Let’s not be victims of sensationalism…

newspaperLet’s not be victims of Sensationalism…

As any responsible mature adult in this country knows – very well – that the media, given the opportunity will spin almost anything out of recognition.

Not that we here at The Contemplative Thinker have taken recent scandals and made light of them, oh contraire! However, we also believe that every newsworthy piece of information be properly scrutinized. (Notice keyword “properly.”)

We would like to caution everyone remotely interested in the George Zimmerman trial to be careful. In those types of public interest matters the big mainstream media outfits hire nytpsychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, community organizers, and more of the same of those given to mental manipulation.

What it is that we find interesting up to this point is how “impartial” many of the proposed jurors are?

From Fox News “Among those interviewed was a white man in his 20s who left the courtroom without being asked questions by defense attorneys after he gave answers to prosecutors indicating he would not be impartial. The juror, known as R-39 because potential panelists can be identified only by their numbers, said, “Murder is murder,” even if it is self-defense. Zimmerman, 29, is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming he shot Martin in self-defense.”

We all have to remember what this is and to keep that in a proper perspective. Unfortunately what we are dealing with is a person’s loss of life. Consequently therefore in order to remain objective keep the entire matter in its proper perspective – there just happens to be another human being who is involved and sees it a much different way.

In other matters… Vote for Border Security hits the Senate floor

While the Committee accepted numerous amendments, none changed the core provisions of the bill and many amendments made the bill worse. In the end, the Judiciary Committee approved the bill, as amended, by a vote of 13 to 5. The Senate will likely take up the bill on the floor in early June.

It is early, almost mid-June and the Border Security aspect of the bill was defeated. For the most part, after espousing this ideology for years now, I still do not portend to know or understand what these Senator’s do
san-diego-border-patrol-agentsfor a living.

If I were not a level headed man, I’d start SCREAMING AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE to vote every one of them out. However, there are some newer ones of the lot that appear to be well worth of whatever they do.

Yet I feel relatively certain that the majority of the USA understands what I am referring too. How many Senator’s have died of natural causes in the last two or three years? All things being equal there does exist an
executive branch agency that does have an age rule on when one’s career must change.

The agency is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which still has rules in place for when a pilot is no longer able to fly. Help me here, isn’t that in some violation of at least Age Discrimination laws?

And finally for today…ask yourselves please – if 70 percent of the American public wants Border Security before anything else is going to be done – please help me out again…why would the Senate be so avidly against securing the border?

Therefore we leave now asking everyone who can read, to please read this!


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