On the “Word” Alert…

On the “Word” Alert…

No AmnestyNow! Is the time that all of us who truly love our nation and care for the natural resources that so many have lost – their lives for it – now that the seediness bickering is about to rev-up to a feverish pitch, yes now is the time when we – our basic units of Americans; albeit, naturalized or legally stood your toil and immigrated to this nation and enjoy your specific rights legally – now is the time for us to make the most noise.

The great multi-tiered organization commonly referred to as a “think tank” The Heritage Foundation’s experts, scholars, and writers have put the word out – we call it the Word Alert for those words we should be hearing a lot about from our Senate in an attempt for them to debate and pass their portion of the package that goes by the name of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

This is not the Gang of Eight but the entire Senate whittling away like worker bee’s in an attempt to resolve something that has been put off by our federal government – especially the Senate and House of Representatives – for far too long. Now with over 11.8 million illegal aliens in our country some people want to be lazy about any new process and grant them de facto amnesty. At the same time there are those who believe that no matter or reason why they ended up in the USA illegally, they do not believe there should be any form of amnesty whatsoever.

The Senate will begin debate on the Gang of Eight’s immigration proposal next week. Here are four words to watch out for as the Senators make their case—and warnings about what they might mean.

COST – “Cost” is one word that should come up in the immigration debate, because the Gang of Eight’s amnesty proposal has a cost that is simply too high for Americans to bear. Heritage analysis found that amnesty would cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.

Amnesty means that illegal immigrants become legal—and become eligible for Obamacare benefits, Social Security, welfare, and Medicare. But they won’t pay enough into the system in taxes to cover the cost of all these benefits, meaning the rest of the taxpayers will have to bear the burden. This simply isn’t fair to hard-working Americans. Why should any person be made a recipient of these programs when they’ve broken out rule of law to be here?


BORDER – Despite claims of security—and talk of amending the bill—the Gang of Eight immigration bill does not secure the border. Instead, it “delivers nothing new—other than the promise of spending a lot more money and running up our debt.” As James Carafano, Heritage’s E. W. Richardson Fellow, explains: “Amnesty immediately creates an incentive for illegal border crossings and overstays. Thus, the bill’s strategy would drive up the cost of securing the border.” We in particular have a real problem with this aspect of the Gang of Eight’s irresponsible etching of a let’s do now and later when we fill like it…

If memory serves correctly during the defeat of the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill (CIR) the actual promise was made by Congress to make an impenetrable US Border from the Pacific Ocean to across Texas. Now they couldn’t be bothered with it not being done; moreover, this is after Gallup’s Poll, Rasmussen’s Poll, Pew Research Centers Poll, and the Fox News Poll which all espouse between 69 to 80 percent of Americans want the border secured and finished before any amnesty or CIR bill.


AMNESTY – Heritage President Jim DeMint has said that it’s a false choice for people to say that amnesty is necessary to immigration reform. Amnesty encourages more illegal immigration, and that is not what immigration reform is supposed to do.

Furthermore, Former Attorney General Ed Meese, Heritage’s Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, reminds us that America has tried this before, and it didn’t work:

“Today they call it a “roadmap to citizenship.” Ronald Reagan called it “amnesty.” And he was right. The 1986 reform did not solve our immigration problem—in fact, the population of illegal immigrants has nearly quadrupled since that “comprehensive” bill.”

Mr. Meese should know insofar as he was part and parcel of that 1986 CIR bill that has proved to be a failure.


“COMPREHENSIVE” – Beware the word “comprehensive.” As Meese notes above, the amnesty of 1986 was also called a “comprehensive” approach to immigration reform. It doesn’t work, and it’s not what we need. We need a separate, step-by-step approach to immigration reform. An approach that works—that the American people can trust—would start with reforming the legal immigration system and enforcing the security measures that are supposed to be in place.



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