What has Obama done for you..?

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What has Obama done for you..?

In yesterday’s article we began with the notion of how the American people have gotten what appears to be that old feeling of having no interest or even less enthusiasm about just about anything. In addition, it is becoming increasingly obvious that what is now considered the “New Normal” is that state of being where people are not willing to make any effort to change things.

gun controlThen we looked at a few examples such as the United States being “the obese nation;” as well as how energy prices have doubled since Obama took office. Sure it is not rocket science to figure out that the cost of energy is going to hurt the poorer sector of the people than anyone else does. We had mentioned how and why this happens, but suffice it to say that energy are now expenses clearly meaning that if one doesn’t have the money when the bill comes – one either suffers the loss of energy or the loss of anything extra.

We asked a question in yesterday’s article: Are you better off now than before Obama became the POTUS, the same, or less well off? Now before one answers this question, critically think it through. It is of moral imperative that one critically thinks about the answer before opening the mouth.

Please have a read of these statistics for your answer. Since Obama became president, 21 million Americans have been added to the food stamp and disability rolls, and it would be lunacy not to add in 4.5 millionfed-food-stamp jobs lost.

Before anyone starts with the “look at what I inherited…” Bush-talk why are there 21 million Americans added to the food stamp and disability rolls, with it only getting far uglier from this point?

The must be one essential bit of rubbish that is causing this mess to happen and we see it as two-fold. One of course is the Obama Administration and every single person he has appointed or worked with and that goes for everyone who supports whatever this man has done. The other culprit is an astounding American society that rather than change any one of the law-breaking “policies” Obama has transfixed America on legal or otherwise for us to sit saliently is a bigger problem. Why you ask? Because it is creating that sense of the New Normal.

the secondWe should all take a moment with our Creator, and be thankful that Obamanomics knows no race or ethnicity. The damage of his policies is not limited to any group. His law-breaking policies albeit granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, or completely reversing the Welfare Reform Act, or his grabbing for guns in New York and other places are clearly breaking the law or at least unconstitutional.

We believe that apathy is caused by lack of interest or concern, and having no moxy to want to change it. According to the Daily Caller “African Americans’ median wealth has crashed, their wages have flat-lined, their unemployment has spiked, and their political power has waned.” Less than half of young black males have full-time jobs. The percentage of blacks in the workforce fell to 52.8 percent in August 2012 from 58.6 percent in June 2007. Just in case you’re wondering that’s 5.8 percent less young black males working full-time.

Nothing – absolutely anything has improved in this country since Barack Obama took office. And no more is this fact more obvious than with inner-city black children insofar as black child poverty is close to 40 percent. Now just examine his foreign policy with these misnomers “Four year ago, I told you we’d end the war in Iraq, and we did. I said we’d end the war in Afghanistan and we are. I said we’d refocus on the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11 and we have. Al Qaeda is on the path to defeat…and Osama bin Laden is dead.” (Barack Obama campaigning in Fairfax, VA on October 19, 2012.)

The real unemployment number consisting of unemployed as well as underemployed to those how have taken jobs as” burger flippers” or less than full-time employment now stands at 14.7 percent! There is just a bit more coming at you…more later.

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