What we meant by our last post – if we had communicated correctly

World Sailing MapWhat we meant by our last post – if we had communicated correctly – is that we believe that there is just far too much excuse making, storytelling, and well basic fabrications of the truth that is fed in massive doses either by advertisers or the mainstream media. Life, living, learning, and being aware of these issues are undoubtedly the greatest ideas as done by our Creator.

Therefore we are trying to encourage every person who reads to remember that: A person never stops learning and as long as they are truly living life – with purpose and proactively – then one’s learning should increase exponentially. We have acquaintances here that have been professional students; subsequently, their institutions refer to them as “lifelong learners.”

Still in other circumstances we all have friends who have just been accepted into law school and others that have gone on to train in the medical profession. These are regular folks – your average looking human being that attends Happy Hour a few times a week and others who are coaches of their kid’s soccer team. So how are these people able to do things that others cannot do?

As for me I call it planning. Please don’t misunderstand “oh, just plan to do it” because that would be wrong. There’s even an expression for what I’m trying to convey – “People don’t plan on failing, they just fail to plan.” But don’t you just admire those folks who out of nowhere come up with these new inventions, ideals, and so on?

All of that time we thought they were going along and getting along they were competing in their local science fairs, meeting with other folks with like interests and most of all doing something they’ve always wanted to do. I have admiration for those types of people. Folks, who know absolutely nothing about what they’re getting into, but have the gumption to keep on striving.

We keep writing famous quotes from the Founders of this nation, we try to inspire because the head of our government doesn’t have a clue what it is that we (those who pay his salary) want and need desperately. Are 031809_unamericanyour more apt to get out and work for someone who states, “You didn’t build that…” or with someone who says, “Together we can get that done,” and rolls up their sleeves to kick in.

Many are unaware of Rush Limbaugh’s life and accomplishments. And believe me you don’t need to even like the guy, but one can still appreciate what he’s done. Take for instance a call-in person who was overly gripping about selling his particular brand of cookies and other dessert treats in an open market setting in Northern Colorado. So Rush says, what’s the problem? And this guy goes on and on about how it might rain, its two days before the sale and the guy is also worried about how windy it may become.

Limbaugh recognizes the problem immediately and confronts the guy saying, All right then…what are you afraid of…c’mon really? Then this guy starts arguing with Rush about how to sell items. Rush gives him the “if you are in the preparation stages why are you talking yourself out of succeeding…when 75 percent is already done?” Dejected the guy mutters a few odd words to Limbaugh, something like, “He’s not the one dealing with the elements,” capitalism sucks!

Well all we heard was Rush talking to one of his producers or his go-to guy Sandy stating, “Well it wouldn’t hurt us to at least help…” and just about as sure as anything…early Saturday morning Rush Limbaugh and his mates went out for coffee and cakes and just a few cookies. So what they were in Northern Colorado! The rest of this story is about you and how are you feeling today, encouraged or defeated?




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