Congress is trying to fool you…

FAIR_Leahy_Quote-300x300Congress is trying to fool you…

Congress as well as other agencies aligned with the federal government are trying to fool us, and they have been for years. However, knowing the nature of humankind we must ask, are you being fooled by first Congress?

The matter we put before you should not be surprising at all; that is of course you have been reading this site as much as many of you state you are. We bring this notion forth insofar as we know how many times we have written these identical lines to you and what would be the consequences if we let them go. If you want or need proof, just type “Obama” into the search box and it is seriously like living in a self-prophetizing world.

Congress is trying to fool you.

Here is how they do business. A piece of legislation is going to cost trillions of dollars, but Members of Congress do not want the public to see that. Instead, they have the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) look at the bill for just the first 10 years—and they move any costly items off into the future on purpose.

Now let’s ask ourselves if there is any evidence of this type of arrangement say within the last six or so years. Oh! I get it!  Who was that who just blurted out “Obamacare”? Well you are so right – in fact that program is going to cost more and more and more until it won’t be tolerated anymore.

In fact at The Foundry, a blog released and owned by The Heritage Foundation says they did it with Obamacare—saved the budget bombshells for later. Now they are trying to do it with immigration. Heritage experts are still analyzing the full report, but a few things jumped out immediately. The Gang of Eight bill:

WILL NOT stop illegal immigration – Despite promises of a secure border, the bill would slow future illegal immigration by only 25 percent, according to the CBO. In the next couple of decades, that means 7.5 million new illegal immigrants.

WILL drive down wages – For legal American workers, the CBO estimates the bill would drive down their average wages.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, explained how the Gang of Eight purposefully hid the true costs of the bill: (This is must reading!)

The bill’s drafters relied on the same scoring gimmicks used by the Obamacare drafters to conceal its true cost from taxpayers and to manipulate the CBO score. There is a reason why eligibility for the most expensive federal benefits was largely delayed outside the 10-year scoring window: to mislead the public. As Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, I asked CBO to provide a long-term estimate. Sadly, CBO did not provide the long-term estimate as requested.

And finally what would any reporting be without the “Quick hits” portion brought to you by Amy Payne, a writer from The Foundry.

  1. Six in 10 Americans believe border security should be a bigger priority than amnesty for illegal immigrants.
  2. U.S. marriage rates are at historic lows.
  3. The U.S. House approved a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  4. A study from the Pew Research Center finds widespread media bias on coverage of same-sex marriage.
  5. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) cited research from Heritage Action as he made his case against the Internet sales tax.
  6. President Obama has threatened to veto the House version of the farm bill.


Although each one of these carry a burden they are indeed must reading and you must go to the Heritage Foundation to read the full stories.


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