FFQF – Consequences must be sought and rendered…

ffqfConsequences must be sought and rendered…

Please let us make no mistake about this expose. We understand the difference between unintended consequences and intended consequences. There are from time to time when mistakes are made that may result in unintended consequences. As a society we are taught and raised to believe that everyone deserves their forgiveness for mistakes that they have committed.

However, there is a huge distinction between forgiving and forgetting. We may choose to forgive someone predicated upon their mistake; however, we are firm believers that those who commit crimes or unpleasantries against us without any remorse whatsoever and continue to do so…well, we may forget about forgiveness of their actions is a different matter completely.

Great for a Founding Fathers Quote’s Friday as we bring Alexander Hamilton into our discussion. Hamilton stated that.:

”Government implies the power of making laws. It is essential to the idea of a law, that it be attended with a sanction; or, in other words, a penalty or punishment for disobedience”Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 15, 1787

Now mind you, it is our belief that members of the press community are merely reporting the news – which just happens to be their job. However, many members in the self-awarding mainstream media seem to be making news out of the basic reporting.

LiarsThis is an unfortunate situation to put it as mildly as possible. When there exists overwhelming evidence to support such claims against the U.S. government as well.

We are addressing such evidence as Operation Fast & Furious; Benghazi-Gate; allowing Iran to continue to perfect their nuclear capabilities, or weapons of war as well as their civil rights abuses; so who has put either the truth or untruth into the notion that the Syrian government has in fact used chemical weapons against its own people.

Continuing just for a heads-up – who on earth contacted the government magistrate or Federal authorities in connection with the State’s Attorney’s office and the Public Defender’s office about issuing ‘Jahar’ Tsarnaev his Miranda rights before speaking to the officials in more competent positions (ex., Justice, DOS, FBI, CIA, or even the White House).

Folks understanding and attending to the laws on the books is every bit as important as acknowledging them and abiding by them. In a situation such as this Federal magistrate, a Judge, prosecution, and defense counsel making an independent decision to administer such action (Miranda rights) is potentially more dangerous than doing the opposite.

I am persuaded that a firm union is as necessary to perpetuate our liberties, as it is to make us respectable; and experience will probably prove that the National Government will be as natural a guardian of our freedom as the State Legislatures Alexander Hamilton, speech to the New York Ratifying Convention, June 1788

Something we do not have now, insofar as far too many factions supported by greedy, fund-raising special interests groups aiding and thus somehow giving those factions legitimacy.

We ask you the reader to respond to the various changes and attempt to answer why these are now acceptable. Consequently, all things being equal, the only thing that in reality that has changed is the people who nowWork for America support such activities. Clearly it must be established that in every public opinion poll concerning same-sex marriage, sexual orientation, homosexuality, as well as the events occurring to the opposite of the American moral standards originally supported the American way.

Then through money, power, special interests, advocacy, and the media the numbers within the polls begin to dwindle until we have a lackadaisical band of lawmakers agreeing to changing American society as it once was. We have it on privileged sources that most of the issues we confront are in themselves unacceptable to those who want them. Why, you ask.

It is in the notion that one sought to make change and succeeded, regardless of what they really wanted to happen. Just a quick survey on the presidency of Barack Obama is enough to convince anyone and their alleged vote.

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