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04official-hi_res_PhotoGalleryUnfortunately I am all but ready to leave a nation that I have been to war and fought for, have been in public service, and a gentlemen who is beyond fed-up with two major things. Of the first part, the corruption in D.C. has gotten out of control to the point where for all we know the Solyndra losses may have just found their way into Obama’s family account. The US public is now (for the first time) being told that a very high ranking sitting Senator’s spouse and his company have been given exclusive rights to broker, sell, and charge a 6% commission for at least 400 United States Postal Service (USPS) buildings.

Notwithstanding anything else – Sen. Feinstein’s husband and company stand to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion dollars! Not altogether a ‘raw’ deal with prime real estate located in the most premiere spots in town. In fact – in Berkeley, California the people are trying to get off their lazy butts and do something about this.

Here is our question; the US federal government used taxpayer funds to originally purchase the property and now they are selling it – what gives already? Allow me to reassure you – we live in a capitalist oriented society, we stay pat, make money from our investments, or lose money. The capitalist nature is in reference to the nation’s economic system. Not at all to do with governance.

All things being equal, we can continue to allow this type of graft, outright corruption, or thefts continue to happen, or ladies and gentlemen let us talk about where we want to toss the tea.George Mason2

Of the second part it mainly has to do with the American people. It is amazing to us just how much Americans will take with government waste, abuse, petty scandals, and lack of accountability. Barack Obama has never led anything. He is one of the biggest perpetrators of excess and absolutely will not ever come clean on these alleged “phony scandals.”

We believe that where America and Americans are coming up short is in the notion of civic duty, demanding accountability, and the just plain reckless disregard for the truth. If these scandals were in fact, phony, then we are all ears baby! It should not take any level of diplomacy or reasonableness to straighten out the truth.

I heard one of my most respected individuals, Dana Perino say recently: “Complacency is America’s Worst Enemy.” I have been writing tirelessly on complacency, getting too comfortable, and the overall apathy of the nation for years now – however, why on our planet would a government go to the lengths of having witnesses and others involved sign non-disclosure agreements if anything about it was phony. The real absolute phony in this country is the president who spends millions of our dollars to entertain and show his family a good time.

Revolutionary War frontThe USA again bailed out hundreds of companies. Most of which and paid back their principal within months of the transactions. So…since when does a person buy shares in a company and not receive their rightfully owned stock certificate? In the preceding bail out aka American Reinvestment and Refurbishment Act I am aware that my funds, as taxpayer dollars, were used to bail out Bank of America, General Motors Corporation, some airlines, as well as energy’s bad investments.

Complacency is akin to apathy. You see as far as we are concerned the activities from the actors in D.C., are an overreaction to the indifference and lack of concern that most Americans share vis-a-vie Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS lie, as well as the lack of accountability on funds spent by the president. Now than before the election of 2012 we knew about the president’s ineptness in handling money.

How would you feel if we all were to find out that a) Obama was born in Kenya, or his mother was not a US citizen; b) that the official record show beyond reasonable doubt that the “win” for reelection in 2012 was in fact on account of voter fraud. And just by happenstance we find out that c) that Birth Certificate is a fake; d) let us say he knew this all along and stated, “We wanted to teach America a lesson with their laws based on the Constitution.”


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