Scandals…what! Accountability Issues

Scandals…what! Accountability Issues

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Let’s look at simple accountability; and how it relates to transparency. For the longest period of time we have been writing about accountability on this site so much that it is the biggest “TAG” we have. Where we stand there is more than duty, honor, and trust when it comes down to holding public office in this country.

Anytime that a person – regardless of who they work for – accepts a position of leadership they also are accepting responsibility, liability, culpability, and answerability for issues that may occur in their charter of responsibility.

This is not a new concept. There is a reason why the POTUS carries the title of Commander-in-Chief. Most of all dimensions of government have been set up with accountability added in. Let us never forget the cliché, “That’s why you get the big bucks…”

Therefore knowing that accountability is part of the job what exactly does this mean. According to our dictionary being held accountable means taking the responsibility to somebody or for something. Furthermore, accountability lists the amplitude to explain what it is that has happened and every reason why.

Please join me in making the most heinous, make-shift accountable people, in the world known and let’s ask for some accountability.

We would be shirking in our own responsibilities if we did not at least mention Ann Coulter and what she pronounces in most all of her best-selling books. Just as in the way she describes how liberals will change (or try to change) the subject being debated to something that will better suit their needs and agenda than the original topic.

Let’s just have a look at some specifics using Ms. Coulter’s theory. The left has come up with the illusion of scandals that have been created and nurtured by those on the right. How could this possibly be?942157_654888937858062_883494581_n

The notion behind a scandal is a situation or event that causes public outrage or censure. Taking this definition just a bit further we find that a scandal is caused by public outrage as a consequence of a particular event. All of these illusions, situations, that cause public outrage as a consequence of an event that ends up being malicious talk; however, we would argue even more so that the malicious talk comes from one of the consequences of abusing a people’s trust.

So then who started all of the Benghazi-gate fiasco in the first place? Well I can assure you it wasn’t anyone from the right who concocted a story about an eight minute video that insulted Islam. Furthermore, I not going to try and make you believe that it was me who believed that the infamous “Talking Points” used by our Ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Susan Rice, in a mass media situation. Just so you know those “Talking Points” were edited several times by the CIA, FBI, and members in the White House.

AP_Web_1Therefore using a line of common sense how much of those talking points were used in the public disgrace offered up by Eric Holder and the Justice Department for gaining access to private information of James Rosen?

And no! Hell no it is not considered piling on when we find out that the nation’s keeper of the money has been targeting not only organizations but individuals as well. This is a matter that caused the resignation of President Nixon.

Now then…back to good old fashioned accountability. Enough of the “I don’t recall, or I don’t know” a la Eric Holder and back to Fast & Furious. Now we have people within the IRS saying the exact same thing albeit they are still being paid and receiving promotions.


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