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A group of California artists wants Mexicans and Central Americans to have more than just a few cans of tuna and a jug of water for their illegal trek through the harsh desert into the U.S. This is precisely how language gets dismantled to mean something entirely different than what is intended. And as we all remember, it is the dismantling of a culture’s language that signals the destruction of those societies that use the very language. The following is a demonstration of how word choice and sentence structure can make one believe one thing is happening; yet an altogether different agenda is being advanced.
Now just a once over for those who may have missed it…A group of California artists wants illegal aliens to have more than basic rations and a jug of water for their – it is not illegal for a Mexican to be striding through Mexico – attempt to break the United States Immigration Laws.
Faculty members at the University of California, San Diego, are developing a GPS-enabled cell phone that tells dehydrated migrants where to find water as well as other “migrant shelters” within the desert to ease their trek to break the law in the United States. The designers — three visual artists on UCSD’s faculty and an English professor at the University of Michigan — are undeterred as they criticize a U.S. policy they say embraces illegal immigrants for cheap labor while letting them die crossing the border. How is this different from being a “coyote” guilty of smuggling or aiding and abetting a drug smuggler?
Upon further perusal one only needs to look at the other agencies reporting this idiotic mess. The Guardian, the university’s newspaper presents a far more logical explanation; however, it does reveal the idiosyncratic mess that the “alleged faculty members” are really up too. An earlier report from The San Diego Tribune had different messages altogether, as did The Transborder Immigrant Tool, a newly developed blog-cum-website that reports on matters of illegal immigration.
From what we were able to ascertain from the aforementioned articles is that the “faculty members” are really ‘lecturer’s’ that are not seeking the advancement of art whatsoever, albeit they have no problem using California state tax grants given for the sanctity of art. Furthermore under the guise of ‘art’ these individuals have set out on fundraising missions to delude the public even more by using the prestigious University of California at San Diego’s name as well as sanctioning for their product.
Using ‘art’ as their theme these shenanigans are really doing nothing more than aiding illegal activity within the United States for the sake of profiteering. It is indeed a crime under the Immigration and Naturalization Services Act and U.S. Code section 8. Perhaps the best we can do is to provide the most profound link we’ve found yet; it is also at The San Diego Tribune written by Ruben Navarrette which we feel is an objective piece, please click here for the link.
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