Attribution, Culpability, and Racism

thinker.jpgSure as anything if you weren’t prepared for this little tid-bit of childish racism please see The Thinker, for Friday June 22, 2007, entitled, Fired the Wrong Guy.”  It seems our ever so arrogant-sensitivity training-rehab seeking-liar, Mr. Isaiah Washington, NOW believes he was let go from the cast of the hugely successful television series, Grey’s Anatomy well of course, because he’s black.

Good gracious almighty already!  This claim is like a suicide bomb waiting to explode!  Hello Todd Bridges, H-E-L-P!  Before Mr. Washington goes on to hurt some innocent person without cause someone please help this guy. 

Obviously he’s got some real issues and before we puff him up and make him some kind of poster or choir boy, in other words, give him an Academy Award out of sympathy, let’s not reward the inexplicable behavior and his grasping at anything for spin control.  Or maybe he’s just getting counsel from the good Doctor’s Hilton, Spears, and Lohan.

Not speaking for anyone but myself here, but we all have seen and know how these “celebrity types” manipulate just about everything to advance their own causes, al la, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Crystal Gail Mangum, Mel Gibson, Imus, and even the not-too-well-thought out plans of the Black Panther’s for making something out of nothing.  Please consider what Isaiah Washington stated on June, 22:

 “They fired the wrong guy,” Washington insisted. “I have to clear my name. I’ll start from the beginning. I’m telling everything. So here’s the truth.”

Wait just a minute here…are we to infer that you did somehow NOT tell the truth the first time?  Face it…the guy let his mouth run…made some comments he regrets making.  So what’s new?  Everyone at one time or another has done the same thing…apologize and be on with it. But noo..

“I feel all this was about him getting a raise and getting his character to stop being perceived as a dopey, cooky kind of character. He perceives himself as a leading man. That’s why you could see the change this past season. That was his whole impetus behind it,” Washington said. “I was used and I was exploited. I may be wrong but that’s how I feel about it.”

Wait up here…Isaiah Washington calls a fellow co-worker a “faggot” does the rehab—sensitivity training bit and you feel exploited?  Yes!  You are in fact wrong, Mr. Washington.  C’mon man own up!

Now it is only getting worse; In a Newsweek Magazine article of June 29, 2007 Mr. Washington now believes he was let go from Grey’s Anatomy because he is black.  Moreover, he further states that “…America can’t find it in its heart to forgive an African-American.”

Washington continued, “If a black man can’t get forgiveness in this country, when so many other people like Robert Downey Jr. and the governor of California get second and third chances… I think that says a lot about race and this country, where we stand.”

The only difficulty perceived here is the fact that Mr. Isaiah Washington cannot and will not take attribution for what he’s done; moreover, to drag all of these other issues and people into his sty is ridiculous and absurd.  Wake up, man.

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6 Responses to Attribution, Culpability, and Racism

  1. onemorecup says:

    Hey Rightminded,

    Excellent, simply excellent comment. And most of all…oh how true!



  2. Rightminded says:

    I don’t believe anything happens in (is reported from) Hollywood by accident. Some genius in some agent’s think tank calculated that the dollars to be earned in advertisment revenues by the network gaining gay sympothies combined with the adjusted appeal of the actor to gay haters would maximize the next three years revenues for all interested parties — or something to this effect. “There’s no biddness like show biddness, like no biddness I know . . . .”


  3. onemorecup says:

    Hey greetingsmyson!

    Good to see your comment! Thank you. I’ve been over to your magnificent site and the satire, parody, and comedy bust me up! It seems I never leave your site without laughing—which as you know is great medicine.

    Okay the point behind “Arrogance, Culpability, and Racism” is of course Mr. Washington’s refusal to take attribution for himself. Although superficially, Washington continues to change his story almost by the hour; in fact, I had just published the article, then went back to an inside source only to find he’d changed his story again!

    This guy is like so many others in the USA that will do anything but simply say “I’m sorry.” Again, Washington claims to have done this, albeit, it was his publicist who did through a press release.

    Real quick here: an employer can fire anyone for anything they want! Yeah, yeah there are the Human Resource Society members that state one needs just cause, but in the end, it’s flat out b/s. Most people assume because he was a cast member on America’s leading show, that somehow that makes him a good actor.

    In reality, maybe the Exec’s at ABC thought he was terrible? In reality, maybe ABC got so much mail, phone calls, etc., calling for this person’s release. We don’t know that; however, this much I do know…the entire situation on set that morning was completely different than what was reported—I’m checking with sources as I type!

    This issue has nothing whatsoever to do with RACE anymore than it does with gender, or sexual orientation. The issue is that Mr. Washington’s ego won’t let him accept that he was dismissed, or in this case, the producers didn’t feel the need for his character any more. Seriously, if Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) got killed off on ABC’s “Lost” I don’t think we would see her running around stating anything. Cheers!



  4. dshilling says:

    Dude! Nice post! I have been waiting for so long to refer to this “actor” as an arrogant son-of-a-bitch! I think he looked down upon his castmates and thought he felt superior to all of them.

    This post in particular has really ruffled my feathers…in a GOOD WAY! I am so sick and tired of these people and the entire deal of reverse discrimination. I don’t believe I will ever see in my lifetime where the Race Card doesn’t get played; also, the whole entire bit about oppressing my family, although that was nearly 300 years ago–started by neighboring tribes; Chiefs sold them to the Dutch or traded them to the British for guns as well as the German’s for gold, diamonds, or whatever wealth that could be had.

    Hey man, sorry this response is so long, but every person everywhere seems to blame America for slavery; when in reality there we’re far more other countries trading humans before America was discovered.



  5. Freddy A. says:

    onemorecup, you know i never did like that guy. he is so into ‘his-self’. nice way to show how many times his excuses change! he is a bigot.


  6. Whether or not Mr. Washington was fired for calling another person a faggot — I don’t know.

    Whether or not Mr. Washington’s race played a part in his firing for calling a person a faggot — I don’t know.

    I know nothing about this show, but one thing I do know…firing a man of any race for using the word faggot, is an affront to God Almighty, as is the incessant soliciting of a small band of radicals to do so.

    I wish I did watch this drama so I could stop and voice a protest of Mr. Washington’s firing.


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