Last post of year 2012: A Rough Reflection


Last post of year 2012: A Rough Reflection

We are not sure if there is anyone in the world that could have anticipated the idiosyncrasies and just plain lack of good solid judgment by this government in the United States of America.

It seems as though everything that was upside down went further under, whilst those matters being solid and forthright were turned solidly amiss not by acts of congress but rather by executive order or some other way of “Administration Policy.”

No AmnestyThis is but a smidgen of what we’re trying to establish. A new Gallup poll finds that Americans aren’t as enthusiastic about “immigration reform” as some Members of Congress and most of the main stream media would like you to believe. The poll asked Americans what is the most important problem facing the country today, and only 2% of respondents said that immigration was the top concern.

So what do Americans think is important if 98% don’t think its immigration? The economy was chosen by 23% of Americans as the top issue followed by unemployment at 17%.

It begs the question: why is Congress and President Obama willing to cast as their No. 2 priority (after the fiscal cliff) an issue that only 2% of Americans think is a top priority and ranks502c7972dc3b3.preview-620_illegals trying to get Dream behind 10 other issues? Furthermore, the President wants to address immigration with a massive increase in green cards. But doesn’t the Gallup poll suggest that if immigration is addressed, it should be addressed as to how it would affect unemployment?

We need to insert just a small note. The POTUS has an entire cabinet to assist and advise him. More than that, the president also employs Czar’s and an army of attorneys’ to advise him on the status of a Bill. If one thinks about just the Cabinet members and their staffs, as well as the attorney’s that assist the “other” attorneys’ how much money is being spent on just the size of our government.

“Hope we can believe in…’ and Forward” (implying moving forward) are the two campaign slogans Barack Obama used to catapult him into what used to be the most prestigious and powerful position in the world. And please believe me there is some merit to the slogans.

Muslim-Brotherhood5_31-290x160Obama through the use of executive orders, lopsided government, and very poor decision-making sees to it that whatever it is that is his hope, you should bet your farm that legally, or illegally, ethical, or unethical he’s going to make everyone Believe it. Moreover, whatever his definition of Forward is, it certainly is not what we consider moving forward as a leader of civil liberties, the icon the world looks toward, and national power. Obama has failed us far too many times.

We hear the jargon of acquiring a new State (Puerto Rico), as well as some horse manure magazine naming him as “Man of the Year.” America – and to all of us who live here better wake-up and watch what this lunatic is doing to us. Just let the horrors of Obamacare be your example.

It is with a bitter reflection that I look back on the year 2012. I assure you that my pen and of all those who will help me look on 2013 positively – full of redemption and national growth.


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