Life, living, learning, and being aware

Life, living, learning, and being aware of these issues are undoubtedly the greatest creation as done by our Creator. We are sure that there are those who go on with the business of being there or just mere existence. Then again, we are certain that there are those who are living this matter we call life.

Living in this sense is the proactive means of getting the most out of life hopefully using the unalienable rights that we have been blessed with – or using the skills each one of us possess to advance in our understanding, meaning, and above all wisdom and knowledge.

Therefore who are we to ever cut our Creator short? It is not necessary to be a full of yourself as a walking witness for any religion on our planet – insofar as this certainly could be the sure highway to hell. Mind you it does not make anyone more or less saved or in touch with their god. In fact, the amount of war, killing of innocent people, and those innocently being killed who are in uniform, the infrastructure’s or entire cities, government offices, and the demise of complete cultures are no more because of man’s inability to get along with _______. Whom?

web_ph__dreamact_picA_t820When I think back of popular myths – the Crusades – and therefore evaluating what the real motives were behind every party involved, it does not come back to god. When one focuses on the amount of wars the USA has been involved in and then totals the amount of killed in action, missing in action, or worse, wounded in action it is amazing that we are still all around.

Now let’s switch our focus on to us – those US citizens as of right now. Back up to the 1st and 2nd paragraphs again – and we need to ask ourselves are we living? Ditto learning and being proactive? Are we getting the most out of the skills that we have been blessed with?

As a matter of due-diligence, please accept what we say here as good; perhaps, a little misguided but with a little coaxing each could inspire many great works. How easy is it to say, “I can’t afford to attend college?”Did someone force you Probably about as hard as it was for a guy to take a marking pen and inscribing on a piece of paper, “I now have a B.S (science) degree, $25,000 in student loans, and still no job!” (Different photo used..)

Now just for the brief stretch why should a person who can communicate a given notification, the use of proper color management, an earned Bachelor of Science degree, someone who thought this person was worth advancing $25K too, and let us all be aware that he still is unemployed. This reminds me exactly of illegal immigrants who after graduating high school wear signs that state, “What Now?”

We believe that the brain matter is in touch; albeit, further to that we also believe that the individual who made the sign is far too smart to be standing out on a street corner holding a sign – and that sign of complaint. Now we wouldn’t be saying this about a person who used the same energy, even less communication skills had he contacted a flower distributor and was surrounded by those white buckets full of flowers for sale.

Between the guy announcing that he has a degree and student loan debt, and the clad in mortar boards and graduation robes signing “What now” we allow this much: pursuant to our earlier article this past week entitled, Trust No one, not even your Government we tried to establish the following notion.

Of course, Obama’s presidency is following what is called the Cloward-Piven plan to a tee—that is, creating a crisis where the welfare state, through an unsustainable debt, collapses the economy, creating an economic apocalypse whereby the central planners can then easily usher in a totalitarian Marxist state.

The American Dream is still alive and well to those who choose to attain it. We argue corporately that there isn’t any less “rocket-scientists” now than there was in our nation in 1900, 1950, or 1980s. In fact, we believe that there are considerably more.

Americans need to pry ourselves away from what is free or appears free – stop being the welfare state we’re getting known as – and think of things perhaps in a more empowered way such as, “I need to find work…it is not coming to my door, therefore, I must go out and think again on those lessons I learned in college.” Am I using the skills I’ve been blessed with?

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