Founding Father’s Quote Friday (Big Gov’t)

Bill of Rights

Did they want big government?

In the United States when one addresses or has musings about the “left” or the “right” what they are really addressing are the ideologies of those individuals who for the most part on the left are more liberal in their thinking, living, and objectives for society.

Then again those who are given to the right are those who tend to be more conservative just about in all manners of things throughout life. There are also those individuals like psychologists, who need to find labels for everything known to humankind; and for those who haven’t been labeled, they get labeled straight away.

As far as labels are concerned one who leans to the left would imbue such things as freedom of choice about a woman’s body over the concern of the child’s body that exists within her. In addition, liberals somehow seem to think that the bigger the government the better. Why?

Because bigger government means more social programs which inevitability means more welfare, affirmative action, interest groups, and in a nut shell getting something and not having to work (that hard) for it. Again this is a quintessential hallmark of liberal thinking democrats.

In fact most of the Founding Father’s warned vehemently against this very notion. Consider Thomas Jefferson:

“Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Now what do you suppose Mr. Jefferson was referring too? That’s right, people and government. Basically Jefferson espouses that building a big government will increase subservience, or being a servant to that government; and will be characterized by venality, or open to bribery, corruption, or able to be bought for a price (sounds like Chicago).

Furthermore, Jefferson continues…suffocates the germ of virtue; or, take the air or life out of the contagious behavior of the qualities of goodness, morality, patience, and other admirable qualities. Therefore, becoming a servant to a government and not having virtues, now one would be better fitted for tools for the designs of that government. (Kind of sounds like ‘shovel ready’.)

Okay to be fair in this Founding Father’s Quote Friday, it is imperative to address republicanism, smaller or little government intervention, and conservatism. Those leaning to the right believe far more the opposite than Thomas Jefferson’s quote above. Conservatives are religious doctrinaires, subscribing to the notion of having more religiosity within the government.ffqf_rush

One of the greatest keys to this understanding is in the notion of who, why, and how the United States became into being and upon what principles the country was founded.


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2 Responses to Founding Father’s Quote Friday (Big Gov’t)

  1. Jon-Paul says:

    Hey Herky!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The importance of this entire post relies on the one word, “ideologies.” I had written earlier in the week about the skewing of Democrats and Republicans as an exercise in understanding liberalism and conservatism.

    When I read the quote from Mr. Jefferson I just about flipped out! No kidding, I was reading about Monroe’s and Madison’s correspondence when Madison received this bit from Jefferson whilst still in Paris.

    About FFQF’s; I’m all in and committed. I’ve monitored my audience since starting and most folks are enamored or enthralled by the notion that the Founders realized ‘some issues’ way before they happened. I get good solid responses, too!

    Thanks again,



  2. Great quote for today, JP.

    I’ve never heard the different sides explained this way; very interesting to think about the different ideas which make so many divisions.

    Happy FFQF!


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