Catholics, Sanctuary Cities, and the law

Sellin' out for AmnestyJust in case there are others out there who would like to see the effectiveness of Arizona’s new legislation – S.B. 1070 – we thought just a mention in today’s post would let not only those who are genuinely interested, yet moreover it’s for those other states such as Washington and California who continue to be “Sanctuary States” that encourage lawlessness within their communities. However, that will be in the next article. We’ve got some issues to get off of our collective chests…

There seems to be a general disconnect between what various states and cities are doing vis-a-vie illegal immigration and what the U.S. government says it has the authority to do yet, they still refuse to do it. Just one more issue off of our collective chests; if the U.S. government is going to continue to make laws just to break them – we call this hypocrisy – and for us there is far too much of this rubbish going on!

Furthermore, any city that deems itself a “sanctuary” for illegals should immediately lose any and all federal funds they receive until such time that the city government can demonstrate beyond question that in no way are they providing assistance.

As many of us who attended Catholic institutions of higher learning or taught in Catholic private schools the jig is up. We need to come to grips with this scenario now! Who are you to be “The United States Council of Bishops or Cardinals” whilst giving direct orders to the U.S. House of Representatives on everything from health care to guarding and harboring illegal aliens? What made your organization above the law?

We intentionally button the lips when your indiscretions come like molten lava ready to exit the spout of the volcano; moreover is there guilt involved? “Oh…let’s make nice with the illegal’s…maybe we won’t have to pay out the next 500 billion or so dollars in abuse claims.

Yes indeed…if you’re not part of the solution, then you are definitely a part of the pollution. Therefore, every person who alleges to be the nugreen or neogreen or just green take to heart what you say you are ready to save the planet then start on your own neighborhood. Cheers!


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