Apathy in America…

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We see the United States as going through a period of lethargy. The feeling of droopiness while having a real lack of concern, and topped off by having no interest or enthusiasm. We believe that the symptoms andimages (13) real obvious signs of being apathetic are tantamount in the American society right now.

America without question is suffering from growing pains. If we could remember our adolescent years when our bodies were going through hormonal changes, or when our joints ached for no apparent reason. And one of our first clear signs we were experiencing growing pains happened when our parents took a look at the grocery bill. It wasn’t just our house either; it seemed that everywhere we went those parents had something to say as well.

So how is this relevant to what this writing is trying to convey? Or maybe you are so far ahead of the rest of the pandemic that is apparently suffering from obesity. The statistics has it somewhere in the neighborhood of approximately 65 percent of all Americans are portly, pleasingly plump, or flat out overweight.

pyramidSo much in fact that as usual, the federal government has gotten so involved one wonders about personal privacy. Or at least they should. At the behest of the federal government the entire food pyramid has been turned upside down and in-and-out. So what took them so long to recognize that Americans were eating the wrong foods, the wrong quanties, and at the wrong times.

Furthermore, when was the last time you wondered into a Mickie-D’s, Carl’s Jr.’s, heck, even a Taco Bell? First item that got to me was the amount of pressure these eateries must be under because as a federal regulation whatever you’re eating must follow a strict code and those codes are all over the menus. I would imagine that in a MacDonald’s for example there is not a place one could look without seeing the feds guard on what you’re eating.

Therefore, having displayed a couple of signs and symptoms here, why has the government seen to it that over 46 million Americans are hooked on SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program also known as food stamps? The leadership that currently occupies all of the ivory towers left in Washington D.C., is sending out so many mixed messages it literally takes think tanks trying to figure some of it out.

Allow us to ask you this question: Are you better off now than before Obama became the POTUS, the same, or less well off? Now before one answers thissmcdonaldfamr-300x232 question critically think it through.

The Obama Regime’s deadly attacks on the energy sector not only damned the producers; they also damned consumers, and please burn this to memory – those at the lower end of the income scale are being hurt the most. Based on a Washington Examiner report stating: “The rising costs of energy hit lower income Americans the hardest, because they spend a higher proportion of their incomes on energy.”

In fact, Powerline notes that if one is in the top 20 percentile, the cost of energy (gasoline, heating oil, electricity) takes only 4.3 percent of your income. But then again, if one were in the bottom quintile or 20 percent, energy takes 24.4 percent of your income. When the cost of energy doubles – as it has under Obama –the result is a real hardship: your family eats lower quality food, your children don’t get new clothes, and you never seem to go anywhere – driving the car has become too expensive.

That friends is the impact that Barack Obama has had on the poor. More later…


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