What’s happening to Religious Liberty?

Discussion or Debate: What’s happening to Religious Liberty?

Any of the forms or uses by which morality, ethics, values, and doing right to others; regardless of what the POTUS Barack Obama says that our nation is not a Christian nation. Furthermore as much as he has aligned himself with different and other religions of the world simply does not change one factual matter. The United States of America was founded on the principles of the Judeo-Christian values orientation of how humankind should conduct themselves at home, as well as any other place they might go.

It is extremely distressing to see employers in a nation based on religious liberty and Judeo-Christian values discipline otherwise satisfactory employees purely because of their religious beliefs. It is a hard one to believe, yet it has happened. Yes a firefighter got his firing documents after using the stations computer to email an Announcement to other firefighters and his friends.  [Additional reading click here]

As looming Obamacare legislation threatens to force Christians across the nation to support abortion with their confiscated tax dollars, health care providers opposed to the practice might well face termination for failing to endorse it.

Indeed almost every interaction Barack Obama has with religious leaders who come from the Judeo-Christian theology have been met by people who just cannot possibly understand why one man – Barack Obama – would take it upon himself to put a nation at risk for failing to stand for the tenants of the nation he says he loves.

The further this country travels down this anti-Christian path, the closer we get to the rampant persecution against religious employees in Europe. The left seems to think that Christian conservatives are an easy target and, quite honestly, we have been for many years. It’s time to stand up for our religious freedom and, as this firefighter did, refuse to roll over when bullies try to take it away.

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