Fiscal Responsibility would really Improve America

Government Accountability

Fiscal Responsibility

Pursuant to this above topic re: Fiscal Responsibility, America should be made accountable for the amounts of taxpayer and other government funds are being used within special interest/advocacy groups. Examples include,

National Council for LA RAZA, MALDEF,* LULAC,** as well as CAIR,*** the NAACP and other such organizations that give their earned profits over to alleged “needy causes,” those finding themselves in this position are some of America’s largest and most profitable companies such as Ford Motor Company and the Ford Foundation; Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundations, and many, many others.

We believe that if America were to take care of its own then tax increases or other subsidies wouldn’t be nearly as painful. In addition, we further believe that there would be less poverty as well as less people receiving government subsidies or entitlements given out.

Where is Obama when hearing him say, “…now let’s increase the taxes on the rich…as well as “…we all must do our fair share…” It should be noted that the amount of money these Foundations give to other nations for whatever cause, will have unintended consequences for Americans. Furthermore, as humane as these Foundations seem to be does not necessitate giving money away – moreover, for the U.S. Government to be involved in the arming-up of some of America’s enemies is being done roughshod such as Fast and Furious, or arms being “retired” in Libya, Syria, and Iraq not to mention others.

Furthermore, accountability must be made for all such humanitarian organizations such as the United States Agency of International Development or USAID and the amounts that have been laid out for alleged humanitarian causes. Did you know that refugees that are brought to America have full voting rights? They may not know a lick of English, or anything whatsoever about civics or the functions of the federal government, but they are given voting rights.

The various ideologies that we find utterly abhorrent are those who maintain a profound appearance in the USA and who receive taxpayer and other government or Foundation money, whilst all the while creating more and more problems for the USA.

* Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

**League of United Latin American Citizens

*** Council on American – Islamic Relations

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