Obama suggesting that laws don’t apply to him…

WStandard.v18-26.Mar18.Cover_President Obama has grown fond of saying that he’s “not a dictator,” “not a king,” and “not the emperor,” but is instead “the president.” Whether his tendency to clarify a seemingly obvious point reveals his inner desires or not, his actions in a variety of ways suggest that he doesn’t think the president shares his fellow citizens’ ongoing obligation to obey the law. To the contrary, he seems to view the president as being somewhat above the law.

The latest example involves Obama’s legal obligation to submit a budget by the first Monday in February. We’ve now passed the first Monday in March, yet there’s no indication that Obama intends to submit a budget anytime soon.

And now this comment by an ostensibly reasoned individual whose handle is painfultruth09: “Why is anybody surprised that Barry-Barack-Hussein-Soebarkah-Soetoro-Marshal-Davis-Herald-Bounel-Obama or whatever his real name is doesn’t abide by the law?

He’s an outright fraud, not a single thing about his past or his history is real, and it’s all made up of forged documents, lies, and fraud.”

After reading this particular piece at Fox News with citations to the Weekly Standard it became a reading on my must list. Please read the complete story by visiting here.

There is far more to the range at both news agencies; however, as soon as I read the first line of this story I began feeling a warm embrace with each word. You see I began to get validation for many of the feelings that have perplexed me. Additionally, it felt very good realizing that there were other people who have difficulties with this shenanigan.

And finally, this is a legal obligation that Obama is refusing to fulfill. Most Americans can’t get away with refusing to fulfill their legal obligations or with considering themselves to be above the law. Of course, most Americans also can’t get away with having $7 and spending $11, which is what the federal government has done under Obama.

In this adaptation from the Weekly Standard’s piece by Jeffery H. Anderson, here is an extraordinary bit. “It’s an old basketball adage that teams that apply a full-court press don’t like to be pressed themselves. They like to force the action, not have it forced on them. In a similar vein, those who seek to centralized power by spearheading the passage of new federal laws generally don’t like to obey those laws themselves. Laws are something for other people to dutifully obey — less important people.” For more click here. 

Thus, for the last four years, the Obama administration has flatly refused to obey the law in response to the Medicare trigger — the trigger resulting from the Medicare Trustees’ determination that immediate action must be taken to ensure Medicare’s future solvency.

The following is a quote from a letter sent to the President by 44 Senators advising Barack Obama to stay within the parameters of the law.obama_united nations

“The administration has failed each of the last four years to respond to these funding warnings despite receiving several communications from Congress urging them to comply with this unambiguous legal requirement. Those letters are attached. Two of those four years, 2010 and 2011, Mr. Lew was the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the entity responsible for drafting and submitting fiscal proposals to Congress and complying with federal budget law….

Then again, Obama did plainly express his intention of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

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