Putting an end to Apathy


For our final installment dealing with lack of interest in anything, or the absence of any wish to do anything constructive with our nation; additionally, knowing that we have the inability to feel normal or passionate human feelings or to respond emotionally; however the possible scenario may work out it doesn’t look good. Here’s a quick question: Do you feel that ancient Rome may have been in the same mind set prior to their collapse?

The circumstances in the United States are looking bleak and bleaker. One who has ever been in any kind of leadership position knows intuitively that if a company’s, is no longer nearing the demand that it once used ampower2to, and one’s domestic product for foreign trade is suffering.

Indeed the biggest tell of all – is that independent monetary worth institutions have downgraded your once A-1 rating down to a B level and are threatening to do it again then that nation is facing a humongous surprise.
Now what gets to us fighter’s here at The Contemplative Thinker is when or if we are going to stand up as a nation, tell this corrupt administration what they can do with it all; furthermore, that same directive should be going to Congress as well!

Statistics and other scientific methods are just that – numbers that represent various issues. So take only a minute and ask yourselves: Do these numbers represent anything. And that answer is “YES!” These numbers represent real human lives that are being severely damaged and some are being changed – not for the better.

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And if there is anything about the Left that annoys me more than anything , which is their ostensible word manipulation and calling it political correctness. Even the mainstream media has gotten involved in this process. We are being told to just accept the behavior’s of our current Administration, including the Department of Justice, DHHS, the DHS, EPA, and the cumulative effect of the misappropriation of funds.

And as yet, though it has been the U.S. taxpayers who are flipping the bill with stimulus’s, TARP, bail-outs, and funny election results; where is ours on the primary level? If this same time last year January 30th bought say 1,000 shares of Starbucks common stock and sold it one precise year later you would have made $8,080 or 16.8 percent on your money. Is that happening with the government?


The feeling of having no interest in or enthusiasm about anything, or of not being willing to make any effort to change things may be called the “New Normal” and we are being told to accept it is ridiculous! Although sadly some people do accept this rubbish I am ashamed.

On the runMany people are so enamored with Barack Obama (see titles below) it is evident that he is the “Celebrity of the United States”, rather than the President. And since he is so cool whatever happens is also cool. But it isn’t cool. We do not feel that 7.8 percent unemployment is not cool. And 14.7 percent with combined unemployment and underemployment is not cool. Adding to those figurers a whopping 47 percent of the nation on food stamps, disability rolls, is not cool at all.

Our ambassador in Libya was murdered, raped, and dragged through streets, not cool. Now toss in Fast & Furious gun running, knee jerk reactions to gun-control, and start pledging away at a zero comprehensive immigration reform (fact is, there is no reform!) with continued executive order signing is not only NOT COOL, it sucks.

Not one member of congress has alerted me to immigration reform change, very uncool. As far as public opinion is concerned and who is measuring it…and if so, why? We do not have to stand for this rubbish in fact, why not demand the old America back instead.

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