Anti-Christian Violence in the Middle East

Attacks against religious groups should have a special “Hell” for those who murder, bomb, or mame anyone during worship or an observance of the Divine. We have been reading and researching the horrific events in Egypt against Christians there as well as other places.

We are pleased to bring you this National Review Online article written by Nina Shea called: What to Do about Anti-Christian Violence in the Middle East:

Islamists exploded a bomb that killed 21 Coptic Christians and injured scores of others as they left a crowded New Year’s Mass at an Orthodox church in Alexandria, Egypt, thus continuing their practice of terrorizing this long-oppressed Middle Eastern religious group. This was hardly unforeseeable: Last holiday season, an Islamist attack killed six Copts celebrating Orthodox Christmas at a church in the Egyptian village of Nag Hamadi, and incendiary accusations and denunciations from various Islamist quarters against the Copts have been mounting since then.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, Islamist militants continue the killing spree that includes last October’s attack on a Baghdad Catholic church, which killed 58 Sunday worshipers, including two priests. According to news reports, several people have been killed and dozens of others injured since then in a spate of Islamist militant attacks targeting Christian neighborhoods across Baghdad.

The Islamists behind these attacks — who have also mercilessly killed and maimed Muslims they do not agree with, especially those with more moderate views — hope to eradicate the Christian presence, which they view as impure. Egypt and Iraq are the last two of three remaining large Christian centers in the Muslim Middle East (the other is Lebanon), and Christians are the single largest non-Muslim religious group there. — Nina Shea is the director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom.

Although our own press here in America has chosen not to cover this matter in its entirety we nonetheless want to share some issues that may clear up some thinking about other religions. Dutch Muslims on Tuesday offered to guard three Coptic churches in the Netherlands which have been threatened on an Al-Qaeda-linked website after a New Year’s Day bombing killed 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt.

The Dutch Muslim Council, the Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands and the Federation of Islamic Organizations “offer protection” to three Dutch Coptic churches which were among 50 in Egypt and Europe threatened on a list on an Al-Qaeda-linked website, they said in a statement.

Most of us heard travel warnings concerning travel to Europe during the holiday season. However, Muslims are ready to guard the three churches, in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven, against the threat by Al-Qaeda. “It is up to us to do so because Al-Qaeda is claiming to act in the name of Islam. Christian Copts, us (Muslims), and all Dutch have the same enemy: the terrorists,” the statement said. Please have a look at what America has done.


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