How to Improve America…Government Accountability

How to Improve America…Government Accountability

In today’s article we would like to examine and even analyze various phenomena that we, as well as the general public see as threatening to the value system of our country. We understand that for many people they could care less – perhaps they are more involved with the not-so-good response from their election results on legalizing weed. Who knows what people are in too?

Our focus is in a primary area where one definitely affects the other and vice-versa. We have chosen “Government Accountability” as one issue, and a perceived “Culture of Corruption” as the other matter.
When was the last time you ever heard any one remotely construed as speaking for the U.S. federal government ever take individual or institutional responsibility for something that has gone array? Furthermore, and without question why do members of the federal government believe that they are above the law?

On a smaller scale there are government staffers and interns who make it a point to lie to the public media every day. “No problem you say, there are people lying every day about something, and it isn’t criminal.”

Fine argument although what if there is some degree of fabrication, misinformation, or fibbing about actual events, would that constitute a problem. Let’s just get into these on a one-by-one basis and you can try as you like – please use our comment section below and tell us why the action is not a lie.

In the interest of time please be advised that up until September 2011 the techniques of “Insider Trading” included everyone in the U.S.A. as being illegal of course, with the exception of those members of the House of Representatives, Senate, Executive branch employees, and those who worked with the Supreme Court of the United States.

Basically the question remains: How does an elected official who earns $174,000 per year amass a multi-million dollar net worth? Let’s do a quick breakdown of salaries for elected officials in the nation’s capitol. Starting with the level one, freshman salary for congressional officials the basic minimum is $174,000 per year; for the Speaker of the House $223,000 per year and for Majority/Minority leaders as well as President Pro Tempore positions the basic amount is $193,400. (Source documentation click here.)

There will always be cost of living increases as well as Committee detail, investigation detail, Sub-Committees and so on. So we would like to know why these individuals are allowed discriminatory bias and receiving information about industry before it happens and before the rest of the world.

A quick example: Lehmann Bros. has decided secretly to purchase the Sears organization while Sears makes appropriations over night before the Morning Bell. Senator or Representative X and their entire staff’s eagerly await calls from stock exchange members pursuant to the decision from Sears whether or not the price is right.

It is all good and Sears gives the thumbs up to Lehmann Bros. in exchange for the multi-million dollars and stock equities. Senator or Representative X are on a personal relationship basis with the CEO of Sears or Lehmann Bros. and receives a phone call prior to anything else happening. Insofar as Sears’ stock and all affiliates of Sears’ stock will  go through the roof  in value on the uptick, all of Congress, hell, all of D. C., for that matter is purchasing obscene amounts of Sears’ stock, and every company that Sears is associated with such as Coldwell Banker, Craftsman, and many more. (Source documentation click here.)

And then the Congressional Investigation Committees (Ethics, Conduct, etc.)  are loaded with cases of fraud, misappropriation, property violations just to name a few. Many may recall Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) who had charges that the “Statement of Alleged Violation,” had already leaked into news accounts, potentially prejudicing how the public views her case. It’s also important to her to have a speedy trial, and the committee already has its hands full with its case against Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), who was hit with 13 ethics charges on Thursday. (For further reading click here)

In closing for today who knows more about political corruption than Michelle Malkin does? Ms. Malkin knows so much it is scary, however, educational is too important. We borrowed this little snip from one of the multitude of articles she’s written vis-a-vie Maxine Waters.

Maxine Waters’ brewing ethics scandal. Her supporters are ratcheting up the victim-card rhetoric. She appeared on the race-hustling Reverend Al Sharpton’s radio show yesterday to stoke the fires and re-cast the ethics probe as an attempt to squelch advocacy on behalf of all black businesses. Another guest bemoaned the House Ethics panel’s “racial profiling” of Congressional Black Caucus members. Even liberal WaPo columnist Ruth Marcus is tired of the House “culture of entitlement.” And the culture of corruption.  (See Michelle’s site here.)

As we hope whoever reads this article will understand is that we have only covered just a tiny ant hill on the side of a huge mountain. We highly endorse and recommend Culture of Corruption as must reading as well as taking a visit to Judicial Watch for a read of The Corruption Chronicles.

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