Oh the Disarray, Drury, Dungeness of Government

Oh the Disarray, Drury, Dungeness of Government

_update-cartel-reportIt has become overwhelming obvious to us here at The Contemplative Thinker that there is quite a bit more corruption going on within the hallowed halls of both the House of Representatives (Rayburn) building, the Senate (Hart) building, as well as The White House. Even thinking that these player’s are being paid is one matter; however, how they continue to play with our money is an altogether different matter completely.

Not that long ago when people of conscience working with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (AFT) agency were chartered to do activities of a questionable nature by their supervisors. Many of the ATF officers wanted, and no doubt did, “go along and get along” to evade any type of sudden ends to their careers.

However, at the same time there were experienced ATF agents with vast amounts of experience that were assigned to this detail. ATF officers who had been among several imagesCAW0LMYHAdministration changes as well as changes in the Congressional branch of government, who followed the uniform rule of law, or in other words obeyed the oath they took prior to becoming government agents.

Conversations started over lunch and then taken out of the workplace altogether, where they were brought up again in far more private places insofar as the unconscionable had happened. Most of these men and women were management level operators who had found out that their orders were coming from the highest echelons of position within the Justice Department as well as the White House.

Therefore, these brave and organized officers decided to make a play for it, or keep us out of further proceedings, we do not condone or agree with what you are doing but after twenty some years of service most were nearing their next either promotion or at least a new station to work at. Regardless, all of these officers had earned their pensions which they were soon to collect.

A lot of what these agents witnessed, forcefully became a part of, just to remain employed despite the promises of their not so honest bosses – these wounded and battered warriors of a different war – decided to put their faith in themselves. Furthermore, with the hopes that we, the American people would respond to assist them with their enormous legal fees, to remain free and out of jail, imagine the thought of losing your home and the subsidies that you’ve paid for along with your vehicles.

All this for what? Obeying the law and doing your job! One could easily feel that an assistant Attorney General would be standing by to assist. But as they traced from where the emails and document trails originated from they all facedwh an insidious reality: they would not be relying on the POTUS or anyone from the Justice Department to help or otherwise accommodate them. These agents were on their own about ready to disclose to the USA and the world what was going on between Justice, White House, and other arms of agencies that had planned in arming full scale, members of the cartels or their enemies on the very broken “War on Drugs.”

At first it was a couple of family members in Juarez, Mexico – south, then several militia as well as enemy combatants were gunned down in Laredo, Mexico. Within weeks of the officer’s testimony literally hundreds of militia, policeman, government employees, innocents, and passers’ by became victims and often times dismembered and beheaded.

holder in contemptAll Rep. Daryl Issa was asking for – on behalf of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform – were the pages of supporting documentation to investigate the matter further. For some reason it is recalled that the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, after avoiding an ordered subpoena ended up trying to gain favor by his “erstwhile visits” so ordered by the Committee.

All Rep. Issa was asking for were the 100,000 + pages of documents that were part of authorizing, setting up, and working orders in an little known activity known as Fast & Furious. And although the Attorney General has been found in Contempt of Court we the people and Mr. Issa are still looking for those documents.

Can you name another scenario that resonates the same way? How many scenarios can you list in say the last five years?

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