Continuation of confusion

Understanding that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a job to do is the very first issue that Obama should recognize and support. In the event that he doesn’t honor DHS’s agenda the chaos and confusion will only fall back into his own lap and distance him further from re-election in 2012.

Naturally the country and its representatives took a long leap forward in November 2010 based on what the people wanted and what they were assured during the campaigns to election. We make no mistake about it when we state that the 112th Congress has a job to do and a lot of it is taking back America.

Again we are hoping beyond all hope that the new Congress is just as tired of the lame game that has been played up on the Hill for so long and simply allowed to happen.

What surprises us the most – is the notion of “go along and get along” as well as one of Obama’s favorites – “leave it for the next administration and Congress.” The humongous surprise is that these people have an opportunity to forge their names in history for doing what is right – not for doing what is wrong!

Though off to a good start, the work of Republicans has only begun. Draining the swamp of corruption that engulfs Washington will be difficult, uncomfortable work. But those House members — of both parties — who take on the challenge of reform, ethics, and accountability will have the gratitude of the American people.

Some readers may already know there has been an attempt to get rid of the House Office of Congressional Ethics. Recently, Judicial Watch joined other public interest groups seeking to protect the House Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). Our voices were heard. The incoming Republican majority will keep the OCE, the most significant reform to the House ethics process in a generation.

We are looking forward to the new 112th Congress for many reasons. As we have stated previously draining the swamp also known as Washington D.C, will be no easy task. However with members of the newly elected Tea Party members, with both Democrats, Republicans, and let’s not leave out Libertarians we are steadfast in our belief that real change is on the way.

Let’s start with Bill writing . . .


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