep about as far away from this type of dog fighting regarding the GOP versus Obamacare; moreover, it is basically how Americans feel about their own government and the intervention of such into our lives.

I believe that the GOP is having tumultuous problems trying to iron out this healthcare fiasco. However disturbingly, I believe that one of the great contributions to this mess happens to be liberals; yet, they are not the solely to blame. Just for the record I will admit that many a republican is just as at fault.

Openly and quite admittedly, I do have a problem with this entire nonsensical rubbish. An attempt at explaining if only for feedback to assist my understanding of the mess.

  • First and foremost, I believe it is the lameness and laziness of the Republican Party; why? For the amount of time they have had, there can be no semblance of with Obamacare.
  • President Trump is in the right corner when he states, “We ought to let Obamacare die.”
  • The only way people are going to see the benefit of a National Health Care plan is to be without one.

Now as for all of us Americans, here are my griefs: Essentially, when it comes to the old bastion of “they’re invading my privacy with monitoring cellphones, data mining, computers, and a camera on every pole, post or what have you,” carries and immense amount of weight.

We let the democrats and Barack Obama take on healthcare because of our laziness. If not, produce your letters to your congressional officials. Former President Barack Obama contributed to the further deduction that America is in fact, a welfare state. And most of us allowed that to happen.    DDTWwSQXgAAkLKA

Hear me now or forever hold your peace – Obama’s presidency reminded me very much of the post-civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s. For whatever reason a minority felt they needed something – then stop the world and let’s give it to them.

Unfortunately for many – you lot bought straight into it! For the Creator’s sake here, the racism going on in this nation right now is all people of color, and/or different places of origin let’s go straight after whites. It has gotten far out of control!

  • I mean you want to throw some excrement at Hollywood, then by all means cry, biotch, and outright throw a tantrum about an OSCAR!
  • We don’t want the government invading our privacy, but hell make them the dispute on whether or not you need birth control or an abortion.
  • Why is the government even involved with this nonsense!

You betcha – entitlements are for those folks who actually need them. What do you saySunset-Wallpaper-Awesome-HD we all just back off?

Republican party members (except Susan Collins R-Maine) you should be thinking, “Hum, HMO or Kaiser Permanente from the 1970s.



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