Why government is the way it is…And what do we do about it..?

Congress assembledThere are times that we are positive that our elected officials – Representatives, Senators, and the President have completely forgotten any and all forms of rational thought. No elaboration necessary. Who do these people think they are? We do have some source reading to assist in maybe why they think they are elite people and why when known before or after they are elected they truly were individuals with courtesy, decorum, friendliness, and above all manners.

Therefore, being a member of a Representative-Democracy, whom do these people think they work for? You, the American people, and me, that’s right. It is as simple as that period. We ought not to forget that friends, we need to be verbal, writing letters, and being advocates for what they have been doing.

Please share with us the last POTUS that got away with something as faulty as Benghazi, Libya? Lives were lost under enemy hostilities. A U.S. Ambassador was brutally mangled, sodomized, and dragged through the streets. And all of the sudden someone from the “elite” crowd is chosen to fabricate the truth for an international audience.

Anyone with any political background who may be seeking reelection, or any other controversial proposed legislation or more importantly issues that need fixing, such as immigration, illegal’s being in the country, same-sex marriage, and any other matter where one may be in the fray with high emotional sentiment, chances are they are amazingly quiet.

According to Congressional Quarterly Today, in the 112th Congress, law is the dominantly declared profession of Senators, followed by public service/politics, then business; for Representatives, business is first, followed by public service/politics, then law.

Does this information tell us anything about why our government is the way that it is? Of course it does; using common sense let’s look at law. What are law school students taught to do? Argue anything; albeit, for murder, kidnapping with assorted sexual assaults, regardless of which side of the argument one is on – and I guarantee that one person will perform their arguments from both perspectives. After all that is the profession of law.

Moreover, on a direct note the composition of the elite leadership of this nation should not be consorting themselves within the practice of business. Seriously, as one critically thinks about it — aren’t there enough professional firms on Wall Street and/or any economic district in most larger cities.moms apple pie

Now a look at politics on a professional basis; first we must naturally assume that people are genuinely disunited and ostensibly at odds with each other about anything and everything. Unfortunate or not this is the human nature of people that anyone putting a government together will encounter.

Politics is the process used to influence the behavior of individuals. Because people find themselves in dysfunctional relationships with other people coupled with disunity within the human state, then in an attempt to assure order to individuals it is the seeking of power that is the prime subject of political science.

Furthermore, whether or not a particular situation exists – such as inequality, fairness, common treatment – power seems justified as a way of placing everyone under the rule of the best human qualities. Why this basic notion of political science seems so irrelevant among members of a society is that people tend to look at what is good for them.

Just look at the Ten Commandments. There are ten unifying principles about how to act and otherwise, so why not display this collection of moral values so that everyone could see, read, and enjoy them? Now suppose that another religious sector of society has a 10 Commandments model espousing the same sense of morality, values, and ethics as the first one, then we say sure it should be used.

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