What are the Goals and Objectives for Amnesty?

rotunda-capitol-7-1-11All of the reasons that led to the defeat of the 2007 Bush amnesty remain valid today. When it comes to the economic reasons why it was defeated, those reasons are even more valid today. In 2007, there were 7.4 million Americans unemployed. Today there are 12.3 million Americans unemployed.

It’s important to realize that the 12.3 million number is understating the problem because of the millions that have dropped out of the labor work force. A more realistic estimate of under employed and unemployed Americans stands at about 23 million. It is estimated that 8 million jobs are now occupied by illegal aliens.

What possible justification is there for elected officials, who are supposed to be governing on behalf of their citizens, to support any initiative that would be cause for this trend to continue and grow? How is it in the best interests of the constituencies of the supporters of amnesty to allow 8 million jobs to remain occupied by people who broke our laws, violated our sovereignty and don’t belong here in the first place?

Not only is the employment situation much bleaker this time around, government spending is out control and threatens to bring down the entire economy. How would adding 12 million people to the Obamacare roles improve that situation? It won’t. It will worsen it by billions. State and local budgets are equally strained. Providing social benefits for illegal aliens keeps them that way. We couldn’t afford amnesty in 2007 and we certainly can’t afford it now.

Then there are the brainwashed open borders liberals, and some republicans, who spew the “but illegal aliens do pay taxes”. I’ve already seen this popping up on comment boards and forums. But just like in 2007 when they tried to spread this hollow propaganda, it is false this time around too. Yes they do pay taxes. But what they pay pales in comparison to what they cost.

It’s not just about costs or the economics of illegal immigration. It’s about the rule of law. One set of laws for everyone with no one above the law. The rule of law is a pillar upon which this country was founded.

Amnesty provides a separate set of laws for illegal aliens and puts them above the laws that the rest of us must follow. Amnesty directly erodes this pillar. Especially at a time when the current administration has trashed the rule of law time and time again with bailouts, executive orders, gun running, gun confiscation and on and on. It is clear that the political elite no longer have the consent of the governed and if you don’t know what that ultimately leads to; maybe time for a little research.

So why is amnesty being pushed by our political elite? For the democrats, they want the votes. They will get them too as they very adept at buying votes with taxpayer paid goodies. The vast majority of the illegal imagesCAFFQPLDalien population is needy. They will vote with their pocket books and put anyone in office that promises them freebies. For republicans, it’s votes too. Somehow they’ve been convinced against logic and history that if they cave to amnesty, they will reap Hispanic votes. History, of course, does not support this.

On a different note…

In a letter to Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas), ICE Union President Chris Crane says the Gang of Eight’s bill, S.744, is flawed because it places “new restrictions on interior enforcement.” Crane writes that the bill would make the current situation worse and more hazardous and urges them to reject S.744 and instead focus on Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-S.C.) interior enforcement bill and Rep. John Barrow’s (D-Ga.) border security and interior enforcement legislation introduced in the House.

As for us, the absolute tragedy even discussing this mess of an immigration bill is as follows: What the Hades is the Senate trying to accomplish. Far be it from me, an original Business Management with emphasis in Mass Communication as an undergraduate at university, soon only to change for Organizational Communication.

Let’s look at a “model” for addressing matters of success. Some people use Business plans, others use Marketing plans but to be successful one needs to have a plan.

First, what is the stated objective of the Gang of Eight’s Comprehensive Reform Bill? Once the objective has been publicly stated then as a must the Senator’s in the Gang of Eight must begin to set goals, and more objectives, and then as if on a timeline the narrowing and whittling away to gain on those stated objectives until completion.

We should never do anything halfway insofar as it is just wrong. Just as a reminder for tonight it is important to remember the meaning of objective. Objectives are free of bias, based on facts, observable, exist independently of mind, and at times objectives can also be goals, targets, purpose, intent, and unprejudiced.







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