Happy New Year 2013! Have a look at newspapers from around the world

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Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year to all of our loyal and informed readers. Did you catch the Ball Drop in Times Square, New York City? It seems that even if you did forget to watch it, tape it, TiVo it, then we should all be thanking our Creator for the people originally, and the corporations for the Internet. Ostensibly it has become the combo-plex of everything you may have missed.

Think about it just for a moment. If one needs to be informed on events in India then by all means check the Internet; it seems to us that anything and everything gets coverage somehow on the Internet. Moreover, unlike the main-stream media that carries such an extraordinary bias, the Internet news is where one can go to read reports as seen from the other side. That is just one of the reasons I’m proud of what I do.

Now then for our younger parents, older parents, and grandparents who read The Contemplative Thinker, if one’s son or daughter, or their respective cousins enjoy reading then by all means introduce them to the world. We all are aware of the multitude of educational media that is readily available. However, that is not my specialty; yet, one of our most avid reader’s here is involved with educational gaming newspaperswith the Internet as the main resource. Please feel free to ask for name and email address.

newspapers_britishOne of my specialty areas in the art of reading is the pure gift of comprehension. The ability to read something — and –through ideas, thoughts, reflection, asking myself questions while at the same time seeking
those answers, and most importantly utilizing critical thinking skills has placed me into a position of understanding nearly 100 percent of what I read the first time I’ve read the material. What a great skill to pass on to someone who enjoys learning, or reading and sorting out new problem-solving matters. Here is an example. Try and find the best and most reliable newspaper, magazine, or what have you from a different country.

We believe that most people would be surprised at how different authors raised in different cultures, with different customs, norms, and ideologies report on something that happens in the USA. Often times in countries that don’t face the same concerns and those of us do in the U.S. such as gun-control are the most level headed people around when it comes to addressing the problem and offering suggestions for a presentable outcome.

As for me this much is fun and fortunately helps me to gain a perspective on issues that bother or inspire me. The Guardian in England, Daily Mail, The London Times, The Australian or the Blank Morning Herald in AU (we use Blank for whatever city one may be reading i.e., Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and so on). The Irish Times IRE, The Nation, PK, and of course the financial newspapers such as The Financial Review (regional, Austro-lasian) The Wall Street Journal, and many, many more.

There are many other magazines as well as newspapers, some such as Al Jazeera, are very anti-American and for us are used for propaganda or to “how not to report on a story.”

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