Supreme Court Ruling on the Voting Rights Act

supreme-court-of-the-united-statesSupreme Court Ruling on the Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court Tuesday struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act, ruling unconstitutional a provision of the landmark civil rights legislation used to promote the political power of minority voters across large swaths of the southern United States for nearly four decades.

In a 5-4 ruling that split the court along ideological lines, the court ended a requirement that some or all areas in 15 states get advance approval from the Justice Department or a panel of federal judges for all changes to voting laws, procedures and even polling place locations.

Lawmakers “reenacted a formula based on 40-year-old facts, having no logical relationship to the present day,” Roberts wrote. Despite “thousands of pages of evidence” Congress accumulated in 2006, “we cannot pretend that we are reviewing an updated statute or try our hand at updating the statute ourselves, based on the new record compiled by Congress.”

Well there you have it, the reason clearly explaining what the SCOTUS did and even some partial reading from the author of the opinion.

Clearly there is nothing remotely racist about it with the exception of perhaps “reverse discrimination.” However, the Court found its weakness in the Fourth Clause and very much remanded Congress to take care of

More than anything else it is our feelings that Congress and its failure to accomplish the simplest of matters has been weighed, measured, and found wanting by the Justice Department, the Presidential Administration, and now, of course the Supreme Court.

It remains a mystery to us however, that any person could say they have been “disenfranchised,” abused, or harmed because of this action. The overwhelming pool of evidence suggests that from the original enacted in 1965 and supposed to be reinvigorated in 2006 that Congress simply did not do the task properly.

At times I wonder about James Madison and many other Framers who spent so much time concerned and warning of what would happen to humankind at the behest of immoral, unethical, and corrupted means of those in big government.

In lieu of recent actions – moreover, the blatant disregard for what Americans want and then doing what they feel is the best for our nation most of the time in complete disarray leaving one to shake the head and try and drive on.

In other words – if the wording of the act is not sufficiently enabling those when it comes to America’s voting rights, then just sit back and wait until Congress gets it done. Who knows maybe those members of congress can actually earn their money.



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