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We literally stumbled upon this blog today called MEXICANOCCUPATION.blogspot.com – entitled:
“REAL Immigration Reform, Does That Mean Laws DO APPLY To Illegal’s?
Real! Immigration Reform! Not For Wall Street, Mexico, OR, New Voters for The LA RAZA DEMS!
This is reform to get out country back from the Mexican invasion and occupation.
Who is fighting against real immigration reform and for amnesty, open borders, no E-Verify and no ICE Enforcement?
Barack Obama, the Hispandering President buying illegal’s’ votes. The La Raza or “The (Mexican/Hispanic/Latino) Race” Democrats, Congressional Hispanic Caucus – see list below at MEXICANOCCUPATION.BLOGSPOT.COM 
MEXICO – We are Mexico’s welfare system. Since the amnesty to end the invasion we have taken 1.5 million illegal’s per year in; 38 million of Mexico’s poor, illiterate, criminal, and frequently pregnant. We are also Mexico’s prison system. Prison costs for illegal’s in California alone is over a billion dollars per year, and yet the state had Mexican gang problems everywhere!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the front for the corporate interests and to fight against living wages. There is a reason why Wall St. demands open borders and no E-Verify system! CNN calculates that the Mexican occupation depresses wages for legal’s at $300 to $400 Billion per year!
Fortune 500 and other major donors to LA RAZA – the Mexican political party funded by Wall St, your taxes, and Mexico. The Democratic Party – has long sold out the American people for the benefit of illegal’s and their illegal votes! 
With all respect and dignity we are able to convey we appreciate this author’s point of view; moreover, we respect that he has elected to use his rights under the 1st Amendment to espouse his beliefs.

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