Some ask why, while others know the answers…

Some ask why, while others know the answers…

Or so it would seem in cases involving celebrities, stars, black politicians, white and Hispanic politicians, that somehow feel that their excrement doesn’t smell. This pandemic situation we’ve got cover_lohan080225inlilo2 our country – where people of any notoriety, for whatever or any reason at all – just seem to have a different set of rules or circumstances if you will.

Let’s just look at some of this rubbish. Dare I even type this name: Lindsay Lohan – admittedly a once only, bright child actress that for the life of all of us working stiffs – cannot figure out for our lives exactly what state of mind the legal and judicial systems are in that keeps them from not at least trying to put an end to her bull squat.

Ms. Lohan could be facing up to two years in jail for some crimes she’s admitted too. However, she loudly argues she won’t do a day. After discussing the matter with some attorney friends, they alleged that the courts do play favorites, especially in Hollywood which basically means the entirety of Los Angeles County, which is humongous.

For those interested Ms. Lohan is up on two separate misdemeanor charges (although she’s already admitted to the charges). On the first count she is being charged with reckless driving and causing damage to the other vehicle. Now come trial time she states she wasn’t driving her vehicle.

On count two it would seem is concurrent with count one, with the exception that she was then currently on probation, had her driving privileges revoked, and was supposed to be in either rehab or seeing a professional.

Well the cat’s out and done left the bag! The person who alleges that she was the one who was really driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, has had a lofty falling out with Ms. Lohan. As such she has decided to come clean and report to the court that it was in fact Lohan who was driving. So shall we add lying to the police to either of the two counts?

Even today a panel of guest speaking lawyers all agreed Lindsay Lohan will most likely (or not) do any time whatsoever. Ridiculous yet worse…sad!

Let’s look at a different category of people. Regular although through the mainstream media, have seemed to be getting favors they do not deserve. We understand that there was a big hullaballoo at a crowed intersection in Orlando, Florida. Seriously this was main news for about an hour this morning. Gawkers and rubberneckers stopped, stared, and held up ostensibly what is normal traffic.

Sure enough it was the forever not available Casey Anthony! Imagine the millions of dollars paid to this lady for book publishing, film ventures, and stardom for what – being a regular plain-Jane suspected of murdering her own daughter – and who walked free!


The others mentioned above are clearly the POTUS, Barack “Berry” Obama “Sotero” as well as Senator John Kerry, and to play nicely we mentioned Rep. Luis Gutierrez. Did anyone other than me hear John Kerry espousing that the United States citizens volunteered for sequestering so that Egypt could receive not only the $1 billion but let’s throw on an extra 215 to 400 million dollars for political stability, economic certainty, or basically buying a friendship.

Well Congressman Gutierrez was arrested this weekend of March 1, 2013; for what you may ask…protesting on the lawn of the White House.

Folks we could go on and on and on with the dilemmas that confront America; however, if you are one of those people who asks innocently, “Why” please understand that it is a collective of spoiled rotten people who are getting away with something they shouldn’t.

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