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“It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”- Barbara Jordan   

Let it be known to all Americans and every illegal immigrant from wherever they should be that during Barbara Jordan’s select commission ranging from 1900 to 1997 – a full seven years of daily addressing modifications as well as reforms that may or not be effective once and for all people’s consideration.

From there, in a series of four reports, the commission looked at all aspects of immigration policy. In the first, it found that enforcement was lax and needed improvement on the border and internally. For internal enforcement, it recommended that an automated employment verification system be created to enable workers to distinguish between legal and illegal workers.

The second report discussed legal immigration issues and suggested that immediate family members and skilled workers receive priority. The third report covered refugee and asylum issues. Finally, the fourth report reiterated the major points of the previous reports and the need for a new immigration policy. Few of these suggestions were implemented.

Let’s sum up Barbara Jordan’s commission findings. 1- The overall enforcement had become very relaxed; moreover, it was deemed that our border needed improvement. 2 – Further found in the first report was the identification that America was losing a battle internally. 3 – Therefore Section 287g immediately comes to mind as an attempt to bolster community enforcement. 4 – Immediate family members and skilled workers were to receive priority.

On the surface we do not have any unreasonable remarks. However, as with human nature as well as the now openly supported special interest groups leading the charge you will see and realize the differences.    maldef_wall

Special interest groups such as the National Council of La Raza and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) receive substantial funding from the U.S. government as well as at least 50 additional interests groups from Mexico and Latin America. Moreover, such American Foundations as the Ford Motor Company, American Express Foundation, AT&T Foundation, Bank of America Foundation, Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, ChevronTexaco Foundation (Chevron Global Fund), Fannie Mae Foundation, Freddie Mac Foundation, Harper’s Magazine Foundation Ms. Foundation for Women (MFW), New York Times Company Foundation, Sara Lee Foundation, Rockefeller Financial Services (RFS), W.K. Kellogg Foundation. This is but a list of some of the “Corporate Foundations” which help to fund special interest groups. (Any or all Foundational funding can be see by clicking here.)

Viewing the “Corporate Foundations” as well as some of the “Foundations identified as Leftist” it is presented: Alliance For Justice, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; the American Civil Liberties Union; the American Immigration Law Foundation; Amnesty International; the Border Action Network; Council on American-Islamic Relations; Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; Grantmakers Without Borders; and the League of United Latin American Citizens are all recipients of grant funding and more from the Tides Foundation and the Tides Companies, Inc. Between 1993 and 2003, at least 91 foundations made grants to the Tides Foundation.

images (12)Viewing the “Private Foundations” Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Democracy Alliance (DA), Ford Foundation, Heinz Endowments, Jewish Funds for Justice, Merck Family Fund, Pew Charitable Trusts, and Rockefeller Family Fund. What is listed here are those “Foundations” that seem to experience up from down AND left to right in their casual giving. In other words how could any organization willfully give money and then being responsible for reporting or covering their mess?

The Immigration Act of 1990 (Pub.L. 101–649), enacted November 29, 1990) increased the limits on legal immigration to the United States, revised all grounds for exclusion and deportation, authorized temporary protected status to aliens of designated countries, revised and established new nonimmigrant admission categories, revised and extended the Visa Waiver Pilot Program, and revised naturalization authority and requirements.

After it became law, the United States would admit 700,000 new immigrants annually, up from 500,000 before the bill’s passage. The new system continued to favor people with family members that already worked in the United States, but added 50,000 “diversity visas” for countries from which few were emigrating, as well as 40,000 permanent job-related workers and 65,000 temporary worker visas.

Additional provisions strengthened the act and altered language regarding disease restrictions in a way that permitted the Secretary of Health and Human Services to remove AIDS from the list of illnesses making a prospective immigrant ineligible to enter the country.

All we would like to know is why? From the beginning of the twentieth century every action to improve our Immigration and Naturalization Service has ostensibly failed by adding more immigrants both legal and illegal and adding the mockery of the Diversity Visa Program to otherwise allow more people into the nation for free. Why was this act even attempted without hearing the results of Rep. Jordan’s Commission?


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