Why does legislation fail? (Confusion and chaos?)

As we stated yesterday and the day before – although off to a good start, the work of Republicans has only begun. Draining the swamp of corruption that engulfs Washington will be difficult, uncomfortable work. But those House members — of both parties — who take on the challenge of reform, ethics, and accountability will have the gratitude of the American people. More importantly is the fact that these individuals will be making history that they’re a large part of.

Yes we believe and are certain that the politics, moreover, the criminally corrupt ways things have gotten done from the White House through both Houses of Congress as well as the Judiciary must stop now. Therefore, we also believe that the 112th Congress is going to need our – the American public – means of support on every single policy decision that gets tabled.

No one ever said it was going to be easy; in fact, everything worth really rolling up your sleeves for is for a warranted purpose. And if we could be allowed to establish: This entire line of partisan politics on behalf of “The Party” is something we would expect to hear in the former U.S.S.R. or communist China. The only “party” going on in America should be the American Party. Just as we acknowledged those Senator’s who decided to vote “No” on the realities of the DREAM Act imagine that pressure.

However, be that as it may there cannot be real pressure when one is doing right for their country, fellow humans, neighbors, and the electorate. Ladies and gentlemen there has been a sewer-like stench hovering over Washington D.C, for far too long. Let’s help set our nation back on track with clean legislation initiated by clean legislators, who are committed to one thing and one thing only – you, me, and ours and let’s be personally responsible. Here are a few things that we believe are deserving of being strongly dealt with to the maximum extent possible:

Currently, bureaucracy and inefficiencies in the legal immigration system—and specifically at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services—has provided an incentive for employers to hire illegal immigrants as opposed to using legal labor;

A lack of serious enforcement of immigration laws in the U.S. has perpetuated the illegal labor problem and sent the message that the U.S. government does not take its immigration laws seriously;

Meanwhile, the southern border remains increasingly unstable with increased violence and a continued flow of illegal drugs and other contraband as well as illegal immigrants; and,

States continue to spend billions of dollars a year on education and social services for illegal immigrants, while the Administration openly criticizes states that attempt to take measures into their own hands and enforce the law within their own borders—such as in Arizona earlier this year.

Therefore we believe that it is this form of mismanagement that has created too much confusion stimulating chaos in the very departments that are supposed to handle them.


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