Tea Party or Gibson, who is getting the worst deal?

We believe that just as the Depts. of Justice and Fish, Game, and Wildlife have done their level best to overly intrude on the materials and manufacture of the “Made in the U.S.A.” Gibson brand musical instruments in their egregious raids of Gibson’s Nashville and Memphis Tennessee construction plants and that for no other reason than to put the American iconic guitar company out of business.

What’s worse is that the executive branch of government is not fully appraised of India law; the more fool-hearted attempts are being made. Quite openly Gibson has complied with every type of law that is on the books currently (team of international attorneys) as well as has made provisions for the future as well.

Gibson’s attorneys have provided “The wood the government seized Wednesday is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier,” as well as the question in the first raid seemed to be whether Gibson had been buying illegally harvested hardwoods from protected forests, such as the Madagascar ebony that makes for such lovely fretboards.

But with the new raid, the government seems to be questioning whether some wood sourced from India met every regulatory jot and tittle. The tangled intersection of international laws is enforced through a thicket of paperwork. Recent revisions to 1900’s Lacey Act require that anyone crossing the U.S. border declare every bit of flora or fauna being brought into the country. One is under “strict liability” to fill out the paperwork—and without any mistakes.

There are many updates to this ongoing “investigation” (read here) and we will continue to bring the news as it happens; however, there is a very instructive video to watch (click here) so as to clearly identify what it is that the government cannot identify for the sake of charging Gibson with anything.

We are sure that this vacillation is stemming from and a response from the absolute lambasting the Tea Party is getting at the hands of union bosses, politicians, and most conspicuously bad or offensive public reporting done by the main-stream media.

Reading today over at Fox News it is proposed that the Tea Party has 80,000,000 (eighty million) registered members and that the union participation in this country is roughly 50,000,000 (fifty million) dues paying members. We like to publically suggest that when addressing a political party, words such as “…those sons of bitches…” one might want to do some math.

Never have I witnessed such heinous acts of verbal assault, mugging or violence especially when directed at a particular group of people. Sure in past history there were words flying in every direction at opposition parties; basically, those who are able to make or break decisions either way.

But ladies and gentlemen, here is a grass roots organization that specified their mission statement prior to just about anyone aligning themselves with the Tea Party. The hostile comments directed at a specific group of people such as the Tea Party members should certainly be support enough to show how biased the main-stream media is; moreover, we are wondering why Attorney General Eric Holder and his cohort Thomas Perez haven’t brought civil rights violations against these unscrupulous people.

Tea Party members be cautioned of a discrimination lawsuit being aimed at you from the Justice Department.

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