Maybe we should all look at some Biblical Common Sense…

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Maybe we should all look at some Biblical Common Sense…

brainiacReprobation is a condition of moral confusion that the scriptures say will be pervasive in the last days of time, as we know it. (Romans 1: 27-32) It is a result of spiritual deprivation that always accompanies moral decline according to every historical record of man. Nations rise and fall on the outcome of this powerful and recurring social and spiritual malady.

In this clouded nether region of convoluted thinking, identifying exactly who leaders are is part to the confusion entire generations have concerning their own identities. Teens are thought to rebel and act out imagesCAAWQX26largely because they are struggling to ascertain their own identities.

As for us here at The Contemplative Thinker, when everything is put through the tests of the heart or fire, or even the test of the Spirit we believe that there exists an answer that was revealed many, many years ago.

We know that some of our readers may be upset or even insulted over some of our reasoning here, whilst still other reader’s will be thinking and maybe saying, “why that is not offensive at all…how could anyone be offended by such common sensical notions.

The Guidebook and Map

It was the question of the hour, and it is still the single most important question of all time. It is a question of identity. As a young man named Jesus arrived in Caesarea Philippi, he sent his numerous followers – and his twelve main followers – out into the town for fact finding and where could anyone get something cold to drink.

Upon returning they were asked, “…who do men say that I, the Son of man am?” (Mt 16: 13) Quite openly he was asking these nonnative people who the indigenous people thought he was, or one’s basic identity question.

His followers gave him a mixed answer that included the various opinions of the entire community. The disciples told Jesus that some of the people thought he was a prophet or the reincarnation of John the Baptist. Many of the people thought he was a fake and a charlatan and possibly demon-possessed. (Jn 8: 48)

After sending the followers away except for the original twelve Jesus again asked, “But who do you say that I am?” In an answer as clear as the sky, the Apostle Peter answered the question in no uncertain terms for himself and those who followed Christ from day to day observing his speech and the many miracles he did.

“He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Mt 16: 15, 16)

In this day of those who don’t acknowledge personal responsibility, who’d rather find something else to do rather than to vote, and disgustingly watch the president live above the rule of law with reckless disregardNewsweek cover for matters Constitutional, who is spending millions of our dollars on his family holidays when clearly he is oblivious to matters right in front of his face.

We have come upon a list of seven identities that may be able to assist anyone as to who this wannabe actually might be. Are you ready? One, Author Xavier Lerma, writing in Russia’s online version of Pravda, obama socialism

formerly the voice of communism in the old Soviet Union, compares Russian President Putin to Ronald Reagan while Obama is seen as an old line communist in policy and vision. Two, Newsweek emblazoned the artistically-produced likeness of Barack Obama (with a halo) on its cover with the caption “The First Gay President” in May of 2012.

Three, while no Muslim country has yet nailed Barack as a hardline Sunni or Shia Muslim, the hope he chooses to place in the Muslim Brotherhood movements in the Arab world indicate where his affections lie. Four, according to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his posse, Mr. Obama is a total fraud based on the following information.

Five, once a single issue known as the ‘birther’s question’ has burgeoned into a mystery of epic proportions. Now it’s missing school records, a fraudulent social security number, a forged selective service record, and a bevy of forensic experts claiming that the birth certificate is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Six, is Mr. Obama a law-abiding citizen that is now lost in a storm of impeachment threats, investigations, and accusations. Obama has kept lawmakers in the dark on everything from the ‘unified agenda’ to the facts about the gun-running circus called ‘Fast and Furious.’ Seven, many people around the nation have wondered if Mr. Obama is the dreaded but well prophesied antichrist.

Well with the best of intentions we offer these facts. When you consider that identity crisis queen Oprah called Obama “The One” and actor Jamie Foxx called him “our Lord and Savior.” Outlandish?

The authors of this article wish to thank Rev Michael Bresciani and the American that has since 2005 featured the articles and reports of journalist Mr. Bresciani. For further reading please CLICK HERE.Hat-tip_small

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