Give an inch…they want the mile….

climbing_fence_APGive an inch…they want the mile….

Just the facts ma’am, just the fact sir… Detective Friday laid out his instructions. Then in an outburst he nodded and spoke unusually loud to Officer Bill Gannon, “why don’t they just stick to what it is that needs to be done Bill?”

I believe in all my heart that they think they are – which certainly creates a problem for us. Again in a raised tone Detective Joe Friday says “I just don’t get it…you know Bill I’m a just the facts kind of detective with law enforcement issues. But when we look at these idiots in both the House and Senate it’s like…it’s like they are trying to do more than what is immediately necessary.”

“Sure got that one right Joe.” Detective Friday murmurs on about how does one reform a system that isn’t (a system). I mean Bill, every American in the country will tell you that it is the foundation of the law that needs fixing.

“Then once the system is fixed, then it becomes time to refine it to where every single person who wants something will have an immediate response to their wish lists.”

Officer Gannon says, “you’re on to something Joe… Seriously now, are they trying to accommodate all of these people now? “Yup, and it is a damn shame.” This is the part where everyone starts running around making new laws and not telling anyone including us – two cops out here trying to up-hold the damn thing.

Gannon takes his best shot…you mean to tell me that the Homeland Security Department tentatively approved asylum requests for seven Mexican immigrants, including some who were living in the United States illegally but left and

Taking the oath, to break it...

Taking the oath, to break it…

attempted to re-enter as part of a protest against U.S. deportation policies, what nerve!”

And that’s just for starters Friday says. Alicia Caldwell noted that the “immigrants were trying to call attention to hundreds of thousands who have been deported during President Barack Obama’s administration. They had cited a credible fear of persecution should they return to Mexico.”

Furthermore, the Huffington Post reported that as part of a protest the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) organized. “In an audacious move even from a group known for pushing boundaries, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance organized the crossing at the Arizona border town of Nogales as a protest against President Barack Obama’s record-setting pace of deportations,” the Huffington Post’s Roque Planas wrote on July 23.

NIYA organizer Lizbeth Mateo wrote in her own Huffington Post piece that she helped organize the effort because she dislikes America’s current immigration laws. “On Monday, I walked into a port of entry in Nogales, Mexico with seven other Dream’ers and asked the Obama administration to use its discretion to allow us to return to the United States,” Mateo wrote on July 22.

In a Facebook posting at the time of the incident, pro-amnesty Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) called for the Obama administration to bend the rules to let the liberal activists back into the country. “I have heard about the DREAM’ers who attempted to return home to the United States today after deportation, including my constituent Lulu Martinez in Chicago.

Therefore, Detective Joe Friday standing with a cigarette dangling from his bottom lip says to Officer Gannon, “You know I read recently a book by a person who claims to be nothing but a talk-radio host, let’s see, Phil Valentine is his name. This man made a point of stating that right after Sept. 11, 2011 ‘the USA should have asked all non-resident, or people who are here illegally to leave as a temporary measure’ until we got the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s up on what is clearly a non-set of laws.”

Hell says Bill Gannon, which is what we ought to do now.


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  1. Brittius says:

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    Also, Sgt. Joe Friday said, and I will paraphrase: “The politicians took an oath, and the People are going to see to it that they keep it.” My elected congressional member does not care. In fact neither do, not US Senator Schumer, or for that matter US Representative Peter King, as both of them favor ILLEGALS becoming citizens. I wonder, what part of ILLEGAL, don’t the law makers, not understand?


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