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thinkingThere’s more than a touch of hypocrisy in the recent exploitation of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy by the MSM, Obama, and the Democrats. All the wanton murders due to Fast and Furious (estimated at 300 or more) do not appear equal to one life lost at Sandy Hook. The administration paid criminals to illegally arm drug cartels in Mexico, choosing to supply them with none other than “assault weapons”, mostly AK-47′s with some Barrett .50 caliber BMG rifles and a few hand grenades thrown in for good measure.

The result was the deaths of federal agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, along with another thirteen American citizens and several hundred Mexicans. Another disgusting milepost for 2012 is the 500th homicide in Chicago, Obama’s and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s hometown. This sad statistic was achieved when Nathaniel Jackson was shot and died at the scene on December 27th at 9:00 P.M. as he stood on a street corner.

The MSM has largely been silent about these tragedies, choosing instead to concentrate on the victims at Newtown. In the process, they overlook at least 440 child gunshot victims with 60 violence in juarezfatalities in Chicago this past year alone.

This brings us to Senator Feinstein’s attempt to revive the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 with her recently drafted gun control legislation. She will introduce this revamped legislation to the Senate in January in an effort to resolve our supposed epidemic of violence as revealed by Obama in his Sandy Hook speech to the nation. In effect, what this darling of the left has done is reintroduce all of the weapons that were not subject to registration initially.

We have covered Ms. Feinstein’s babble in the past. Short story even shorter is the fact that Senator Feinstein is a previous gun owner, deluxe with a capacity to carry arms under concealment of cover.

The National Firearms Act (“NFA”), 72nd Congress, Sess. 2, ch. 757, 48 Stat. 1236, enacted on June 26, 1934, currently codified as amended as 26 U.S.C. ch. 53, is an Act of Congress in the United States that, in general, imposes a statutory excise tax on the manufacture and transfer of certain firearms and mandates the registration of those firearms.
These tactics are nothing short of a backdoor scheme to render legal weapons illegal by redesignating them through the NFA as equivalent to automatic weapons. The result will be a national gun registration database for conventional arms. At the same time, these very same legislators (along with Obama) have encouraged untold carnage and mayhem through policies of looking the other way regarding the inner cities of this nation, Mexico, South America, and the Middle East as our government willingly supplies criminals, jihadists, and cartels with weapons.

This particular piece of original legislation (1934) has some very interesting historic points that either were occurring at the time, or prior to the time, and the development of some of America’s institutions. WesternJournalismCommunityAccording to Alan P. Halbert, writing for the Western Center for Journalism says,

“It is interesting to note that the NFA became law right after the repeal of Prohibition. Congressmen of the day were intimately familiar with how unintended consequences play out from their legislative intent. Prohibition released a murderous rampage of gang-related violence on this nation dwarfing anything we have seen since, leading to the expansion of the Mafia and other organized crime syndicates that are still with us today, another testament to a benevolent Congress.

Just the notion of thinking about that time in American history — including Chicago, organized crime, Prohibition — is really quite enough to let every single person understand what potential gun ownership (yes, that is part of your Property Rights) may be up against.




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