The Gall of Some People

3ringcircusWhy? Why does a person attending a top tier university go off the rails, traverse down the steep slope, and then over the cliff! Oh no, the cliff! And just as soon as you can say “what the f__k” you see this upwardly mobile person take the entire train down with him.

The recent catastrophic event at Virginia Tech University has really messed with my head. I have never really sorted out why people who want to kill themselves go out and kill, cripple, or at the very least injure someone else. Some do it for attention; although they will never know the attention they so desperately seek. Others kill themselves as their last act of you name it—retaliation, despair, jealously, guilt, shame, or whatever. But as for me, it is the very gall of these sociopath monsters that just makes me want to vomit. Seriously, if a person doesn’t want to live, well then, so be it. However, it’s a cruel act to kill other innocent and ambitious people because someone else did not want to live. And dignity please! Why should anyone have to see, touch, or smell your ugly decomposing body? Rude!

Further on that subject: It is the most selfish act known to humankind to commit suicide in someone’s home; or in a bath tub; or in a public place for that matter. If you want to kill yourself then go out to the mountains, desert, rain forest, or the ocean and do your self in and at least contribute to the eco-system of the earth.

There is ugliness in the notion that a person wants someone else to find their dead and decomposing body. Don’t misunderstand me here, please. What I am saying is you’ve got to need help if you want to off yourself. But you see, isn’t this all about you, the one who is killing yourself? You are seeking the attention. Right or wrong or indifferent, it’s always the “you” or “me” in everything about you. You need the help. You need the weapons to kill yourself. Why do these people kill other people before they die? It is sickening and very, very selfish indeed.

Okay now then…if you’ve read my blog before you know that it demands thinking, reflecting, and contributing. Therefore, think about this and other issues: Why did this person go to West AJ Hall first? What was the relationship between the killer and the two victims there?

Okay then…off to reload. What already! Are you kidding me! This guy goes off to murder a person then thinks “oh well, I’m not going to get away with this so I better get some more ammo.” There is a serious disconnect there. What did the murdering scum learn at the residence halls that lead him to Norris Hall? Gee, do you think he was looking for someone?

And a quick update for today: It is very apparent that this sick monster actually went back to his residence to videotape his rants and then mailed this off to NBC before entering Norris Hall!

There is one particular idiosyncrasy with this entire episode that I struggle with: It has become very obvious to me that this sick, murdering low-life did have a hidden agenda. The press, main-stream news media, and most certainly the drive-by media were above all his targets. As I see it the media got played by the very person—with all his vile and sickness—the media got played and has done exactly what he wanted.

Comments, suggestions, anything?

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