Massive Amnesty bill costs a Fortune in Kickbacks

Why are they laughing

Why are they laughing

As we already know the Senate passed 68 to 32 Thursday the “Gang of Eight’s” massive amnesty bill, S. 744. What began as an 844-page bill grew to nearly 1,200 pages in the final days before passage, thanks to a substitute amendment introduced by Sens. Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND).

We cannot help but reflect upon days gone by when Obama’s Affordable Care Act was passed moreover, the manner in which it was passed. If there are reader’s who have any difficulty recalling the procedural steps let us encourage you to hit the Categories and simply type ‘Corn-Husker” or bribery for further details.

Another two issues come to mind not recently mind you, but throughout the bill’s process through the Senate and those who took responsibility for it. Even now the moniker, “Gang of Eight” is used as if these were the only people driving the bill through. Where were the opinions, likes, or dislikes that other senators wished to express?

Is this fundamentally going to turn into a “he-done it” or a multitude of fingers pointing in every direction. We still wonder what will happen when this bill goes to the House where it is alleged that Representatives are more in tune with their constituents than they are with inside the beltway, Washington D.C.

While touting it as the toughest border security provisions ever passed by the Senate, the deal was nothing more than the same old promises of future border security filled with kickbacks and carve-outs to secure key votes. “[W]e did incorporate some other issues that needed to be dealt with,” Corker told reporters in response to inquiries about the various kickbacks in his amendment (National Review Online, June 24, 2013). Please take your spare time and read these enlightening detailed pieces; (See The Corker-Hoeven Amendment is a Mirage; see also FAIR Legislative Update, June 24, 2013).

Murkowski and Begich’s Crabhusker Kickback. This carve-out to secure the votes of Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski (R) and Mark Begich (D) classifies seafood Finger pointing time 2processing positions in Alaska as “shortage occupations,” thus allowing the industry to bring in more cheap foreign labor to do those jobs. (Sec. 4701(d)(4), p. 1043) It also allows employers to bring in non-immigrants under a summer program to work in seafood processing positions, overturning a ban the Obama Administration put in place last year to protect foreign exchange students from jobs the U.S. government deems dangerous (Sec. 4408, p. 982).

Sanders’ Surrender. This carve-out for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) creates a slush “Youth Jobs Fund” for FY 2014-2015 funded using $1.5 billion from the U.S. Treasury. Until the Gang of Eight added the kickback, Sen. Sanders was an outspoken critic of the bill for taking jobs away from Americans. He has since been silent (Title V, p. 1169).

Kirk’s Kickback. This carve-out to gain Sen. Mark Kirk’s (R-IL) support allows a person who has served in the military and received an honorable discharge and certain combat medals to become a citizen without meeting key naturalization criteria under current law. This includes waiving the requirement an alien understand the English language, waiving the requirement the alien has knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the history and of the principles and form of the U.S. government, and waiving the requirement an alien is of good moral character(Sec. 2555, p. 502).

Heller’s Hotels. Tucked away in the Corker-Hoeven amendment is a kickback for Las Vegas hotel and casino chains. The provision permanently gives $100,000,000 annually to the tourism industry under the Travel Promotion Fund, posing a win for Nevada Senators Dean Heller and Harry Reid. The funding was set to expire in 2015, but the provision extended it indefinitely(Sec. 1102(f), p. 66).

We certainly hope to give more just adieu about the notion of the means, processes, and whatever to the ideological reasons that President Barack Hussein Obama feels that it is somehow just and ethical to use America’s school children to help sell his Obamacare; let’s see we now know that he has approached the National Football League (NFL) what’s next?


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  1. jmricci says:

    I hear the NFL declined to propagandize the ACA! Thank goodness. Sports is a get away for me from politics. Great blog, I want to see this on Townhall! The way the gang of 8 went about lobbying for this bill was in such, like a gang. Especially Sen. McCain. It will never pass the House. I am sure there are plenty of people in the House who could write a good immigration bill, and the Senate would never pass it, just like health care.


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