Did Barack Obama actually, legitimately, fairly, and legally win the election?

The question must be asked. We wish I didn’t have to be the one to ask it. But, since no one else will, it falls to me. Did Barack Obama actually, legitimately, fairly, and legally win the election? During the campaign 2012 as we all personally watched as the Department of Justice (DOJ) sued various states for and on behalf of the United States of America for all sorts of voter identifications. In most cases their plan worked.

Therefore what appeared as a victory for DOJ and the White House concurrently appeared as a victorious thumb-rub to those States who have the right to demand just about whatever they want because “The Vote” belongs as state’s business. It was not a free and fair election.

In fact, if we as a nation don’t acknowledge the reality of what I am saying, we may never have a free and fair election again in the future of this once-great nation. We will be more than happy to assist you and all of your friends and family navigate through various LOUD talking points; however, please listen to the following video of a fair and balanced interview with one out of many poll workers who witnessed the same thing.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas spent months heroically proving the absolute willingness and eagerness of Democratic operatives to commit voter fraud – especially by having people cast multiple votes.

Military ballots were systematically denied active-duty servicemen and women around the world. This would be a scandal if it happened once. But it has become the norm when Democrats are in charge of the Defense Department. It would be a scandal if it were due to incompetence. But it appears to be a deliberate effort to suppress the military vote. It would be a scandal if it were not a close election. But it was and this evidence is simply unconscionable.

Prior to the election, Democrats fought for open voting requiring no identification – particularly photo ID. Coincidentally, Obama won every state that didn’t fully require photo ID to vote. Democrats contended that voter ID laws suppress the vote. But they do not. They only suppress the illegal vote.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. In such a close election, these anomalies are unacceptable. In an election in which all the voter fraud appears to be perpetrated by one side, it could more than make the difference in the race.

Especially when one has either lived or resides in the great state of Maryland. There is nothing else like Maryland in politics. The state is the deepest shade of blue one could ever find. What is continually worse is that most people who reside in the state simply don’t care what their elected representative does – and that if anything.

Get this one: A state lawmaker in Maryland has asked the FBI to impound two voting machines used in the 2012 election to determine whether there was a malfunction or something nefarious going on. “I just feel it is my duty to try to get to the bottom of this,” state Delegate Kathryn Afzali told WND today. “We’re not making any accusations. The Board of Elections are good people. They have checks and balances … but we want to make sure everything is fair.”

WND has reported a number of first-hand accounts of similar anomalies during the election. So much in fact that the FBI has is impounding voter operation touch screens.

This report from Western Journalism’s Centers’ Kris Zane. “Despite there being evidence of massive voter fraud in the presidential election; despite the Obama Administration suppressing the traditionally conservative military vote by “losing” absentee ballots and simply mailing them out too late to make a difference, election officials have, as expected, ignored the mounting calls to investigate whether Obama actually won the election.

Now a movement is afoot to impound the thousands of voting machines that “malfunctioned”, switching a Romney vote to one for Obama. Some local officials have put the suspected voting machines in “quarantine” before they can be erased of information to determine if, in fact, the Obama campaign hacked into the machines.

Many local officials are calling on the FBI to do a forensic analysis of the voting machines—which are really computers—to determine if they have in fact, been “hacked.”

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4 Responses to Did Barack Obama actually, legitimately, fairly, and legally win the election?

  1. Gerd Friebourg says:

    Why, heck, we should have voter ID, and it should be by a national DNA database that shows us just how sicklecelled or schizoparanoid you really are, just so Obamacare can treat you.


  2. Drew Dinsdale says:

    I am so upset about this Trap/Scam we have been fee. I am a well-Inteligent person and I can tell that by the way Obana spoke in the debate that he is not even one ounce as smart as the people I got my BBA with. In fact, I knew people in High School that spoke much more smartly than him. I am so upset that we are being led by a true idiot who has really not done one thing “good” for this country. Look at Natuonal Healthcare. He said there would be no taxes, however I am in the Middle Class and this is not the case at all. I am so sad that he is the symbol to our Children, because he is really teaching them that if you scam people it really does not mater how hard you try in school. I wish that our media was not so biased because if you know anything about Computers you would notice by his Birth Certificate that he is “not really an American.” That is why he is intently trying to destroy the country. I wish I would just move up to Canada and I may if he is not out of Office in two years I would much rather have a “Liberal” Leader than a “Comunist” one. I never thought you could get this far on scams, but now it looks like it. If you have ever wanted to do something positive with your life: get Obama out of office!


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey Drew:

      I completely agree with you. The hardest thing to swallow for me, is in the notion that there is plenty that law enforcement through Congress can do, however, outside of Daryl Issa (R-CA) there isn’t a whole lot of others working with us. Thank you for your comment. Cheers!!


  3. Reblogged this on robertsjohnson and commented:
    Voting fraud has been an issue ever since I’ve been able to vote. From the hanging chad, votes being thrown in the trash and even operating poll booth malfunctions. Somehow, someway this issue always comes up during the election months, and this article just adds more fuel to the fire. One key issue that I came across that was very confusing when I read it was about the democratic partying pushing for individuals not having to present personal identification for open elections. I assumed the state had to keep record of who voted and for what candidate. If some states allow people not to show identification then the state truly doesn’t know who voted, only how many votes the state had in total. With twelve million and counting illegal immigrants coming into the United States and benefiting from our services, I would assume they would want to vote for the best policy that fits their needs if they had the possibility to do so. American citizens should be the only votes that count in out nations election and we need to enact laws that preserve this right.


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