Head Start is in a mess…but the President still wants to run with it…

Head Start

Head Start is in a mess…but the President still wants to run with it…

As most of you already know, we having a stake in education from time to time we do understand the necessity of looking at the real major issues. In our last such attempt we brought a series of articles to attention – not because of their stellar success – oh contraire! If you’d like to revisit that particular article please click here.

We brought news, expert reporting, and the results of a longitudinal research study as to how the government funded program, Head Start, was found not only of any assistance to the students involved, in fact quite the opposite had been uncovered. Insofar as the longer the child was involved with the Head Start program the more evident became the awareness that the participants were suffering from the ability to critically think.

A rigorous and large-scale experimental evaluation, conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), finds that the federal Head Start program has essentially no lasting cognitive or behavioral benefits. The results shed further light on the ineffectiveness of Head Start. By third grade, Head Start had little to no effect on cognitive, social-emotional, health, or parenting outcomes of participating children.

The results clearly call into question the federal government’s $8 billion per year commitment to the program. Furthermore, we should all be thinking where that $8 billion comes from meaning the U.S. taxpayers.
Far from growing skeptical about Head Start, however, the Obama Administration has proposed increasing funding for it—and, in so doing, even touts the “success” of Head Start and the “historic investments” the Administration has already made in it.

First we’d love to hear the president provide us with the successes of the Head Start program; moreover, we are moved by these “historic investments” that spark an obvious question: Why increase funding for a program that doesn’t work?

Naturally the mainstream media, in its role as skeptical watchdog and guardian of the public interest, would rush to pose this question to the President or his press secretary. Yet we cannot find this question in the transcript of any White House press briefing.

Perhaps the question has been asked at some point in some other forum, but the HHS study should be a central focus of any debate over Head Start. So far it has not been.

Then again we would be very remiss if we did not mention President Obama’s campaign promises made to every voter in America: President Obama has pledged to use only one test when determining which education programs to fund: “It’s not whether an idea is liberal or conservative,” Obama stated, “but whether it works.” HHS’s third-grade follow-up evaluation makes it unequivocally clear that Head Start fails that test.

It’s time for reporters covering the White House to start asking pointed questions about Head Start and the other preschool initiatives the President is now proposing. Just one more matter to try and communicate; what type of personality continues to throw good money after bad. Why does Obama want to support a lunacy program when with his own mouth stated otherwise.

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