Gun Control is only as good as those who adhere to it…

Gun control is a topic that I have welcomed any and all correspondence, ideas, or what have you in order to address some clear shortcomings that ineffective and inefficient people are trusted to come up with some clear antidote to make it safer to abide by our Second Amendment rights.We encourage debate, talking points, and lively discussions so we will be able to use our personal responsibility more effectively.

6_5x25-CBJ-Weapons-1I have been up to my chin in research regarding the Amendment, as well as some of the post facto regulations that our government officials have intuitively pressed forward. Some of it has been fresh while some has been the typical “Put forth regulations – and then not police those regulations,” by which we believe the magnitude of this current problem of mass murdering is arising.

In an attempt to illustrate my point of view, I ask that one only be receptive and open about the notions that are brought forth. As for starters, we believe the entire arena of background checks is in much disarray – again by the lack of continuity of government responsibility.

It is one matter checking a person’s background, yet it is an altogether different undertaking to check/search a person’s background. Imagine if you will the type of background checks being done at the current rate of efficiency as the US Border Patrol or US Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement agencies – and do we or does anyone know if each organization are allowed or not to use each other’s databases!

Working together means working together – meaning put people in a room, identify the problem, look for other problems that may arise as the once identified problem splinters or fractures into smaller problems. Once the problem(s) are identified then the people should work every possible solution to adjust and solve the problem. Furthermore, a system of monitoring should be implemented so as to ensure adequate data to see if what has been implemented is in fact working and/or make adjustments.

The implementation phase is critically important. It is during this phase that we find (or should find) idiosyncrasies that may deter our objective.Sure has

Reality checks are important to say the very least. As a sidebar let’s examine what is at stake. The United States has databases for virtually everything known to humankind. However, the guarded secrecy and the attitude of “mine” while not sharing that information with other agencies within the same departmental structure is unconscionable.

Our sidebar supports the following: Local law enforcement officials arrest and book an individual for lewd behavior in public around school children; a report is filed and portions of the filing are forwarded onto the City or District Attorney’s office. The matter ends up in Court and prior to full punitive action taken at the sentencing phase, a plea bargain is reached and whatever remains then gets input into the database. A year later the same individual does the same lewd behavior and as he exposes himself to a child school girl he’s abducted is caught and placed under arrest again. Only now the perpetrator has moved across the nation to another state.

This is where the entire system endures its first collapse. Is the perpetrator’s prior arrest and plea bargain readily available to those now involved in the perp’s current menagerie? Most people would say “yes” because of the National Crime Institutes Database, however, we maintain that what if the original data was earmarked and placed into the database originally.

There is no doubt that the existing agencies within the U.S. bureaucracy have become angry and dismayed. If one were to think about how the FBI maintains its own database, as does the Department of Homeland Security, as does the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services maintain its own database, as does the National Crime Institute Service supposedly run by the Department of Justice, as well as the C.I.A. all maintaining their “own” databases which incidentially are bought and paid for by taxpaying Americans that will not share their coveted information has literally caused agents of ICE to sue the U.S. government on the grounds that through various memorandums they have been held unable to perform their duties. It does get worse — hopefully for tomorrow.




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