Citizens…Let’s look at a different prospective…

Work for AmericaCitizens…Let’s look at a different perspective…

So many times through our own given histories and those of other people we immediately begin processing the data we find out and are confronted with. In any given case there will be a victim or person who received some type of damage and for the other side of the matter – who knows, could be a person who is an expert fighter who has trained in the martial arts. In this particular case the other party involved was a 17 year old young man, who played varsity football for his high school.

Now we do not know what has happened but the victim is semi-comatose being tended to by very professional nurses. The E.R. doctor makes his way to the patient and upon initial perusal sees what appear to be stab wounds at mid abdomen both front and back of the patient.

The doctor notices other issues and wounds on what has become his patient and being almost overwhelmed he says to the charge nurse, “Have you had the opportunity to do a ‘Workup’ on our patient?” She answers him slightlyhealth-care-300x300 hesitant at which time he intercedes, “Well what have you got?”

Expressing her apologies to the doctor she informs him that they have a 17 year old male with abdominal bleeding from wounds, his eyes although glossy are puffed out and are almost closed. By this time the patient’s wrist has been completely rolled backwards of its original position indicating continued damage to his wrist, arm, and hand. As the nurse secures the patient’s head she rotates it to the left then to the right, and the doctor states “you can almost see the Nike swoosh symbol along with the tread wear from someone’s sneakers.”

The doctor notices some blood oozing from the patient’s left ear. He then makes an unequivocal determination: He has already ordered complete blood work, and a full set of x-rays of the patient. He states very quietly to the nurse – “are his parents here? Do we have a local contact here in the city”? The nurse obviously very frustrated points in the direction of the commotion around the nurse’s station.

Now I understand says the doctor and therefore begins his walking in that direction to speak with the local police. He says, “Sir we do have some questions for you and, or any other officers who were at the scene of…of…what appears to be a very bad accident.” “Well, well, well, says the Chief of Police rather arrogantly, is that what you folks here are calling an ass-whopping?”

The doctor quietly curled his tongue back, knowing almost too well that that this Chief was a member of the “go along thus get along” crowd and insight had always been the doctor’s cure-all. “With all due respect Sir, I have a patient on my table who is very seriously injured and our staff needs some answers to continue administering his much needed care.”

“Now then” says the chief, welcome to ‘Rock Bottom’ here on the planet Earth.” Continuing the Chief stated, “This has been a thoughtful evening….when we pulled up to the scene everyone was a witness and knew precisely what had happened. I’m sure you can understand the complexity of the issue, and it being a police matter….well let’s just say it is under investigation.”

The doctor nearly exploding, says rather loudly, “Hey you – whatever you are, we have a person who is barely hanging on to life – actually one breath at a time; I am asking you politely now to please do your job before I lose my patient – did you or have you found any identification on him? Do we know any of the people who were at the scene? Because of necessary surgeries I think you realize that this person may need parental adjudication.”

So are you able to help us out here? “Yeah right” the chief says just as spittle of chewing tobacco rolls from his mouth.

The following morning the towns’ local –Gazette Report – captivates a county, state, country, and who knows what all with this simple headline: “Brandon Gates, son of billionaire Bill Gates, dies at seventeen.” Next to that article, still above the fold it states, “Doctor and Nurse are beside themselves with fear and grief.”

The interview with those in the medical profession read: “Complacency is America’s Worst Enemy.”

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