Blow-hards, Weirdo’s, and Political Correctness

We’ve all seen or witnessed conservative folks make some real blunders – does Jimmy Baker ring any bells? Or how about any number of televangelist that stole hundreds maybe thousands in the name of God and then in some kind of nonsensical way they take it in stride and on they go. Nobody likes being called a “Right-winged-extremist” or Right-wing paramilitary types while being compared to Branch Dravidians’ and the Weaver family up in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, which I hasten to add have been declared governmental mishandling.

But I did see clips from “The View” and for as much money and “quasi-professionals” those ladies allege to be, we are tremendously disappointed in Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for their display of incivility. At least Bill O’Reilly has the cojones to take a stand and debate his version of the facts. Mr. O’Reilly has really taken a stand and who other than a group of critical thinkers found what we’ve been espousing since day one.

Bill O’Reilly is making a very controversial stand against participating in the politically correct menagerie that liberals try to make of Sep 11, 2001, the Mosque at Ground Zero, and the touchy-feely prose of the acceptable Muslims and the “other’s,” of course meaning the extremist-radical-Muslims of Islam.

Interestingly enough the oxymoron going on in California where Jerry Brown’s wife called Meg Whitman a “whore” has brought about the slithering snakes sliding back and forth. Two issues immediately come to mind: One, welcome to politics because unfortunately a whore is normally a person or thing that renders a service for money. Two, the attention the latest English word starting in “W” like whore would have one believe we are all Puritans.

And lastly and this comes from the president of the National Association of Women (NOW) “…from this moment on anyone using that word will be terminated without warning.”Who, ladies and gentlemen, who do these pundit heads, think they’re fooling?


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