Outgoing Republican Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona have co-introduced a new bill that would offer amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who meet certain age and residency requirements.

The ACHIEVE Act would put into place a three-tiered visa program that would give young illegal aliens an opportunity to become legal residents in the United States. Both Senators Hutchison and Kyl are retiring at the end of this Congress. Sen. Hutchison will retire with a career C+ grade, while Sen. Kyl will retire with a career B grade, ranking both Senators in the bottom half of all GOP Senators.

Many young people in this country are here illegally through “no fault of their own.” Relegating a potentially productive portion of the population to the shadows is neither humane nor good economic or social policy. Only those who have abided by our nation’s laws, while residing within its borders, would be eligible for continued legal status, and there is no automatic path to citizenship.

We have attempted to accommodate those with the ambition to pursue useful educational degrees, or serve in the U.S. military. Moreover, our proposal prohibits the awarding of additional federal benefits. While this legislation addresses a single facet of our nation’s complex immigration problem, it is nonetheless a step forward in addressing a time sensitive issue. — Senators Hutchison and Kyl

The ACHIEVE Act creates the W-1, W-2 and W-3 visas.

To qualify for the W-1 visa, illegal aliens would have to be age 28 or younger (32 or younger if they hold a bachelor’s degree), have continuously lived in the U.S. for five years prior to enactment, In addition, came to the U.S. under the age of 14, be of strong moral character including committing no felonies or more than one misdemeanor, and pass a medical exam and background check.

The W-1 visa is a 6-year temporary visa that includes working privileges and requires the visa holder to attend school or serve in the military for at least 4 years. The W-2 visa is a 4-year temporary visa with a working permit. To qualify, applicants would have to complete all the requirements for the W-1 visa. When the W-2 visa expires, applicants can qualify for a permanent W-3 visa that includes a work permit, but does not include a path to citizenship.

There is perhaps no better way to illuminate what we’ve been trying to convey here with Congressional officials wanting to outdo their predecessors or one way or another make their mark in history. Furthermore, it seems rather than to rush into new scheme of arrangement that once again, introduces new visas to go along with all of the other B-1s, H-1 &2s, as well as those for divinity related posts, student visas, temporary worker visas, ad nauseum.

Even more to the point what is wrong with just for once implementing the guidelines of a six year working study such as the Report filed by The United States Commission on Immigration Reform. Every time someone hears “comprehensive immigration reform” it becomes only natural for one to assume that something resembling an entitlement or another benefit is going out to someone who just doesn’t deserve it.

Real reform suggests to us that for every one item added to the comprehensive mixture there in turn needs to be something taken out. We have written in excess of five different articles that those – through no fault of their own – are somehow being inconvenienced by living in the land of opportunity, laws, and free education really ought to give something in return.

Therefore we have addressed the notion of their parents (the original lawbreakers, that actually started this mess) going back to their places of origin for a distinct and clear amount of time say five years before coming to America the way in which the system dictates.

Another issue we believe that has not come to fruition is the means by which these “no fault” individuals (currently in high, middle school, or college) should have a means to clear-up their own residency status. It is nothing for an individual under the age of 18 being a U.S. citizen can demonstrate either to a court or with parental acceptance is declared emancipated.



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