There has been so much of this “fraud-talk”…


There has been so much of this “fraud-talk”…

Now is this not the case? During Barack Obama’s – Barry Soetoro’s – Soebarkah’s – and several other names used in conjunction with or as simply aliases it sure appears to us that Mr. Obama has something to hide.

Many birthers intervened and referred to it as fraud – the process by which a person uses either a fake name or other identification on Federal Registration documents.

We readily admit that we were literally taken aback when all of this stuff regarding one, Obama’s missing birth certificate, two, as soon as the birth certificate came in after several million dollars in lawyer’s fees were paid out the public was told it was the wrong one.

Three, when the second long form birth certificate arrived did anyone ask where did the first one came from? And therefore we began research and development writing strategies after each certified expert showed – literally demonstrated – to the public at large and the world over the difficulties not in compliance with the original that Mr. Obama produced.

Now quite openly the decision has been made that it is time for this “whoever person” masquerading around in our White House, constantly making the worst public policy decisions imaginable, and further, desecrated our Judeo-Christian ideology with “his” sign of the Cross performed ostensibly granting a pardon to a Thanksgiving turkey. (Click here for a video perusal.)

Moreover, we have every reason to believe that a person who goes by the name Barack Hussein Obama who has lost military ordnance, which seems to be the same, used by Syrian rebels, and please help us now, certainly not Hamas too.

Problematic is the notion we use around here when we are unable to reconcile all of the point A’s with the point B’s. And just for the record, how much problematic reconciliation is there now? Please watch the video.

Now we don’t want to appear as mean, trash=talking fools, but isn’t there a Congress who is supposed to be seeing to these matters? Please allow me here…I am not going to take sides with Democrats or Republicans or Independents but the evidence is getting just overwhelming. Are you afraid to do anything? This guy (Obama) is walking you around like baffoons! Since September 2012 there have been up to 3 million illegal immigrants who are being considered for visas, green cards and other work permits; suffice it to say Mr. and Mrs. Congressperson, that when the Houses voting order was changed during the election of 2010 and all the support of the Tea Party have you done anything? How about funding to Africa? How about Amnesty? How about getting to work amending Voter Photo Identification processes? Hey, pretend…try and make us believe that the election was rigged — like many of us already know. Congress meaning both of you albeit in the House of Representatives or the Senate, please START doing something. Heck, the guy wants 1.7 trillion dollars for miscelleous projects; no person in this nation is going to complain if you spent billions on investigating this clown.


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